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How to get social media backlinks

How to get backlinks from social media? Internal and external linking strategies offer many benefits for websites. For example, it not only helps you to get new traffic and conversions. It also allows you to rank in search engines. In other words, it helps you get a spot among the top positions of search results such as Google.


Link building is a type of external linking strategy that allows you to provide high-quality content to your visitors. Thanks to it, you will be able to grab the attention of new people and maintain old followers.


Most people believe that we can carry out a backlink strategy only on websites. However, this isn’t true at all. Next, we’ll teach you all you need to know about backlinks and how to get them from social media. This way, you will get your website on the path to success.


What are backlinks?


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataWhen we talk about backlinks, we mean those links within our website that lead to another one. They also have the name of external links and people use them in links, images, or even buttons. This way, once a user clicks on them, they will get to another website, like a bridge of some sort.


These links are very important for the positioning of your website. Why? Because is one of the main SEO strategies that every web owner should carry out. Now, even if it sounds easy, getting good quality backlinks can be hard.


High-quality backlinks not only have to come from a well-positioned website, but there are other factors to consider. Besides, as we said before, they don’t only apply to websites. We will teach you how to get this same backlink effect with social media as your external link.


Types of backlinks you must pay attention to


Not all backlinks are the same and each one works differently. Here we explain two types of external links important for your business.




BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataSome also call it DoFollow links. This type of link has the greatest weight when it comes to the good positioning and optimization of a web page.


Thanks to these links you will be able to transmit authority and reliability to your website.


Besides, if you manage to obtain a link of this type, you will be able to convey that it was part of the authority of the said website.


By making Dofollow links you will be able to create connections between both pages and the webmasters.


This, in addition to achieving a better analysis for your topic.


No Follow


BluCactus - important dataOn the other hand, Follow links aren’t the only ones you should pay attention to.


There are also the Nofollow links whose main characteristic is not to transmit authority from one online page to another.


This type of strategy may sound like it doesn’t offer many benefits to your site.


However, don’t get carried away by this first idea. These kinds of links generate a lot of traffic since they add the organic and natural connection factor that Google seeks to position your website. Links like these are essential when it comes to successfully positioning your page online.


How do backlinks help web positioning?


BluCactus - important data

Every link, either internal or external, can help you to place yourself among the first positions of different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo among others.


Without these links, your SEO work would be harder than it already is.


Here, we will list all how backlinks help you to improve your website’s positioning.




Source page quality


BluCactus - important dataLinks like these are important if you want Google to consider your website to be of high quality. But this will only be possible if the backlink that redirects to your page is also a high-quality one.


Otherwise, your positioning can be affected.


However, how can you tell apart a high-quality domain from a poor one?


There are several parameters to know the quality of a website.


Some of them are its popularity, authority, reputation, and if it was penalized for wrong practices.


BluCactus - important dataNumber of different domains that link to your page


This sounds more complicated than it is. When we talk about the different number of domains that link to you, we refer to all the websites that have mentioned you and redirected their followers to your website.


Obtaining five links from the same website isn’t the same as obtaining five links from five different online pages.


The second option is the one that search engines will consider the most important. This is because it’s harder to get backlinks from several pages than from just one.


Anchor text


Here we explain another important aspect that benefits your website. These types of links are those placed in words or phrases. These are usually used to emphasize the words that will grab the attention of readers. This, in turn, will lead them to learn more about the subject on another portal.


BluCactus - important data

Only if you click on these words can you be redirected to your website or landing page. You can also use this type of strategy as a way to give credits to other blogs or platforms in a discreet way and without taking up much space.


Although anchor text is a great way to grow your business and traffic percentage, you must not always use them. Otherwise, you may get penalized by search engines. This happens because it seems to be an unnatural and non-organic practice.


Anchor text is essential when it comes to positioning yourself in terms of keywords. These keywords are an element that google or search engines also take into account when positioning your website.


If you want to analyze the backlinks that you are going to use, the best thing you can do is look for SEO tools to check their quality. Some of these tools will also allow you to know the keywords of your partner domains and other equally important aspects.


How to get quality backlinks from social media?


It can be more difficult to achieve quality backlinks from social media than from other websites, but not impossible. Here we explain how to obtain quality backlinks from social media and thus position yourself in search engines.


  • Sweepstakes


BluCactus - important dataEveryone likes free stuff and even more people like competitions. Giveaways and contests are perfect to increase the chances of your followers visiting your website. You can also make connections with other social media accounts so that other visitors find you on the web.


To achieve this, you will only have to offer some type of product, preferably yours, or an extra gift. This way, your followers will have to visit your website. What’s imp0rtant here is that the product or material you want to give away is relevant to your users or clients.


You must make your products’ offer irresistible if you really want them to go to your site.


Another way is to partner with other accounts to reach new people and have better traffic.


  • Link roundups


BluCactus - important dataTo understand this strategy you must know that it’s characterized by being lists with a selection of quality links from many experts, companies, and social media accounts.


These lists offer links on a regular or daily basis to get backlinks from relevant people or websites.


When getting a link from these lists, they can come from the personal or professional social media accounts of someone. On these platforms, each social link has a greater chance to be shared. So, since it’s shared more times, search engines consider it as a better quality link which in turn helps you position yourself in search engines.


You can partner with different companies or important people in the industry you work for. Then, you can start creating publications, stories, and content to redirect the followers of that page to your website.


This will drive traffic to your website and possibly generate new conversions for your business. Here the most complicated element would be to find content and links attractive and relevant enough to link them. Ideally, talk to someone from the account you plan to work with and ask about what would be the best topics to share with followers.


 Work on creating the best content for different platforms and lead those who see your website. This way, you will improve your positioning within search results.


  • Influencer Marketing


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataThis consists of promotional work between your brand and important people on social media. For this, you must reach those with a large following and presence on these kinds of platforms. However, you must check if they really influence the decision-making process of their followers. After all, they may have many followers, but this doesn’t mean they will run to buy the products they offer.


Even if many choose to work with major influencers with millions of followers, you can start small. In fact, many experts recommend working with small influencers to reach an audience better. After all, despite having a small community, it’s better segmented. So, try to look for those small personalities that relate to your target audience the best.


From stories or posts, these social media influencers can promote and share to lead their followers to your website. Thus, getting yet another backlink for your business’ positioning strategy.


  • Question and answer sites


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataYou can do this from your own social media or collaborate with another account. These types of dynamics are great to promote your page in a fun way at no cost.


On social media, you can talk about the most frequent questions of your business or products. Once the dynamic is over, lead your followers to your website using a link in your biography or make them swipe up from your story to learn more about you and your brand.


This is a situation where followers gain by getting new information relevant or beneficial to them. Now, when it comes to business, you’ll be able to get the organic traffic flow that your business needs. All the while getting the backlinks you need to position yourself on the internet.


Another important aspect is to work on the content of your platforms and that these are aligned with the interests and needs of your followers and target audience. This is what will really boost the flow of visitors to your website.


  • Spread your links beyond borders


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataThis consists of getting backlinks from social media with accounts in many languages. In other words, if a business has two accounts on social media, you can ask your website to translate its content and share it.


The benefits of this are many. For example, you will get a great resource for content, link expansion, and backlinks. All of this while helping you get visits from new markets and audiences. However, you must ensure that during the translation the author’s name, contact, and social media remain there.


Strategies like this not only help you to grow our website but also allows you to spread your content worldwide. Thus, giving you the chance of making it viral. After all, once you share your content, if people like it, they will share it.


For this, try to share high-value content to boost your website and business. For example, use attractive and relevant content for your followers.


Another way to achieve this type of growth is by working with other accounts. This way, you and your partner will be able to strengthen both businesses.


  • Get influencers to review your products on social media


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataWe can also link this strategy to influencer marketing, but it goes beyond that. Here, social media celebrities have a great impact on their followers. This impact can then be very beneficial to get the backlinks your business needs.


To work with them, you can ask them to spread the word about your brand on their social media. For example, they can talk about the benefits of your products or services. Have in mind that some of these influencers charge for their reviews. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that by working with them, you will get your money’s worth.


In many cases, to advertise your brand, influencers create explanatory and detailed videos. In them, they share everything the clients need to know about your product or service. Besides, they won’t only be speaking to your followers as they will also be addressing whoever searches for you online.


In this sense, you will show up among the first videos within search engines. In turn, those who liked said video will visit your website to know more. Added to this, you will be able to offer unique and dynamic material to those who only want quick answers.


  • Ask for your customer’s opinions


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataThe opinion of customers is vital to building trust among stakeholders. Only in this way will you be able to achieve a sense of authority among your competition. Besides, it’s also a good way to create inbound links to your website. On the other hand, it also generates numerous interactions between sections and posts.


If your company wants to stand out in the marketing market, you must get the opinion of some of your clients. For this, you can ask them to talk about their experiences with your services or products. By doing this you won’t only build trust, but you will also convey professionalism. Thus allowing your potential clients to see you’re willing to meet their needs.


No matter if it’s Instagram or YouTube, you must bear in mind that you can get a high percentage of traffic and backlinks from social media. Once you have your client’s reviews, invite your followers to share their concerns. On the other hand, if they want to buy your products, tell them to contact you by filling a form.


There’s a lot of ways in which you can carry out this kind of strategy. However, if done well, you’ll be able to achieve a top position on the Internet. Thus, getting new clients through social media.


  • Content aggregator links


BluCactus - how to get social media backlinks - important dataThese kinds of websites, such as Menéame, and MktFan use other people’s content to create new blog content. Besides, they also allow many companies to register, create profiles, and share links to internal posts. All of this then leads to the creation of some kind of internal backlink.


You can also do this on social media by promoting your blog there. Social media platforms allow you to adapt your content to make it more entertaining. As a result, if your users like what they see, they may want to see more. In other words, interesting content leads to more visitors.


On the other hand, this strategy is a great way to get articles and a large amount of information from companies. All of this while also getting competitive intelligence. How to get social media backlinks. Thus, giving you the chance of easily standing out.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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BluCactus Arabic will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the creation of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


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