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14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEO

14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEO. Whether you agree or not, the Facebook page engagement levels have drastically fallen. Also, organic reach is decreasing day after day. In such a situation, running a Fashion Facebook page can be an intimidating task, especially for newcomers in the market. 


As a digital marketing agency, we feel this is an area of concern.


So, if you want to increase the engagement levels of your Fashion Facebook page, then keep reading this blog post till the end. In this blog post, we have shared 14 surefire tips that will help you scale any Facebook page through organic SEO efforts.


So without further ado, let’s begin.


1. Post less


Blucactus - postless - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOYou might be thinking that posting tons of content on Facebook will help you grow your Fashion page. To be honest, this is not the case. Facebook’s algorithm has changed over time. 


It is getting more complex and dynamic. But the one thing that remains constant is the power of quality content. Yes, Facebook’s algorithm still gives preference to quality content over quantity. 


We have seen many fashion pages on Facebook that just bombard their fans with low quality and irrelevant content. That is not going to work at all in 2021.


Today, quality content remains the king.


Instead of posting 2-4 low-quality content, focus on posting one single high-quality content a day. 


At BluCactus United Arab Emirates, we publish 1-2 content on Facebook on a single day. This helps create the best content for our users and fans. 


2. Check when your fans are online


Blucactus - check when your fans are online - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOWe used to believe there was a specific time to post on Facebook. However, this is not the case. When it comes to posting on Facebook, there is no secret formula. 


First, you need to understand that every page or brand has its own perfect time. In the case of a Fashion brand or a page, your perfect time could be Saturday or Sunday. Because that is when most people have a holiday and they might be looking for something to shop around.


Unfortunately, this happens only with a few lucky people. 


So, if you want to play your cards wisely, then post content when your audience is most active. For this, you can easily use your Facebook insight tool and find out at what time your audience was online on Facebook. 


You can also use social media scheduling apps like Buffer or HootSuite to find the same insights.


3. Try out videos


Blucactus - try out videos - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOVideo content is the next big thing and you should leverage it for sure. People are on Facebook for pleasure and leisure. They won’t read long and lengthy blog posts on Facebook. 


This is where video content comes into the picture. 


We have seen that video content performs best on Facebook. Also, research done by Buzzsumo suggested that video content gets twice as much engagement as compared to other forms of content on social media. 


Here are some video content tips for your Fashion Page on Facebook:


  • Start uploading how-tos and tutorial videos related to fashion. For example, how to wear jeans with a top, how to pinfold jeans, 5 ways to wear a denim jacket with t-shirts and jeans. Remember, people crave informative videos on Facebook. So, such content will surely help you a lot.


  • You can also publish an interview series of any fashion blogger, designer, or expert in your niche


  • Add captions and links in your video so that you can also drive referral traffic to your website. 


  • If you are running a fashion store, then showcase your product’s features, benefits, and so on.


4. Go live


Blucactus - go live - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOWe are 100% sure that going live on Facebook is not on your top to-do list. If this is the case, then you are surely losing out on a good number of opportunities in the market. Facebook’s algorithm tends to rank live videos higher in the feed as compared to other content.


In fact, Facebook also reported that people spend 3X more time watching live videos as compared to normal videos.


Additionally, Social Media Examiner, a top-rated social media blog, reported that when they go live, they receive more exposure and engagement. So, start using live videos from now on.


To make things easy for you, here are some tips:


  1. If you are running a Fashion store, then show a behind-the-scenes video of your store.
  2. You can also host a question-and-answer session with your audience. 
  3. Share live tips, tricks, and advice related to fashion.
  4. Share weekly and monthly tips. 


5. Share curated content


Blucactus - share curated content - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOWe know you might be feeling quite weird right now, but sharing the curated content of others might work for you. We share some of the best-created content of others in our niche. And it works like a charm for us. 


It not only saves our time but also helps us improve our engagement levels and reach. 


No, we are not recommending you to share your competitor’s content on your Facebook page. However, you can think of sharing some industry reports from top media publications. 


In the case of the Fashion niche, you can think of sharing the content of Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and many others. 


Apart from this, you can also think of sharing user-generated content if you are running a fashion store online. User-generated content will help you improve your sales, credibility, and authority.


Visit the Gopros Facebook and take some inspiration regarding user-generated content.


6. Ask questions and opinions


Blucactus - ask questions and opinions - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOAnother good way to increase the engagement of your Facebook page is by giving a chance to your audience to share their thoughts. And you can do this by asking them questions and opinions on a fashion-related topic.


If you are running a fashion store, then you can also ask the opinion of your audience about the new product launch and their views. 


Apart from this, you can also consider doing a Facebook poll.


If you run a fashion blog, then you can also think of sharing relevant news and information on it.


7. Share in groups


Blucactus - share in groupsIf you instantly want to increase the reach and engagement level of your Fashion based Facebook page, then start sharing content on various Facebook groups. We feel the Facebook group has an edge over the Facebook page. And that is true. 


We have seen a spike in our reach and engagement while sharing content on various Facebook groups. 


Here’s the technique that works:


  1. First, you need to join a few of the Facebook groups related to fashion, modeling, and beauty. Remember, you need to join only public groups and not private ones. 
  2. Once you have joined those groups, share your content with those groups. 
  3. Don’t directly publish the content on such groups. First, upload the content on your Facebook page and then share it in the group.


This technique will surely take your engagement to whole new levels.


8. Watch other Facebook pages


Blucactus - watch others facebook pageThe social media landscape is very dynamic. What’s working today might not work tomorrow or the day after that. That’s why it is very important for you to keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook page.


It can be helpful for you to check the other’s page and see what’s working for them.


Facebook offers an excellent tool called Facebook watch. In this tool, you can list down your competitor’s page and check out their KPIs like reach, engagement level, posts published, and so on. 


It does not give any personal information, but it can surely compare your performance with your competitors. Apart from this, it also allows you to check the top post of your competitors.


9. Experiment with new content ideas


Blucactus - experiment with new content ideasAnother great way to improve your Facebook page’s ranking is by experimenting with the new content format. 


A few years back, image content worked best on Facebook. Now, video content has taken the lead. In the coming years, user-generated content, live videos, and visual content will be booming. 


That’s why you need to keep on experimenting with the new type of content which will help you stay updated.


You can also use the 70/20/10 format of content strategy.


  • 70% of your content should be the content that is already performing well for you.
  • 20% of your content should be educational. Not sales-related.
  • 10% of your content should be experimental. 


Follow this strategy for a month and check what kind of result you get.


10. Reply to comments


If you want to organically grow your Fashion Facebook page, then reply to the comments of users without fail. Imagine a situation where you opted for service by seeing a Facebook ad. Now, you have some confusion regarding it and try to reach that brand commenting on their wall. 


But there is no reply from their end. How would you feel? Bad, right?


In the same way, when your followers comment on your post or on your wall, make sure that you reply to their comments. This will make them feel special and they’ll appreciate this gesture of yours. 


If it is a positive comment, then write a small thank you note. If it is a negative comment, then deal with it politely.


11. Do a giveaway 


Blucactus - do a giveawayThe next in this list of 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through SEO is doing a giveaway.


Giveaways are the most underrated technique to improve the Facebook page’s ranking. 


They will help you make your brand go viral within a few days.


Apart from this, the giveaway will also help you in generating leads and improving your conversion rates.


12. Create a Facebook group


Blucactus - create a facebook groupWe have already mentioned that organic reach on Facebook is dying. So, a better solution to increase your organic reach on Facebook is by starting a group or a community. 


Facebook group has an edge over the Facebook page. We have already mentioned this.




The Facebook group will also help you create a community of like-minded people. You can easily run and promote your offers in such groups. Also, you don’t need to worry about driving traffic as you already have a community of loyal followers.


13. Complete your profile


Blucactus - complete your profileDo you follow random profiles on Facebook?


Of course not. Nobody loves to follow a brand that is not genuine, authentic, and transparent. That’s why you should complete your Facebook page profile from top to the bottom. 


Mention each and every detail about your page. 


It will help you establish your trust, authority, and credibility in the minds of your audience. 


Also, make sure to have a good profile picture along with a stunning cover banner that goes with your fashion brand.


14. Be consistent 


Blucactus - be consistentThe last in this list of 14 tips to improve fashion Facebook page’s ranking is to publish content consistently. Consistency is the key to success. That’s why you need to ensure that your fans and followers are always occupied with quality content. 


Yes, consistency is important but it will be useless if you are not publishing quality content. Consistency and quality content go hand in hand. 


Photos, images, text, links, and videos are the 5 types of content that you should churn out on Facebook on a regular basis. UGC and live video can also provide good value to your audience. 


You must try publishing interesting and eye-catchy information about your fashion brand, business, or blog. 


A how-to guide and tutorial content works the best in the fashion niche.



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By using the 14 tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post, we are sure that you will definitely improve the ranking, reach, and engagement of your fashion Facebook page. Although fashion is a tough nut to crack, these tips might come in handy for you.


They are simple, easy, and effective. You can use a few social media tools and your creativity to get the most out of these 14 tips.


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