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The app of the moment: Telegram and How to get followers to create a community for your brand

How to get followers on Telegram to create a community for your brand in the United Arab Emirates. Getting followers on telegram for your brand may seem a bit difficult for you. However, thanks to our advice this will be easier than you think. You may even have an account already, but have no idea how to grow it.


In this case, don’t worry, because at BluCactus United Arab Emirates we love to show you the best marketing tools. This way, we teach you how to grow your brand and get potential customers.


If we focus on the world of marketing, we can see the rise of certain applications. However, today we will only take into account the instant messaging sector. At the moment, both brands and organizations use these platforms all thanks to the evolution of these channels.


Why does this happen? Today, instant messaging has a lot of power. After all, it allows personalized marketing to work in a better way. As a result, it’s able to provide the customer with the personalized attention they deserve.


Apps like Telegram are an excellent option for your brand


BluCactus - seguidores en Telegram - datos importantesIf we talk about applications as such, they have come into play as a means of personal communication. However, thanks to their good operation, today they are used as a business tool to create consistent communities.


For example, we can look at WhatsApp for a moment, the most used instant messaging application so far. This platform has been so innovative that it has been able to adapt to business needs through its Business version.


In fact, thanks to its functionality, this application is the favorite of users, however, Telegram also has its special features. So, if you are building your digital marketing strategy, you can include this application to reach the subscribers that your brand needs.


Also, if you are interested in using Telegram, you should know a little more about this application in advance.


Telegram has become popular, thanks to its advantages


BluCactus - seguidores en Telegram - datos importantesCarrying a digital marketing strategy through Telegram can be more beneficial than you expected.


These are some advantages of using Telegram to publicize your brand:


  • The reach of your brand will increase.
  • It saves you time and resources when implementing your strategy.
  • Its segmentation capacity is amazing.
  • It has a cloud as a storage system.
  • You will be able to increase your client’s trust in you. 
  • You will be able to carry out more effective conversations with your followers.

Telegram: Why include it in your brand?


BluCactus - seguidores en Telegram - datos importantesWhen it comes to digital communication tools, Telegram shows a lot of promise at the moment. Its creators Nikolái and Pável Dúrov launched it in 2013. Their goal was to create an application that would stand out from others. For this reason, in Telegram you can find the following elements:


It works just like any other instant messaging app


Thanks to the way it works, Telegram is very profitable when launching a digital marketing strategy. This is because the messages always reach the recipients at once. Besides, it ensures a high percentage of certainty that they will be read.


BluCactus - seguidores en Telegram - datos importantesIs an effective way to share different content 


Through this messaging application, you can send files in image or video format.


Similarly, you can send files regardless of whether they have text or graphics.


Now, we know what you’re thinking, don’t other apps do the same?


Yes, they do. However, Telegram allows you to create a better community.


There may be massive or anonymous users 


By using this application, you can create public or private groups, as well as channels. This way, users can follow the accounts they want without the need to provide their data.


BluCactus - seguidores en Telegram - datos importantesPrivacy is one of the best features of Telegram


Currently, Telegram has 500 million users, which means that it’s below WhatsApp, which has 1000 million users, thus being the most used instant messaging app.


However, once WhatsApp announced its inclusion of advertising, many of those users decided to switch to Telegram. Besides, the change of their terms of use also propelled this switch. For users who live in these types of applications, it is important to maintain their reliability, and it is one of the reasons why they trust Telegram.


We can’t deny that this app offers a high level of safety. To ensure this, it offers private chats that once left behind for a long time will get destroyed. Besides, on telegram, if someone is part of a group chat, they can hide their phone number so that others can’t see it.


How to get followers on Telegram to create your brand’s community?


As you can see, Telegram is an excellent option to show your marketing plan through instant messaging. To get followers on Telegram, you can acquire them through a pre-payment or other methods. On the other hand, the good news is that by using Telegram, you won’t have to make an effort to grow your brand community. Now, what you should know is that the users you purchase through this application are not real. They are only bots that will serve to increase the followers of a certain channel. For this reason, there will be no type of interaction with your content. As a result, you may see that your results do not coincide with the objectives of your brand.


BluCactus - followers on Telegram - data

The idea is to interact with your customers to create stable communication. This way, your conversions will be positive as you will be organically reaching the attention of users. So, if you want to grow your community, follow the next tips:


  • Create a good description for your channel


Your channels must have a good description, or else it will be difficult to attract subscribers. In this text, you cannot forget to include keywords about the topic that your brand will deal with. This way, if users start to search for content related to your channel, they will be able to find it quickly.


  • Create a good content strategy, followers on Telegram 


BluCactus - followers on Telegram - data

When it comes to talking about a marketing strategy for any business sector, content is always the protagonist. That’s why we always offer this recommendation to those who manage a brand and want to find their potential customers.


If you want to create a strong community for your brand through this application, your content will play a key role in this goal. What are users looking for? Information that is useful and directly responds to your concerns regarding the brand.


As a result, your content must be interesting and entertaining to increase your followers. If you want to achieve a quality community, you must take into account this point.


  • Use your social media to spread your Telegram channel


BluCactus - followers on Telegram - dataIf you use social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, the time has come to make the most of them.


These social platforms are the most important to connect with the public on the web.


For this reason, you can use these means to promote your Telegram channel or channels more effectively.


When you use Telegram, it will offer you a link to your group or channel.


This way, you can easily share it on your social media to achieve a more direct connection.


  • Incorporate your website link, followers on Telegram


BluCactus - followers on Telegram - dataTo carry out the promotion of your Telegram channels, social media will not be the only means.


To form your community, you must make all your brand information visible.


That is, you must add your contact details to your instant messaging applications.


Similarly, you can invite your users to reach you through other channels, as long as you have a good customer service strategy. Remember that for the user, the attention you pay to them will be decisive to be part of your community on Telegram or not.


  • BluCactus - followers on Telegram - dataTake advantage of the recommendations


The recommendations of other people will be very relevant to create the community you want for your brand.


For this reason, offering good content will increase the chances of people recommending your channel to their friends or family.


This is a good option for your brand to become known organically, and of course effectively.


  • Join stakeholder conversations, followers on Telegram


BluCactus - important dataTo form a community interested in your brand, a good idea is to start interacting in groups dedicated to your sector. For example, if your brand is dedicated to the fashion sector, enter groups where they talk about popular clothes or other related topics.


In advance, you must find out in which groups your potential clients are. This way, you will be able to interact in their conversations. However, for this to work you must contribute with interesting and entertaining opinions. Only in this way, will you notice how other users will give their opinion in the conversation.


The objective of this point is to show that you are an active person since it’s the only way to capture the attention of users. Also, showing content related to their search will make it easier for them to get closer to your brand. This way, you will be able to achieve a greater reach in this application.


  • Your channel should appear in the Telegram directory


BluCactus - important dataTelegram has very interesting features, and one of them is being able to use channel directories.


They turn out to be very beneficial because through them, you can promote your channels as they will be organized by category and theme.


This way, a user who uses Telegram will be able to easily search and find the information they need. Similarly, you must look for the directories where you will have the opportunity to reach a greater number of users.


If you want to see your followers grow a lot faster, you must include this option in your marketing strategy.


  • Use sponsored ads, followers on Telegram


BluCactus - important dataHow to create a community for your brand on Telegram? As you have seen, we have given you several helpful tips to allow you to meet your goals.


Don’t think twice about creating banner ads for different social media platforms. This way, you can lead users to your channels on Telegram.


In the same way, this platform allows you to do paid advertising.


For this, you can choose the channels in your sector you want to advertise and then agree with the channel administrator.


Does email marketing also work for Telegram?


When can you use email marketing? If your database is sufficient for your newsletter, you can lead your followers to other communication channels. Email marketing turns out to be a very simple option to promote your brand’s social media. But to be effective, you must create a good campaign. In it, you must explain to your followers the advantages of your brand and the content they will find once they join your Telegram channels.


Did you like this post?


 BluCactus - important dataIf you want your brand to work through this application, you must focus on the organic growth of your followers.


We can’t deny that Telegram channels work very well when it comes to reaching your customers. That’s why, if you want to create a community for your brand, you must take into account our advice.


If you still have doubts, at BluCactus we can help you to have a good marketing strategy for your brand. All you have to do is contact us to allow us to create an effective plan for you. With us, you’ll have a solid community for your brand in one of the most important instant messaging apps.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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