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How to make an ad on Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes?

How to make an ad on Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes? Google is our best ally when we want to search for information of any kind. But this is not all, since it offers a variety of products and services, such as Google Ads. This is Google’s ad platform, and it is very useful for the sale of sports shoes.


If you are in the athletic footwear market, it is important that you learn how to use Google Ads to boost your business. In this article, we will give you the best tips to make successful ads that generate sales and higher online conversions.


How profitable is Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes? 


BluCactus - woman with a thumbs up and smilingGoogle Ads allows advertisers to gain visibility on the Internet. That is why, if you have a sport shoes business, thanks to this platform you can generate traffic to your website through keyword ads. You will also have access to advanced targeting options. Everything to increase conversions and sales, since you will be able to reach people interested in your products.


There are many people who often wonder if a sneakers ad on Google Ads is profitable for sale. Certainly, this ad platform allows you to keep control of your advertising budget. For this reason, it is a flexible tool where you as an advertiser can set daily or monthly limits. This depends on the amount of money available to spend on your campaigns.


Therefore, Google Ads is profitable not only for a sports shoe business, but also for companies in other sectors and of any size. Advertisers pay only when a user clicks on their ad, so there will be no money lost. In addition, as an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to target your ads to specific demographics, such as age, gender, interests, and location.


How to use Google Ads correctly for the sale of sports shoes? 


BluCactus - smartphone showing google appsWhen using a platform such as Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes, paying for ads is not enough. To achieve success, it is important to create a good advertising idea, applying strategies that help achieve site conversion:


Establish concise objectives 


Before you start creating ads, you should set your goals clearly. What do you want to achieve with advertising for your sneakers? It could be to increase traffic to the website, promote new sneaker models, or increase conversions.


Research keywords 


If you have made the decision to create a Google Ads campaign, it is important that you research the keywords that people tend to use when searching for sports shoes online. For example, these are some of the most commonly used words for this type of search: tennis shoes, gym shoes, sports shoes for sale, buy tennis shoes online, etc. There are other related terms that can help you, depending on the type or brand of sports shoes you have for sale.


BluCactus - smartphone showing google apps - ads on youtubeCreate effective ads 


After you have your advertising goals and keyword ideas clear, it’s time to start creating informative and eye-catching sneaker ads. Be creative, adding impactful titles and detailed descriptions of each of your products.


In the description, you could point out various features. Such as whether the sneakers are made of leather, leather or canvas, whether the soles have grip and flexibility, or whether they are water-resistant.


Select the correct format 


There are many ways to impact your potential customers through Google Ads. This platform handles many formats to make effective ads: mobile app ads, YouTube ads, text-only ads and display and graphic-based ads.


BluCactus - smartphone showing google apps - ads on youtubeSegment your audience appropriately 


Your target audience must be properly segmented. So that you know their demographic interests such as age and gender, or geographic interests such as country, region, or city.


However, it is good to know if they are athletes and what sport they specifically play. By managing this information, your ads can be seen by the right people interested in buying sports shoes.


Monitors for better adjustment of results


Monitoring your results is more important than you can imagine. This way you can know which ads have performed better and which ones need to be improved. Also, it lets you know if you should make an adjustment in both your budget and target audience segmentation, if the results are still not what you expected.


BluCactus - smartphone showing google apps - ads on youtubeCreate a branding campaign 


As a footwear entrepreneur, you must promote the brands you offer, this includes both your brand and those of other manufacturers. Many companies are in search of new suppliers and make use of brands in their search.


Get inspiration from the competition 


There is a lot of competition in the athletic footwear market. So it’s not a bad idea to do a review of companies that use the same keywords. Also, you can look at their ads on Google Ads. And above all, pay attention to the way they talk about their potential customers, what are their differentiating sales arguments and how they present the different footwear models on the web. 


Why should I invest in Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads works to promote sports shoes for sale. However, to ensure its effectiveness, it is important to create an optimized campaign that generates a good flow of leads. As a result, you will get a marketing campaign with a high return on investment. If you are currently using pay-per-click (PPC) to advertise your products, you can’t leave Google Ads out of your strategy.


At BluCactus Arabic we are digital marketing specialists in United Arab Emirates, and we have a team specialized in creating Google Ads campaigns. Contact us right now to let us take care of promoting your sneakers business through attractive ads that will help you reach your potential customers.


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