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Learn how to identify your fashion business consumer behavior

Learn how to identify your fashion business consumer behavior. When a fashion business comes to light, be it online or physical, the main issue appears when we decide to set up our fashion business. After all, the first thing we must know is who it’s addressed to. This way, we can create strategies that allow them to be attracted to our business.


This knowledge is based on identifying what are those needs, consumption habits and what is that purchase decision process. This data is known as consumer behavior analysis. As you can see, your fashion business needs to have an impact on the industry.


Today we will talk about this topic to allow you to understand what is the analysis of consumer behavior. You will learn how to identify it, as well as its benefits and what are the strategies you can use in your fashion business. So, I invite you to keep reading and stay with us, because just as it’s important for us that you stay, it will be for your benefit.


What is fashion in consumer behavior?


In the world of fashion, the analysis of consumer behavior is vital. Only in this way can you ensure the relevance of your business and make it stand out. According to studies, consumption is already considered a phenomenon present in our lives.


So much so, that we cannot think of culture without taking it into account.


Because of this, the first thing we must do when analyzing our consumers is to stop calling them that. Instead, we must start calling them a user. Besides, understand that it’s important that we put the questionnaires aside and classify them. A client is a person who needs a change and does it through behavior on a social level, as well as an environmental one.


As a result, it’s a social being that is subject to constant pressures and very varied constraints.


This analysis is the knowledge obtained of how customers manage to interact with your brand. For this process, you have to segment it in a matter of common characteristics. Then, you have to observe each group in stages to know how they interact with your product or service.


This analysis provides information on the different consumption trends and the variables that influence the audience. Besides, it will help you come up with ideas of reasons, establish priorities and make decisions when choosing it. Finally, it will also make it easier for you to understand how your customers feel about your fashion business. Added to this, you will be able to identify how that perception aligns with the values ​​of your brand which will then allow you to create strategies to impact them.


What are the steps to analyze consumer behavior?


Analyzing your consumer can be quite a tedious task when it comes to carrying it out. That’s why BluCactus Arabic brings you this series of simple steps that you can use when analyzing consumer behavior in a very effective way.


  • Segment your audience. This segmentation is the first step you must follow to analyze. It is a process that consists of putting categories in your customer base. In doing so, you have to break down characteristics that take into account demographics. For example, gender, age, and location, although, you can include trends in web engagement, their preferred network channels, and online shopping habits. You can identify which are the characteristics that are most valuable for your business. For this, you can calculate the value of the customer’s life, purchase value, and frequency rate. Next, determine the income you can expect from the customer.
  • It denotes the win-win of the groups. By this, I mean that each client has a unique reason for choosing you and that’s why you must identify them. Go beyond the product and consider those external factors that help the customer in the purchase decision. After this behavior analysis, identify if the purchase was made by consciously searching for your brand if it was out of necessity or urgency. The budget is also important.


What is quantitative data?


This is the next step that defines that you must obtain one hundred percent quantifiable information about your customers.


Although some resources will be more accessible than others, you must get this information from internal and external sources. After all, this ensures that the image of your client is broader.


You can get them as blog subscription data, network information, or product usage reports.


Another point is that secondary media offer consumer reviews and competition analysis.


  • Compare qualitative and quantitative data.  Once you have all the information, you must compare the qualitative and quantitative data. To achieve this, do a review of the customer experience map. By comparing the two data sets with experience, you can develop a better understanding of the journey. Once you compare this data, you should identify some similar trends. Analyze obstacles and observe behaviors.
  • Run the analysis of your campaign. Now that you know how to identify the behavior of your customers, you must capitalize on it. To achieve this, you can use your findings to optimize the delivery of your content. For this, you must choose the best delivery channel for each person and take advantage of its opportunities.

What is the consumer’s buying behavior?


BluCactus - fashion business consumerConsumer behavior is influenced by certain factors or categories. At BluCactus we want to show you some of these. So, take note so that you keep it in mind.


  • Personal factors. This has to do with the interests and opinions of the consumer and is influenced by age, gender, and culture.
  • Psychological factors. The person’s response to a marketing message will always depend on their perception and attitude.
  • Social factors. When the elements are as simple as family, friends, educational level, networks, income. All of these influence the consumer’s behavior.
  • Economic factors. These factors are the most important. After all, it’s what determines if the consumer feels safe and willing to complete the transaction, regardless of their economic level.
  • Factors like marketing. Marketing campaigns have a huge influence when deciding on a purchase. If done correctly, you can persuade them to choose you over the other.


Involved in these factors, we then find some different consumer behaviors. The first would be when the consumer buys an expensive or unfamiliar product. Once these needs appear, the buyer will consult with other people. The second is the usual buying behavior, which is when the customer purchases a product for their daily life.


The third point is a consumer behavior that reduces dissonance. This is when the customer has difficulty choosing a product and is afraid of regretting the decision. Finally, we have the behavior of the variety search consumer. Here, the customer wants to try new products because of their need to vary.


BluCactus - fashion business consumer - Linn LarssonGenerally, when we want to understand consumer behavior, achieving it can be the key to reaching them and also achieving brand loyalty.


Now that you know these types of behavior, you must define which ones influence your customers.


Here, at BluCactus Arabic we recommend finding out which ones influence your customers by applying surveys.


If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry! BluCactus United Arab Emirates is here to help you grow your business and identify what you need to make it grow. With your knowledge tied to ours, the sky is the limit. Contact us now!


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