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What Google Ads strategy can I use to promote the mobile industry?

What Google Ads strategy can I use to promote the mobile industry? It is no secret that online advertising has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. However, it is important to consider that consumer needs are different. So, establishing a marketing plan to take advantage of this tool is essential to achieve success.


The mobile industry is no exception. And a good advertising platform to enhance your company’s visibility is Google Ads. But do you know how to use this platform to your advantage? What are the steps to create an effective campaign? We will resolve your doubts in this article.


How do you run a Google Ads campaign to promote the mobile industry?


BluCactus Blue - google ads settings for your business on smartphonesMobile devices have practically become an extension of the human body. Therefore, investing in advertising strategies that provide visibility and attract the target audience is vital for your business.


Likewise, the use of mobile phones grows day after day. And because they are user-friendly and have internet connectivity,  many companies are interested in investing in these devices for sales purposes.


So, if your niche is the mobile industry, Google Ads is the best-paid advertising option to reach both customers and future investors. To create an effective campaign with ads that fit your objectives, these are the steps to follow:


  • Creating an account in Google Ads


BluCactus Blue - google ads settings for your business on smartphonesTo access Google Ads, you can just use your Gmail account. And once on the platform, Google will prompt you to choose the type of campaign you want to create, depending on your objectives.


For example, if you aim to drive visits to your physical business or receive calls and website visits to boost subscriptions or sales, you should select the campaign type that aligns with these specific goals.


After completing this step, you will be ready to launch your campaign. If you already have a Google Business account, the platform may ask whether you want to incorporate the data from there into your new campaign. However, it’s crucial to note that before initiating your campaign, you should review your website. Ideally, you should ensure that all the information you intend to provide to the user is optimized and detailed.


  • Ad creation


Your Google Ads campaign must consist of impactful ads that resonate with users. Google makes this easy for you and displays a preview of the ad you’re creating in an organized manner on the screen. This allows you to configure the ad, including essential content. Additionally, in the “ad titles” section, you can create up to three titles with 30 characters each.


Likewise,  in the “description” section, you will have two fields to complete. You’re allowed 90 characters to craft a compelling and coherent message that can convince users who are searching for your products.


  • Keyword search


BluCactus Blue - google ads settings for your business on smartphonesThis step is of great importance.


Remember that if you put effort into creating greater visibility, you’ll be able to compete with other companies in the mobile industry for the same exact audience. Therefore, the selection of keywords for your ads is crucial.


So, avoid rushing. It is recommended to take the necessary time to identify the keywords your potential clients might use to find you.


For example, your mobile phone company could consider options such as “smart mobile phones,” “mobile phone company,” “smartphone market,” etc.


  • Geographic targeting


In this section, you can specify the locations where you want your ads to appear, especially if your company is focused on local. However, if your goal is to focus on online sales and reach clients and investors globally, do not impose such geographical restrictions. But, in this context, the crucial aspect is your ability to serve consumers promptly.


Additionally, language configuration also becomes a key point. Because your ads should align with the language preferences of your target audience, so you can reach who you want to reach.


  • Establishing a bidding strategy


BluCactus Blue - google ads settings for your business on smartphones - promote the mobile industryThis step exclusively involves setting a daily budget, which can be managed manually to monitor bids per click. So, when your budget is exhausted, your ads will not be visible. Alternatively, you have the option to opt for automatic bidding. However, in that case, it’s crucial to frequently monitor both the daily and monthly budgets, assess the impressions you’ll receive based on those budgets, and anticipate the clicks corresponding to those impressions.


  • Ad display


Once you have set up your campaign in Google Ads for mobile, you can proceed by clicking on the “send” option. However, it doesn’t hurt to conduct A/B testing on your ads. And this involves making variations such as title changes or adding new features to assess their impact on conversions. Moreover, testing allows you to refine and optimize your ads for better performance over time.


How do you measure the effectiveness of a Google Ads campaign to promote the mobile industry?


BluCactus Blue - google ads settings for your business on smartphones and laptops - promote the mobile industryMobile phone companies are constantly competing with each other. So, you must put in the effort to create the best ads daily and verify which one of them provides you with the best performance.


So, to know the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaign in the mobile industry, it is essential to consider the following elements:


  • Level of visibility to obtain relevant results.
  • Segmentation from the audience in function to the website’s traffic. 
  • Measuring the impact regarding each buyer’s journey.
  • Alignment of your ads based on your marketing plan.
  • Conversion tracking to convert leads into potential customers.
  • Corroboration of views on your ads.


Do you need a Google Ads strategy to promote the mobile industry?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510If you want to always be one step ahead in the mobile industry, this will require a lot of time and investment. Although you can run a Google Ads campaign yourself, the help of experts is essential to achieve your objectives. At BluCactus digital marketing agency in United Arab Emirates, we know what Google Ads strategy we can implement for your advertising campaign to succeed. 


The mobile industry can promote itself with Google Ads. Contact us right now, and we will tell you how.


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