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How to create a slide show presentation for software sales

How to create a slide show presentation for software sales. No matter the size of the company, the fact is that as time goes by, it is more challenging to win over customers. That is why potential clients must hear your unique voice to help you stand out. A PowerPoint presentation can help you achieve this goal.


Now, structuring a PPT presentation for software is about more than just having a large number of slides. Persuasive preparation is required to make sales. Therefore, we will explain how you can use this type of presentation to your advantage in this article.


How to create a presentation in PPT format for software sales?


BluCactus - woman using powerpoint to create presentationA PPT presentation for software sales can be shown to clients through a virtual or in-person meeting. Regardless, the sales representative must provide a solution to their potential customer to help them make the decision to purchase. Therefore, when preparing your presentation in PPT format, you should consider the following points:


Determine a style.


You don’t have to be a graphic design artist to create your presentation. However, you should consider some practices that will help you make an amazing slide show presentation.


What should you include in your slides? First, select a template and the same colors for each slide, chart, and graph. Also, keep the template aligned to the left or right throughout the presentation. Finally, remove the dark lines that often appear in PowerPoint when drawing the boxes to prevent them from looking ordinary. With these tips, you will ensure that the audience focuses on the content and not the design.


Start with a summary.


BluCactus - woman using powerpoint to create presentationIn general, many sales representatives tend to start their presentations with a lot of information that, in the end, is irrelevant. You can avoid making the same mistake. You must begin with a summary of the complicated situations that your clients usually experience. This could be one or two paragraphs so that the audience doesn’t get bored.


This summary will capture customers’ attention immediately since you will be able to demonstrate your experience in the industry and let them know how exactly you can help them. Instead of focusing on a corporate speech, let your audience know you can solve their problems if they purchase your software.


Simplify your content.


When you add a lot of text to your software sales slides, it becomes tedious to read and, therefore, loses its impact. The objective is to create a simple presentation using your corporate colors for the sale of software.


Likewise, you should keep your formatting sinmple so your content does not look oversaturated. Also, create a structure with defined objectives, tending toevery detail including the titles, subtitles, graphics, and other elements.


Adapt your presentation to your future clients.


BluCactus - woman using powerpoint to create presentationDon’t use a generic PPT presentation to show your prospects. Conveniently, your product presentation can be adapted to each person. Therefore, modify the content and include specific points that fit the needs of each particular client.


To do this, you can ask your prospects about their interests before starting your presentation. Show the characteristics of your software for sale and how it can solve a particular problem. Say what is necessary.


Take into consideration  that people live very busy lives nowadays, so they look for simplicity in every aspect possible. That is why creating long presentations is not favorable. In your presentations, you should focus on key points about your company and the software for sale.


BluCactus - woman using powerpoint to create presentation - presentation for software salesInstead of going on, it is preferable to jump directly into what people want to know. That is, explain clearly how your software can improve productivity, how it will enhance the company’s sales, and how it will generate more money.


End with a call to action.


Your PPT presentations for software sales should culminate with an effective call to action to stand out from the competition. Demonstrate why they should do business with you. Avoid a presentation that does not capture customers’ attention and goes unnoticed. 


Remember that the main objective is to sell your software, and you cannot give an advantage to other companies that offer a product similar to yours.


Share your presentation with colleagues.


BluCactus - woman using powerpoint to create presentation - presentation for software salesThe review phase of your presentation is necessary to know if you have chosen a cleandesign or have gone too far with the content.


Review it several times and send it to a colleague to do the same and verify every detail.


This document is a powerful digital marketing tool, so you should make the most of it to present your proposal to potential future clients.




Are you ready to create a PPT presentation for software sales?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Studies have shown that consumers receive a large number of sales messages daily. When exposed to so much advertising, it is important that you can transmit a unique message so that customers, when making their purchasing decisions, choose you.


If you want to sell your software, you must do so through a presentation full of charisma and a speech that captivates the attention of customers. So, put aside plain, boring PPT presentations and present an animated sales presentation. If you don’t have the time to do it, at BluCactus United Arab Emirates, we can help you. We are specialists in digital marketing located in United Arab Emirates, and through our experience, we know what type of content and design your presentation for software sales should have.


Contact us right now, and we will make your product a success story.


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