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How to offer the best customer service in an online fashion store?

How to offer the best customer service in an online fashion store? We were going to start this article with a super clever marketing and social media phrase to make it more interesting. However, we kept thinking that we’ve already given too much data, so we wanted to make it more personal.


The customer service of your business is something you have to pay attention to. After all, according to studies and statistics, attracting customers and taking care of them raises the cost of your business between six and seven times more. 85% of customer losses are due to poor service and in the case of an online store, this service is crucial to get more engagement and improve your sales.


So, as our goal is to take care of you and your business, we’ll explain how you should approach customer service in your business. This way, you will have a competitive advantage. After all, statistically, 86% of consumers can pay more money if they receive the best care.


How to give good customer service in a clothing store?


Giving good customer service is about creating a good strategy clear from the start. There is no way to accept sudden changes. Otherwise, you will only make your client angry and make them lose faith in your business. Therefore, you must:


Know your client.BluCactus - online fashion store


Everything revolves around the client and their needs. For this reason, defining the buyer person will not only help you to detect which are the most attractive products or how you should focus that promotion that will help you increase sales, but also to give the best service to your customers. So, identifying doubts or objections will help you offer solutions.


The way to know this is by paying attention to the usual channels of communication that you use. For example, surveys with forms, suggestion boxes where you explain your faults and how you can improve them, email marketing and blogs, where you encourage your readers to leave comments, so you must know what you sell.


BluCactus - online fashion storePlanning.


This is one of the most common customer service problems in online stores: the absence of a plan. After all, when they’re involved in a problem, they improvise and that leads to these errors:


  • Unanswered messages,
  • Management delays,
  • Lack of criteria,
  • Answers that have nothing to do with it.


Therefore, to avoid this, you must create an action plan. Here, you must have information about who is in charge of answering customers, who make the decisions, the information you need regarding guarantees, shipping times, materials, telephones, emails… the communication channels you use, customer service hours, criteria for a return, the process for dealing with a claim and compensation.


Even if your store is small, you need a plan, because at some point you can mismanage and that will lead to losing the customer, which we do not want to achieve.


The anticipation.


BluCactus - online fashion storeMany questions that reach these departments can be avoided, you just have to anticipate the questions that may arise within your clients. You can do it through the frequently asked questions (FAQ), since there will be questions that are repeated, so if your articles are somewhat complicated, you can create a section within a tab.


Another important point is content marketing. And here we will talk about the importance of the blog. After all, it not only helps you with visibility but also offers you better customer service. You can create tutorials on how your product is used or how the clothes in your store can be combined.


The legal pages must exist, because they are mandatory and will help you to be transparent when using your data. It generates more confidence to know that there is a page of legal conditions or who we are and as for the clothing store, a return policy. It even applies to the shipping price, it is best to say how much you are going to pay in total at once.


You can also let the customer serve himself. And you can achieve it if you have an intuitive and attractive design, that the website is easy to navigate, offers a good user experience, with a fast search engine and that the page loads quickly, the product photos must show what the customer wants and also, give the best payment gateways.


BluCactus - online fashion storeDefine your communication channels.


It is good to have several, but you will understand better only one. Therefore, you should choose and focus on just one such as a phone: if you do not have a phone it can be suspicious. Online chat, with a bot that helps it work better. Specify the hours in which they answer questions and you must always be quick and pleasant. Another channel is email, which is one of the most used, and the wording must be pleasant.


In addition to those that I mentioned, you also have social media. This is a fabulous channel to do it, but you must focus on it, do it quickly and never stop doing it. Finally, WhatsApp is one of the most effective and comfortable options today.


How to get the attention of customers in an online store?


Now that you know how you can offer good service, what you should do is attract these customers to your business. This way, you’ll get the financial benefit that your online fashion store deserves, thus making them come, stay and consume.


  • What is your strategy? Content is what will help you achieve your goals. Google needs it to position you and is essential for users to stay with you. Don’t forget that users who seek information are the ones who become customers.
  • Think about SEO. It’s the fastest, easiest, and a most well-known way for your website to attract traffic through search engines. After all, when a user searches for a word, they will find your website at the top. To ensure this, there’s nothing better than organic positioning. With it, you’ll be able to make your website more attractive and appear on the first page. Positioning yourself among the search engines means that your effort is in the content.
  • Reward your customer. Always give, because that’s what will help the customer feel important. We love being given gifts and this is something that will add value. You can offer content, some trinkets, discounts, promotions, some free shipping.

How does customer service work in e-commerce?


Just like when you go shopping for clothes. The electronic world is more difficult and more demanding. Because of this, for your users to have a great experience, you must make an exhaustive analysis of the entire purchase process. This includes technicians and physicists. From good attention, you will achieve a good experience and the benefit will be immediate.


Another important point to take into account regarding good customer service is that your team is human. Remember they’re the face of your business and the image that the customer will have of your clothing store. So, you must train your team. In this sense, they must have communication skills, know your products and be empathetic with everyone’s needs.


BluCactus - Linn LarssonTo conclude, your website must also be secure. This is an essential aspect that will generate a positive experience. People don’t trust pages that ask for a lot of their personal and bank information. On the other hand, for this trust to grow, it’s best to have a physical address to find your business or at least direct contact with you.


If there is a complaint, the best way to handle it is to let the customer explain. Apologize at the beginning, identify what the real problem is, keep the customer informed and offer a solution. Finally, check that everything is closed.


At BluCactus United Arab Emirates we can help you with all this to ensure the best treatment for your client. This way, they will stay with you and always put you first. With our experts, we’ll be able to create and position your website, create articles and content that help attract all those curious users. Contact BluCactus Arabic now.


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