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How to build customer loyalty in your online fashion business?

How to build customer loyalty in your online fashion business? Today at BluCactus United Arab Emirates we come to reveal to you the secret of the mountain: people who are most likely to buy from you are those who have already bought from you once and, also received excellent treatment throughout the purchase process. In this sense, if someone has contacted your online fashion store, bought a product, and was very satisfied. The probability of returning and buying is high, more than a stranger´s.


For this reason, you have surely seen that in recent years the term customer loyalty has become popular. Because the mindset of today is: why spend so much budget on a new customer if I can simply get many benefits and better ones from which I have already?


Now, there are many ways to build customer loyalty. And it will always depend on the sector you´re in when you get different options. So right now, at BluCactus we bring you some ideas. That you can apply to retain customers in your online fashion store as an expert.


The important thing is that you ask yourself and know what makes your brand special. And that´s where you will find the necessary answers to make customers stay with you and prefer you. The good news is now it´s easier to be the target´s fashion choice that suits the personality, identity, and style. So, by default, customers always look for that identification. Then, it´s in your hands to help people express themselves through what you do.


Many consider this strategy as magic. And for this reason, we want to show you the most effective way to legalize your audience. So that they identify with the fashion brand through socials.


How to build customer loyalty online?


BluCactus - How to build customer loyalty in your online fashion business?Social media is, in short, the best option to get the fastest results.


They´re more effective, so, to use them for what you want to achieve, take note of these tips.


  • Define your brand awareness. Social networks make you famed, and it´s not just about creating a profile and waiting, it goes much further. What you should do is reach the networks where your target audience is. It can be Instagram or YouTube. That way, you can keep them informed and updated, especially connected. Dare to explore different areas of life, current trends, and memes. Get involved. Try but don´t abuse it, and of course, try not to misunderstand that spark you use. Be fun and share, since is a very jolly way to spread what you want to convey.
  • BluCactus - How to build customer loyalty in your online fashion business?Define your product awareness. The digital world is extremely wide and in the fashion sector, you have more possibilities to be unique and creative. You can use live photos and videos or updates of your products. You can do unboxings, hauls, and things like that will help you. Also, you can make posts about your products. That will help increase the views and in turn the visibility of the products. I invite you to pay attention and use customer feedback to know what they want so you can deliver.
  • Find everything about your clients. It´s important you know who you interact with, what the needs of your audience are, and how to satisfy them. And even how to make them need you. Use your profiles to find out more about your audience. Most social media platforms offer audience statistics, including gender, age, location, and interests.
  • The feedback. Interaction through social media is immediate and public. Everyone can now know what you´re talking about. In this sense, if someone likes your product, they will tell you and it´ll serve as a mouth to mouth. So, it´s important to check the comments, mentions, and messages constantly. Check the platforms at least once a day to answer and enhance that feedback. You can also use it to plan marketing campaigns and adapt them to your preferences.
  • Customer care. As you well know, feedback is important. As well as knowing how to use it as a powerful tool to offer fast and effective customer service. So, pay attention to all those messages and comments.
  • User-generated content. This is considered a secret weapon. Because all the customers who chat and post and wear your clothes online are creating this free content for you. Meaning that what you need is a way to collect and use this content. This is why it´s worth creating a hashtag for your brand. Or being mentioned so that people can always find you.


How to retain customers in a clothing store?


The world of fashion is quite complicated and competitive. And on top of that, it´s constantly evolving and each day that passes to attract consumers is more difficult. The tough competition forces these companies to be aware and up to date with trends. And carry out strategies that make us different. One of those is how we keep customers who have already bought once.


BluCactus - How to build customer loyalty in your online fashion business?Attract customers on Google Shopping.


This website created by Google integrates the price comparison engine. Which allows users to search for different product offers through Google. 


Stores can advertise their products there to generate traffic and sales on the website.


Through publicity, they will appear with a photo of the item accompanied by its price.


Which makes things visual, relevant, and eye-catching.


Perfect customer service.


Consumers are becoming more and more demanding and looking for the best care. So, you must do your best to improve your customer service. Some aspects that can be improved are:


  • Greet. Always in the best way, never be without answering. Another aspect, don´t push, never pressure or bother. Advise, recommend on what they´re looking for and need, give suggestions. Always have a good attitude. Even if they don’t answer you nicely, keep up the education. Don´t stop responding. Even if you have several people on your plate, always finish with one before serving another.
  • Reward loyalty. It can be a good strategy for loyalty-building and sales increase. The rewards must be in tune with the experience of the brand, with discounts on their products or collaborating brands. You can also try to offer something that people want and without any conditions make it accessible. You can choose between discounts, free products, points for purchase, promotional offers.


What´s the best way to retain a customer?


There´s no exact magic formula that will make you keep customers. It´s a day-to-day job that brings benefits in the short, medium, or long term, customer loyalty. Read on to discover other things that may work.


  • Email marketing. It should be the cornerstone, there´s nothing easier than selling and staying in contact with the customer through email. Of course, do it smartly, because it´s useless to send emails to everyone without segmenting and without knowledge. It´s a loss that doesn´t suit you. So, you must segment very well. In the sense that if you have an online sportswear store, divide the list by sports, brands, and teams. The important thing is that the content you offer is what that customer is looking for.
  • Always give something more. Aim to surprise. Besides what the customer bought, give them a different gift like coupons, discounts, chocolates. Maybe even a card that can add value to the product. That makes them feel very special and if they feel special in your store, they´ll come back for sure.
  • Complement everything. With a good website, blogs, invitations to events that make your client feel important and at home. 


BluCactus - How to build customer loyalty in your online fashion business? - Linn LarssonAt BluCactus United Arab  Emirates we have many options for you in terms of content marketing.


And also, web services that could be of interest to grow your online fashion business.


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