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The best marketing strategies for the haute couture industry

The best marketing strategies for the haute couture industry. Today, marketing strategies can work for any sector, even haute couture. However, the haute couture industry needs more than just a few marketing strategies. They must also have precise objectives and other elements.


The most popular haute couture brands are experts when it comes to creating a good marketing action plan. That’s why they easily stand out from others. Besides, they know how to adapt to today’s trends to keep offering the luxury that their clients are looking for.


On the other hand, luxury brands have to satisfy the needs of both their current public and new customers. That’s why they chose to use digital marketing strategies and other tools. This way, they’re able t0 grab the attention of the public and increase their sales.

What are the best promotion strategies for haute couture brands?


If you have an haute couture brand, you may have asked yourself how the most important designers got to where they are. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems.


After all, year after year, they had to prove why they’re the best. Here is where marketing comes to play an important role.


Thanks to it, designers can promote themselves and continue to outperform the competition.


Because of this, you must know what are those fashion marketing tactics or strategies that haute couture brands use to maintain their positioning over the years:

They use social media 


At this time, advances in technology have managed to fit in perfectly, especially in the new generation. Previously, people thought that haute couture brands were unattainable. However, that mindset has been changing thanks to social media. After all, today, the most important fashion brands have started to use them to interact with the consumer.


How? Well, they use them to:

  1. Show their values,
  2. New trends
  3. Their most recent collections


For this, they use images, videos, and other communication elements part of this medium.


Besides, they use social media to highlight their philosophy and everything related to the brand. In reality, the use of social media such as Instagram and Facebook have been very helpful for haute couture. Thanks to it, they have known how to adapt to the times of today.


Customers highly value knowing previously anonymous brand information. That’s why haute couture brands not yet interested in making a more special and direct contact with consumers simply will not succeed.


As examples of clothing company strategies, we can look at haute couture brands such as Dior and Balenciaga. These brands carried out digital fashion shows through Facebook Live. This is a sign that the pandemic or other complicated situations aren’t an obstacle to connecting with their followers, and Gucci’s marketing strategies are also a sign of this.


Another important fact is that through social media, the most recognized brands have put their collections on sale, as well as on their website and physical stores.

They go out of their way to be recommended 


You have probably bought clothes in a store that has been recommended by a family member or friend.


For this reason, for haute couture brands, it’s important to provide good service to all their customers and at the same time offer quality products. This way, their own clients become the influencers of the brand and help to maintain its popularity.


Similarly, luxury brands work with celebrities who appear at exclusive events with their suits, and this is one of the best promotions there can be for haute couture.


They use aesthetic elements 


This has also become one of the best marketing strategies for high fashion brands. Many of them take up icons that have set the tone on television and are later added to their collections as aesthetic elements.


A very clear example in Louis Vuitton is its spring-summer collection in 2018.


Here you could see a runway model wearing a Stranger Things shirt. This fact derived from marketing strategies for a clothing store was immediately caught by the public and became a real trend on social media.

They create alliances with urban brands 


Referring to Street style, many haute couture brands have created alliances with some urban brands.


The objective has been to bring dynamism to fashion to expand business opportunities.


Although it hardly seems credible, for haute couture brands there is no barrier to being close to the low cost, because they feel sure of its exclusivity.

They make coherent designs 


Customers who have a preference for luxury follow the visual, and it’s one of the reasons why haute couture brands seek to stand out from the competition when making their seasonal collections. Similarly, a luxury brand that doesn’t offer this feature goes unnoticed by customers. So, it won’t matter if they have a garment of that brand in their closet, or not.


Although you may not have noticed it yet, haute couture brands focus on their branding conveying their status and elegance to attract and keep the attention of the most sophisticated public.

They surprise their customers


Every business that belongs to the fashion industry must make an action plan to surprise its customers. In the case of haute couture, it seeks to innovate with new styles in the world of fashion so that its collections are of interest to potential clients.

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We want to make clear certain points that must be added within an action plan in haute couture brands:



These points are key in the haute couture sector, and each one of them begins with the application of marketing strategies for e-commerce.


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