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Google Ads: How to use the platform to promote health services in hospitals

Google Ads: How to use the platform to promote hospital health services. Hospitals can promote themselves through Google Ads. To do so, you must think about the services you want to promote and how to maintain the loyalty of your patients and new clients. However, you must also know the peculiarities of the health-related public. This way, you can define good strategies that will help you plan your campaigns correctly.


If you manage a hospital, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll explain how to use Google Ads to promote hospital health services.


How to promote health services in hospitals in Google Ads?


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoThere are many ways to start creating advertising campaigns on Google Ads. Many hospitals do it without having a website, although this practice is not the most recommended.


To promote a hospital’s services through this platform, it is important to build your digital presence by creating a business page. Why? Because a high percentage of patients tend to book an appointment at a hospital from its website.


Also, to register a hospital, you can use Google My Business to appear in local searches on Google Maps. In the same way, you can register in the most popular medical directories for the different specialties of the hospital and your country.


What are the steps to carry out an advertising campaign for health services in hospitals?


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoGoogle Ads is a valuable tool in SEM, as it can help to get qualified traffic, conversions, and increase the visibility of hospitals.


There are many benefits obtained through this platform, and they can be enjoyed with a budget adjusted to your needs.


However, when it comes to running an advertising campaign on Google Ads, there are many factors to control, and it may be difficult to optimize from the beginning.


However, some steps can guide you in Google Ads to promote your health services in hospitals with good results:


Establish consistent objectives 


As a hospital owner or director, it is vital that you set realistic goals before starting any campaign. In the case of Google Ads campaigns, they are of interest because they can be used to target users in the different phases of the conversion funnel. The most traditional phase is based on triggering the last phase of the conversion funnel. That is when the user is ready to buy or hire a service.


This way, you can achieve better conversion rates and fast results. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that competition in the healthcare sector is very high. Also, advertising is paid through an auction, and the cost per click can be high.


Strengthen your Inbound strategy.


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoGoogle Ads is an excellent tool to reinforce your inbound strategy. Adding keywords to your campaign that are not related to the purchase process but to the need to buy or hire a certain service is a good start. As a result, both competition and costs per click are lower.


In this context, campaigns are usually not so aggressive since they promote and disseminate content that responds to the problems of our target audience. For this, display or video campaigns are generally the best option.


Keyword research 


Selecting the right keywords can make or break the success of promoting hospital services in Google Ads.

First, it is advisable to start with the “brainstorming” technique. Then, analyze each potential word and select the ones that generate the most interest. We can use the searches related to the Google search engine, the keyword planner of Google Ads, or other advanced options.


To decide whether a keyword can attract enough attention to promote a hospital’s healthcare services, consider search volume, intent and competition, and price per click.


Determine your account structure. 


BluCactus - doctor working at a hospitalIf you want to work with Google Ads, you must keep in mind the different types of structure levels found within an account. Mainly, we have the campaigns, and each objective corresponds to a separate campaign. Now, several options can be configured when creating a campaign: the type of campaign, the location to eliminate unwanted clicks, the bidding strategy (automatic or manual), the language, the device, and the daily budget.


There are also ad groups, where the internal structure of the campaigns for the health sector is configured—all according to the topics to be addressed to control the relationship between ads and keywords. The idea is to create topics that can be clearly differentiated. For example, for hospitals, it is crucial to add the different types of health services and specialties offered.


Set up your campaign.


BluCactus - doctor working at a hospitalIn this step, you must have already complied with the above-mentioned tips. You must register in the official Google Ads account or log in if you have an account.


Then, you must add your campaign’s daily budget. Google estimates the coverage you can achieve with the initial budget.


Also, you must define the location of your target audience, choose the network of preference, and add the keywords.


Set the maximum bid you would be willing to pay per click, add the text of your first ad, and the payment information.


Perform A/B Testing


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoPutting these variants into practice is necessary to optimize your hospital campaigns in Google Ads. The goal is to experiment with calls to action, title, and other key elements.


In each test, you can test two identical ads, except for the version of the element you want to analyze. Suppose there are more than two variants; it is possible to do a second test and then compare the winners.


For an A/B test to be as effective as expected and to be able to draw conclusions, you must wait until both versions receive clicks and a significant number of impressions. 


This technique will help you know which health services your audience most demands. This way, you’ll be able to create more attractive Google Ads campaigns.


Evaluate results 


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoThis is the last step in promoting hospital health services. Many people make a big mistake when creating health campaigns on Google Ads. When setting up their ads, they forget about the account for weeks, even months.


You can avoid making the same mistake. Even with a well-designed campaign, you must be alert to make the necessary adjustments.


It is not a matter of obsession, but of establishing control moments to inspect how the account is evolving and if there are features that you need to improve on.


It is not a matter of obsession but of establishing control moments to inspect how the account is evolving and if there are features you need to improve. However, Google Ads offers many metrics, so it takes work to be aware of each. It is advisable to choose the KPIs that best correspond to the established objectives in order to control the level of quality and conversions.


How can a Google Ads ad successfully promote health services in hospitals?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510With these steps, you already have everything you need to promote health services in hospitals with Google Ads. We know how difficult it is to run a hospital effectively to get the most out of all your resources. That’s why we understand that paying attention to Google Ads campaigns can be hard.


At BluCactus Arabic, we are a digital marketing agency located in United Arab Emirates. Our team specializes in creating Google Ads campaigns for companies of any size and sector. Contact us right now, and we will create and direct your campaigns to promote the health services available at the hospital you manage. Our commitment is to help you reach your target audience to increase the number of patients.


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