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How to write a meta-description? When having a website you must include a Meta description. This way, you will be able to reach your potential customers. Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry, in this post, we will give you all the necessary information you need. Thanks to this article, you will be ready to create the perfect Meta description for your site.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationWhen creating your website, most often than not, you will see an empty space. This is where you must add a Meta description. Remember that every page must have one, but not the same.


How to write a quality Meta description? The trick is to follow search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines. SEO tools have become the best option to achieve visibility on the web. Because of this, they are now a vital part of digital marketing. That’s why you must include them in your strategy to stay above the competition.


Apart from the content of your page, it’s also important to write a good Meta description. Have in mind that it will be the cover letter of your pages.


What is a Meta description?


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationFor you to take advantage of a Meta description, you must first know what it is. A Meta description is a tag located within the HTML code of your website. Today, it’s a vital element of any website. This is because it allows you to summarize what your page is about in a simple description.


Most often than not, you will see a box labeled “Meta description” on website builders. Here, you can add the text that best describes your page. Once you do this, search engines, such as Google will detect it and then display it.


Google spiders are responsible for displaying the Meta description of your page. Thus, when you create a Meta description, they understand that this is the description of your page. Because of this, you must ensure that both your page content and the Meta description match.


What is the job of Google spiders?


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationA Google spider uses your Meta description to have a more accurate knowledge of your page.


This process is very important because it allows you to have an important position on search results.


Besides, thanks to it, your page will show up in searches related to your topic’s content.


Once you understand how a Meta description works, you will notice that it also shows up in the SERPs entry pages.



What is the meaning of SERPS?


BluCactus - people walkingOne of the main objectives of website owners is to improve their positioning in the SERPS. The term SERP stands for “search results page”. How to write a meta-description. They are all the pages that appear in Google and where you can see different results. That’s why all the people who have a website want it to appear first in the search engine list.


Every time you search on Google regardless of the type of information, you will come across a list of different websites.


First, you can see the title of the web that stands out in blue. Then, you will see the website’s URL in green, and finally, you will find a section of the text, which is what we know as a Meta description.


What is the goal of a Meta description?


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - keywordsA Meta description is one of the main elements that your customers will see before entering your website. As a result, this section must manage to convince them to enter your page and read its content. To find out if your Meta description is effective, you must take a look at your page’s click-through rate (CTR). If this is high, you’re doing a good job, since it means that you’re getting better organic traffic.


For this reason, your Meta description must disclose what your page is about, as this information is very useful for both search engines and web users.


How to write a meta-description. When writing a Meta description, take into account that Google needs to understand the relevance of your website. On the other hand, users must know that your page can offer to meet their needs. This is a great opportunity for your site to be able to climb positions and appear in the first places of the search engines. Your goal will be to convince users that they should trust your website, and not the competition’s.


Why is a Meta description important for your website?


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - data informationThe Meta description goes along with the page title and the website URL. Because of this, they have the power to bring advantages or disadvantages to your site, depending on its composition. When you don’t properly write a Meta description, your click-through rate (CTR) can suffer.


Marketers know perfectly well that your Meta description should include the keyword in its body. By doing this, your page will be taken into account by search engines to achieve good positioning. Also, the keyword should be used naturally and not appear many times in its description.


So, as you can see, through them your website can beat the competition by obtaining positive results in search engines. Unlike the title and the URL, a Meta description allows you to explain to the user more specifically what the content on your website is about.


How can you write a Meta description for your website?


BluCactus - data informationSERPS is the most potent element in terms of positioning on the web, so having a good click-through rate is essential. Therefore, every time you write a Meta description, you must do it in such a way that’s friendly to Google. This is the only way you can get more attention from users (more clicks).


If we recall classic advertising for a moment, we will see that it is made up of advertisements that tend to appear both in newspapers and magazines. To attract the attention of the public, this type of advertising uses headlines, where, for example, they leave a telephone number so that they can buy a certain product.


Search results work similar to this format, with your page title being the headline, your Meta description the tagline, and your URL the address.


Tip: making a good Meta description is relevant because they work like the cover of your website. Because of this, you must write them using active language to grab the attention of users.


Look at this example of a Meta description


BluCactus - computer with important informationImagine that the time has come to write a Meta description for your website, where do you start?


First of all, you must stand out from the competition. For this, you must highlight what you have and what they don’t (USP). So you should ask yourself the following question:


Why is my page better than the others that appear in the search results?


To answer this question, you need to include elements of emotional advertising in your Meta description.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationExamples of Meta descriptions:


Meta description: Heating service to save energy and bring comfort to your home.


As you can see in this Meta description, there is a company that through its heating services, offers comfort and efficiency to its customers.


As a result, emotion is being used to attract customers who can then become leads.




What elements should a Meta description have?


To attract Google spiders and climb positions in the search engine rankings, the Meta description must have certain elements to make users interested in clicking on your website, and not take into account the competition.


If you want to write a Meta description that is 100% effective, you cannot ignore the following elements:


BluCactus - data informationText length 


This is one of the main factors to take into account when writing a Meta description. Google gives a space to write a 160 character Meta description that will appear below the search result. That’s why your description should occupy a sentence or two convincing enough to attract visitors to your website.


When you write above the number of characters set by Google, the part that exceeds the limit won’t be taken into account by the bots as it’s irrelevant. Because of this, you should create a Meta description with few characters. Besides, it will be easier for users to read and will comply with the number of characters that are also taken into account on mobile devices or other formats.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - data informationCall to action, How to write a meta-description  


The call to action must be precise, and emotion can be used while offering some benefits to users.


If the Meta description is too long, Google can override it, as the visit won’t understand what the specific purpose of your site is.


Now if your Meta description is too abstract, users will not pay attention and will look for benefits in other search results.



BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationTone


It’s essential that your Meta descriptions is written in an active tone, and that the message is accurate. That’s why the description should be focused on what your web content offers.


This is the only way that Google spiders will be able to understand the theme of your site.


Here’s an example:


Instead of writing “get tips for editing great photos”, write “edit photos by learning these great tips”.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - data informationEmotion 


The connection you can make with the user with just one or two sentences is important.


Because of this, you must create a unique Meta description for each web page.


You must also remember that Google doesn’t pay attention to sites with duplicate Meta descriptions or no description at all.






BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - data informationPersuasion is an element that cannot be missing from a Meta description. Once you convince users to click on your site, you can have a huge advantage over your competition. Thus, you have to make the user feel that your links will offer them all they need and will exceed their expectations.


It’s the only way you can reach organic traffic to generate more (CTR). On the other hand, there are many methods of persuasion, and you will need to study your audience’s profile to find out which one to use. Users, before becoming potential customers, don’t want details of your site, on the contrary, they prefer more extensive information about the benefits they can find on your site, and why it’s better than the competition.




BluCactus - ctrRelevance in a Meta description cannot be lacking, and to achieve this, you must briefly describe what your web page contains. Thus, if you have a png image optimization website, you should add keywords that are directly related to the png need.


When you put in a keyword that has nothing to do with your content, it confuses the user and will not be beneficial to your site. To hit strong keywords, check the ranking of your pages to find out which ones are the most relevant. Then, you will be able to get the most out of them by using them as your keywords.


But before using them, you must check which the words with which your visitors find the topic of your content the fastest are.


Keywords and phrases


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationThe more relevant your keywords or phrases are, the more chances you have to appear at the top of search results.



Before choosing keywords for your website, you should know that they are of great importance as only the best can stand up against the competition.


To help you find the best keywords, some programs can be very helpful to work on your site.


Besides, you can use several keywords as well as phrases that are at a competitive level.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationStand out


Perhaps this is one of the points that you shouldn’t forget, and it’s to stand out from your competition.


In the SERPS, several brands compete, and when the user enters their browser they will find many search results.


If the text you have used for your Meta description is very basic, the user will likely click on another website.



Guidelines for writing a Meta description correctly


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationThe goal of having a website is to get clicks while attracting potential customers. How to write a meta-description. By following the guidelines below, you will create a quality Meta description:


  • Write one to two sentences that are 140 to 160 characters long.
  • If necessary, add a call to action.
  • Include your keyword.
  • Do not add duplicate descriptions on your web pages.
  • Describe the content found within your web page.
  • Create sympathy with an emotion.


How to write a Meta description correctly?


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important information - seoNow, if you are already in front of your computer thinking of writing your Meta description, take the following points into account before starting:


Do detailed research on your keywords, How to write a meta-description 


Knowing the main objective of your brand is of great help to know which the keywords that will fit perfectly are.


To make your task easier, when doing your research you can group several keywords and phrases, and then choose the most suitable ones to use.


Write a draft, How to write a meta-description


BluCactus - exampleOnce you have your goals well established, write your first Meta description in a draft. Make sure to write it in an active tone and add relevant words and phrases. In short, add everything necessary to grab the user’s attention.


Study the competition, How to write a meta-description 


To study the competition, write your chosen keyword on the search engine. By doing this, you will know how your competition is using it to rank. Because of this, you must study their descriptions and other details. This way you will avoid writing the same as them. Thus, creating a creative, original, and high-quality Meta description.



BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationOutline your website, How to write a meta-description 


Keeping track of your web pages in an outline will help you write down individual descriptions for your articles.


If you want to deal with a specific topic, write the main ideas that will allow you to create a better development of your content.






Error! What not to do when writing a Meta description


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - data information

How to write a meta-description. Now that you know how to write a Meta description, you can start to write one. Once you do this, you must always take a last look at it before publishing. When writing a Meta description, as a general rule, don’t forget that “the shorter, the better”. In short, avoid creating Meta description with over 150 characters.


If after reading your Meta description several times, you don’t think it stands out, keep trying. In this sense, make as many changes as you deem necessary, all while ensuring it relates to your content. This way, the user won’t feel lied to once they click on your website. Thus, don’t stray from your main topic.


It’s also important that:


  • Don’t ignore keywords, and include at least one.
  • Avoid getting bored by using an active tone.
  • Do not include filler keywords.


A Meta description is vital if you want users to be interested in your content. This way, you will also add value to your website.


Add the power of conviction to your Meta description


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - keywordsOnce you begin the process of creating a Meta description, persuasion should be part of your writing. The idea is to convince the user to click on your link and not on your competition’s. Because of this, you must add specific words that reach the user quickly.


By having tailor-made text, you can stay focused on your goals to get more clicks and higher search engine rankings.


On the other hand, the length of a Meta description varies on Google. However, in general, it should be around 150 characters or less. This way you will have a better chance of grabbing the public’s attention and then turn them into leads.


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