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Find out Bottega Veneta’s marketing strategy!

Find out Bottega Veneta’s marketing strategy! What is the Bottega Veneta marketing strategy? Bottega Veneta is an Italian fashion house specialized in the manufacture of leather products since its foundation in 1966. In 2001, this firm was acquired by the Gucci Group. From that point forward, they’ve focused on one of the most important pillars of marketing. This is to have visibility exactly where your audience is.


This fashion firm, like other luxury brands, understood that its success also depends on its presence on social media. However, we can say that this has been one of the rules broken by Bottega Veneta. Instead, he has focused on another strategy built through the tools offered by marketing.


What is Bottega Veneta’s marketing strategy?


BluCactus - Bottega VenetaLuxury brands don’t have to follow the same patterns when it comes to marketing. This is one of the reasons why, in 2020, the brand decided to disappear from social media. From one day to the next, the firm had deleted its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Something that caused a stir within the world of fashion.


For Daniel Lee, director of the brand, this has been a daring but correct decision. After all, besides not feeling much interest in social media, he considers that his marketing plan should focus on other objectives.


Additionally, with this action, the brand is not absent from social media. In fact, this Italian firm keeps its website active and continues to appear on social media through consumers and influencer marketing.


So, let’s see what Bottega Veneta’s approach is to make use of marketing.


BluCactus - Bottega VenetaNot using social media is a way to maintain exclusivity


This could be a very innovative marketing strategy, but there is a reason for this decision. One of the main objectives of the brand is to have a community of fans and consumers. They will be the ones who will do the marketing work by sharing information and the brand’s products through their social media.


Besides, for the brand, this is the best idea to maintain exclusivity among its buyers. After all, to offer luxury there must be exclusivity and inaccessibility. This way, the public can feel unique and special by belonging to that restricted group that can wear a garment or an accessory from the brand.


BluCactus - Bottega VenetaMaintain your individuality to meet consumer needs


Daniel Lee had the idea of ​​deleting Bottega Veneta’s social media accounts. For this creative director, the content of social media can lose the individuality of the brand by delaying the creative process.


In fact, in one of his many interviews, he expressed that he sometimes checks his social media. However, he considers that when everyone has access to see the same thing, it can be dangerous for the creative process of any brand.


For this creative director, a big problem occurs on social media and it is the herd effect. This is where instead of creating everything, it’s easier to copy. And by not knowing where an idea originally came from, brands lose individuality and block their creativity.


Luxury brands can also be successful outside of social media


This attitude of Daniel Lee lies in the fact that the target audience for luxury brands isn’t found on social media.


For him, the best marketing and advertising strategy are to go directly to where the audience is.


And for this, a website may be the best alternative to achieve this goal.



Bottega Veneta launched an online magazine as a marketing strategy


BluCactus - Bottega VenetaIf Bottega Veneta’s creative director is aware of anything, it’s that a marketing plan is the best companion for brands. So, by deleting his social media accounts, he later reappeared with the creation of an online magazine.


This magazine has been very attractive and interesting from the get-go. After all, it’s made up of images, GIFs, audio, videos, and more. In the same way, we can consider this magazine as an innovative publication. This is because it united both the physical and digital worlds in a single block of content. As a result, a user can turn each slide just like turning the pages of a real magazine.


The magazine appears every quarter and includes the work of great celebrities to attract the attention of the consumer. Besides, each release in addition to being full of creativity is related to each season to offer proposals that are in trend.


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