The wonders of social media marketing for fashion brands in one place! - Banner

The wonders of social media marketing for fashion brands in one place!

Social media marketing for fashion brands. If you have a clothing brand, having a presence on social media is a must-have. Because of this, creating a marketing strategy is one of the first things you must do when launching your brand.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingSocial media can be of great help to boost your brand and improve your sales. Besides, it can be your best friend when it comes to gaining fame. With them, you can get your brand out there and thus, grab the attention of people. Not only that, but thanks to it you can even position yourself against the competition.


On social media, your clothing brand must have a style that makes it stand out from the rest. For this, find out your brand’s tone and personality. Besides, you must also figure out how you want others to see it and its place on the market.


However, we know that social media is a complex world. Thus, learning to master each of its functions is a challenge. On the other hand, creating the marketing strategy would require a lot of prior knowledge and research. Now, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here, we’ll tell you all you need to know about social media marketing for fashion brands.


Why does your fashion brand have to be present on social media?


BluCactus - brand awarenessFor some people, this aspect may be very obvious. However, we want to explain in more detail the importance of creating a presence on social media for your fashion brand.


The reason why your fashion brand must be on social media is very simple. It’s a fact that social media is the virtual space where people spend most of their time. Thus, the more social platforms you use, the better chance you will have of getting new customers. However, these must align with the type of audience you’re targeting.


By being part of social media, you will have more opportunities to make yourself known. This way, you will be able to grab the attention of those communities that may like your clothes. Social media marketing for fashion brands. Besides, this is a very low-cost promotional tool that will help your show the world how unique is your brand. As a result, you will stand out from other brands that also sell clothing for everyone.


In which social platform should I be?


Although the idea is to cover the largest number of social platforms for your business, sometimes this isn’t profitable or doesn’t make much sense depending on the niche you are in.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationThus, we will explain how each social media platform can help you.




  • It fosters relationships between people and the brand.
  • You can create content strategies focused on the product and its benefits.
  • Create a stronger community.
  • Creation of ADs for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Control and monitor the management of the fan page.
  • Use Facebook Live for your events.
  • Helps analyze platform metrics.


BluCactus - brand24Twitter


  • You can make tweets or multi-photo threads, showing the outfit of your products.
  • Ideal for the storytelling of your brand.
  • You can show the benefits or the success story of your business.
  • You can use Periscope to broadcast your brand events live.
  • Make brand retweets similar to the character and identity of your brand. This encourages networking and helps your brand interaction, that is, greater growth. 



blucactus - brand authorityYouTube


  • Create your brand’s channel with exclusive videos of its events or showing the collections.
  • Ideal for the millennial public since these are a large part of the users of this platform.
  • Create videos of your brand’s products, showing their character and identity.
  • You can create the image of influencers from your own account or of ambassadors who show your clothes.
  • Ideal for creating campaigns that intrigue users.



BluCactus - peopleInstagram


  • It’s the best for creating communities.
  • You can show the full aesthetic of your brand.
  • Stories will be your allies.
  • It’s a favorite among people and influencers.
  • Creates communities with hashtags.
  • You can run contests.
  • You have users from all over the world.
  • Create an attractive creative proposal.





BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - socia mediaPinterest


  • Create boards with trends of your brand’s products.
  • If your target audience is adult women between 30 and 45 years old, this platform is for you.
  • You can offer content on tips and advice to use your clothes.
  • It helps you redirect people to your website.
  • You can promote “evergreen” content. These contents are those that can be used all the time and don’t lose value.

BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingTikTok


  • It creatively highlights your brands.
  • You can interact with different followers and influencers.
  • It’s a social platform on the rise, very popular these days, and with a large number of users.
  • You can show the process of creating the pieces. For example, how the designs are made and follow up until the finished piece is reached.
  • Create your brand story. From the workshop and the creation of your designs.
  • Offer discount codes to those who follow you on this platform.
  • Show behind the camera videos during photo shoots.


How to propose a social media marketing strategy for fashion brands?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - seoThe first thing to understand is that your fashion marketing strategy cannot be taken lightly. Within social media, what matters most is interaction and you must find ways to encourage conversation among your followers.


Nowadays, everything related to marketing in the fashion sector is called Fashion Marketing.


Fashion marketing is all those techniques focused on the consumer or client who loves fashion.


All of this aims at selling clothes, products, services, among others. However, we know that you don’t just sell that, you sell a whole lifestyle and a way of seeing the world.


BluCactus - instagramEach of the marketing strategies that are applied in fashion brands is different from those strategies that are linked to other sectors.


The reason for this is that the fashion industry works under the perception that the consumer has about life, their culture, their lifestyle, and their socioeconomic level.


Nothing is random, each of the elements in a fashion collection is intentionally put there. Marketing strategies must work under the same principle.


If your strategy is not well thought out and planned, it may not help you achieve the goals you have in mind. In this blog, we will explain how to stand out on social media and what are the strategies that can help you be more successful.


How to excel on social media?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationWe know that every day a new fashion brand can come to light, which implies more competition.


But there are certain elements that, if you are very clear about them, maybe the ones that help you to stand out from everyone.


These factors are:


  • A personalized Branding job.
  • Well thought out marketing strategies.
  • Advertising for positioning and Ads.
  • Many innovative ideas that your clients have never seen before.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationIn addition to all these elements, your brand must be aware of what is happening in the world.


You have two options as a business: adapt to fashion trends or create your own trends.


Either way, your content and your work on social media must stay at the forefront.


This will attract new customers who will come to you for the valuable content you offer them.



Where to start?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingThe first steps in working on your marketing strategy may not be as entertaining as designing the garments. However, this will be the basis for each of the future steps you take with your brand.


Segmentation of your customers and the market


Here you will do a study on who are the clients you are going to address. You must know what the characteristics of these people are. For example, their ages, lifestyle, how they feel about their style of dress, what is their profession, among others. These segmentations are better known as Demographic and Psychographic segmentation. On the other hand, market segmentation is the group of people who have a similar set of characteristics and have both the same needs and wants.


BluCactus - instagramSales and communication channel


How you are going to sell your products is another important point. You have to define which channel will be where you are going to distribute your garments. For this, you can ask questions like Do you have a physical store? Do you work only online? As well as do you ship worldwide or do you only do domestic sales? Do you have an e-commerce page? These are questions to ask yourself before you even start selling.


Experts recommend creating your website as another communication element that will be very important within your strategies. Some clothing brands don’t have websites but are managed through social media and communicate with their customers through these platforms. It is up to you to decide which channels are ideal for you.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingStrategies


Finally, we come to marketing strategies, which are based on the objectives you have as a brand.


If you are looking to promote yourself, you will have a different strategy than if your main objective is to increase your sales.


First, define what the goals you want to achieve with your brand are. It is best to write them down in a document and keep them within reach for constant review.



Marketing strategies you can use


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingNext, we present different marketing strategies that you can implement with your fashion brand


Include influencers in your events or festivals


Social media influencers are those able to explain how your product is going to be. But instead of sending them the clothes, you can invite them to the events. Social media marketing for fashion brands. This will get the influencers to not only speak well of your clothes but of the entire brand.


Remember, they are in charge of advertising your event and promoting the brand through their different platforms. As a result, they are the ones who will bring new followers to your account, don’t underestimate them.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingCreate relevant and valuable content


Here you can be as creative as you want when creating your social media content.


However, you must be careful with the materials you publish because they have to fit your target audience or buyer personas.


Create audiovisual or written materials that add something to the lives of your followers.


On the other hand, even if you should be active on social media, it’s best to offer high-quality content and not just publish for the sake of it.


BluCactus - ratesTake advantage of important dates


Each brand has different dates that are important to them. Either because it’s changing from the autumn/winter collection to the spring/summer one or it’s the date of the founding of the brand. What’s important here is to take advantage of these celebrations to promote yourself and thus increase your sales.


Regarding the content creation process during these special dates, try to be creative. For example, create complete campaigns alongside images, videos, stories, and, if possible, events that help you attract new customers.


You can hook the audience with this strategy and thus offer them an experience with the celebrations. As we said before, in the world of fashion everything is valid because creativity has no limits. The best advice we can offer you is to find ways to impact your followers through social media with intrigue or surprise promotional campaigns.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingThe packaging is important too


It’s not just the inside that matters, the outside is also important. Work with fun packaging to grab the attention of the buyer once they receive their package. Make it eye-catching, and ensure that it shows the personality of your brand.


Create an experience for your buyers to be able to acquire one of your garments. We know that in the world of fashion everything is based on the visual, the aesthetic, and the attractive.


If you want your customers to remember you and be eager to purchase your products, this is an excellent strategy among the other thousands of Fashion Marketing.


Present your content in new formats


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationEvery day, social media users prefer mostly visual content and they like reading less. That’s why, in the last year, both stories and videos on social platforms have unleashed a furor.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. But, if you want to stand out from the crowd and the competition, you need to present your content in new and better formats. Don’t be afraid to play with technology and get out of your comfort zone. With new technologies and the characteristics of social media, you can use video in 360º formats, Live Photos, virtual reality, and IGTV. You can even make Livestreams on your social platforms to show exclusive content.


Another strategy is to redirect your followers to your website to offer them in-depth content. For example, interviews of the personalities that support your brand or of the team members who work on the creation, design, and distribution of your pieces.


Use similar audiences in your marketing strategies


BluCactus - facebook groupsUsing similar audiences is a great ally to find new clients. All platforms have a series of hashtags that unite diverse communities interested in these topics. If your brand can take advantage of any of the hashtags to be part of those communities, do so.


Not only will it help you to have more presence on social media, but it will also give you much greater reach among other possible clients who are interested in your garments.


Finally, you could review the profiles of your competition and follow the same clients that they have. This will allow you to make yourself known to the competition and not go unnoticed by them.


Another way of working is by using ADs on different platforms to reach new audiences in a similar way.


A/B testing to optimize your content and marketing strategies


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationA/B testing is a valuable research tool for testing the same content presented in various forms. This is done to find out which kind of content does your audience likes best. Social media marketing for fashion brands. If you have an idea of ​​the material you want to publish but are not sure what is the best content or preferred form of publication for your followers, this strategy can be very helpful for your brand.


You can implement A/B tests in all types of ads, organic or paid, as well as in the use of copies, images, videos, headlines, and other content you have doubts about. With them, you will be able to discover which type of publication encourages a conversation among your followers and which one remains silent. Here we leave you a blog explaining exactly how you can use A/B testing and different tips to do it all.


Check the performance of your marketing strategy


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - informationHere, you must use different SEO tools to know if all your efforts in social media pay off. Besides, on each social platform, you can analyze the metrics of each of the posts as well as the number of interactions and the percentage of posts.


If you have a website or e-commerce, optimization tools such as Google Analytics and Google Console will be your best friends.


Thanks to them, you will be able to know the performance of your marketing strategies. In this sense, you will discover how many people visit your website, how many have subscribed, and the percentage of the bounce rate on your website.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - facebookStay creative and up to date


We talked about this before, but we cannot stop emphasizing it.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. You must stay up-to-date with both fashion trends around the world and new marketing strategies.


Once you know what the marketing and fashion strategies are, you can get creative to use them.


Look for new ways to reach your audience while allowing you to promote yourself. This way, you will sell more of your products and your clothes.



BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people working

Optimize your content on each platform


If you have content on your social media that is out of date and you didn’t optimize it at the time, now is the time to do it. Make sure that your posts have the correct tags or hashtags. Also, consider adding your location as it can be very helpful to get local customers. This way, they can find easily find you as well as making you known as a local business.


On the other hand, if your social media content isn’t up to date, you can take it back and update it. This shows your clients that you are a fashion expert. This, while showing that you are aware of everything that happens in the industry, generates confidence in your brand. If these contents are “evergreen” and you can take advantage of them all the time at any time of the year. Besides, they are contents that you can plan, optimize and update from time to time.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingSocial media marketing for fashion brands. BluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world.


Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches.


Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content.


BluCactus - contact us Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in United Arab Emirates, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level.


Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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Social media for car insurers: Don't let people miss out on your services - Banner

Social media for car insurers: Don’t let people miss out on your services

How can car insurers offer their services on social media? Currently, social media have taken a lot of power. That is why they have become one of the most important marketing tools. Like other sectors, auto insurance can use social media to offer its services.


BluCactus - happy womanWhile this is true, for car insurance it may not be as easy to find clients through social media. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. All you have to do is be clear about what strategies will you use to get a leading role.


Car insurance is important to many people, and auto insurance owners should take advantage of this opportunity. To understand what users want, they must know what users are looking for when browsing social media.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are some social media platforms that you can use to offer different services successfully.


Why do people use social media?


BluCactus - social mediaMillions of people use social media every day, and there are many reasons for doing so. First, they seek to entertain your mind and obtain information on goods and services.


That’s why, regardless of the type of services offered through social media, it must have good content. If a car insurance company wants to use social media to offer its services, it must add value through useful content. The said content must be easy to understand by the user.


In this sense, when a user is interested in the content, it’s because they found it entertaining. On the other hand, another factor is the fact that it’s able to answer their questions.


Is social media useful for car insurance to offer its services?


BluCactus - social mediaThe answer is yes. The problem is that most car insurance companies don’t know how to use this very effective tool. Social media can be used by car insurance in a very efficient way.


Most car insurers don’t know how to use social media since they don’t have experience in digital marketing. However, this isn’t a big problem as there are many marketing agencies ready to help them. This way, they will be able to find the potential customers they need to be successful.


In general, users or future customers don’t care about information that is directly related to a sale. Much less do they find a message appealing where only a quote for services is offered. If this is what you’ve been doing, you should know that you’re making a big mistake.


Just as car insurance has its objectives, so do customers. That’s why the creation of content can’t be in the hands of people without a marketing experience.


On the other hand, Facebook is a good place to start offering your car insurance company’s policy services.


How can car insurers use social media to offer their services?


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingPresent your car insurance in an attractive way


This point is one of the most important since you must show users or future clients interesting content.


Users use social media to find attractive content that responds to their needs.


Besides, you must focus on letting your users know about the benefits they can get when buying a policy.


Thus, don’t talk about how big your car insurance company is, instead talk about what it offers.


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingShow interest in the concerns of your users


Users find it difficult to show interest in car insurance information. Because of this, you must create very relevant content to grab their attention.


Users add value to the information they seek and satisfy their interests.


Your car insurance company can post many kinds of informative content on social media.


For example, you post the advantages of having a car in perfect condition or how to choose the best family car.


This way, users and clients will see that the insurance company cares about them.


Offer gifts


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person working

Gifts are a very effective option to get followers faster.


On social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, your car insurance company can gain advantages by offering gifts to users.


There are many ways to offer gifts through social media.


For example, you can offer a cash prize or a free policy year. Once your users see these kinds of offers, they will become interested in following you.


However, before launching any kind of giveaway, you should take a look at the terms and conditions of social media. This way your giveaways will be legal and keep users satisfied.


Let your users know that they can save if they buy a policy from your car insurance company


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingUsers and future customers are interested in saving. Because of this, you must show them how they can save money through your services.


Thanks to this, they will be able to use this money to cover other expenses.


The best way to do this is by telling a story, but how can you do it?


Publish the image of a client telling their story with prior authorization, this way you will show real numbers.


Through a real story, the client will see how others were able to save money and how satisfied they are.


Share relevant competitor information


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingFor your car insurance company to be successful, customers must know relevant data from the competition.


Let them know the difference between the prices of the competition and your company.


If the competition increases its policies’ prices, your followers will know it, and can even share it with their contacts. As a result, they will prefer your services.





BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingOffer discounts


If your car insurance company doesn’t meet its goals set at the end of the month, you can offer discounts.


On the other hand, if a customer isn’t satisfied because they haven’t had access to a discount, you can create specific content.


Through it, you can explain what kind of conditions are taken into account to apply to the different discounts you offer.


If you’ve just launched a new customer discount, those in your fixed portfolio will likely want a discount on their next purchase as well.


Announce new services


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingEach client needs a different policy, and that’s why they must find the service they need in your company. If you have created new policies, you must talk about them on social media.


When you create the content to offer your new services, you must begin by explaining the benefits that the client can obtain through the new policy.


If a customer enters Facebook they won’t worry about looking for information on a certain product. What’s important for them is knowing how buying your product can solve their problems.


The product description is vital to grab the customer’s attention. This can be either because it’s the perfect service for them, or because it’s the right one for an acquaintance.


Start sharing testimonials


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingJust as you need permission from a client to tell a true story, you also need it to share a testimonial.


With your smart device, you can record a video and upload it to social media.


Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to share testimonials. In it, you can even tag the customer for further reference.


These types of strategies are charming for customers.


Because of this, you can get real clients to talk about the benefits they can get from your insurance company.



Share stories that touch customer feelings


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingSome clients can go through hard times because they don’t have sufficient policy coverage, or because they didn’t have the proper advice when they needed it.


These are situations that many users on the internet can go through.


For this reason, it’s a good idea to share these experiences online.


This way users will find out why is it so important to hire the services of a good car policy.



Treat your customers as if the sales process were in person


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingMost sales on social media happen online, without any kind of face-to-face interaction.


As a result, you can have a large portfolio of clients you haven’t met in person. However, human connection is very important for us humans.


Because of this and given the advancement of social media, it’s logical to create good communication with your customers.


Thus, you must show yourself as human as possible to your clients. For this, try to relate to their needs as this will make them feel a real connection.


Many owners of car insurance companies approach their clients coldly, which becomes a great disadvantage for their business.


When do you not make the correct use of social media to offer the services of your car insurance company?


If you aren’t an expert in the use of marketing tools, chances are that you have made mistakes when offering car policy services. Besides, having a good design on your social media doesn’t ensure that you have a wide portfolio of clients.


For this reason, you can’t follow these steps if you want to increase the sales of your services:


BluCactus -car insurance services - professional person workingCreate content to sell


If your social media content only focuses on increasing your sales, you should know that this is a big mistake.


Your social media should only have relevant information that can add value to your company.


Your community needs valuable information, and to achieve this there will be nothing better than knowing deeply the demands of your audience.




BluCactus - lightShow news about your company’s growth


To increase your sales, there will be nothing better than showing your customers the progress your company has made.


To achieve this, let your audience know if you have opened a new office or if you have hired a new employee.


These are topics that, even if you don’t believe it, will generate trust in customers.


When you show the growth of your company, users will understand that just as you are achieving success, they will also be able to obtain it through the services that you are offering.


You are not clear about what your sales funnel should be


BluCactus -magnetAll marketing tools come together, and car insurance should make proper use of them. Interesting content can attract users who can then join your customer base.


In this sense, you must create a strategy that keeps users updated about the content you often create.


Once you get the attention of users and create interest in the type of information you offer, you can get their personal data more easily.


You can then take other steps to build customer loyalty.


And how to do it? See what type of content is most important to your users, and offer information that is consistent with those types of topics.


BluCactus - cellphoneYou don’t have automated marketing


If you don’t have a defined sales funnel, your car insurance company will most likely not move forward.


Thus, you must automate the content you want to reach your buyer persona.


If your users receive the content of their interest automatically, you can get more benefits for your company.


For this reason, you must automate the function of your sales emails.



Are you ready to show the services of your car insurance company on your social media?


BluCactus -servicesMarketing tools will allow you to make good use of social media to publicize the policy services of your car insurance company.


That’s why you must use them well by avoiding showing incoherent content or that does not add value to your social media account.


Customers don’t want content that directly shows “sales,” so your posts should start by showing the benefits they can get from those sales.





BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus -contact us

BluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world.


Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Car insurance services. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in United Arab Emirates, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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All the reasons why women love Pinterest and how it became a safe haven for creativity - Banner

All the reasons why women love Pinterest and how it became a safe haven for creativity

Why have women taken over Pinterest? Social media are in trend thanks to advances in technology. So, even if men and women use most platforms, Pinterest has become a feminine site. Women on Pinterest have managed to have constant participation, thanks to the benefits provided by this social media platform.


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingPinterest is very useful since it works as an online file, where you can write down ideas and share them with other people.


The good thing about Pinterest is that it allows each woman to show her tastes or work experience through categories. Besides, there are many kinds of categories, and women can add topics of crafts, tourism, makeup, and much more.


Being able to share your own tastes on Pinterest is one of the attractions that has managed to grab the attention of women. The digital age has allowed many of them to start their ideal business from home. And Pinterest, allows them to create a seller-buyer channel for a faster sale.


The most striking thing about this social media platform


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingWomen on Pinterest have the opportunity to create collections of different themes through photos or videos. Notice boards are available so that everyone can see them. Without a doubt, this platform is of great help to make exchanges on any subject and at any time.


To access Pinterest, you only need to have a desktop computer or a smartphone on hand. Best of all, you can enter this platform no matter where in the world you are and share the topic you want. The common themes in this platform are about women, and among the most mentioned are:


  • The handcrafts.
  • The art.
  • Cooking recipes.
  • The makeup.
  • The decoration.


This type of content is very attractive to female audiences, which is why Pinterest attracts the attention of more women than men.


The profile of the female audience that enters this platform


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingPinterest has a high number of daily visits, and women are the ones who make the most interaction. Digital Marketing experts carried out a study where the results were that women make up 80% of the visits on this platform. Besides, most of the women on Pinterest are between the ages of 24 and 45.


Young women are the ones currently taking over Pinterest. Thus, this platform has become a very effective channel to see and show very interesting ideas. But also, it’s important to highlight the advantage that the sales system offers.


Women make around 80% of online sales, and saleswomen can be very successful on this platform.


Can you sell through Pinterest?


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingThe answer is yes, and that’s why many brands use this platform to advertise their products. To belong to the world of sales on Pinterest, there is an option to create a business account. In it, you must add the button of pins linked from a certain website.


A user on Pinterest can reach a brand’s site because this platform will send it directly to the website. Advertising on a Pinterest profile is what allows companies to make great sales.


Women on Pinterest have taken advantage of this benefit to sell certain products. This platform has a notice board and anyone who wants to sell can use it. The intelligence of women has been able to take advantage of this option, as well as recognized brands.


You can connect to Pinterest from anywhere


BluCactus -cellphoneUsers who use Pinterest can access this platform from a desktop computer or mobile phone. This platform has 28 million registrations at the moment, and to offer a high-quality service it offers different options. Besides, to access Pinterest from a desktop computer, you can use any browser.


And, for those who prefer the convenience of using a smartphone, Pinterest has its own app for any operating system. This platform provides the convenience of being able to access your website from anywhere. So it allows sellers to be aware of their business interactions.


This platform works in any country, and it’s very easy to create a personal account and a business account.


Women prefer Pinterest’s social media platform


BluCactus - Profesional person workingThe digital age has taken on importance in recent times, and because of this everyone has wanted to be part of it. So even if there are many kinds of social media platforms, women prefer Pinterest over all of them. The reason is that this platform allows you to show creativity and knowledge.


For the working woman who wants to run a separate business to generate more income, Pinterest is a great help. Through this platform, you can sell many striking products, which surely other women will like.


Women entrepreneurs who prefer to work from home can show their products through Pinterest. This is a great opportunity for female homemakers. And it’s also for the young women who are still studying and need a means of earning.


And for those who don’t want to sell, but only show their likes and share them with other people, Pinterest is also ideal. Women on Pinterest have the opportunity to do different activities, which becomes a great advantage for this platform.


Other trending social media platforms


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingIt’s very common to think that the most famous social media platforms in the world are Facebook and Instagram. While it’s true that most people use them, others such as Pinterest have taken on great relevance. Currently, this platform has a record of millions of users where the majority are, of course, women.


The founders of this platform consider that Pinterest, instead of being a social media platform, works as a catalog of ideas. Regardless of these remarks, Pinterest enters the list of social media platforms and every member of it sees it that way. How Pinterest works is what has made it such an interesting site.


It’s worth remembering those corks that we used to hang on the wall to mark ideas so that we didn’t forget them. Pinterest offers you this advantage, but now in digital form so that you can save your ideas.


Pinterest’s design catches the eye of women


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingAnother advantage that Pinterest provides is its modernity. This comes from its easy to use boards. The virtual format allows you to view your ideas or your interests anywhere and without much effort. Because of this, Pinterest is the best option to be able to save photos and videos and see yourself as many times as you want.


Regarding the design of this platform, it’s worth saying that it’s very elegant and everybody can see all its options. Pinterest features a white background combined with some red fonts for a very refined touch. Order is also part of the characteristics of this site, and women love this style of organization.


As soon as you enter the Pinterest website, you can see a very varied list of photos of products or items. Thus, everyone can easily see anything that behaves on Pinterest for distraction or sales purposes.


Women can make friends quickly on Pinterest


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingPinterest has become a world of ideas where many women interact while sharing their creativity. Anyone looking for ideas for a decoration or a design can easily find what they want on it. Besides, it’s a fact that women are the ones who are most interested in the area of ​​creativity. Thus, in this platform, they can find many options.


Most of the women on Pinterest when they enter this platform for the first time are hooked and immediately register. And by starting to share their ideas or interests they have the opportunity to interact with other women. So they can become friends and comment on their photos or videos.


The good news is that Pinterest turns out to be a very safe platform and can rarely fall into the hands of malicious people. So, to make new virtual friends, Pinterest can be a great option.


Women prefer Pinterest over any other platform


BluCactus - Women prefer Pinterest over any other platformWomen on Pinterest manage to feel comfortable as there is a lot of variety for them. Besides, they are happy to have immediate access to what they like. Not only that, but the fact that they can share amazing ideas with other women is also a plus for them.


The tastes of women are different, but all of them need to find elements that help them to undertake and motivate themselves on a day-to-day basis. And because all women are different, you can find millions of ideas and options to share on Pinterest.


Pinterest is important to women because it allows them to expand their knowledge, their ideas, and their creativity. And these are characteristics that they can hardly find in other social media platforms. In this modern age, just like men, women also want to participate in the virtual age.


Inspiration reaches women through Pinterest


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingPinterest boards allow you to create pins to save as many photos or videos as you want. This platform has a search bar, and placing any word will immediately bring up thousands of results.


Women who for example love to decorate, have the opportunity to visualize designs made by other creative women. Thus, all the pins that are available on this platform work as inspiration to create and take advantage of free time.


Through Pinterest boards, you can get ideas to create crafts, organize a party, or even decorate a home. Best of all, the boards found on this platform are full of beautiful elements and are very useful for any occasion. If inspiration takes time for some women to arrive, on Pinterest, it will not be a problem.


Working women, housewives, students, and mothers, regardless of their age, have their space in this platform.


Women’s safety comes first on Pinterest


BluCactus - Women taken over Pinterest - Profesional person workingIn most platforms, there’s a stereotype about the perfect woman, with curves and without stretch marks. Because of this, on other platforms, some women’s interests are repressed. In contrast, on Pinterest, there is space for all women regardless of their age, height, or color.


Among the most prominent searches on Pinterest is beauty. Women are looking for what type of outfit or makeup is better for them. This platform is responsible for promoting a natural look in women and the importance of authenticity. Thus, women who are used to seeing perfect bodies on other platforms will find safe haven here.


All women are beautiful and must feel confident under all circumstances. Pinterest is in charge of promoting these thoughts and apparently, so far it has succeeded.


Empowering women through Pinterest 


BluCactus - Profesional person workingWomen on Pinterest have the opportunity to show themselves as they are through their ideas and creativity. So, to fight against stereotypes, women in this platform can make their own decisions and achieve their own success.


For housewives and women who have not dared to undertake on their own, Pinterest has been a very helpful channel. Business interest has increased in women by 182%, thanks to all the options that this platform shows. Now many women want to achieve great goals. This is something that we can easily see through its most popular searches.


There are high searches on Pinterest related to digital marketing, and small business plans. It doesn’t matter what a woman who decides to enter Pinterest is dedicated to. Everyone can share their ideas and enhance their knowledge to undertake.


Pinterest policies are great support for women


BluCactus - Profesional person workingSince the creation of Pinterest, its creators have aimed to promote inspiration in all the people who wish to enter this site. Because of this, this platform has very clear and precise policies. Women taken over Pinterest. Thus, you can find out you can and can’t publish on it.


Sharing fake content, adult content, or for exploitation purposes is not allowed on Pinterest. Much less can there be content that incites hatred, as it will immediately be reported and removed. Thanks to this, women on Pinterest are free to share their likes without any limitations so long as they obey these policies.


Thus, no discriminatory ideas against them are allowed. The policies of this platform are very clear and must be respected to create a great community. This, in turn, makes Pinterest a platform that cares about the interests of women and is one more reason for it to be a very popular platform.


Pinterest is easy to use


BluCactus - girl happyThis platform is easy to connect and has a very simple interface to use, and the women on Pinterest appreciate it. To create an account on this platform, you only have to enter the website. Then, you can use your Facebook account or email to sign up.


After this, it’s important to edit your profile and add basic information, and in the drop-down menu, you can find the option of the pins. To make use of all the functions of this platform, Pinterest must carry out the verification of the website. This whole process is very simple and fast to start sharing on the board.


To use this platform as a means of entrepreneurship or business, the creation of a company account is essential. This way, you can start looking for friends who share the same interests and are creative.


Are men also part of the Pinterest community?


BluCactus - Profesional person workingJust as the women on Pinterest have achieved their ideal site, the men also have their favorite platforms. In fact, Pinterest was created to offer a diverse community where both men and women could interact. Women taken over Pinterest. However, it was more accepted by the female audience.


80% of Pinterest members are women, due to the content that you can find on it. But it’s important to know that men who want to enter Pinterest can also do it and start to share their interests.


Many categories are available on this platform, so men may also be interested in some of them. Besides, Pinterest offers advantages not found on other platforms, and some men may be drawn to it for this reason.


Do you want to continue reading interesting content?


At BluCactus we take care of discovering the most relevant news in the world of marketing and social media, all while thinking of you. Women taken over Pinterest. Visit our blog daily to find the most useful information on the web. If you are a woman and have been excited to read this article, you should know that the next thing will be just as great.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Profesional person working

BluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Women taken over Pinterest. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in United Arab Emirates, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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A/B testing: The ultimate guide for improvement of your social media content - Banner

A/B testing: The ultimate guide for improvement of your social media content

How to do A/B testing and improve your content on social media. Sometimes it can be very difficult for social media accounts to figure out how followers prefer to see the content they share. That’s why the idea is to experiment with the content and how to transmit it to people. Thus, if you want to know a way to boost your social media and find out what works best on your profiles, this is the blog for you. Here, we’ll show you how to do an A/B test to improve your content.


What is an A/B Test?


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationThe A/B test is a way of sharing content with small changes each time. The aim of this is to discover which of them is the most effective for your target audience. Besides, this is a very popular technique used in social media marketing strategies.


The best way to carry out this test is by dividing your social media audience into two parts.


These don’t have to have similar characteristics, all you need to do is make some changes in the same post for each group. Once published, the responses and interactions of the post will help you identify which of these changes is the most effective. For this, you must take a look at the metrics of your social media account or your website.


Besides, this type of test, also known as “split test” will only be used with one change at a time. Otherwise, you will have to do many tests with a variety of images, articles, and advertisements. What’s important about this is that you follow a control of the tests. This is because if you carry out many tests at the same time, it’s likely that this will influence the results of the test or your own account.


How can the A/B Test help your social media strategy?


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationA/B tests help you dispel the assumptions you have about the content of social media. Thanks to these tests you will be able to know which are the publication formats preferred by your target audience.


Besides, these tests allow you to understand how well a publication ranks according to its format (image or video). Depending on which position is better and which one gets the best interactions, you can make changes to that same post to boost your account and promote conversation among your followers.


The good thing about this type of test is that it can be carried out on all platforms so that you don’t make the same publication on LinkedIn and Twitter. After all, we do know that they do not work the same. Then, you will get better information on which one works better on social media and which one is more in tune with the platform.


However, this doesn’t stop there. You can also keep making small changes to further refine your strategies and help your organic content grow. After this, you can then include those elements preferred by your followers on paid ads.


What types of sites do A/B testing?


BluCactus - important informationAlthough we already explained that this type of tests can be carried out on any type of platform, these are some of the pages that can see the greatest benefit from the strategy:


Lead generation


Lead generation pages are the sites for the sale of services or the search for potential customers.


A lead can refer to the acquisition of an email that can later be used for commercial purposes.


BluCactus - important informationMedia


This is ideally used for editorial testing on both web and offline content.


They are focused on buying the success of the contents and then personalizing them according to the type of user they want to reach.






BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationE-commerce


E-commerce focused websites are constantly testing to see how their own website is performing.


Thanks to this, they ensure the success of their publications.


Then, they also continue optimizing the home pages, the product page, or the product descriptions.




What type of test to take?


BluCactus - important informationThese are some of the varieties of tests that you can carry out according to your objectives and what you want to know about your business:


  • A/B test: This is the most common and best known by all, with this you will make two changes to the same page or publication with the same URL.
  • Split test or redirect test. A/B testing. This is the second most used by marketing agencies. Here, you will create two versions of the same post but with different URLs.
  • Multivariate test or MVT: This type of test helps you measure the impact of each of the different modifications that are made to a page. For example, you can create a version B of the page in which you change a banner, the color of a text, and the organization of some elements at the same time. A/B testing. Thanks to this type of test, you can see the impact of each of these modifications on the final result. On the other hand, this type of test is more advanced, although not too complicated to configure.

How to find A/B test ideas?


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationThe first thing you must do before starting the test is to identify a conversion problem in your social media. Otherwise, you won’t be able to carry out an effective test or strategy to improve your social media.


With the help of some tools that we will mention later in the blog, you will be able to collect all the data for the creation of the hypotheses. That’s why you must follow the following steps to start the tour of your tests:


  • It must be related to a previously identified problem.
  • It has to include a possible solution to the problem.
  • If the problem identified is a high abandonment rate in a registration form, a valid hypothesis would be: “Shortening the form by eliminating optional fields will increase the number of contacts received.
  • It must include the expected result, which is directly related to the KPI you’re going to measure.

What elements can you test on a website?


BluCactus - important informationHere, we present a list of crucial elements to be approved by companies on their online platforms.


Many companies don’t take into account the importance of these elements. As a result, they experience an inability to explain their conversion rate. Ideally, you shouldn’t offer a long list of items to test if you want to focus on the items to identify for the A/B test.


Business model


Here you must rethink the model of your business to obtain greater benefits. For this, you shouldn’t only focus on one thing or the sale of the same product when you can expand and complement what you already have with more services or products.


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationCall to action


The call to action is one of the most important buttons on websites and one of the most relevant elements on social media.


As a result, color, message, shape, and location can greatly impact your conversion rate.






BluCactus - important informationButtons


Buttons have a vital role in websites and it’s that visitors interact with them.


Thus, if you want to know if these work or if you can optimize them in any way, try different font sizes, shapes, colors.


Besides, you can even animate them if you want. Anything goes to attract users.




IBluCactus - A/B testing - important informationmages


An image speaks louder than a thousand words, so you must do the test with different images depending on what you do.


You can also play with the size and type of the image, as well as its position on the website.






BluCactus - important informationThe website’s structure 


The web structure is an element that must be constantly changing in each of its categories.


All changes are to optimize the preferences of your followers and visitors.


In this sense, you can add a carousel, choose static images, change your banners, show your best-selling products, recommend products, etc.




BluCactus - important informationAlgorithms, A/B testing


Many are unaware of all the types of algorithms that exist on social media.


With each of them, you can convert your users into loyal and frequent customers of your accounts.







How to set up an A/B test?


Here, we explain in 6 steps how you can configure your own A/B test to optimize your social media and online platforms to get higher conversion from them.


Define your goals


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationTo start, you must clearly define the objectives of the A/B test that you are going to carry out.


For this, the ideal is to think about what you want to improve and create a hypothesis to achieve it.


Some examples of A/B test objectives:


  • Improve KPIs. This is divided into many points. For example, you can improve the time of permanence, the number of page views, the bounce rate, the abandonment rate of the shopping cart, and the means of purchase.
  • Increase conversions. Here, you can increase sales, website inquiries, and subscriptions, application downloads, or registrations for an important business event.

Define what changes to make


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationSome examples of changes in a website that you may want to study with an A / B test:


  • Content: copy, titles/headings, colors, font, images, videos, etc. Web design, templates, and CSS style sheets. Prices and promotions in eCommerce.
  • Call-to-actions: buttons, text, button size, and font. Colors, typography, and spacing.
  • Forms: number of fields, required fields, requested data, One-page checkout, or multi-page checkout.
  • Web usability: above the fold, conversion funnel, buyer journey, landing page, thank you page, menu, sidebar, footer.



Create the A / B test


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationThere are many tools to create A/B tests, and even if most of these are paid, some are free. For example, Google Analytics is a tool that, with a little practice, allows you to create your own test.


With it, you will be able to use a simple technique to create different versions of the same test. A/B testing. This way, you can redirect traffic to your website and know its number of unique visitors. Here, we’ll show you some of the tools that you can use to perform your A/B test.


  • A/B test with Google Analytics.
  • Nelio AB Testing (Plugin for WordPress).


There are also other tools for calculating the sample size:


  • A/B Test Sample Size Calculator (Optimizer).
  • Sample Size Calculator (The Survey System).
  • AB Test Guide.
  • Sample Size Calculator (Evan’s Awesome A/B Tools).

BluCactus - important informationWait and be patient (number of users), A/B testing


This isn’t another step to set up your test. However, you must remember that these types of tests don’t have a set amount of time to do them.


On the other hand, they do take into account the number of people who interact with the posts.


Thus, once you have a large number of people as part of the test, you can stop the experiment.


After this, you can start to study and compare the results.


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationChoose the winning version


After the analysis, you can easily know which the winning version on your social media accounts was.


However, if the results are very close, it is best to use support tools to choose the winning version:





BluCactus - important informationMeasure and adjust, A/B testing


After completing the entire test, you must first review the interactions and behaviors of the users.


After this, you can start to adjust your online strategy.


For example, you can perfect your strategy and the way you are going to address your visitors.


However, this isn’t a one-time thing, you must keep improving your techniques over time.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - A/B testing - important informationBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world.


Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches.


Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes.


This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content.


BluCactus - important informationOur focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in United Arab Emirates, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level.


Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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All about Instagram’s Algorithms and how to beat them - Banner

All about Instagram’s Algorithms and how to beat them

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, both for personal and business profiles. In recent years, more people have joined this platform to grow and increase their customers. As a result, today, Instagram has at least 1 billion active users. Learn all about Instagram’s Algorithms and how to beat them.


This figure means that there is a lot of competition between new brands trying to position themselves on this platform. However, there are certain ways to get noticed organically, and also increase your online presence.


In this blog, we teach you everything about the Instagram algorithm, how it works, and what can you do to beat it with just 10 tips.


What is the Instagram algorithm?


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramThe Instagram algorithm helps you know which publications your users relate to the best. This means that with this tool you can know the content that your users prefer. If your followers like the content you post, it’s likely that they will want to see it again, and therefore, Instagram will show it to them more often.


At the beginning, this algorithm didn’t exist. Instagram was only used as a wall to share photos and short messages with friends.


Then in 2016, Instagram introduced a new way to view posts, and with it, a new algorithm. Although users at the time weren’t happy with viewing their photos chronologically in reverse, the social platform still advanced to this feature.


BluCactus - computerMany people keep complaining about the algorithm. Instagram’s Algorithms. However, the directors of this platform assure that many others have liked it and have interacted more. “People have been liking and commenting in general, they participate with the community more actively,” they say.


Regardless of whether you love or hate the algorithm, this didn’t stop the growth of this social platform. Like many others, Instagram protects its algorithm a lot. But today we will reveal some secrets to beat it.


We must mention that the Instagram algorithm which focuses on the news feed is not the only one out there. Instagram currently has different algorithms that determine the priority of the publications compared to the rest of the users of this platform.


Algorithm types


BluCactus - edgerankInstagram Edge Rank algorithm


This algorithm establishes the priority of the content to be displayed in the start menu.


Thus, user behavior within this social platform is what establishes the priority of some images over others.







BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramInstagram HT Search algorithm


This establishes the priority of the photos in the featured posts within the same hashtag.









BluCactus - example of social mediaInstagram Stories Relevance algorithm


This Instagram algorithm determines which stories are shown to certain users and their priority









BluCactus - example of social mediaInstagram HT Follow algorithm


The Instagram HT follow algorithm sets the priority of posts that are displayed when any user follows a hashtag.









BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramInstagram Places algorithm


The Places algorithm prioritizes posts based on location.


In general, they use the location shown in posts or stories.







How does it work? Instagram’s Algorithms


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramInstagram first shows you the content that may be most valuable to you based on specific factors. Some of them may be how likely is that you like this content, the time of publication, or the hashtags you see the most.


This platform takes into account that people want fresh content every time they log in.


For brands or companies, this means that your content will not be seen when it’s shared. However, this doesn’t mean that you should share your content whenever you want.


A certain amount of people are active in a certain amount of time. So, if you want to be seen, you must do some research with analytics to find out what times your audience is most active.


BluCactus - computer with dataLikes and comments are crucial elements of this. The more interactions you have, the more Instagram will allow your users to see it. This kind of activity shows that the post is good to appear on the home page of other users. For companies, this can be a challenge, but by knowing your followers you can discover what content they prefer.


Another way to be on people’s home page is when the algorithm shows you a profile search. If a person searches for your content, they are likely to be interested, therefore they will see it more.


This also happens with posts shared in direct messaging. Direct messages are a form of social darkness, which means you can’t follow up. But, even if you don’t see the interactions of shared posts in the analytics, Instagram does.


What is engagement?


BluCactus -engagementWe’ve discussed interactions previously, but not what they really are. So, in short, engagement is the level of commitment that consumers have with your brand.


For this, it takes into account the constancy, trust, and the way your followers empathize with the values ​​and messages of your brand. This is so because it allows close, sustainable, and organic relationships between your followers.


This isn’t an easy task and it can take a long time. Consolidating and positioning yourself among the competition of online brands is based on effort and a lot of perseverance. This important concept grew and expanded thanks to the introduction of a new digital age. Especially, social platforms and other media that allow constant interaction with users.


Engagement is one of the easy to stimulate daily and tangible elements analyzed through metrics, indicators, and quality of interaction. Instagram’s Algorithms. What does the Instagram algorithm consider “engagement”? Each one of the likes, reach by hashtags, times shared in stories and key locations fall under this category for Instagram.


How the Instagram algorithm affects business accounts


BluCactus - men in a suitThe Instagram algorithm had certain benefits for brands. Currently, it continues to maintain the same standards as other accounts.


That is, to have a high level of visibility, you must have a high level of interaction.


To understand the algorithm and make sure that your posts are shown to as many users as possible, you must strategize.


The simplest solution is to get the most engagement from your followers.


Some even opt for Instagram Ads to have a greater reach.


What is the magic formula to beat the Instagram algorithm?


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramMany want to know a secret formula to position themselves on social media. But the truth is that the only real way for them to do this is to foster interactions that later turn into relationships and ties.


For different companies and brand profiles, the only way to be successful on social media is through trial and error.


Try all the new trends, stay ahead, and use innovative content, among others.


Instagram’s Algorithms. The most important thing is to dare to new things that attract new customers. However, here are some tips so you know where to start to beat the Instagram algorithm:


11 tips to beat the Instagram algorithm and grow on social media


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramIdentify your best content


The Instagram metric can help you define the best content for your users.


After figuring out which ones they prefer, implement hashtags, videos, images, carousels, and other graphic elements to attract their attention. Remember that the important thing is to be creative so that they continue to visit your content and wait for the next.


Every two weeks, check how the metrics fared and with which of your posts got the most interactions. Then create similar content, without being repetitive, to maintain engagement.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - hastagHashtags are very important


Hashtags are still the best way to get followers from the same niche.


The algorithm allows showing relevant posts to a specific group of people.


As a result, these hashtags are focused on the interests and needs of many users.


Therefore, they are still valid today on different social platforms.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramKnow your followers wisely, Instagram’s Algorithms


Research and create a list of the most relevant hashtags according to your sector.


After this, use only the most appropriate ones. Some of the tips that Instagram itself offers to use it are:


  • Being specific with them.


  • Use the most relevant to your sector.


  • Keep an eye out for competitors and which ones they use.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramEveryone likes videos


Different studies have shown that people prefer videos for being dynamic content. That’s why videos are more popular on this social platform.


You can create content with autoplay to capture the attention of users and make them spend more time looking at your publications. The more time your users spend on the social platform viewing your profile, the better it will be for you.


However, there are other types of tools for creating content that people really enjoy. These are IGTV and Reels, which are new ways of making videos. IGTV, for example, allows you to make videos of up to 15 minutes that will be placed in the feed.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagram

Post on Instagram at the best time, Instagram’s Algorithms


Find out what times they receive the most interaction when publishing.


This way, the contents have a better chance of being seen by more people.


It’s important to remember that the best times to post vary entirely by the company.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramKnow the analytics


Social media analytics are very important.


They reveal the most important aspects of user behavior.


This helps you understand them better and be able to reach them.


For this, you can find out the statistics within Instagram itself or you can use an additional tool.



Interact with everyone! Instagram’s Algorithms


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramDon’t expect social media strategies to just be about simply dumping content on the account and voila. It’s important to interact with those users who interacted with your account.


You must be agile when responding to comments on your content, especially in the first hours after publishing.


Call your followers to action, ask their opinion.


On the other hand, another important point is not to force communication, so try to be as genuine as possible.


Instagram Stories


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramPreviously we talked about the videos and how much the Instagram community likes them.


However, stories are the easiest way to make this point as it has over daily 400 million active users daily. So, in simple terms, the algorithm takes into account all the impressions you get on your Instagram stories. This also includes reactions or when your stories are sent to someone.


Instagram stories have different features that can help you make things much more fun. Polls, trivia, and adding links to slide up (this only works if you have 10K) are some examples.


Learn from influencers who ask their followers to write privately to get links to various products. This is an easy way for your followers to interact a little more in-depth with you. Thanks to these types of interactions, they increase the probability of appearing in their feed.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramConstancy, Instagram’s Algorithms


Consistency is key. All these previous tips are based on strategies. However, if you don’t post content consistently and regularly, Instagram will know about it and won’t take you into account.


That’s why you have to plan posts.


Don’t forget that these posts must have the same narrative and style as the previous ones. The constancy must also be done in each of the aspects of your company.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramAds, ads, ads


Of all the above, this is the only strategy that is not organic.


However, it really works very well for many companies. In the same sense, paid advertising is necessary to drive posts.


In a few minutes and with little investment you can develop an entire advertising campaign. To do this, Ads are placed through the Ads Manager or Power Editor.


There are different ad options than Facebook for Instagram and with them, you can make the most of your ads.


BluCactus - bad habits Stay away from bad habits, Instagram’s Algorithms


Don’t take any action that is against the rules of these social platforms.


This could cause your account to be temporarily blocked or even deleted.


Learn about some of the Instagram mistakes that could damage your algorithm forever:



Instagram strategy mistakes to avoid


Lack of a goal-oriented strategy


BluCactus - example of social mediaNot having a plan and goals is like driving without a destination. Many things can go wrong. Thus, you must find out which are the keywords that you should consider. Besides that, know who your content is directed to.


If you don’t have a goal-driven strategy this will mean wasted effort and opportunities.


You may even give up or conclude that Instagram or social media marketing just isn’t working.


You can work on your social media strategy through videos and photos, but you can’t start posting without an idea of ​​where you’re going. Find out what you want and develop a strategy around your goal.


Bio without a redirect link


BluCactus - example of social mediaYour presence in social media isn’t the only one you need to grow, that’s why you must use other tools. So, a website is ideal for companies since they are their cover letter in the online world. However, you have to make it very clear that traffic is the lifeblood of your website. A website that doesn’t generate traffic will disappear sooner or later.


Instagram generates up to 1.2 billion likes per day and 1,000 comments per second from real people. These same people who already enjoy your content on Instagram can go to visit your website or landing page.


Understanding that the Instagram audience is important to brands is very important. And, if these users like you or your brand, they will follow you. However, if you don’t have a link or call to action in your bio, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Instagram allows you to include a clickable link in your bio. So make sure you get the most out of it.


To add a link to your bio, go to “Edit Profile” and type it in the “website” text box.


Make your Instagram account private, Instagram’s Algorithms


BluCactus - example of social mediaMany think that by making their company’s profile private, they will grab the interest of many.


But this is the opposite, many walk away and prefer not to see the profile again.


However, if we are talking about your personal account, being private is completely valid.


Thus, when it comes to a business profile, it must be publicly accessible.


This, if you want more followers to follow, like, share, and get to know your brand through social media marketing.


Continually post duplicate photos


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramUsers of social media are bombarded with a big amount of content daily, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t differ from one another. Loyal followers of your brand will quickly recognize the same duplicate photos or videos over and over again. Every once in a while there may be a good reason to report a photo or video you’ve shared with your followers before, but don’t make it a habit.


Plan the publications and don’t copy from others. Try to stay as creative as possible. It’s okay to repeat content a few times, but remember that no one likes to see the same thing over and over again. As long as it’s relevant to your goal, you’ll be fine.


When Instagrammers follow you, they want to be entertained and benefit from your content. You already know that sharing the same content again won’t generate any new results or benefits. So don’t do it.


Not responding to user comments promptly, Instagram’s Algorithms


BluCactus - commentsComments are a user engagement metric that Google searches for. This is because user participation generates retention, which generates growth.


They let Google understand that users really like your account.


And since Google is passionate about content that others enjoy, this is the one thing that will rank the best in searches.


In the same sense, getting over 50 comments are ideal to become important in the eyes of google.


Focus on quantity, not quality


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - example of instagramDon’t post just because you have to fill other people’s feeds with photos. Social media platforms know when content is not genuine and detect it as spam. So, once they do this, you will disappear from the feed, losing all previous effort and perseverance.


Try to post frequently. However, under no circumstances should you sacrifice the quality of your content. Each of these publications must be of the best possible quality. Some brands only post photos of others or repeat the content. However, just by changing the photos or adapting them to new forms, they ensure that they are attractive and maintain its quality.


Whether it’s video clips or photos you want to share on Instagram, make sure to always put quality first.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - men in a suitBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world.


Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Instagram’s Algorithms.


Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes.


This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content.


BluCactus - Instagram’s Algorithms - person workingOur focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in United Arab Emirates, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level.


Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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Connect with your users! Increase your sales! Sell on Instagram! - Banner

Connect with your users! Increase your sales! Sell on Instagram!

How to sell on Instagram? In today’s world, online sales are essential for all businesses. Social platforms work as a bridge to connect brands with thousands of users around the world and Instagram is one of them. Its exponential growth in recent years has made it the favorite among brands.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itThis is because, due to its many functions, it offers versatility like no other.


Besides, over 95 million photos and videos are shared daily on this platform and its interactivity reaches 1 billion users per month.


This makes it the perfect place to sell anything from products to services.


Because of this, here at BluCactus, we will give you the main tools so that you know how to sell on Instagram and increase your sales.


Important data about Instagram


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itAccording to figures from DataReportal in January 2020, this is the sixth most used social platform around the world.


Likewise, We are the Social Hootsuite charts for this year showed that adults between 18 and 35 years old are the main users of this platform.


This makes selling on Instagram a good option to boost your digital business.


However, even though we must consider this age range, it must be said that it also showed that there are active users of all ages.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itThus, this is an excellent opportunity to offer endless products or services.


With this data, we can confirm that there are many reasons to sell on Instagram. Besides, it’s one of the social platforms with the highest growth in both users and functions.


One advantage of this platform is innovation. This is an elementary factor that keeps it as a favorite around the world. The last tool it added to its list was Reels.


This is a feature that allows users to make editable 15-second videos. It also allows users to add effects and background music, much like TikTok.


What are the main Instagram tools?


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itWith the amount of diverse content that can be created.


Instagram is undoubtedly at the forefront of the empire made up of social platforms.


However, there are other important functions that we recommend to take into account when selling on Instagram.


Next, we are going to show you the main tools of this social platform:



How to sell on Instagram? Photos and videos:


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itUsers can post a maximum of 10 photos per post and videos of up to 1 minute.


These can have a caption where they can type a maximum of characters. People also have a lot of options when it comes to choosing filters to edit their photos. Some of them are:


  • ClarendonAt first, this was only used for videos, then it was also enabled for photos. This filter is ideal for illuminating reflections.
  • PerpetualWith this filter, users can add pastel tones to their photos.
  • InkwellAllows any photo to be black and white.
  • Amaro: This filter brightens photos more, but adds focus to the center of the image.




BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itThe platform introduced these in 2011 to make it easy for users to find photos or other people.


The idea of hashtags is that they are specific and novel so that they are successful.


Thanks to hashtags, people have been able to create trends on the platform.


Besides, the most successful trends tend to be highlighted weekly on Instagram.


One of the most famous is #ThrowbackThursday or simply #tbt, which users accompany it with a not so recent photo.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Instagram Direct:


Instagram created this feature in 2013. Here, different users can send pictures and videos through private messages.


People can also interact with their friends through a group of up to 15 people.


They can send messages to people who they don’t even follow or who don’t follow them.


If they do this, Instagram will mark the message as pending and the receiving user must accept it beforehand to see it.


Other functions that allow you to sell on Instagram


Instagram Stories: 


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itThis tool came out in 2016 with the aim that people could take or upload photos, with effects and filters to their Instagram stories.


This function lasts only 24 hours, similar to what Snapchat allows.


Later, Instagram included the option of videos and incorporated 5 and 15-second ads.


Here, the user can see them between the stories as well as skip them.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itIGTV: 


This is a tool that Instagram included in 2018.


These are vertical videos that can be up to 10 minutes long.


However, verified users can extend the duration of this tool.


This allows them to upload videos of up to 60 minutes.




This is the latest tool from Instagram.  It consists of short videos where users can exploit their creativity by creating different content.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on it

People will also be able to try out various sounds and special effects to optimize their 15-second videos.


It’s still too early to know how to measure user reception, but without a doubt, it’s a new and different opportunity to show products.


These are the main tools that make up this social platform. Now that you know what they are, you will think about how to use them to offer your products. Not all functions work for all sales strategies.


That is why we recommend to study and test them to find out which is the best suited to the product or service you are offering and which is the best to sell on Instagram according to the characteristics of your business. In BluCactus we will give you some tips for the growth of your brand on Instagram to be noticeable and get satisfactory results.


How to use these tools to sell on Instagram?


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itRaising a marketing strategy has never been easy, and much less if you try to incorporate various factors such as, for example, how the objectives are to be drawn.


Whatever the strategy, you must establish various plans to achieve your goals.


In the particular case of selling on Instagram, it’s advisable first to consider a target audience and, also, to know what part of that loyal audience is active on this social platform.


In this way, it will not be so difficult to consider the main objectives based on the needs of the brand and the usefulness of Instagram to achieve the proposed goals.


For this reason, we present some tips to choose a marketing strategy and be able to sell on Instagram:


BluCactus - workIdentify what you want to achieve:


Knowing what the goals are in the online business is an important factor that you must take into account.


The role that Instagram will play in achieving the established objectives is also fundamental.


Think about what this platform has that makes it unique and that they have no other means to achieve.


Besides, we recommend complementing the fact of selling on Instagram with the other platforms that make up the marketing strategy.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on it

How to sell on Instagram? Create content:


Content is one of the most important things on any social platform, not just on Instagram.


For this reason, it’s necessary to establish a content strategy that adapts to the needs of the audience and the functions that the platform can offer.


Therefore, keep in mind what your audience wants to see on that social platform.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itAsk yourself what is the best way to show this content:


A video? A story?


Fortunately, Instagram offers different formats to create content in one place.


But be careful with this point, the idea is not to create content to fulfill space.


It’s necessary to know what things we can offer and to be clear about the representation of the brand on the platform.


For this, we recommend identifying and order the contents.


This way you will have greater clarity when publishing and will know if they are better in a video or photo format.


BluCactus - stay activeBe interactive:


It’s important to constantly interact with the public. You can do this by either responding via direct message or exchanging opinions in the comments. Constant interaction with the audience is essential if you want to sell on Instagram.


How to sell on Instagram? Stay active:


Many brands use a schedule with the content to be published, as well as the date and time. They do this to stay active and be able to sell on Instagram. You may do the same to keep up with posts. Originality and spontaneity are big factors on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean being careless.


Part of the success is also in knowing at what time to publish. It’s also important to study your target, to know what is the best time to publish, and so that more people see those publications.


How to start your business to sell on Instagram?


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itMany have the knowledge, but it’s difficult for them to take the first step to start their online business. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of preparation.


All you could need is knowing where you want to go by using these platforms.


Remember that they can work as an intermediary between the business and the client.


Instagram is no exception, so below, we will show you some basic steps that brands use when they want to sell on Instagram:


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Create a company profile:


A while ago, Instagram added the creation of company accounts to the platform to get certain benefits. One of them is to ally this account on Instagram with your company’s Facebook account.


This will allow you to access the Facebook API and manage the posts and comments on Instagram.


Other benefits are access to advanced profile statistics, promote a post, and advertising on the platform. In the case of raffles, you can export all comments to choose a winner.


Focus on getting loyal customers:


BluCactus - happy womanHere, quality is more important than quantity.


Having loyal followers who view and interact with your content is better than having many more inactive followers.


Thus, it’s important to apply different strategies.


This way customers will feel identified with the essence of the brand and be part of it.



BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Use Instagram shopping:


This tool is exclusive for companies and helps a lot to show products with much more detailed information.


Plus, it’s a useful feature that makes it easy to sell on Instagram.


Likewise, we can show the price as a tag, something similar to those used by users with other people.


This function also helps users who want to purchase the product from Instagram, because they will be redirected to the company website.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itPublish content of interest to the consumer:


This is key to getting loyal customers on the social platform.


The contents that you publish must go hand in hand with the essence of the brand and the needs of the customers.






BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram?

Invest wisely in advertising if necessary: 


There are many ways to advertise on Instagram.


Below, we show you the most common ones so that you can see.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on it

Which one is the best suited to your needs:


  • Photo ad: This is the oldest way to advertise on a social platform.  Here, advertisers appear on the platform’s main home page with a photo. There, brands create creative and authentic content to surprise users.


  • How to sell on Instagram?Ad in sequence: It’s the ad in a photo with the particularity that in this case several images are shown in the same ad. This mode is useful if you want to show several products in a single moment. It’s also effective if you want to expand the information of a single article.


  • BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itVideo advertisement: It’s like photo ads, with the difference that videos can offer greater visibility. Likewise,  they have a maximum duration of 1 minute. However, it’s important to note that the first few seconds will be crucial for users to see the ad until the end.


  • How to sell on Instagram? Advertising within stories: This is a more dynamic way to attract the public since the Instagram stories function has had very good receptivity among users. With stories, companies have the possibility of completing brand content and doing some promotions to sell on Instagram.


What are the most successful brands on Instagram?


Many brands have used Instagram to position themselves and increase sales. Although each one has its style, they share something in common: the proper use of the platform.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itIt’s undeniable that this social platform came almost a decade ago to stay. So it was time to show you some successful brands that have made it big on Instagram:


  • How to sell on Instagram? Vans:


This brand has a characteristic street style that it displays on the platform, making its loyal customers feel part of that style.


So not only does it publish sneakers to its over 17 million followers but also on Instagram it reflects the essence of the brand and the way of life of those who use it.


  • BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itOreo:


This is a very interesting case study, as the famous cookie brand has several points going for it.


It shows not only creative and innovative content attached to interesting and important events but also, in its profile, it shows many recipes that can be made with Oreo.


Likewise, it also showcases other ideas of interest to its audience, which exceeds 3 million followers on the platform.


  • BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Lego:


It has created life-size figures that have surprised everyone, but besides that, they can be in tune with new trends to transform them into their characteristic dismountable objects.


One of its latest adaptations has been the epic Super Mario characters created by Nintendo:


Mario and Toad.


Currently, they have over 6 million followers on the social platform.


  • BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itHollister:


This is a brand created for young people.


By having a clear target and target audience, it uses the Instagram platform to display fresh photos.


Currently, it has over 5 million followers.


The photos are mainly filled with various facets and youth experiences so that the audience feels identified.


Another point in favor of this clothing brand is that it allows consumers to create various styles without losing its essence.


  • How to sell on Instagram? RedBull:


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itThis brand’s Instagram is full of various extreme sports.


This shows that the drink is much more than just a liquid, it represents an entire lifestyle that allows you to overcome all kinds of challenges.


This strategy has apparently worked as the brand now exceeds 13 million followers.


These are some brands that have executed an assertive strategy on the platform by creating unique content on Instagram.


BluCactus - contact usWith these tips, we hope you gain all the tools to venture into one of the most preferred social platforms by users.


At BluCactus, we are prepared to satisfy all the needs of your online business.


We know that the digital world is in constant transformation and we have at your disposal innovative strategies that will undoubtedly boost your business.


We have at your disposal a unique method to meet your goals and boost your business. Contact us now.


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Stories are here to stay! LinkedIn stories and everything you need to know about LinkedIn’s new venture. - Banner

Stories are here to stay! LinkedIn stories and everything you need to know about LinkedIn’s new venture.

LinkedIn Stories: What are they and how can brands use them? In recent years, the way we use certain social media has changed a lot. All thanks to the new updates and features these platforms have implemented. Now, the well-known “stories” are the new trend in the main social networks (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube) and LinkedIn isn’t far behind. So, the stories as we know them today have become the fashionable format. In addition, they are so popular that new tools have come up to incorporate them into company web pages. Nowadays, they are already present in most of the important social platforms on the market.


BluCactus - how brand uses themRegarding the use of Stories on LinkedIn, this platform is currently testing this feature. They plan to continue their development in the coming months.


The way this new Stories feature will look and work has not been confirmed as of yet. Likewise, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management, Pete Davies, said that this new format will serve to inspire more conversations on this network. In this regard, Davies said: “Last year we began to wonder what Stories would be like in a professional context”.


In addition, he explained why having a “light” and “fun” way to share an update has as much space on LinkedIn as on any other platform. On this aspect, Davies stated: “Sometimes we want to have a way to connect, laugh with our colleagues, and move on.”


Based on Davies’ post, it looks like it will display LinkedIn Stories in full-screen mode, similar to Instagram Stories. This feature will also include a messaging function. Likewise, this will allow the user to have quick and informal conversations within the platform.


 Not LinkedIn’s first innovation


BluCactus - innovationThis isn’t the first time that LinkedIn has tried to test this way of sharing stories, as in 2018 it tested a version of stories called “Voices of the students”.


This first attempt at LinkedIn Stories was solely for college students in the United States.


However, this version previewed what the new version would look like on the LinkedIn mobile app.


LinkedIn Stories. In this sense, LinkedIn’s support for stories shows the extent to which social media has evolved since Facebook first switched from a series of connected profiles to a centralized news service in 2006.


Stories are essential on digital platforms


BluCactus - digital plataformsStories are the new norm and users prefer to “share (content) in the moment” rather than committing to a permanent post on their feed. In fact, in recent years we have seen how people post less on their Instagram feeds. Also, a recent study with Fohr found that influencers are now posting 30% less to their feeds than in 2016.


So what does this mean for brands?


This means that this new feature will allow you to share information with your audience in a new way. Likewise, this can be useful to professionally motivate them.


However, while it can be exhausting to learn yet another way of interaction, there are many ways to take advantage of this new opportunity. Thus, this will allow you to achieve your business goals.


How to incorporate stories into your marketing strategy


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneLike Instagram, LinkedIn gives you a great opportunity to establish a stronger and more enjoyable dialogue with your audience through your stories.


However, before you execute your new content strategy with LinkedIn Stories, you must define who your target audience is. Likewise, you have to know why you want to grab their attention.


Furthermore, to define your content strategy, you must keep in mind some aspects.


These are understanding your audience, what are they interested in, and what you want to achieve. Once you do this, you will be on the way to success


There are four ways to use LinkedIn Stories in your marketing strategy. These are:


  • Encourage opinion leaders to give professional advice


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneLinkedIn is a great platform to share a leadership mindset. Furthermore, this new format is a good way to present your knowledge in a dynamic and attractive way.


In this regard, sharing helpful tips will always be a sure way to grab your audience’s attention.


These recommendations can be for HR or creative design teams.


Also, remember to keep your content appropriate to the fast and easy-to-digest nature of stories.


  • Share event updates in real-time, LinkedIn Stories  


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneStories usually have a short lifespan, and on LinkedIn, it won’t be different. This makes them the perfect tool to share content about live events.


These can be from large companies’ announcements to awards ceremonies. Likewise, sharing live events clips can be a great way to showcase what’s going on in your company.


This can also be a great tool for creating extra publicity around an event.


You could also ask the keynote speakers or event coordinators to share short audio clips on what to expect at the event.


  • Host a corporate question and answer session


BluCactus - happy menLike Instagram Stories, LinkedIn Stories are incredible for showing the more human side of your brand on social media.


Likewise, organizing a “Q&A” on Stories is a great way to share the history of your company and connect with the audience.


To define these questions, you can invite your audience to send them to you in advance.


This could be through direct messages or a traditional LinkedIn feed post.



  • Share announcements and news about your brand, LinkedIn Stories 


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneIf you’re one of the first brands to use LinkedIn Stories, chances are you’ll get a great deal of extra time with your audience on LinkedIn.


So it might be a great idea to share all the important updates to your brand, even if you have a post on your feed about them.


Whether you’re sharing job opportunities or a product launch, you can take advantage of this new channel to reach a wider audience.


Plus, if you’re one of the first to adapt to LinkedIn Stories, you may be putting yourself ahead of your competition.



  • Report on topics related to your industry


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneIn addition to using LinkedIn to update digital resumes and search for jobs, many people browse their LinkedIn feed for information related to their industry.


If other brands have already shared topics about the industry on Instagram and Facebook, what’s stopping you from doing it on LinkedIn?


Likewise, you can share valuable content about your own industry on LinkedIn.


This can be useful for users who visit the site to learn about their own field.



  • Adapt blog content to a story format, LinkedIn Stories 


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person in a storieConsider taking advantage of the content you already have to create a guide for a story. These can be blogs or articles that you have posted before.


For example, if you’ve written a step-by-step guide style post or list, you might consider making a page of your story with each step or list item. In this way, people interested in knowing your blog can consume your content from their mobile devices.


Additionally, this tactic allows your social media followers to see that your brand is providing credible information to professionals in your industry.


On the other hand, adapting content to the story format is a tactic commonly used by Harvard Business Review, which regularly publishes stories on Instagram and Facebook based on its web articles.


  • Share content with opinion leaders in your community


BluCactus - profileOn LinkedIn, people love to follow thought leaders. If you’ve already been on the platform for a long time, chances are you’re following at least one in your industry.


Because of this, you could invite a prominent leader in your industry to talk about an interesting topic. This will allow you to attract viewers to your stories.


Thus, you will be able to give your brand exposure and cross-promote with your chosen leader. As the saying goes, you can “Kill two birds with one stone”


To mention an example of this, HubSpot once posted an Instagram Q&A story with one of its social media editors. In it, he was able to provide valuable information about marketing. Likewise, the audience sent exciting marketing questions for him to answer. Thus, they were able to learn and engage with him at the same time.


  • Share customer testimonial videos, LinkedIn Stories  


BluCactus - customer testimonialThe use of mobile devices has been increasing in the last few years. These days, almost everyone has one in their pocket or backpack. Thus, the search of products has also increased with them.


Likewise, these devices are very popular with the younger age groups. However, younger generations, like older age groups, tend to trust recommendations more than any other type of content marketing.


So, as millennials make business decisions more often and Gen Z joins the workforce, chances are that they will look for a product with great reviews.


Likewise, these reviews must prove to them that the product can make their professional lives easier. This is why companies try to impress them with testimonials of their products. Thus, this can be an excellent strategy for networks like LinkedIn or Instagram.


  • Create interactive content related to your content or industry.


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneWe still don’t know if LinkedIn will have interactive features like Quiz and Poll Stickers used in Facebook and Instagram Stories.


If it does integrate them, this could be a great and new way for viewers to interact with the industry or the new trends.


On the other hand, the polls could also help to know more about the audience that uses the story function frequently.




Conclusion of LinkedIn Stories 


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneAfter all, this, what’s important is that LinkedIn Stories will be a powerful marketing tool and that this trend is here to stay.


However, if LinkedIn decides to not move forward with the launch of this tool, this test proved that companies are willing to use it to create new marketing strategies. Likewise, they are interested in its use on platforms that their audiences visit frequently.


On the other hand, it looks like LinkedIn Stories will share some characteristics with Instagram and Facebook Stories. If you’ve already taken advantage of these platforms to market your brand, LinkedIn Stories might be easier for your business.


BluCactus - LinkedIn Stories - person working in the cellphoneIn this sense, when LinkedIn Stories is started, it could be useful to publish certain stories on all three platforms while publishing specific stories for each network. In this way, you can find types of content that will engage all audiences of the stories.


On the other hand, you can also learn how to engage your LinkedIn audience. This could be useful when trying to create a story strategy that allows you to launch successful content on all platforms.


If you have any questions about the creation of social media stories, you can contact us. We will gladly assist you.


Would you use LinkedIn Stories to market your brand? Let us know in the comments what you thought about this article!


We are BluCactus, a digital marketing agency whose purpose is to give you the perfect marketing solutions. Don’t forget to ask about our services for social media! We are here for you!


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KPIs in Social Media: What are they and why is it so important to choose the right ones for you business - Banner

KPIs in Social Media: What are they and why is it so important to choose the right ones for you business.

Digitization is undoubtedly here to stay. The world adopted information technology in its daily development and Telecommuting became the best ally for the confinement by COVID-19. Learn the importance of KPIs in Social Media.


BluCactus -social networkd

Besides, given the exponential growth of social media, we consider them a great ally to increase sales and grow your business. 


Therefore, big brands know that their constant interaction with the audience on these platforms is essential for success.


Most organizations want to have a presence on the most visited social media.


Certain meters are used to know if your strategy on these platforms is paying off by measuring your business success.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphone

So if you don’t do this measurement, it will be more difficult to succeed, since you can’t track your business’s online results.


To measure your performance, there are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


These provide you with the necessary tools to find out if your strategy is working.


Thus, in this article BluCactus will explain some of these indicators that are used on these platforms.


What are KPIs on social media?


BluCactus -KPIs in Social MediaA Key Performance Indicator is a variable that allows you to measure the results of your communication campaigns.


Therefore, this valuable data will let you know if you need to change any strategy, rethink objectives, or even modify approaches.


In the case of social media, the objectives are part of the strategy. For this reason, it’s important that before setting short, medium, and long-term goals, you define why you want to use social media for your business.



BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphoneDo you want to get more clients? or collaborate with other brands?


Once you answer these questions, you will know what is the best strategy for your chosen social media to promote your company.


So, the KPIs on social media will simply be that notice that will make it easier for you to process a lot of information generated on social media.


Besides, with these indicators, you will know if you are taking your business on the right path.


How KPIs work on social media


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - social mediaKPIs work through the objectives that we establish in these virtual platforms.


We will only use the indicators that are necessary as KPIs to measure the performance on our platforms.


Today, companies need to adapt to technological changes without leaving aside the essence of their brands.


This fact is challenging, as the digital world is constantly changing.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - attainableFor this reason, you can also change KPIs in social media depending on the aim you want to develop in a certain strategy.


Therefore, each organization will have different KPIs depending on what they are looking for.


For example, if you want to know how many people are reading your site, it’s good to use some kind of KPI to measure the number of views.




BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - smartWhy is it good to establish KPIs on social media based on SMART criteria?


As already mentioned, if your goal is to increase sales, use indicators that visualize how many people view your product online.


Besides, you must base the choice of these KPI keys on the SMART criteria to optimize the result.


This will help you link your indicators with your sales strategy, making them more effective in obtaining results.


BluCactus -ipad with important informationKPIs on social media: what are the SMART criteria?


Choosing the goals based on the SMART criteria will avoid wasting resources.


Besides, you can set realistic goals that will help you achieve your goals.


The SMART criterion implies that your strategies are specific, achievable, measurable, relevant, and temporary.


  • BluCactus -targetSpecific: What is the aim you want to achieve? With social media, you must define what you want to use them for. Then, you can define the rest of the objectives and the strategies to achieve them.
  • Attainable: Can the goal be reached? At this point, it’s key to highlight the environments of the companies, since they influence important decisions.
  1. Microenvironment: it comprises the departments of your company and everything related to it.
  2. Macroenvironment: these are uncontrollable factors external to your organization, but that influence your environment and strategic decisions. Some examples are politics, economics, and technology.


BluCactus -timely


So before measuring your goal reach, consider these factors that will influence your goal.


For example, if your goal is to buy a cookie machine, but you don’t have enough money.


Your goal is unattainable in the short term and you will need to adapt to your financial situation.

BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphone





  • Measurable: What results do you need to measure? With KPIs on social media, it’s a good opportunity to question whether the meter of your objectives is correct.
  • Relevant: what could this aim bring to your company? Why can it be relevant? It’s key that we draw the objectives according to the benefits they could produce.
  • Temporary: How long will it take to reach the goal? For when is it needed? Define whether the target compliance period is consistent with what the company needs or not.

The main KPIs in social media


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphoneThese digital platforms have their own algorithms.


Many times, without realizing it, they also provide us with useful tools that we can take advantage of to exploit our brand.


Also, although there are many KPIs, there are some essential and specific ones that are used in these communities.


Below, we present the main KPIs on social media:


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphoneEngagement: shows the interaction that your audience has with your brand and the loyalty they have towards your products.


For this reason, in social media, it’s not advisable to invest money buying false followers, since most likely, you won’t have real growth in your account.


The point is to have loyal customers and to have a real interaction with your followers. Besides, for this, some meters let you know how committed users are to your business. Some of them are:


BluCactus - sales throught socialComments: they generate interaction with your brand. The different users through this space want to express their opinion on its content. So read them as the comments can also tell you if things are going well. Be on the lookout if your product dissatisfies any customer and lets you know.


  • Likes: the amount of them matters if it comes from real users. A “like” is just that, the user liked what you have published. Upon receiving them, people show their support for your brand.
  • Shared: if people share your content, it means that they take something you have published as a reference, which shows loyalty to your brand and increases its positioning.


The number of sales: this number will also be an important indicator only if this is your main objective.


Other useful KPIs on social media 


BluCactus - visualizationVisualization


Visibility gives businesses some positioning.


The more they see you, the more they know you.


So if your goal is to attract potential customers and publicize what you offer, pay attention to this point.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphone

The KPIs you need for everything related to visualization are the following:



  1. Printing: Printing as a KPI meter in posts refers to the number of times the brand content is viewed.
  2. Reach: represents the amount or the exact number of people who viewed the content of your brand, whether it’s an advertisement, publication, and video, among others.


It should be noted that in most cases print and scope work together because they are powerful KPIs if used properly.




BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - engagementFor example, if someone observes the same product more than once, the impressions increase.


While the scope does not because it would be the same user.


Also, to maximize the potential of this indicator, relate your impressions and reach to what you publish.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphoneThe number of followers:


the number of people who follow your account will be a key indicator to know if you are achieving your goals on social media.


However, the number of followers will always be in constant variation.


Therefore, you must consider that real followers with true interactions are the ones that will bring long-term benefits to your brand. Loyal customers support you by liking or following your brand account.



Attracting new users


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - person working with his cellphoneThe acquisition of potential customers is always essential if we want to increase sales and expand in the market.


Social media is an excellent window that will allow you to expand your range of clients.


For this, there are some KPIs that can measure those potential clients.


Besides, with these indicators, you can define new marketing strategies.


BluCactus -private mesages1.- Private messages:


Have you thought about the importance of replying to all messages found in the mailbox? A potential buyer may ask about the availability or price of a product, if you don’t respond in time this customer may lose interest.


Also, your competition could respond to that message faster and you would have missed a good opportunity.


These conversations can generate loyal customers. Speed ​​of response, precision, and friendliness are the keys at this point.


BluCactus - computer with important information2.- Visits on the web generated from social media:


showing the link of your websites and generating that facility to link with them is a good strategy to attract new customers.


If someone looks at your brand’s profile on Instagram and liked a product, chances are they will head to the website for more information and to see how they can get it.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - kpis for your businessWhy KPIs on social media is important to your business


If you don’t apply KPIs in your business, chances are you don’t know if you got the results you expected from your strategies.


Therefore, it’s vital to have these indicators, since the dynamics of the media constantly change.


Also, being aware of all the signals that our audience sends us is crucial. Here are some benefits KPIs bring on social media to your business:

BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - measurable


They influence the objectives:


Without a doubt, a negative result of any indicator will be influential in rethinking the objectives of your brand.


Besides, a good meter allows you to find the strengths and weaknesses of a strategy in real-time.


This is elemental, as changes in marketing are volatile given globalization.


BluCactus -optimized results

Therefore, having this knowledge will contribute to the growth of your business.


Know your progress:


If you are not clear and don’t use an important tool like this, chances are you are wandering around the media.


Therefore, you are at great risk because you don’t know if your efforts and resources are meeting your objectives.



BluCactus - relevantOptimize results


Whatever their indicators, it’s important to consider that measurement can affect your brand if you establish what you want to achieve with KPIs on social media and how to use them in your strategy.


Monitor actions


This advantage stands out as it allows you to communicate the performance of the actions to the other members of your team.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - influence the scopeConclusion


Finally, thanks to these tips, you can now better define your KPIs on social media based on the objectives of your business to grow.


They are very useful in the world of marketing.


Consumers are more demanding today, and the best way to satisfy them is to listen and offer more than just a product. For this reason, KPIs are very necessary.


BluCactus -KPIs in Social Media - contact usThese indicators are to help you improve the conditions and business strategies to be successful with the proposed goals.


At BluCactus we offer you the best options that you can apply in your business to succeed in the market by expanding your brand and keeping loyal and happy customers.


Now it’s your turn to contact us to advise you on this and other important digital marketing issues.


To conclude, if you have any doubts or questions about KPIs on social media, we invite you to express them in the comments section. You can also subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive our articles and news with the latest in digital marketing.


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The why’s and how’s of LinkedIn Business strategies: Find the best one and guarantee the success of your company - Banner

The why’s and how’s of LinkedIn Business strategies: Find the best one and guarantee the success of your company

This platform is a social network founded in 2002. Its content is based on the creation of industry, professional, and business topics. Which pes strategies are useful when creating a company on LinkedIn? Today’s article will give you an answer to the LinkedIn Business strategies. 


The average LinkedIn user creates a profile to introduce themselves and find a job. A company, on the other hand, uses its profile to make itself known, establish connections, and increase visits to its website. The first thing that a company does to generate business is to show its image. This is the main goal of any organization. They focus on capturing the attention of the public and on having a better market share.


If you focus on the B2B field to promote a company, this isn’t so different from that. There are many digital channels with great potential to capture leads, create a community, and make your products and services known.


The why’s and how’s of LinkedIn Business strategies


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies -as a toolSpecifically, business strategies on LinkedIn have become the focus of every business that claims to have a digital presence. Furthermore, companies need to understand the importance of being where the target audience is.


The strategies to generate or do more business can be very diverse. We recommend improving the image of the company with valuable content, promotional actions, and a good marketing plan. Therefore, LinkedIn is positioned as a social network that no company should ignore.


Do you want an excellent strategy for your company? You have come to the right place. Contact us and we will define the best strategy for your brand.


Strategies for companies on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn Business strategies,  Does this platform serve as a tool?


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keysYes, it does. We can use LinkedIn as a marketing tool even if its popularity comes from being the job network with most employees. Many companies and professionals have become relevant and the standard in their sector through the use of this platform. Thus, it’s not a coincidence that this platform has over 400 million active users. It also has self-employed workers who serve as company ambassadors.


This network represents a new professional meeting space. Besides, it has generated a new way of creating strategies aimed at the B2B connection. Besides this, LinkedIn allows us to develop more innovative strategies for commercial purposes.


All this while taking into account concepts such as brand performance or the creation of interesting or useful content for users.


For its part, brandformance is a recently popular term. It comprises the fusion of performance and branding, and its aim is to generate brand recognition.


LinkedIn isn’t just a space to improve your brand image; it can be used for market research and analysis. This study can be carried out through active social listening, the generation of debates, and the monitoring of profiles in a specific field. Thus, it can be useful to follow trends, learn opinions, and create professional databases. You can achieve this with the network and the company’s level of exposure on LinkedIn.


As you can see, this social network is very relevant for advertising campaigns and for content generation.


That said, strategies for companies on LinkedIn shouldn’t be missing in any marketing campaign or plan aimed at meeting your business objectives.


Ideas for creating business strategies on LinkedIn


  • Position the company brand, LinkedIn Business strategies  


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - positions of the brandThis can be done if you want to give exposure to a personal or professional brand. You can also do this if you want to promote the services that your company offers. LinkedIn is a very useful application that offers great exposure to your brand.


On this platform, you will find everything you could want. Things such as sector and contact information, or specialists can be found here.


With both a company page and a professional profile, you will be able to gain a fantastic position on Google.


When it comes to the creation of a content marketing BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - engagementstrategy, LinkedIn has you covered. With it, you can do many things, such as sharing interesting content updates or news about your company or sector. However, as in any content strategy, you must be selective and publish what your audience demands.


Likewise, we recommend that you keep your page updated and also describe the services you offer. Remember that as your brand develops, your profile should as well.


Similarly, you can be present in forums and groups related to your industry and take part by providing relevant information. As you may have noticed, there are many business strategies on LinkedIn.


  • Create content


BluCactus - woman workingLinkedIn also offers the ability to post your own articles within a blogging tool called Pulse. To tell the truth, few people use Pulse.


Because of this, you can post your content here and take advantage of the positioning that LinkedIn offers you. Besides, this can be very beneficial for your marketing strategy.


If you own a personal blog, use it as a focus to create additional content, improve your conversions, and drive traffic to your website.


On the other hand, if you don’t have a blog, but your BluCactus - people workingconsumers are on LinkedIn, post on Pulse, and share updates from other posts.


This could be effective in your strategy.


As a reminder, we point out that even if you generate content on LinkedIn; it doesn’t mean that this content is visible to other social networks. Give your content a good exposure so it generates engagement.


You must analyze the LinkedIn metrics on your content. This way, you can design a publishing strategy based on the content that works best for you and your target audience.


  • Content creation strategy, LinkedIn Business strategies  


BluCactus - people workingThe people who are active on LinkedIn are the most interested in consuming quality content. Therefore, you should share your personal or corporate blog articles on this platform. This will give exposure to the contents of your site.


Some recommendations are:


  • Try including videos, images, and infographics in your content. People like this type of content better than the ones that do not have them.
  • Use custom links to properly monitor your content.
  • Provide context to your posts. A small headline or review will suffice. This will let your users know what the content you share is about.


  • Ad promotion of your page


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - promotionAs well as in other social networks, LinkedIn also offers you the possibility of using paid campaigns with different objectives:


  • Generate traffic to your site
  • Capture leads
  • Increase your sales
  • Improve the positioning of your brand


There are many ways to run a LinkedIn campaign. Some of them are:


  • Promoted publications for brand pages.
  • Ads: Optimized based on text, images, or videos.


Also, this platform provides some excellent segmentation tools. Because of this, you will be able to viralize your content among your target audience to optimize your strategy.


  • Create engagement and take advantage of your LinkedIn, LinkedIn Business strategies 


BluCactus - people working for the companyThis website offers us a lot of information about the events that occur around us. However, we must highlight the following actions.


  • Analyze the users who visit your profile. If you do this, you will be able to establish interesting and profitable relationships. You will be able to expand these relationships in the future.
  • Pay close attention to the impact of your actions if you’re part of a business.
  • Analyze each of the LinkedIn feedbacks and, based on this information, reorganize your content strategy.


With a well thought out strategy and perseverance, you can see how interactions with like-minded users will be constantly increasing.


Keys to an excellent strategy


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keys od strategyTo take full advantage of all the benefits LinkedIn provides. You should update your profile, generate contacts, and start a marketing strategy on this platform.


Next, we will highlight the following:


  • Incorporate your employees into your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have them, don’t worry! You can add those related to your company through links on their professional profiles.


Likewise, it’s convenient to show your profile images to reinforce the concept of the human capital of your brand.


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keys of strategyLinkedIn Business strategies, What does this mean?


Once the details are taken care of, you will be able to convey the credibility of your company through its profile. Besides, you will also be creating a network of contacts.


  • The philosophy and values ​​of the company must be highlighted frequently through its publications and reflected in the extract from its company page.
  • Describe and highlight your products or services in the information section of your company. There, you will be able to add a description, photos, and even videos to advertise your list of products.
  • BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keysAnalyze if your competition is present on LinkedIn. How you publish, what options you have activated, and who makes up your network are key aspects you must always remember.
  • Correctly select keywords that can help you appear in search results within LinkedIn.


You can also find out what your target audience is and which profiles will allow you to expand the scope of your publications. To do this you must use a good selection of keywords and the advanced search option.


  • As in any other social network, you must generate or share quality content and be careful with that.


Always relate to your professional sector to obtain shared documents and increase your presence. This way, you could become a link node within the professional activity of your brand.


Other tips to develop a winning strategy


  • BluCactus - people workingBe active and don’t just talk about your company


For this, you can generate professional content and participate in debates. You could also join forums with topics related to your professional sector or that may interest you. This way, you will show where your business stands on certain issues.


  • You can build the reputation of your company by answering questions and queries left by your users. They can do it through the links you share or the updates you publish.


This way, users will see that behind your brand, people are willing to help them.


  • BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - as a toolPost important events or updates with LinkedIn Plus. To do this, you must be an administrator of the company page.
  • Post job offers or career opportunities to gain followers and become a page of interest.


Don’t forget that to develop business strategies on LinkedIn you need to be constantly active.


  • If your brand is present on other social networks, you can add the LinkedIn link on them.


We do not recommend republishing your content on other networks. This is because what works on Facebook doesn’t have to be done on LinkedIn. In this case, they are very different and they have different objectives.


  • Measure and monitor the results of your strategy on LinkedIn through the statistics tab as much as you can.

BluCactus - woman working

Platform advantages of LinkedIn Business strategies 



At this point, our goal is to guide those companies that are wondering if it’s worth having a presence on LinkedIn.


First of all, we clarify that the growth and importance of LinkedIn are undeniable. In less than a decade, this social network went from 25 million users to its current 500 million.


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies -benefitsIt’s estimated that 93% of large American corporations recognize LinkedIn as their favorite social network to position themselves on the Internet.


Here we will indicate some of the benefits that this community can provide to companies:


  • According to a study by HubSpot; this platform is 200% more effective at generating leads for the company’s database than Facebook or Twitter.
  • It allows you to position your brand in a remarkable business environment.
  • 53% of business-to-business (B2B) companies have BluCactus - people working on his cellphonereached one or more customers through LinkedIn. While the percentage for business-to-customer (B2C) companies is at 22%.
  • 8 out of 10 LinkedIn users are 35 years or older. This places them in an interesting age range from a commercial point of view.
  • Qualified direct connections with contacts and suppliers in your sector.
  • 55% of job seekers do so through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. This can help you to reduce costs in the company’s personnel selection process.
  • It’s important to highlight that 83% of B2B marketers are regular users of LinkedIn, a percentage that stands at 51% when it comes to B2C companies.
  • Possibility of recruiting professionals and finding new talents.
  • Promotion of the brand’s products in a professional environment.
  • LinkedIn can also be successful at gaining a presence in the media. This is shown by the 65% of journalists that have used it as a source of information.

LinkedIn Business strategies. Conclusion


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - contact usIn summary, a marketing strategy can be built through different content on LinkedIn. As a result, this can be very productive. Consistency is your main friend to achieve success on this platform.


For this, we recommend defining your objectives and buyer persona, as well as some suitable KPIs.


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