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15 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate optimization

15 ways to improve your website’s conversion rate optimization. In the world of the internet, staying among the best can be quite a challenge. To make this easier, software development work, content, and SEO tools can help you improve your website. One example of this would be the conversion rate optimization process. However, this isn’t the easiest thing to do.


If you want your online site to be successful in terms of conversions, you will need to optimize it. It’s common that those who just started a business, don’t know the amount of work it takes to improve its conversion rate. That’s why today we’ll tell you all you need to know about conversion rate and how to improve it.


What is the conversion rate?


BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataTo start, you need to understand that the conversion rate is the percentage of people who interact with your website.


Usually, this means those people who buy from your digital store. However, this isn’t always the case. Some make the conversion by filling out forms, following newsletters, or downloading some material.


So, to measure your conversion rate, you need to divide the number of people who interact with your website and those who just visit it.


Some people use different formulas to get more information than this. However, this is the easiest way to know the percentage of your website.


Why do I need to improve the conversion rate?


BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataYour website’s conversion rate is one of its most important indicators. Next, we’ll show you some reasons why you must pay attention to it.


  • You will understand your customers better By measuring your conversion rate, you will find out who follows your website, is interested in your products, and what products can you offer them.
  • Increase in the number of clients Once you know who are your potential clients and your market, you’ll be able to reach a lot more people like them.
  • More satisfied customers You can also offer products and services adapted to your users and the market’s needs. Only in this way will you make your customers feel comfortable with your offers.
  • Improve your Search Engine Ranking Search engines are the places to really stand out from the competition. For example, search engines like Google consider the conversion rate to be vital for the positioning of a website. Because of this, depending on how good it is, you’ll be able to reach the tops positions. Otherwise, you will stay at the bottom of them.


Fundamentals for the conversion rate optimization process


BluCactus - important dataEvery website is completely different, and they have different problems.


This is why there is no such thing as a universal solution to optimize your site’s conversion.


From the structure, the appearance, to the way the shopping carts should be reached.


Because of this, we will tell you what are the five fundamentals that you should take into account.


This way you’ll be able to carry out an effective conversion rate optimization analysis.



BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataAnalysis of the status quo


First, you must study what’s happening on your website.


Once you do this, you can then define your business objectives to increase your conversions.


For this, you must find out your website’s most relevant elements according to your followers.


On the other hand, don’t forget to find out your brand’s motivation and expectations for this conversion rate optimization process.



BluCactus - conversion rate - important data

Conversion optimization planning and assumptions


Just as important as a deep analysis of your brand is having a hypothesis of it.


You need to find out your conversion process’s weakest points.


For example, how it affects your website and visitors and how they act.


Once you establish this, you can then move on to create a plan for the conversion rate optimization process.


BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataDesign and creation of alternatives


Don’t be afraid to create multiple plans to achieve this if the first one doesn’t go well.


Besides, your website’s design and structure are also important for the conversion rate optimization process.


So, don’t be afraid to create alternative pages with different layouts and content.




BluCactus - important dataDo a test run of the optimized components


Have you heard about A / B testing? If not, it is time to do some research.


This type of test consists of creating different web pages, content, or designs of the same website.


Thanks to this, you can find out which version grants you the best conversion rate.


For this, you can use tools such as Matomo or Google Analytics.


BluCactus - important dataCommissioning


Once you have all the steps of your planning on paper, it is time to get going.


Start adding the visual components of your website.


Then, control the performance of each variant.


For this, you must constantly check that they don’t have technical failures that could prevent your users from enjoying your site.


Don’t forget to collect their data to know how if your website’s new elements are working properly. 


Types of conversion rate optimization processes


There are many ways in which you can start your website’s conversion rate optimization process. Next, we’ll show you some places on your website where you should pay extra attention. This way, you can start to optimize them to get the best results.


BluCactus - important dataShopping cart optimization


The first place where you should focus is your e-commerce shopping cart. This has the name of “purchase conversion process”. When we talk about this type of process, we mean the payment process within your shopping cart.


There is a high bounce rate between users who select the products and those who complete the purchase.


This usually happens when the processes to pay are very complicated or long. This can also happen if you don’t offer a large number of payment options. Our recommendation is to expand your payment options, seek the help of software developers to shorten your purchase process steps and finally offer custom and live support for those users who need help when paying.


BluCactus - important dataUsability optimization


The usability of your website is one of the factors that most influence your website’s conversion rate, SEO positioning, and bounce rate.


As a result, you can’t just forget it when improving your website. Regardless of its content, you must ensure that its instruction and structure make sense to your users. This way they will find it easy to use and thus, enjoyable.


Elements such as page structures, visual hierarchy, and interactive elements are some aspects you must review. By doing this, you will be carrying out an effective conversion rate optimization process.


Content optimization


BluCactus - important dataIf the structure of a page is the king, the content is the queen. At least that’s what some marketing experts say when talking about the importance of a website’s content. On the other hand, depending on what content you offer, and how you do it, you’ll be able to attract new clients. Besides, it also affects your positioning within search engines. 


Using keywords is essential within online sites since they can move users or lead them to perform some of the actions that you want so much. But you shouldn’t just take care of your written content. Pay attention to visual content such as images, videos, animations, among others.


If you want to improve your website’s content, try to use more custom materials linked to your users’ behavior. You can also add tutorial videos to make it easier for your users to perform any action or use attractive design elements like headings.


Design and layout optimization


BluCactus - important dataThe appearance of your website is everything, that’s why many say that if your website doesn’t look good it won’t have many conversions. Your online site in your cover letter with your clients and, both the design and layout of the web, affects the actions they take.


These are factors that you can’t leave behind when carrying out your website’s conversion rate optimization process. As a result, each element within your page must be well-thought-out and done to attract your target customers. The actions and processes needed for this are called neuromarketing. This deals with the buying decision process in the human brain. If you want to optimize your site and know what are the steps to follow to have a better conversion rate, we recommend to:


  • Make tests and templates of different colors that fit with the brand’s values ​​but which can also yield different results.
  • Use multiple selectable designs for your site
  • do A/B tests for landing pages
  • Conduct a layout and UX experience study. 
  • Create special designs for each season of the year and use them to attract new users.

Mobile optimization


BluCactus - important dataA large part of web traffic comes from mobile devices. That means your customers are more likely to check your site from their cell phones than from a computer. Because of this, you must also ensure that your page responds to mobile devices quickly and easily. Mobile optimization is also part of the forms of optimization already explained previously but transferred to the functionality of a phone or tablet.


This is more common in dynamic or moving elements that operate easily with a large bandwidth space. These elements when moving to a mobile version likely tend to be affected. Factors such as images, page load, usability, and the web menu are crucial elements that you have to work on for the mobile optimization of your website. 


Some of the tips we give you to make all these improvements are:


  • Image compression including adaptation to smaller screens.
  • Don’t use all the multimedia elements that you see, try to use only the most essential ones.
  • Externalization of CSS and JavaScript codes in separate files.
  • Development of mobile applications that accurately map the web service to the respective mobile devices.
  • Use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMO) only when necessary for your website.

Steps to follow to optimize the conversion rate


Once you create your business’s website, you must start working on improving its conversion rate. Remember, this consists of all those actions that you may want your users to make within your website. For example, buying a product, registering, or subscribing to your website. If you want to optimize the conversion rate of your website, here are some steps to follow to get started:


  • BluCactus - important dataAnalyze your website’s performance


You can use endless tools like Google Analytics to begin to understand what is wrong with your website. In this case, you must be very careful and detailed. After all, whatever you do in this step will create the base of all the next ones. Thus, determining the success or failure of your website. 


A well-optimized website, with relevant and personalized content for your clients, will be crucial to achieving good optimization.


On the other hand, you must also review the structure, usability, and functionality of your page to know how they affect your bounce rate. It’s important not to leave any aspect out of the page review and analysis. Each element within your website will help you grow or stop you in the process.


  • Implement changes gradually


BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataOnce we know which are the factors that aren’t allowing you to grow your percentages, it’s time to make changes.


However, these need to be made gradually as they can affect the loyalty of those who follow you.


Don’t make changes in such a way that won’t allow your users to find what’s new on your website.


The first step to start optimizing is working on a usability test aimed at the target audience of your website.


Thanks to this type of test, you will be able to know what is the behavior of those who follow you and what are the ways to improve it later.



  • BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataFocus on your website’s design


Some may have trouble finding your products or the categories within your website.


If this happens to you, it means you have structure or layout problems.


As a result, you must focus on fixing them with the help of a web developer or an expert in web page layouts.




  • Study and understand your market


BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataIf your main problem is that very few people are visiting your page, likely, you don’t understand the type of market you are targeting.


This is a problem that you can easily solve.


First, you should go back a few steps to analyze and study what type of customer you want for your business.


After this, try to find out if your product or services work for this market, if they meet the needs of users or if you need to change markets.


Once you know this, make a consumer profile so that you don’t forget your target audience.


  • BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataCreate a mobile-friendly website


On the other hand, the problems of your website that affect its conversion rate may be the lack of a responsive design for mobile devices.


This type of “responsive” design is crucial to ensure that anyone can review your site from anywhere.


Think that as a business, you would like to be as close to your buyers as possible.


A mobile device, phone or tablet, allows you to always keep in touch with your customers and make them feel comfortable with your website.


  • Offer the best content possible


BluCactus - important dataNow, as you already know, your website’s content is a fundamental aspect of your conversion rate optimization process. No matter your business market, its content is vital, but you know this.


Words for many can be just a set of characters that end up creating a text.


However, in marketing and the digital world, content is the aspect that allows us to stand out, achieve a good positioning, high conversion rate, and low percentage of bounce rates among users.


Find out how your audience speaks and try to communicate with them as closely as possible


  • Ensure that your sale process runs smoothly


BluCactus - how to set up an instagram shop - important dataFinally, the problem could derive from the long list of steps in the purchase process. After all, it’s very annoying to have to carry out many steps to buy a product. Because of this, we recommend that if your site is having a low conversion rate, don’t forget to check this element as well.


There are many ways to improve this, either by shortening the steps to make a purchase or with the help of a live chat for buyers to guide them.


For example, you can work in an active 24-hour live chat, or you can create automated responses with some of the most common questions. The latter is a great option, but remember that many users prefer to talk with a real person. So, try to use it only for the most general questions. 


Here are 15 ways to improve your conversion rate


BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataWe already told you how to study and plan your conversion rate optimization process.


However, there are many factors you need to take into account to improve your conversion rate.


Even the smallest element can affect your goals and brand’s sales.


Because of this, here are 15 ways to improve your conversion rate quickly and easily:



  1. BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataReview each field within the contact/subscription/purchase forms.
  2. Don’t make your visitors fill long and tedious forms, they won’t do it. Only include those fields vital to perform the requested action. Collect that data and then submit multiple short forms instead of one long one.
  3. Simplify the purchase process. Make it unnecessary to have been registered in your digital commerce to conquer it.
  4. Integrate elements of trust (Trusted Shop) and additional payment options in the shopping carts.
  5. Review the navigation menu and its links to the key sections of the site.
  6. Check the readability of your content. If your website is difficult to read, be it for its structure or texts, it’s time to optimize them.
  7. Share relevant and important content for your visitors. Try to make the content as personalized as possible so that they enjoy it more.
  8. BluCactus - conversion rate - important dataUse calls to action and action buttons in strategic locations.
  9. Limit the number of media elements present on the page.
  10. Try different shades of colors for your website and check your content’s structure. By doing this you can increase the number of conversions.
  11. Monitor the density of your content’s keywords. For this, focus on those sections key to your conversion rate optimization process.
  12. Compress the images to lighten the weight of the page when it comes to browsing.
  13. Externalize CSS and JavaScript codes into separate files.
  14. Create CPC campaigns to drive traffic to the target conversion site or landing page.
  15. Don’t forget to perform an A/B test to know how to address your audience. This will help you understand the buying and attraction behavior of your customers. Thus, allowing you to optimize your website and improve how it works.

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