15 ways you can you can increase the organic click-through rate of your website for its success - Banner

15 ways you can you can increase the organic click-through rate of your website for its success

Have you already created your website, but nobody visits it? Perhaps one of the problems could be that you don’t get enough organic search traffic. In this sense, sometimes some customers struggle with their click-through rate (CTR) and they don’t know why.


BluCactus - click-through rate - ctrThere can be many reasons why an ad doesn’t work well. So for the most part, this problem is about using the right words in the right places. However, this isn’t rocket science and there aren’t any shortcuts to a truly effective PPC campaign.


There are tricks you can use to try to increase your ROI. These acronyms represent the return on investment and are a metric used to find out how much the company earned through its investments.


Furthermore, employing some top AdWords tips can fuel the process by lifting your click-through rate.


Are you ready? Let’s go! 


15 ways you can increase the organic click-through rate of your website for its success


  • Find long keywords 


BluCactus - keywordsLong keywords are vital to any SEO strategy and essential to blogging.


By finding long keywords and embedding them on your website, you will increase the volume of organic queries. Also, these words are crucial to building a solid sales channel.


On the other hand, while individual keywords can build importance from the beginning, long keywords seek to maintain it in the middle and at the end of the sentence. For example, when a user searches for “best bikes under $ 500” or “black Trek mountain bike”, they are more likely to find it with these searches than when they just search for “bike”.


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a computer his ctr

If you are a bicycle retailer or manufacturer, you will get more qualified clicks on long keywords. You can find these words in the following way:


Step 1: Visit Ubersuggest, enter your keyword, and click “Search”.


Step 2: Click on “Keyword Ideas” (left sidebar).


Step 3: Check your keyword list.



In addition to a long keyword list, the following aspects will also be provided:


  • Volume: Average number of searches the keyword receives each month.
  • BluCactus - people workingCPC: average cost per click if you want to pay for Google Plus.
  • PD (Paid Difficulty) – Estimated proficiency in paid search (the higher the number, the more competitive it is).
  • SD (SEO Difficulty) – Estimated proficiency in organic search (the higher the number, the more competitive it is).


To get even more keywords you can click on the four tabs next to “suggestions”. These are:


  • Related
  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons


For example, the “questions” tab shows what the target audience is looking for.


To get the highest volume of keywords, just click “related”.


  • Write effective meta-descriptions, 15 ways to increase your click-through rate  


BluCactus - click-through rate - google adwordsThe meta-description tags make up the majority of your SERP (search engine results page) entry.


These tags tell potential visitors what to expect when clicking a link.


Therefore, writing an effective description tag can greatly increase click-through rates. In this sense, it’s often claimed that a book cannot be judged by its cover.


However, a short descriptive paragraph is an argument for your potential customers. Likewise, it will take 160 characters to write an effective meta-description.


BluCactus -keywordsIn addition, search engines can display a sentence that contains the search keywords to provide context. They do this through the use of a description tag.


Likewise, this tactic works well for sites like Amazon. This is thanks to their detailed product descriptions and customer reviews.


So when a person searches for “men’s wallet with coin compartment”, Amazon will surely be the second result, even though the exact query doesn’t appear in the title or URL.


You can also control what search engines show for your page preview by entering a meta-description in WordPress with Yoast.


  • Implement structured data


This data, also known as outline frames, is the key component of much of Google’s rich SERP interactive content. For example, if you search for “Best Movies of 2017,” you may be presented with an endless list of the best movies of that year, according to Google.


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a computer his ctrFurthermore, these interactive information boxes tend to appear mostly in search results and can evade SEO if you have the right outline that Google’s algorithms search for. It’s a sign of what’s to come, as Google clearly sees that search is presented in a whole new way.


On the other hand, social networks like Twitter and reference sites like Wikipedia and IMDB have been using outline markup for a long time.


If you add just the right touch of interactive color to your SERP results, you could become the standard in your sector. Likewise, don’t forget that if you don’t use structured data, you run the risk of being invisible on the new Internet.


  • Create posts with images, 15 ways to increase your click-through rate  


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a cellphone his ctrWe know that images are worth more than 1,000 words when it comes to click-through rates.


In fact, in a recent survey, over 90% of marketers responded that they used visual content in most of their articles published in 2015 and 2016. Thus, be sure to include original and relevant visual content in most of your content.


Including images can increase click rates by up to 42% in emails. Likewise, the images can increase engagement in all social media platforms.


Relating this point to the previous two, there cannot be 1,000 words in the search previews. However, you can use images. Also, images play an important role when included in information boxes.


  • Use descriptive URLs


Your page URL is a means of implementing long-tail keywords. These words are one of the few things that appear in your link preview to attract clicks.


BluCactus - urls

Therefore, add more keywords to increase search engine visibility with your URLs. Likewise, the URL length, path, and categories can also affect search results. This is another aspect of SEO that Amazon excels at.


When posting blog posts or web pages it’s important to properly categorize and subcategorize URLs. 


URLs are a great way to tell customers that they are only viewing one product from your wide selection. This is the optimal URL format to increase clicks:




You can change the format in WordPress in Settings and then going to Permalinks.


  • Simplify your title format, 15 ways to increase your click-through rate 


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a computer his ctrThe first aspect of every page you see in search results is the title.


In this sense, positioning on the web is often taken for granted, an attitude that damages the search ranking.


However, one tip that may work is to move or remove the site name from its title tag using Yoast SEO for WordPress.


This will carry a penalty or boost in Google’s search algorithms. It’s simply a way of keeping your name in front of people’s eyes.


  • Find your content


For the past five years, Google has focused on mobile devices. This is because mobile searches have steadily increased since 2011, surpassing desktop computers as the preferred method of search. So this produced a change in the way search results are presented.


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a computer his ctrIn addition, the context of what we are looking for changes on mobile devices depending on where we are. Google’s search algorithms explain this. In fact, a study published in Moz revealed that the proximity factor has become more important in search rankings since 2015. It’s also the number one search factor in localized SEO.


So if you want to increase click-through rates, defining your content by location is a great way to do it. Likewise, a client from Phoenix that’s looking for an AC repair service can search for “Air Conditioning Repair” or “Phoenix air conditioning repair”. This, in turn, would cover both bases. Likewise, we recommend you to register your business in Google MyBusiness. This can, literally, put you on the map. Thus, your clients will be able to easily find you.


How it does this, you ask? Well, when people search for keywords related to your business, your location will appear at the top of search results. This will then, redirect them to google maps. Furthermore, if you have a store, you can show their hours of operation, location, addresses, and phone numbers. Therefore, this is a much more efficient way of attracting customers than placing signs in the corner.


  • Lists, 15 ways to increase your click-through rate 


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a computer his ctrThanks to popular websites like BuzzFeed, Cracked.com, and The Huffington Post, lists are everywhere.


People love lists that end in 0. For example, 10, 20, and so on. However, the range of 10-20 items per list is clearly optimal. Besides, these types of lists obtain better results than those with 8 or 12 elements.


On the other hand, almost any type of list is popular, but career and pop culture lists are the ones that rule. Because of this, begin to think about how you can take advantage of the lists for your business. An idea may be a list of the top 10 products or services you provide in each category. Also, you could list 20 ways your business makes life easier or 30 industry professionals you admire. 


Even a step-by-step training guide counts as a list. So, don’t wait any longer and create yours.


  • Test headlines on social media


BluCactus - people workingSince strong titles are important, good research is required to present these types of titles. So a good place to start is with the CoSchedule headline analysis tool. This is based on data analysis, but the only way to know how your headline will fare is to publish it in the real world.


Because of this, social media is a great place to try alternative headlines. Choose a title to post and WordPress can automatically advertise it on social media.


From there you can see how many clicks, retweets, and favorites you get with that title.


If the alternative wins, your A or B test will tell you to change it for SERPs. This works best if you have a large following.



  •  Use Yoast Preview, 15 ways to increase your click-through rate 


BluCactus - click-through rate - yoastIf you use WordPress, you should have Yoast installed. This is an all-in-one SEO suite that guarantees the best possible results. It’s a wonderful SEO tool.


With this tool, while writing a post you will have the option to see a preview of the snippet as it would look in Google SERPs.


Additionally, Yoast helps you determine if your snippet is meaningless or causes some keyword to be incomplete. It also shows status bars that in real-time let you know when you have reached the maximum character limit. Similarly, Yoast shows what the mobile or desktop version of your content would look like.


On the other hand, don’t worry if you don’t have WordPress, as there is a solution for you in the next point.


  •  Use Google AdWords to preview


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in a cellphone his ctrThe Google AdWords preview tool is an alternative to Yoast SEO. It has an additional feature that Yoast doesn’t. As of 2016, with Google Adwords, the content preview can be optimized for mobile devices or computers.


Likewise, this tool offers the option of creating alternative titles and descriptions. Thus, this is a great way to create and see how different ideas would work for content.


Therefore, write the title to verify in Title 1, the name of your site in Title 2, and a brief description. Then you will automatically notice that the meta-description isn’t exact, but you will get a general idea.


However, please note that neither Google AdWords nor Yoast can verify your outline. For this, you will need to use Google’s structured data testing tool.


  •  Identify winners and losers of the click-through rate (CTR), 15 ways to increase your click-through rate 


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in his ctrThere are two places in Google Analytics to obtain this information. First, go to Acquisition – Search Console – Queries to find out what queries lead to your page. There, you will notice that this report shows clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through rate), and the average SERP position.


All this information is important because it will allow you to analyze it frequently. Likewise, this report can offer even more detailed information like how many impressions or clicks you get on a given link. This also shows bounce rates, sessions, conversions, and other valuable data.


In short, with this data, you can know which of your pages get excellent clicks and which don’t work.


  •  Optimize site speed


BluCactus - optimized site speedA click doesn’t count if your page doesn’t load before the user decides to visit another page. Therefore, site speed is critical to improving clicks and overall user experience. Likewise, the page load speed is correlated with Google’s SERP position.


On the other hand, on mobile devices, a jump of one to three seconds in site loading speed will increase bounce rates by 32%. Therefore, this result makes improving the loading speed a priority to maintain a good click rate. Likewise, this speed is also important for SEO.


However, there are many free tools to check the speed of your site. Once again, Ubersuggest can help you. Here’s how to get started:


Step 1: Enter your URL and click “Search”.


Step 2: Click on “Site Audit” in the left sidebar.


Step 3: Scroll down to “Site Speed”.


This result will show you the charging time for desktop and mobile devices. In addition to the charging time, you could also try:


  • Speed ​​index
  • Time to interact
  • First CPU idle


Also, Ubersuggest will describe exactly what you need to do to improve. So make the necessary changes and then test your site speed again. This is all it takes!


  • Use expanded text ads and extensions, 15 ways to increase your click-through rate 


BluCactus - text adsBrevity is believed to be the soul of ingenuity, but brevity can also damage your CTR. This is because with ads sometimes a brief provocation isn’t enough. In this case, expanded text ads can save the day by letting you run ads with a longer copy. Plus, they work well if you’re looking for long keywords or need a little more space for additional persuasion.


Furthermore, more keywords mean more opportunities to convey your content and for a keyword match of a search.


Similarly, you can use extensions to amplify your ads. These site link extensions are a great way to get more targeted clicks. So you could add up to four links to your ad copy. Then each of these links will lead to a different and personalized landing page. The key is to use these links properly and make sure they stay associated with the ad.


BluCactus - karooyaEnter other keywords that may be relevant to your search terms. For example, Nike Extensions consists of all the options relevant to the time of the year of the search.


On the other hand, if you are trying to receive local traffic, location extensions work and will improve your CTR. Additionally, you can also use call extensions to add a business number to your ad. In this way, your potential customers could call you directly from their phones. However, a received call doesn’t improve the CTR of your ad, but it represents a victory and lets you know which ads are working.


If you want to preview your expanded ad, please go to Karooya to preview it before committing to it. This will help you modify your ads for maximum impact.


  • Add competitor keywords to your titles


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in his ctrOften, you pay a lot of money for having the best keywords. However, the truth is that if you are trying to rank for some of the most popular keywords, you won’t get clicks unless you are a big influencer.


However, the good news is that you don’t have to search for the most competitive keywords in the entire industry. Instead, consider looking for the keywords that your competitors use. You can even include your competitors in your ad copy.


Furthermore, if you don’t want to mention competitors directly in your ads, you can use this strategy to improve your keywords. In this case, if you aren’t sure what terms the competition uses, try scanning other ads with SpyFu.


For this, go to SpyFu and enter your competitor’s website. SpyFu will give you a list of organic and paid keywords. Plus, by clicking on the pay keywords tab, you’ll get the CPC and the keywords are working for your competitors.


You can also quickly scan your ad copy with keywords that fit your business, and then include them in your own ad titles. This is very effective.


Conclusion of 15 ways to increase your click-through rate 


BluCactus - click-through rate - person working in his ctrOrganic search traffic is one of the most important elements of any digital marketing plan. This traffic consists of free customers who come in to explore your business, brand, products, or services.


Likewise, the only way to attract this traffic is to get clicks from Google and other search engines. Thus, by improving click-through rates, you will be able to increase the overall organic search traffic and conversions.


Furthermore, search results were previously optimized with keywords. Then long-tail keywords were used. Structured data is now the key to staying on top of search results and getting clicks.


We are BluCactus, a Digital Marketing Agency whose purpose is to give you the best solutions. If your website or blog represents a company or venture and you want to improve the CTR, we can help you. For this, we have a trained team of experts at your disposal. 


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