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How to create advertisements in Google Ads for a golf club?

How to create advertisements in Google Ads for a golf club? Many golf businesses spend a lot of money annually on marketing strategies that do not provide the expected results. This is because their budget is wasted on television and print advertising. As well as in radio and newspaper advertising. So why not try other marketing actions like Google Ads?


Golf businesses can benefit significantly through Google Ads ads. So, in this article, we will mention the steps and some tips to create ads on this platform and reach potential customers.


How well does Google Ads work for a Golf business?


BluCactus - man riding golf car while using phoneOne of the main objectives of Golf businesses is selling tee times. In this case, Google Ads is of great help to target the audience that is currently looking for a good club to play. To do this, the most common thing is for people to search on Google using keywords such as “Golf courses near me.” Mainly if they are located in unknown areas.


This is where Google Ads plays a fundamental role. Thanks to this tool, your Golf business can be the first thing users see when searching on Google. A curious fact is that around 90% of consumers use search engines when purchasing. So, just think for a moment about how valuable it would be to be found before the competition.


Once you achieve visibility on the internet, it is easier to attract the attention of new customers to generate greater reservations for departure times. In short, the operation of Google Ads in the Golf industry can be optimal. As long as you track your campaigns correctly and create effective ads.


How to create ads in Google Ads in 5 steps for a golf business?


Google Ads provides us with optimal results, although for this, it is important to comply with the steps necessary to create ads for golf courses:


  • Open a Google Ads account


The first step in creating ads in Google Ads is opening a Google Ads account.


To do this, you must enter both the name of your Golf business and the website URL.


The next step is to link an existing account owned by Google.


It could be a Google My Business profile or a YouTube channel.


Finally, it is important to complete the billing and payment information.


  • Create your first campaign


In the main Google Ads panel, right at the top, the option to click “New campaign” will appear. You must choose a goal for your campaign and click on the “continue” option. Something interesting about this tool is that you will find different formats to achieve your web traffic goal.



BluCactus - man riding golf car while using phone - Google Ads for a golfOnce you have outlined your objective and established a format for the ad, it is time to tell Google Ads the amount of money you want to spend on your Golf course campaign.


Additionally, you must specify how you want to optimize that budget.


It could be in traffic, leads, conversions, etc.


Also, you have the option to set a target cost per action.


However, if you are starting to manage a campaign in Google Ads, it is preferable to let Google optimize your offers as it sees fit.


  • Address the audience


This point is very important since you must tell Google where to find your audience. Therefore, you must select the location and language your target audience uses. It is worth noting that you are allowed to choose several locations and languages. You must also choose additional interests and make the corresponding demographic adjustments.


  • Create ad


BluCactus - golf player using golf equipment and phone - Google Ads for a golfYou will be ready to create ads once you have completed the mentioned steps.


This topic is made up of many factors that you should consider depending on your objectives, your industry, and many more.


However, you need to start at least with a few ad groups. The good news is that this last step is friendly because Google will serve as a guide during this process.


Therefore, it will request the relevant URL and keywords for each of your ads.


How to make a good Google Ads ad for a Golf business?


BluCactus - golf player using golf equipment and phone - Google Ads for a golfGoogle Ads advertising for golf clubs provides many benefits as they allow you to target people who are interested in your business’s products or services. So, you need some tips for creating effective and successful ads:


Focus on headlines: It is allowed to include up to 15 headlines for each advertisement for your Golf course, so it is an opportunity that you cannot miss to maximize the potential of your advertising. Likewise, depending on the format you have chosen for your ad, Google can combine them to show those with the highest chance of converting. Thus, it will show each one separately by a dash.


Have a clear call to action: Pay-per-click (PPC) conversion-focused campaigns should keep a simple call to action. As well as descriptive of what you want the user to do.


Try and experiment: Even those ads that have excellent performance can have improvements when trying new variations. This way, A/B testing can be implemented frequently when experimenting with new images, ad copy, and more.


Use available ad attributes: This action is optional. However, including additional fields such as site links or callouts can make your ads stand out from the competition. Don’t forget that when creating ads in Google Ads, the main objective is to capture users’ attention.


Do you want to create Google Ads ads for a golf business?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510You can create ads in Google Ads for golf courses yourself. However, to know what type of advertising is appropriate and what other important factors are, marketing experts should analyze both the market in which you operate and the competition.


At BluCactus United Arab Emirates, we are a digital marketing agency, and we have worked with many business challenges, always obtaining the best results. If you want a Google Ads campaign, we will gladly help you. Contact us right now to get to know your company in depth and start with a marketing plan that fits your needs.


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