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How does my fashion business enter the google search engine?

How does my fashion business enter the google search engine? Fashion, besides being a highly competitive business in the real world, in the digital or online level it´s even a little more competitive. Because it´s not only about selling and being groundbreaking in the market. But that e-commerce and clothing brands that are part of it always seek to position themselves in search engines. And that’s why the competition is even harder.


So, being such a demanding sector, in the online world, you must become a piece of competition. And that requires an online strategy to be able to position yourself. However, what does positioning mean?


If we keep it simple, to position yourself is to be among the first search results in the main search engines in the world. So, through research, we can deduce that it´s through very generic keywords in which they are added to the market.


But, it´s difficult to find a balance or an exact and safe way to achieve it. So, one way is through those keywords that generate competition, which is why it´s more difficult to reach a position.


Many tools can help and analyze the positioning in search engines with those keywords. And we at BluCactus Arabic can help you analyze the ranking and make that positioning as natural as possible. Managing to sectorize your market and segment it correctly as more specific. For example, women’s clothing, women’s fashion, online shopping … or their derivatives.


How to put my business in the Google search engine?


Having a good presence on the internet is no longer just an option to consider. You must think of it as more than an indispensable requirement for any business. Especially in the world of fashion that is so demanding. In this sense, having all that information at hand is what will get a large part of that work done. Whether you win or lose depends on it.


And if you feel like it’s a lot of talking, don’t worry, here at BluCactus we´ll do it for you. Following a very dense process that goes hand in hand with experts in the area. The important thing is that your fashion business reaches the top positions and we can help you get there.


Now, there may be a million reasons, but we can’t address all of them in a moment. So, we can talk about some that we say are the main ones in the number of backlinks and the anchor text. Also, it´s seen to a lesser extent if you work with SEO for these words.


BluCactus - google search engineBacklinks are a link that directs us to another page (hyperlink). The exact words where the link is hyperlinked, meaning, the words that the reader can see, are the anchor text.


In Christian: it recommends an external page and that´s what Google or any other search engine takes into account. To position yourself, the link must be of quality and that means that it must have domain or page authority. Which is nothing more than the numerical ranking. In addition, this link must be related to the fashion sector.


While in SEO, they see if you have those words on your website and if so, if you have them prominently (title, bold, in the name of the website, etc …). In addition, you have to check if they appear in the description of the Google ad. And it´s important because it refers to how the results displayed on the search engine page appear.


What is the best thing to do if your business already appears when you search for it on google?


BluCactus - google search engineNo matter the size of your company, it must be online. And there´s a way to position it to get a satisfactory presence that achieves the expected results. Now, it´s not a matter of reviewing it once and forgetting about it. But it has to be done periodically for best results. In this sense, you must consider:


  • Search your business on Google. This way, you can know which pages mention you, if your website appears and if it´s well configured and covered.
  • Search your services on Google.From a web page in the incognito mode that you get in the browser options in the menu. And then you will be able to assess how it´s positioned in front of the competitors.
  • Look yourself up on social media. And if you´re one of those who are not a big fan of Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. You can still find out if someone has talked about you or if they mention you.


BluCactus - google search engineWith these steps, you will be able to assess in a very comfortable and simple way if your online presence needs a review. So, the most advisable thing is that you´re always very aware of your presence on the web. And always help you to stay there, that people see you in the keywords they are looking for.


At BluCactus, we can help you position your fashion company in the main search engines. And help you, through the creation of blogs, to make yourself recognized in the digital world. With the blogs, closely related to your content and based on who you are, we will be able to build a community that we will soon have to retain. Giving them the necessary information for their lives.



How to put my company in Google for free?


BluCactus - google search engineYou must put your business on the map, on the web, everywhere. You must show yourself to the world and you must lose the fear of it.


And it´s that these two Google channels are among the main showcases for those who want to promote their business on the Internet. That´s why there are more and more strategies such as content marketing that help to achieve it.


However, if you´re still not very clear about whether or not you should do it.


Then I invite you to know all the opportunities you can receive through these strategies.


So, at BluCactus United Arab Emirates we would like to know. Do you want to know how to position your business online? Do you need a hand to do it? If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for to contact us?


We have an excellent team that´s waiting for that call. They will serve you as a guide and boost for your fashion business. And make sure your website is fruitful and help you keep it within those digital search engines. Also, If you want to keep up with the world of digital marketing, you can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter.


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