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How to make a business plan for a shoe company

How to make a business plan for a shoe company. Owning a business can bring many benefits, starting with financial independence. But, every company, including those that belong to the footwear sector, needs a business plan to be profitable. That´s why in this post we´ll explain the steps to follow to make a shoe company´s […]

What is Dior’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Dior’s marketing strategy? Unlike marketing for other brands, marketing for luxury brands — such as Dior — is focused on a specific audience. The principal value is exclusivity. This type of marketing strategy is well known to Dior, as it is one of the most influential brands in the world. So, to understand […]

What is Shein’s marketing strategy?

What is Shein’s marketing strategy? Shein is a Chinese clothing brand and is very popular in the United Arab Emirates for different tastes and ages. During the pandemic, its growth has been remarkable. And one of the brand´s keys to achieving this has been using a successful Shein marketing strategy.   Although Shein did not […]

How to publicize a clothing store?

How to publicize a clothing store? December has come, a time for family, work, or travel. But, when for many it´s a time of fun and vacations, we entrepreneurs are looking out for the business advantages.   That´s why it´s time to allow our audience to choose you, as well as get to know you […]

What’s Hermes’ marketing strategy?

What’s Hermes’ marketing strategy? Hermes is a company focused on the creation of luxury goods. Despite being one of the most important brands in the world, they use marketing to reinforce their business plan. For this reason, today we want to show you how this brand creates its marketing strategies. You’ll see how they focus […]