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Offer only the best of the best content with the perfect content plan for social media

How to plan your social media content in the United Arab Emirates. Even if social media seems to be the perfect place for spontaneity and fun, you should always plan your content. After all, it must follow a common thread, or it will look too random. Every brand should carefully plan everything they will post on their social media. That is the only way you can track your progress and fine-tune your plan over time.


Those who are dedicated to creating content on social media must have a calendar. This will assist you in visualizing and organizing your thoughts and ideas that make the strategy easier to implement. And it will also be your guide to make sure that you’re not posting the same content twice and ensure that you are catching the attention of your audience. This is the place where you will learn the specific steps you can take to create a content strategy that will last in time and help your brand and business grow.


Why is it important to plan content?


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataPlanning your content is crucial for marketing strategies. These won’t only help you ensure your business’ success, you will even start to notice that since you’ve begun to be more consistent with your social media posts, your clients are now starting to visit your page more often.


So think about that before publishing just for the sake of it, that is why it is important to have a plan that supports your brand’s branding. A good business is aligned with what it says, with what it shows, and who its customers are. If you only share the first material that comes to your mind, you may not match the values of your brand.


Good content planning is a significant strategic marketing approach because it allows you to build a connection with your followers. In platforms like this, what’s important is to create social links. Because of this, you must figure out and organize the best content for them. For this, you can look for relevant content in materials such as images, videos, or copies to encourage your followers to interact.


Another advantage of planning your content is that you will avoid posting repetitive and uninteresting posts. After all, with a calendar, you can easily see your past topics and notice what has worked. As a result, you can create new content that aligns with the preferences and likes of your target audience.


Advantages of an editorial calendar


We already talked about the importance of planning your content and how to use a calendar for it. These types of calendars are known as editorial calendars and are used by community managers and content creators to organize publication materials.


These can be done in a thousand ways and with different tools. Some only use lists to organize themselves, others create documents on platforms such as Excel or even PowerPoint. Here we will take our time and tell you what are the advantages of having an editorial calendar and everything you can get by using it.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important data

You will get to know your audience.


You should take some time to analyze what those who follow you really want to see.


This can even be a great opportunity to attract new customers or users who are looking for interesting content that you can offer them.


Once you fill your editorial calendar, you’ll be able to see which of these tasks truly catches their attention. After all, statistics and interactions on social media rarely lie. Because of this, this is the perfect place to find out what really motivates your target audience. Once you’ve discovered out the best content, you must focus on that and exploit it.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataYou will discover what your competition is doing.


This is a very important step, although it is not part of the content writing. However, it is just as essential to take a few minutes to review what your competition is doing and take it for inspiration. From there, you can get better ideas and compare them with what you planned to do.


This is not a factor to use as an imitation, you just have to discover what they are and aren’t doing well and everything in between, this way you can create your own social winning strategy. Make sure to check which ones have the best interaction. Then, figure out how to adapt and improve them.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataYou will always be active.


Pressure can make diamonds and if used right can create massive success in your online business, but as long as it is done in the right way. With this, we mean that your marketing strategy must work to generate trust on the part of your users, and for this, you must be constant and active.


An account with sporadic posts and sloppy and inconsistent content defines an unreliable business. This is why you need to create an editorial calendar. This way, you can easily plan and create all your content in advance. By doing this, you won’t have an excuse to not stay active for your followers.


Take your time to evaluate and measure accurately.


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataThe information that your social platform provides is very important for all your marketing strategies. This is where you can find out what your clients are most interested in and what they don’t like.


Understanding their buying behaviors and the motivations they have to acquire any of your products or services is a win-win situation.


Planning the contents of your social media and collecting the most relevant information will help you thoroughly understand much better what is happening with your brand.


Do not ignore the statistics that your followers will provide you in each of the contents that you’re offering. Take advantage and get the best out of your content!


Tools for creating an editorial calendar


BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataThere are many ideal tools to carry out an editorial calendar. Here are some of the most used by social media experts:


  • Editorial Calendar: This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to organize the contents by dragging each of the posts to the day when you want them to be published.
  • Edit Flow: This is just another blogging plugin. With this tool, you will be able to organize your content and also have a broader awareness of the data and work related to content marketing.
  • Future Post Calendar: This is a simple calendar that you can add to your blog to know the posts you’re going to publish every month.
  • Google Calendar: This type of calendar is more like an ideal agenda for those who wish to have their weekly activities and reminders close by. With this tool, you can plan each content separately and even organize your personal activities.
  • Excel tables: This is definitely one of the most popular tools when it comes to working with content calendars. Here you can have your content specifically planned out and easily editable if necessary.
  • Trello: One of the best known and most widely used in the world, Trello is ideal for creating team content planning. They all handle the same information and will be aware of everything.

How to plan step by step your content for social media 


BluCactus - important data

Now you’re at the most important stage. Content planning doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming, and tedious. Rather, it is one of the simplest parts of the entire marketing strategy process. The important thing is that you know certain aspects to achieve successful planning. Just below, we’ll show you some critical steps you must follow to plan your content on social media.


Decide where you want to be


One of the first steps you must consider before creating a content plan is to set clear objectives. A content strategy is not just another aspect of any brand. It’s the base where you will achieve an endless number of goals. However, if you don’t set these goals correctly from the beginning, you won’t be able to measure them or create a plan to reach them.


BluCactus - important dataFrequency of updates and constant attention


This is important since, both the frequency and the way of publishing, are completely customized to the goals you have as a business.


Some believe that it is more feasible for an audience to be present with many daily posts on their platforms.


Because of this customers will always expect you to deliver when you say you will.


So, the most ideal is to have between three and four publications a week. The key here is that you know how to work with your objectives so that you can later define what the post frequency will be and its entire process.


BluCactus - important dataIdentify the main themes, content plan for social media


The content that you’re going to create has to be completely linked to the theme of your brand.


If your business is an electronic store, it’s kind of obvious that your materials cannot be about makeup or children’s toys.


Depending on your industry, the topics for your content will be different. Because of this, you can go ahead and play with them.


BluCactus - important dataPlan everything on a spreadsheet


This is our most important tip if you’re a content creator or community manager apprentice, work with a spreadsheet.


Which tool you used to do so doesn’t really matter, you can do it from Excel or even Google.


Spreadsheets are a great help to create weekly or even monthly plans, it helps break down every communication detail within the contents.


And it also facilitates the review of your team or of those who want to know these contents.


BluCactus - important dataBoost your community of followers, content plan for social media


Social media seeks to create communities and this can only be done through attractive content that draws the attention of a group, or several, with similar characteristics, tastes, and needs.


Once you have a stronger community, you can then use any amount of fun and dynamic content.


This way, you will avoid making your account look monotonous.


However, your followers must take part in your decisions and actions. This is because they’re the ones who decide to either stay with you or move on.


BluCactus - important dataUse programming tools


This is a perfect tip for those who have a larger company or want to automate each of their business processes.


By using programs that are specifically made to organize your content and publish it immediately, you will save a lot of planning time.


Some of the best tools to do so are Plainly and Later.




BluCactus - content plan for social media - important dataFollow the latest trends, content plan for social media


Take advantage of popular topics on social media platforms and create content about them.


This could bring new followers to your account and help you stay ahead with the most entertaining and up-to-date topics.





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