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The 13 most cutting-edge websites today

The 13 most cutting-edge websites today. Web page design is constantly innovating and updating. When designing and creating a site and taking care of the aesthetics with which it will be presented to the public and all visitors, important aspects must be considered. Things such as loading speed and having a good cache system. As well as optimizing the images so that they are loaded quickly and in good resolution.


Therefore, web optimization is essential before giving way to design details, which are no less relevant at all. Still, a page that works in excellent condition, with an innovative and attractive design, ensures killer success.


Let’s first talk about the trends in web design for this 2022. And what we can expect from each one when implementing them.


Trends in web design 2022


BluCactus - websitesProgress Bars


We know that waiting is desperate. And to prevent the user from abandoning the page or the process that may be carried out, one option is to add a bar that shows the loading progress. And although it will not speed up the loading, it can make the waiting time less tedious and impatient.


Split Screen


It is a dynamic option for Internet users. Upon entering, the screen is presented divided into two. There each part shows an option to select depending on the site’s services.


In this way, selecting the desired option starts the navigation and, consequently, the interaction within the site.




This is about grouping content or options on a web page. That way, when you select an alternative such as products, this tab takes you to the categories. And that category tab leads you to the specific products.


It is not an innovation since it is common to find web pages with the content presented in this way.


Still, it has evolved to be incorporated more attractively with a significant visual impact.


Colors in gradients and with grain


This design trend has been with us for some time. And it continues to give good results since it offers beautiful and modern aesthetics and visual results when applied.


This year, they are still in trend with the incorporation of the grain. This is nothing more than a degraded texture that gives it a very natural look.


The grain effect can be applied either to the entire page or just to some sections.


Without a doubt, it is an option that you should try if you want to give your page a new look in a striking way.


BluCactus - websitesLarge Typography


The selection of typography for a website has become an art.


There is currently an infinity of options to choose from. And the success of a page may very well depend on this. Since the one we are going to use must be, first of all, legible and easy to read.


Today a trend that is being very successful is that of giant fonts, where the words or phrases are presented in a large size on the page. And that they are not only visible in an obvious way. But it is precisely the dimension that will give that avant-garde touch to the design in general.


Custom Cursor


It may not be an essential element to modify on your page. However, you should consider the options.


Everything aims to have a totally attractive site for the Internet user. And why not make the experience much more dynamic and give them the option to customize the cursor. From the size, shape, and color of the pointer with which we navigate. They could be modified or even adapted to the image or purpose of your company.


Rest assured that they will remember it, making a difference between you and other places.


BluCactus - websitesDark Mode


It’s not just about taking care of your eyes and avoiding the fatigue caused by spending a lot of time in front of the screen.


Since the launch of dark mode for some applications and operating systems, there has been no going back.


From this, themes and designs have been created exclusively for this type of navigation. Becoming even more attractive than in the conventional mode. They can also highlight the content of the page.


We know that black represents elegance and prestige. So, if you intend to convey these values, moving to the dark side of your website can be an excellent option. And on top of everything, contribute to battery savings in the case of mobile applications.


Blucactus-Flexibility-for-Consumers-23D elements


The use of 3D resources continues to be a trend. Thanks to the resource banks that exist, their popularity and access to them facilitate their use. This type of graphics, illustrations, or animations will give your site a much more modern look. Which will make it more attractive to the user.


Just try to hire a professional in this matter if you include it in your design.


A single page


Another modality to implement is single-page sites, where the content is organized compactly, replacing in-depth navigation with scrolling.


The 13 most innovative websites




For this page, different aesthetics have been mixed. The color, the white background, and the typography in dark tones make it stand out attractively. All of them helping the published content attract attention.


Giphy, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


The king of gifs knows how to group its categories and get you hooked. So, you can find the material you want or perhaps need. As well as giving you the option of creating your own gifs, whether for personal or business use.




It has a simple and elegant web page design, offering various navigation options within the site. To satisfy all doubts and needs.


The Beast is Back


Christopher Lee is a graphic designer and illustrator who shows his portfolio through this page in a very easy way to navigate and explore.


Its main attraction is that Lee has worked with brands such as Adobe and Hasbro. So, the color and the careful and striking designs are part of the content exhibited there.


Without a doubt, entering this website is fun and addictive if you are a toy lover.


BluCactus - websitesThe Everywhereist, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


This site is a travel blog that uses very careful branding and an option to navigate off the page. Making it pretty easy to use. The lack of distracting elements makes exploring the page seamless and the possibility of knowing thoroughly what they offer.


Robby Leonardi


This is another website that serves as a portfolio for Robby Leonardi. He shows his work as an animator and website developer on his page in video game format for Internet users. In addition to having excellent branding, which makes this a beautiful and exciting place.


Made by Field


This site is committed to high-quality static images, which are moved through a sweep to bring dynamism to the page. As movement is a crucial element to achieve this effect, and avoid incorporating the heavy videos that sometimes produce a delay when loading the page.


Marshall, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


The well-known brand of amplifiers coveted by musicians shows its site mixing lifestyle images related to music. With the latter being the protagonist.


Ivy Chen


Here we meet another illustrator whose designs are used to create fabrics. And with these make clothes and other special garments.


She combines her sketches with photos that you can slide on her site, which gives the page dynamism. All without creating a continuous movement as if it were a video so that the site is friendly and adaptable to any format and device.


Atlantic Records


Another famous music site is Atlantic Records, which combines both current and classic designs for its website. Applying a white background and colors.


Cerveceria de Colima, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


They have a vertical format, and in it, they combine photographs and videos to give dynamism to the page. And thus, present their products originally and attractively.




This site takes you from one place to another. It is called the intuitive method, in which when you are viewing an article, the same page recommends others of the same type so that you continue to be hooked on the portal.


Genial Gurú


It is a page of curiosities committed to a light background, combining it with a design of vertical blocks that will also make you spend hours browsing it.


If you plan to create a web page, we hope that all this material will help you start off on the right foot and quickly grasp what works and gives success in this digital medium.


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