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Content marketing: the best examples from the fashion industry

Content marketing: the best examples from the fashion industry. Content marketing is the fundamental foundation for any brand today in the digital world and the fashion industry. Regardless of where your fashion business is in development, we can’t deny that to achieve success and attract an audience to later create a solid community, you must have good content and materials to share.


Therefore, we will explain how the best and most important fashion brands today are becoming pioneers in terms of content marketing. We will show you how they manage to captivate their customers anywhere in the world with the help of social media, platforms of communication, and other elements just as important to get a brand forward by offering valuable material.


With no more time to waste, let’s start with the first example!




BluCactus - fashion industryThe Italian brand Gucci, with its creative director Alessandro Michele, knows very well how to run campaigns that impact everyone. One of how it has managed to attract everyone’s attention is its content. Besides, the way they communicate with their clients to offer new materials or experiences has been unique.


For them, it’s no longer enough to offer 24-hour assistance to online shoppers, offer them materials and buying guides or new campaigns that easily promote their products. As a company, they seek to create an experience where the customer is part of the decisions that the brand has to make.


Their last Christmas campaign, where they collaborated with plastic artist Montreal, created a virtual space where people could buy pieces from the artist as if they were in a museum. It also offered them an experience where customers walked through a fantasy world where the models were half human and half animal or the clothes had GIFs. This campaign was promoted on all its platforms as a luxury online shopping experience. Users on social media were impressed with the creative work and how they carried out their campaign.


ASOS, the fashion industry 


BluCactus - fashion industryThis is an American brand that knows very well how to use content generated by its own clients. In fact, it allows its clients to become models and share photos wearing their clothes. Branded content focuses on creating a sense of customer awareness and loyalty to the brand at all times.


It’s very common for ASOS to buy photographs from their clients using their products. Especially if they are micro-influencers. A micro-influencer is someone on social media with a small, solid, and loyal community. Many brands feel comfortable collaborating with them because it guarantees that their interactions are real, organic and will bring great benefits to their companies.


Videos everywhere


It doesn’t matter which social media platform you use, videos are sweeping everywhere. With the arrival of Instagram and the popularization of TikTok, we can say that video content is a favorite. In fact, today, it represents 80% of traffic for many companies.


In the fashion and beauty industry, more brands are making their videos with the use of products or pieces. This way, they can create more dynamic marketing campaigns. A fact about videos and how they can help your brand grow is how 64% of online buyers are more likely to buy after seeing a short video about the product or service to purchase.


Fashion brands have become more aware of this data and information day by day. That’s why they’re increasingly making more and more video content. One brand that knows how to captivate its followers very well with videos is the beauty brand L’Oréal. They often share many videos about makeup or personal care looks with their clients.


Not far behind is the well-known clothing brand Fashion Nova, which continues to be viral on social media. This company uses two types of important marketing strategies: the use of influencers and videos. Some of their videos on their different channels are with important influencers or celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Then, they share all their videos on their social media.


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