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14 Must Read Instagram Marketing Books

14 Must Read Instagram Marketing Books in the United Arab Emirates. Looking for the best Instagram marketing strategies and books? If yes, then we have got you covered. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms for marketing and promotion. 


The 14 books mentioned in this blog post will surely help you in taking your Instagram marketing efforts to the next level.


So, without further ado, let’s begin. 


1. Instagram Power, Second Edition: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with Visual Influence


Blucactus-1-Instagram-Power-Second-Edition-Build-Your-Brand-and-Reach-More-Customers-with-Visual-InfluenceDo you want to build your brand and reach out to more customers with Instagram?


If yes, then this book is for you.


This book unlocks the proven strategies and step-by-step process in setting up a brand on Instagram.


From setting up a business account to monetizing it, this Instagram marketing book covers everything.


It will also teach you how to leverage Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram ads. You will also learn about various tools which will help you in editing photos and videos.


2. Instagram Secrets


Blucactus-2-Instagram-secrets-by-JeremyDo you want to get huge followers on Instagram?


Do you want to monetize your followers?


If your answer to the above questions is yes, then this book will help you in achieving your goal.


The book guides you in setting up a perfect Instagram profile from scratch. It also teaches you the techniques for creating engaging Instagram videos that go viral.


The author knows the importance of Instagram hashtags and captions. Hence, he covers them in detail in Chapters 14 and 15.


3. One Million Followers by Brendan Kane


Blucactus-3-One-million-followers-by-Brenden-KaneAre you struggling to get Instagram followers?


Worry no more. You are not alone. 


There are many people like you who are struggling to get a huge fan following on social media.


If you are struggling too much, then it’s time to read this wonderful book by Brendan Kane.


In this book, Brendan shares some actionable strategies that will skyrocket your social following in 30 days.


The book contains no fluff stuff. It only contains relevant and time-worthy information.


4. Instagram Marketing by Victor Marco


Blucactus-4-Instagram-marketing-by-Victor-MarcoInstagram marketing is going to be the next big thing.


Nearly 25 million businesses are already leveraging the power of Instagram marketing.


So, if you are looking forward to learning and using Instagram marketing, read this guide by Victor Marco.


This book will instruct you on how to grow your audience, sell products, and deliver messages on Instagram. It also tells you the 10 reasons why you should use Instagram for business.


The book also takes you through a few Instagram automation tools and bots. It explains the pros and cons of using such tools.


5. Instagram For Business For Dummies


Blucactus-5-Instagram-for-business-for-dummiesInstagram For Business For Dummies is a 320-page guide that covers Instagram marketing in detail.


This is the only Instagram book that tells you how to promote your products on Instagram strategically. It unlocks the secrets of promoting any product on Instagram.


The book will also guide in creating targeted paid ads on Instagram and tips for using IGTV.


Apart from this, you will also learn things like how to take pictures and record awesome videos for Instagram.


6. Instagram Marketing Beginner’s Guide by Mark Miller


Blucactus-6-Instagram-marketing-beginners-guide-by-Mark-MillerIf you are looking for a beginner’s guide on Instagram marketing, then start with this book.


This Instagram book will answer all your doubts and queries regarding Instagram marketing.


The first chapter of the book will make you familiar with Instagram and how it works. It will also walk you through Instagram algorithms.


Later on, you will explore things like growing followers, creating content, and more. It also has mind-blowing practical strategies which will help you in becoming an Instagram influencer.


7. The Last Instagram Marketing Book You Will Ever Buy


Blucactus-7-The-last-Instagram-marketing-book-you-will-ever-buyThis book is truly one of the best Instagram marketing books of all time.


It has got all the features, characteristics, and nuances which a marketing book must have.


The book rightly tells how to find your target audience and deliver the content they need. It also explains how to run Instagram ad campaigns in detail.


To make the Instagram game easier for readers, the book has checklists, tested tactics, tips, and more.


8. Instagram Marketing by Mark Gray


Blucactus-8-Instagram-marketing-by-Mark-GrayIf you are looking for books on Instagram advertisements, then buy this book right now.


This book contains all the information regarding Instagram ads. It covers basic and advanced level information which you won’t get elsewhere.


After reading this book, you will surely become a master of Instagram ads.


Following are the topics that you will explore in this book.


  • Introduction to Instagram ads.
  • Tips for setting Instagram ad goals.
  • Managing story ads.
  • Instagram analytics and more.


9. Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand On Social Media


Blucactus-9-Influencer-building-your-personal-brand-on-social-mediaIf you want to build your personal brand on Instagram or any other social media platform, then this book will help you out.


The book shares some techniques that will help you build your audience on Instagram.


It also tells you different ways to monetize for the audience and earn money.




10. Instagram Marketing Secrets by Robb Taroni


Blucactus-10-Instagram-marketing-secrets-by-Robb-TaroniDo you want to know all the secrets of Instagram marketing?


If yes, then read this Instagram book by Robb Taroni.


The book will tell you how to use Instagram for business and networking. You will also learn about the types of content that go viral on Instagram.


The best part about the book lies in chapter 3. This chapter guides you on how to grow your Instagram account organically. In this chapter, the author explains the concepts of interest, recency, and relationship.


11. Instagram Marketing Step-By-Step by Bryan Bren


Blucactus-11-Instagram-Marketing-step-by-step-by-Bryan-BrenAre you looking for a step-by-step guide that allows growing your business on Instagram?


If your answer is yes, then check out this book by Bryan Bren.


The book trains you to turn your followers into loyal customers by creating top-quality content.


It also tells you the truth about Instagram ranking algorithms, and how they work. Once you have understood this, no one can stop you from getting success from Instagram.


In this book, you will also learn about analyzing, tracking, and reporting data for Instagram ads.


12. Instagram Marketing 2019 by Jack Gray


Blucactus-12-Instagram-marketing-2019-by-Jack-GrayThis book will teach you how to use Instagram for business in a more productive and secure way.


The author has listed down lots of new tips and tricks which will grow your account rapidly.


The book also tells about what to post, how to post, and when to post content on Instagram.


Moreover, this book also tells you how you can earn money through Instagram. The author talks about affiliate marketing, selling pictures, sponsored posts, selling ad space, and more.


In the last chapter of this book, you will find some valuable case studies that are eye-opening.


13. Instagram Marketing by James Moore


Blucactus-13-Instagram-marketing-James-MooreThis is the shortest book on our list of Instagram marketing books.


This book just contains 34 pages. However, it does not miss out on giving value to readers.


The book is very precise and talks about no-nonsense things. It contains only relevant and on-point information.


In this book, the author teaches how to write a killer bio, get more likes & followers, and other such things.


Let us tell you that this book is not an advanced-level guide. It contains only basic and beginners level information.


14. Instagram Marketing by Michael Robert


Blucactus-14-Instagram-marketing-by-Michael-RobertAre you someone who is struggling to grow their Instagram Page?


If yes, then this Instagram marketing book will surely help you out.


The core content of this book revolves around creating and growing an Instagram page.


The book tutors you on how to create an Instagram profile page and gain followers rapidly. It tells you secret Instagram growth strategies which are known by few experts.


Hence, if you really want to grow your page with millions of followers, get started with this book.


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These 14 Instagram marketing books are top-rated and written by experts in the field.


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