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How can the tourism industry use Google Travel to its advantage?

How can the tourism industry use Google Travel to its advantage? Marketing offers a wide variety of tools so that companies in any sector can have a presence on the web. When it comes to the tourism sector, marketing offers a range of options. One of these is Google Travel.


Today’s digital age now offers a wide number of online platforms for this sector. Because of this, Google created its own tool called Google Travel. This way it manages to keep up with the current demand while also helping many businesses in the tourism industry.


So, if your business is part of this sector, you can use this helpful tool to promote both your brand and services. However, before you start to use this fantastic tool, you must first know what it is and how can you benefit from it.

What is Google Travel?


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataGoogle Travel is a tool that can be used from any corner of the world. That’s why you should use it in your company.


This way, you’ll better understand travel demand and make well-informed decisions.


As a result, your customers will have access to only your best flight services.


After all, users who want to travel find it important to find outbound and return flights that meet their expectations. Because of this, you must ensure that your company is the one for them.


How does Google Travel work?


BluCactus - important dataThe operation of Google Travel has nothing to envy other online platforms dedicated to tourism. This is because their objectives are very clear and becoming number 1 is their goal. Nonetheless, this tool is exclusive to promote companies dedicated to tourism. Google travel is offering its users an all-in-one interface there you will find destination insights, hotel insights, and the travel analytics center that has a comparison process.


Who can use Google Travel? As you already know, companies in all sectors can use digital marketing strategies. This includes your own tourism business which means that by now you should already be using Google Travel. After all, this tool works for large tourism companies, travel agencies, 5-start motels, and small hostels.


The idea is to improve your company’s performance to get the best visibility in your sector. And for that, you need to start using Google’s algorithms to your advantage.


As an owner of a travel agency, you must think about the needs of your clients first and foremost. This way, you’ll be able to offer correct information to your prospects and future clients.


What kind of information should your tourism company offer?


  • BluCactus - important dataSpecial offers in hostels or hotels to attract the customer’s attention.
  • News related to the tourism sector.
  • Direct contact with the different travel agencies.
  • Airline tickets for both national and international flights.
  • Variety of payment options where the client can have direct contact with the hotelier to avoid intermediaries.


As long as you include this type of information in your company, you will boost your performance.


Followed by that, now that you know how this wonderful tool works, it’s time to know its advantages.


The Advantages of Google Travel


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataBelieve it or not, there are many benefits you can enjoy using this tool for your business. For this reason, you must make sure to include it in your digital marketing plan. There are so many advantages that you will obtain through the use of Google Travel, just to name a few:


  • It allows you to compare the different prices of pensions, travel agencies, hostels, and hotels.
  • This tool is very helpful to plan a trip just by using Google’s algorithm.
  • It is in charge of making the best recommendations to choose the most suitable travel times.
  • The registration process for companies is usually quick because there are very simple steps to follow.
  • You can make a compilation of all the information that must be provided to customers regarding COVID-19.


Promoting your company through this tool is super easy


BluCactus - important dataHow to promote your company through this tool? There is no doubt that Google is a great way to promote your tourism business.


However, you must follow a few steps to be able to set up your Google Travel ad.


This process will only take a few minutes of your time and can be done directly from the comfort of your home.


So, to promote your company through Google Travel, you must obey the following steps:


Start positioning your brand using Google Ads


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important data

When it comes to digital advertising platforms, Google Ads should be your go-to choice.


Because of this, Google provides a section where you can enhance your business listing in Google Travel through this tool.


Google Ads is an excellent option for you to boost your tourism business.


Why? Because it allows you to create search campaigns to easily position your Google Travel listing.


Besides, you can also carry out the promotion of Hotel ad campaigns.


Do you know about SEM strategies?


These are strategies where the main objective is to position yourself in the first place to achieve greater success. To guarantee this achievement, you must know what your customers are looking for to offer them the best service. On the other hand, the idea is to also offer them the most favorable price on the market.


There are many benefits that you can obtain for your tourism business by using Google Ads. So, if you want to convert users to achieve a better sales flow, you need to start taking advantage of it.


Carry out your company identification


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataIf you have a tourism company, a travel agency, or a hotel, to start with your promotion you must register with Google’s Hotel Center.


For this, you must enter the Google Ads platform and meet several requirements. This way, your Google Hotel Center account will become fully operational.


This tool has many functions. Besides, if you want to carry out a faster registration process, you can verify your company through Google My Business. Once you have a verified account on this platform, you will only have to log in to manage your rates or other services.


Regardless of which option you choose, what’s important here is to keep your Google Travel listing ready and up-to-date.


Adjust your rates to attract more customers


BluCactus - important dataOnce you have your Google Travel listing ready, you should adjust the rates to make them attractive for customers. Your goal should be to make them visible in Google search engines. Besides, if your objective is to attract a greater number of clients, you must make this adjustment directly in Google Travel. This way, you will achieve the success that so many other companies in the tourism sector have already obtained by using this tool.


2020s lockdown due to COVID-19 caused the sales of tourism companies to drop to an all-time low. However, thanks to the current flexibility in the tourism sector, Google Travel has become the saving grace of these companies. After all, through it, they can obtain a better rate of visits.


On the other hand, Google Travel has become the place where users can easily find offers and fast updated promotions from these companies.


Do you want to boost your tourism business?


Now that you know how this tool works, and the advantages it offers, we want to share with you some tips. By paying close attention to them and correctly using them, you’ll be able to get the most out of this platform.


BluCactus - important dataUse SEO strategies to boost your listing


SEO is essential for all websites, as it is the only option to grow organically through the internet.


Besides, this tool allows your company to appear in the first search results. That is why your page must have the following elements:


  • Good writing.
  • Include eye-catching images.
  • Ease of understanding.


Do you want to capture the attention of customers? Follow this list of actions to have a listing on Google Travel and stand out from other brands.


Take into account favorable algorithms


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataIf there’s one thing you should know, it’s that you can use Google’s algorithm to your advantage, and it has always been a worrying factor for metasearch engines like Expedia. For this reason, you can make adjustments to your marketing plan for better benefits.


What should you do to get better results? First, you must use strategic keywords to achieve better positioning in the results. Besides, you must position your images within the Google images platform. Then, start by implementing any other actions necessary to achieve your objectives as a tourism company.


The options to take advantage of algorithms are limitless. This means that you can easily rank in the most used search engine in the world. In fact, Google covers more than 65% of web traffic, and to position your account effectively you must use search algorithms.


The more information you include, the better


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataWhen users search for information on a specific product or service, it is because they want to carry out different actions. In this case, if someone is looking for tourism information, it’s probably because they want to travel.


Because of this, if you want a user to become a final customer, you must offer them all the necessary information they need to make their decision.


Your goal as a tourism brand owner should be to grab the audience’s attention.


For example, in these times of pandemic, people are looking to find clear and concise information in any sector. As a result, your Google Travel page must be complete in terms of information to attract potential customers and maintain the interest of current customers.


Make a mix between display and search campaigns


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataMany companies in the tourism sector use Display and search campaigns together with their Google Travel listing.


This action not only makes your listing appear on other websites but also gives you a greater chance of increasing your conversions.


The Google Ads tool offers many opportunities to promote your tourism business on the web.


That’s why making a presence on Google will be a good option to strengthen the presence of your brand on the Internet.


The Latest Google Travel Advances


BluCactus - Google Travel - Important dataThere is no doubt that 2020 was a rough patch for the tourism industry.


Because of this, Google announced at the start of this year that any business in the tourism industry can now position reform links at no cost. That is, this process will be free on the travel platform.


On the other hand, even users who use Google Travel will have better access to a greater number of offers made up of different alternatives to make reservations or travel.


As a result, advertisers can have more impact on their campaigns to stand out from other companies in the same industry.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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