The why’s and how’s of LinkedIn Business strategies: Find the best one and guarantee the success of your company - Banner

The why’s and how’s of LinkedIn Business strategies: Find the best one and guarantee the success of your company

This platform is a social network founded in 2002. Its content is based on the creation of industry, professional, and business topics. Which pes strategies are useful when creating a company on LinkedIn? Today’s article will give you an answer to the LinkedIn Business strategies. 


The average LinkedIn user creates a profile to introduce themselves and find a job. A company, on the other hand, uses its profile to make itself known, establish connections, and increase visits to its website. The first thing that a company does to generate business is to show its image. This is the main goal of any organization. They focus on capturing the attention of the public and on having a better market share.


If you focus on the B2B field to promote a company, this isn’t so different from that. There are many digital channels with great potential to capture leads, create a community, and make your products and services known.


The why’s and how’s of LinkedIn Business strategies


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies -as a toolSpecifically, business strategies on LinkedIn have become the focus of every business that claims to have a digital presence. Furthermore, companies need to understand the importance of being where the target audience is.


The strategies to generate or do more business can be very diverse. We recommend improving the image of the company with valuable content, promotional actions, and a good marketing plan. Therefore, LinkedIn is positioned as a social network that no company should ignore.


Do you want an excellent strategy for your company? You have come to the right place. Contact us and we will define the best strategy for your brand.


Strategies for companies on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn Business strategies,  Does this platform serve as a tool?


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keysYes, it does. We can use LinkedIn as a marketing tool even if its popularity comes from being the job network with most employees. Many companies and professionals have become relevant and the standard in their sector through the use of this platform. Thus, it’s not a coincidence that this platform has over 400 million active users. It also has self-employed workers who serve as company ambassadors.


This network represents a new professional meeting space. Besides, it has generated a new way of creating strategies aimed at the B2B connection. Besides this, LinkedIn allows us to develop more innovative strategies for commercial purposes.


All this while taking into account concepts such as brand performance or the creation of interesting or useful content for users.


For its part, brandformance is a recently popular term. It comprises the fusion of performance and branding, and its aim is to generate brand recognition.


LinkedIn isn’t just a space to improve your brand image; it can be used for market research and analysis. This study can be carried out through active social listening, the generation of debates, and the monitoring of profiles in a specific field. Thus, it can be useful to follow trends, learn opinions, and create professional databases. You can achieve this with the network and the company’s level of exposure on LinkedIn.


As you can see, this social network is very relevant for advertising campaigns and for content generation.


That said, strategies for companies on LinkedIn shouldn’t be missing in any marketing campaign or plan aimed at meeting your business objectives.


Ideas for creating business strategies on LinkedIn


  • Position the company brand, LinkedIn Business strategies  


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - positions of the brandThis can be done if you want to give exposure to a personal or professional brand. You can also do this if you want to promote the services that your company offers. LinkedIn is a very useful application that offers great exposure to your brand.


On this platform, you will find everything you could want. Things such as sector and contact information, or specialists can be found here.


With both a company page and a professional profile, you will be able to gain a fantastic position on Google.


When it comes to the creation of a content marketing BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - engagementstrategy, LinkedIn has you covered. With it, you can do many things, such as sharing interesting content updates or news about your company or sector. However, as in any content strategy, you must be selective and publish what your audience demands.


Likewise, we recommend that you keep your page updated and also describe the services you offer. Remember that as your brand develops, your profile should as well.


Similarly, you can be present in forums and groups related to your industry and take part by providing relevant information. As you may have noticed, there are many business strategies on LinkedIn.


  • Create content


BluCactus - woman workingLinkedIn also offers the ability to post your own articles within a blogging tool called Pulse. To tell the truth, few people use Pulse.


Because of this, you can post your content here and take advantage of the positioning that LinkedIn offers you. Besides, this can be very beneficial for your marketing strategy.


If you own a personal blog, use it as a focus to create additional content, improve your conversions, and drive traffic to your website.


On the other hand, if you don’t have a blog, but your BluCactus - people workingconsumers are on LinkedIn, post on Pulse, and share updates from other posts.


This could be effective in your strategy.


As a reminder, we point out that even if you generate content on LinkedIn; it doesn’t mean that this content is visible to other social networks. Give your content a good exposure so it generates engagement.


You must analyze the LinkedIn metrics on your content. This way, you can design a publishing strategy based on the content that works best for you and your target audience.


  • Content creation strategy, LinkedIn Business strategies  


BluCactus - people workingThe people who are active on LinkedIn are the most interested in consuming quality content. Therefore, you should share your personal or corporate blog articles on this platform. This will give exposure to the contents of your site.


Some recommendations are:


  • Try including videos, images, and infographics in your content. People like this type of content better than the ones that do not have them.
  • Use custom links to properly monitor your content.
  • Provide context to your posts. A small headline or review will suffice. This will let your users know what the content you share is about.


  • Ad promotion of your page


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - promotionAs well as in other social networks, LinkedIn also offers you the possibility of using paid campaigns with different objectives:


  • Generate traffic to your site
  • Capture leads
  • Increase your sales
  • Improve the positioning of your brand


There are many ways to run a LinkedIn campaign. Some of them are:


  • Promoted publications for brand pages.
  • Ads: Optimized based on text, images, or videos.


Also, this platform provides some excellent segmentation tools. Because of this, you will be able to viralize your content among your target audience to optimize your strategy.


  • Create engagement and take advantage of your LinkedIn, LinkedIn Business strategies 


BluCactus - people working for the companyThis website offers us a lot of information about the events that occur around us. However, we must highlight the following actions.


  • Analyze the users who visit your profile. If you do this, you will be able to establish interesting and profitable relationships. You will be able to expand these relationships in the future.
  • Pay close attention to the impact of your actions if you’re part of a business.
  • Analyze each of the LinkedIn feedbacks and, based on this information, reorganize your content strategy.


With a well thought out strategy and perseverance, you can see how interactions with like-minded users will be constantly increasing.


Keys to an excellent strategy


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keys od strategyTo take full advantage of all the benefits LinkedIn provides. You should update your profile, generate contacts, and start a marketing strategy on this platform.


Next, we will highlight the following:


  • Incorporate your employees into your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have them, don’t worry! You can add those related to your company through links on their professional profiles.


Likewise, it’s convenient to show your profile images to reinforce the concept of the human capital of your brand.


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keys of strategyLinkedIn Business strategies, What does this mean?


Once the details are taken care of, you will be able to convey the credibility of your company through its profile. Besides, you will also be creating a network of contacts.


  • The philosophy and values ​​of the company must be highlighted frequently through its publications and reflected in the extract from its company page.
  • Describe and highlight your products or services in the information section of your company. There, you will be able to add a description, photos, and even videos to advertise your list of products.
  • BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - keysAnalyze if your competition is present on LinkedIn. How you publish, what options you have activated, and who makes up your network are key aspects you must always remember.
  • Correctly select keywords that can help you appear in search results within LinkedIn.


You can also find out what your target audience is and which profiles will allow you to expand the scope of your publications. To do this you must use a good selection of keywords and the advanced search option.


  • As in any other social network, you must generate or share quality content and be careful with that.


Always relate to your professional sector to obtain shared documents and increase your presence. This way, you could become a link node within the professional activity of your brand.


Other tips to develop a winning strategy


  • BluCactus - people workingBe active and don’t just talk about your company


For this, you can generate professional content and participate in debates. You could also join forums with topics related to your professional sector or that may interest you. This way, you will show where your business stands on certain issues.


  • You can build the reputation of your company by answering questions and queries left by your users. They can do it through the links you share or the updates you publish.


This way, users will see that behind your brand, people are willing to help them.


  • BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - as a toolPost important events or updates with LinkedIn Plus. To do this, you must be an administrator of the company page.
  • Post job offers or career opportunities to gain followers and become a page of interest.


Don’t forget that to develop business strategies on LinkedIn you need to be constantly active.


  • If your brand is present on other social networks, you can add the LinkedIn link on them.


We do not recommend republishing your content on other networks. This is because what works on Facebook doesn’t have to be done on LinkedIn. In this case, they are very different and they have different objectives.


  • Measure and monitor the results of your strategy on LinkedIn through the statistics tab as much as you can.

BluCactus - woman working

Platform advantages of LinkedIn Business strategies 



At this point, our goal is to guide those companies that are wondering if it’s worth having a presence on LinkedIn.


First of all, we clarify that the growth and importance of LinkedIn are undeniable. In less than a decade, this social network went from 25 million users to its current 500 million.


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies -benefitsIt’s estimated that 93% of large American corporations recognize LinkedIn as their favorite social network to position themselves on the Internet.


Here we will indicate some of the benefits that this community can provide to companies:


  • According to a study by HubSpot; this platform is 200% more effective at generating leads for the company’s database than Facebook or Twitter.
  • It allows you to position your brand in a remarkable business environment.
  • 53% of business-to-business (B2B) companies have BluCactus - people working on his cellphonereached one or more customers through LinkedIn. While the percentage for business-to-customer (B2C) companies is at 22%.
  • 8 out of 10 LinkedIn users are 35 years or older. This places them in an interesting age range from a commercial point of view.
  • Qualified direct connections with contacts and suppliers in your sector.
  • 55% of job seekers do so through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. This can help you to reduce costs in the company’s personnel selection process.
  • It’s important to highlight that 83% of B2B marketers are regular users of LinkedIn, a percentage that stands at 51% when it comes to B2C companies.
  • Possibility of recruiting professionals and finding new talents.
  • Promotion of the brand’s products in a professional environment.
  • LinkedIn can also be successful at gaining a presence in the media. This is shown by the 65% of journalists that have used it as a source of information.

LinkedIn Business strategies. Conclusion


BluCactus - LinkedIn Business strategies - contact usIn summary, a marketing strategy can be built through different content on LinkedIn. As a result, this can be very productive. Consistency is your main friend to achieve success on this platform.


For this, we recommend defining your objectives and buyer persona, as well as some suitable KPIs.


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