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7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web page

7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web page. In an increasingly digitized environment, standing out and having the greatest possible visibility is a battle that most people want to win.


For a business, the existence of a web page becomes a requirement. Since it´s a means to access information about the company, product or service they offer, and information to contact it. All in a way that should be easy, fast, and safe.


For this reason, the first thing that Internet users encounter when entering our website is our cover letter. And we know that a good first impression is crucial. Because it is possible to have second chances, but if we succeed from the outset, we will have gained ground.


So, a good design, in addition to other elements, will speak highly of our page. And of what the company or business transmits to those who visit us. But to achieve this success, we must avoid making certain mistakes when designing and creating the web. And thus make our place popular.


7 mistakes when designing web pages


  • Slow Web Page


You should ask yourself a question: what do you do when you find yourself on a slow page? If your answer was “go out and stop waiting,” then you will know that it is the same thing that your clients or those who visit you will do. And, of course, none of this is positive.


A long wait and an excessive delay in loading elements, content, search engines, etc., will simply result in the abandonment of the web page. And that the person resorts to another.


This slowness may be caused by a lack of server resources, very long source code, very heavy or uncompressed images. Along with the presence of large videos and indiscriminate use of plugins, among others.


Another detail to take into account is the design as such. We can have an excellent design that visually enchants and hooks everyone who enters. Still, the excess of scripts, and images, among others, make it very slow. And a nice photo will not be enough for the client to stay and continue browsing.


Therefore, check these details mentioned here if you find yourself in this situation. And make the necessary changes to offer a fast loading page and make the visit and navigation satisfactory.


  • Not adaptable to mobile versions


BluCactus - 7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web pageCurrently, the use of mobile phones or smartphones is practically a necessity. Not only because of the fact of being in communication with other people. But because even from our devices today, we can carry out our work functions.


The evolution of telephones and their use has made them essential for our daily lives. And, of course, with a good data plan, we can do everything we need. All without being at home or the office and with a desktop computer.


Thus, you will know how annoying it is to be on the street and enter a website from your phone and that it does not load completely. Or it has tabs that are covered at the edges and don´t work on the mobile.


This is known as a web page that is not responsive. Since the mobile version was not introduced in its creation and design, which will bring these types of problems mentioned.


And how does it affect you? In the first point described, just as we leave a web page that is slow to load, we will also leave a page that does not load or does not allow us to advance properly on our cell phone. We will always opt to do nothing or change sites.


Another detail to consider is that the great master of internet search engines, Google, has a penchant for those pages optimized for mobile versions. So, if yours does not have that feature, it will affect the positioning in the search engine results.


Also, consider that the bulk of internet traffic is carried out through mobile devices. Therefore, do not hesitate to optimize your page for its smartphone version.


  • Design Deficiencies


We have reached an important point: the design has been part of that cover letter covering the entire web page. And its success largely depends on it.


Many options allow you to make your own page design based on pre-established templates. Which although they can get you out of trouble and serve you for the essentials, they will not be something exclusive. And that can give an unwanted image to those who enter for not looking professional or reflecting the company’s spirit.


But let’s go to the case where your page was not created from a standard template. Instead, you have a design based on your needs. However, they have bad color combinations and poorly readable typography. At first glance, it looks overloaded or is not well defined, also diverting the Internet user’s attention.


For this reason, you must start based on the mission and vision of your company. What you want to transmit and how you want to be perceived through your page. Remember that one of the objectives must reflect the professionalism and security that customers want to get from the business or brand and, of course, from you.


If you have a branding for your brand, then do not hesitate to include it. As long as the colors are suitable for a web version. For example, if you apply a dark background and choose a light font, the reading of the content will be highly cumbersome. It may cause visual fatigue, which will result in the abandonment of the section or the page in general.


A good design should not be underestimated. Because it is a fundamental piece of your page’s success from the first click on the link.


  • Unintuitive Content


A web page with unintuitive content is one where what we are looking for cannot be easily located.


This can be due to a poor structure of the page, complicated menus, excess tabs everywhere, and sub-pages. Among other things that complicate the task of finding the information we need.


It does not happen to you that, on a specific page, you need to go to the documents section, and you can only access it through an external link that the search gave you since when you enter the page, it is not possible to get there. We refer to this type of situation when we say that a page is not very intuitive.


And, of course, it is another reason why your page is unattractive to the user. In the future, they won´t visit it since they do not feel that they can get helpful information from it. Or that they cannot resolve what is necessary through it. Remember that simplicity is the key to good navigation.


  • Lack of content update


If your page will host valuable content such as a blog, news section, or provide relevant information about what you offer, it must be kept up to date.


Imagine entering a page, and your last entry or update is from 2010, for example. It would not really be useful, and immediately the reliability of the rest of the information that may be there would be in doubt because of this detail. Likewise, it happens when we insert external links to news or videos that are no longer available in their place of origin since the person will not be able to view them.


Another case is also the fact of managing prices within the page. Since if you have a shopping section where you display your products, they must have the updated cost and the option in other currencies, if applicable. Otherwise, you would be slowing down and harming this process by limiting the income for that part.


So, in this same order of ideas, we can mention that worthless content will also affect your page.


Suppose we find material that is repeated or copied from other sites. Or with unverified facts that we know are not true or accurate, as well as misspellings. In that case, it will quickly take the user out of the site and reduce visibility and positioning.


If you also have a high content of images with very little or no text that gives meaning to what is shown, it is also perceived as low-quality content. A good balance between both elements (text and image) will even help you with Google’s positioning in the search engine. So, check this detail too.


The world is ever-changing and dynamic, as well as information, and that´s why updating our site is crucial and essential.


  • Links not working


Also known as damaged or broken links related to the previous point. Where we talked about keeping the page updated.


You may have entered a page many times, and when you click on an internal link, it is not available. Or it throws an error because we are facing a damaged link.


And it goes without saying that it is another reason for whoever is using it to divert interest and leave the page quickly. Especially if the broken link was to be able to make a purchase or complete some procedure.


Avoid losing customers and reducing visits to your site by keeping the links on your page up to date. And always without errors that prevent effective navigation. If you are experiencing this problem, turn to a professional preferably and make the relevant updates.


  • Not taking into account legal aspects


Not because it is the last aspect to mention, it implies that it is less important, on the contrary. Legal responsibility is something to keep in mind when creating a web page.


Mishandling of elements such as Cookies, Tracking-Tools, and Social Network Plugins. Or the absence of a full Legal Notice or any detail that implies the violation of data protection leads to incurring in serious crimes. Since these are no longer minor offenses.


Likewise, using licensed or protected material, such as images, videos, sounds, and songs, without the corresponding authorization can lead to endless legal headaches. Believe us. It will be very expensive too.


Therefore, consider all these legal aspects and details from the beginning to cover your own and your page’s backs. And to not receive an unpleasant surprise in the future.


Incurring in errors, either one of these mentioned here or others, is not a sin. But not taking the appropriate corrective measures on time is. Remember that the permanence of these details will not add positively to your business but quite the opposite. It can be a way to reduce your site’s visibility and company in general.


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