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How Do You Organize Your Work With Social Media

How Do You Organize Your Work With Social Media in the United Arab Emirates. Are you looking to organize your social media workflow but are confused about where to start? Not sure what social media management tools to use?


You have come to the right page.


In this article, you’re going to learn how practical social media management tips to keep your workflow organized.


If you’re wondering how to create a social media content calendar or you’re looking for simple ways to organize your social media tasks, then this article is for you.


See, social media marketing is becoming more important than ever. Nevertheless, as brands and companies are using more than one social media channel, it’s hard to organize your workflow.


Apart from the lack of proper research, companies are wasting close to $958 million due to ineffective marketing each year.


It’s not easy


Blucactus - it's not easyThe reality is that staying organized with your social media workflow can be overwhelming and time-consuming.


You have to determine your target audience, develop an effective social media strategy, identify the type of content to share with your audience, and know what channels to use for social media marketing.


As if that’s not all, you have to create a content calendar, follow the latest social media trends, engage and connect with your audience, determine what tools to use, etc.


It’s no easy task.


But don’t give up because this article will teach you how to organize your social media marketing.


Sounds good?


Alright, come inside and explore the topic.


Understand the reason for being on social media


Blucactus - understand the reason for being on social mediaFirst off, when it comes to how to organize your social media workflow, you need to start with the “Why”.


Brands use social media for various reasons.


Some use social media to provide great services to their customers while others are looking to drive. A study by Nerdy Writers, an essay writing service provider has shown that 90% of marketers say their social media marketing has increased exposure to their brands. 75% have reported increased traffic to their online businesses.


Some companies use social media to promote their products or services.


As you can see, different companies have different reasons for being on social media.


Back to you:


  • Are you looking to increase brand awareness?
  • Drive more traffic to your website?
  • Increase your brand’s online presence?
  • Provide better customer service?
  • Generate more leads?
  • Boost consumer engagement or grow revenue?


Once you determine the reason(s) for being on social media, it’d be easier to develop a strategy that helps you achieve your goals.


Know your target audience


Blucactus - know your target audienceEver heard of the saying, “marketing to everyone is marketing to no one?”


This is where it applies.


If you don’t know who you’re selling your products or services to, chances are that you will try to sell to everyone on social media. 


You will end up wasting a lot of money, time, and resources because no one will buy or engage with you.


42 billion people use social media worldwide. This equates to 53% of the world’s population.


However, not all are interested in doing business with you.


First off:


  • Determine who you want to target with your social media campaigns.
  • Know what they want and like.
  • Why do they want to consume certain types of content?
  • Which social media channel do they prefer?
  • How they want to consume your content.
  • Etc.


Understanding your target audience will help you know when, where and what content you’re going to share and get your audience engaged.


Knowing your prospects also helps you better solve their needs and answer their request.


Develop a winning social media strategy


Blucactus - develop a winning social media strategyA report compiled by Pro Essay Writing, a company that offers professional essay writing services shows that approximately 91% of US businesses use social media for marketing purposes. This means that the competition on social media is fierce so you need to develop a strong social media strategy.


As stated earlier, your social strategy is influenced by the social media marketing goals you set (refer to our point about understanding the reason for being on social media).


Once you have established your goals and objectives develop a plan detailing the steps you take to actualize them.


Developing a strong social media strategy helps to keep your team organized and also increases overall productivity.


Choose the right social media channel for your business


Blucactus - choose the right social media channel for your businessThere are over 103 social media sites out there but not all are suitable for your online business. Besides, you don’t need to create accounts on all of them.


You will lack time and fail to create engaging posts.


You need to choose the right social media channels.


Once you choose the right channel, it will be easier to create relevant content.


It’s better to select only a few social media channels that you can have time to create high-quality content that engages with your target audience.


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the most popular and powerful social channels currently.


Since you have determined your target audience, it will be easier to know what channels they prefer.


Identify the types of content to share on your social channels


Blucactus - identify the types of content to share on your social channelsUnderstanding your target audience helps you know what types of content they want to consume, and how.


There is a bit of strategy when it comes to identifying the types of content to share with your social media audience.


First, you will need to know your consumers’ preferences. This will involve some little research.


Once you have figured out that, find out how you can satisfy those preferences.


How to satisfy your audience’s needs can also be tricky.


This is where you need to apply the 80/20 principle that implies that 80% of your content should be educational, informative, and entertaining, with promotional content taking the other 20%.


The content creation process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.


Audit the content you already have- blog posts, marketing materials, blog posts, etc. Then think about other types of content such as industry articles, customer reviews.


Once you decide the types of content to share on your social media platforms, head over to our next tip.


Determine the right time to share your content


Blucactus - determine the right time to share your contentTo be successful with your social media marketing, timing is everything.


Knowing what time to share your content helps you reach the biggest number of viewers.


This is where you need to find out the exact time your prospects prefer to use social media.


For instance, busy 9-to-5 workers prefer to use social media between 6 and 8 pm. 


Social media users with flexible work hours can use social media between 12 and 3 pm.


Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all method of determining when your target audience uses social media.


For that reason, you need to understand your target audience’s behavior.


Create a content calendar to organize your social posts


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 4Remember that our topic is about How to organize your social media marketing workflow.


So you need to create a content calendar that works.


A social media calendar will help to save your time and allow you to track and test different strategies to see what works for your audience.


It also helps you organize your content and develop an editorial strategy for posting.


You can download free content calendars online or create your own using an excel spreadsheet.


In your content calendar, ensure to have links, posting date and time, social channel, category, and post verbiage.


The type of content calendar to use will be determined by the number of social channels where you’re going to share your content.


For instance, if you intend to share content on one social channel, you can create your own content calendar with an excel spreadsheet.


Perhaps you’re wondering why you need a content calendar.


Let’s answer a few questions about social media content calendars.


What is a social media content calendar?


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 2

CoSchedule defines a social media content calendar as a spreadsheet or application used to plan when and which content to schedule in advance. 


Content calendars also help to manage campaigns and monitor deadlines.


Having a social media content calendar will help to keep you focused and simplify content planning.



What are the benefits of using a social media content calendar?


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar

In other words, why are social media content calendars important?

A social media content calendar improves focus for your team.


Without a content calendar, your social media strategy is doomed. You’re going to struggle to effectively engage your audience and grow your business if you don’t develop a strong strategy and content calendar.


Here are a few reasons why you should use a social media content calendar:


It saves time and helps you stay organized 


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 3Think about what will happen when you scramble to put together a post a few minutes before you need to publish it.


You’re most likely going to share a mediocre post that adds no value to your prospects.


A content calendar helps you to plan out your social media content on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis in one go.


This means that when it’s Monday, January, or December, you know what posts need to go live. It also helps to free up your time in the future.


It helps to customize posts for each channel


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 4The message you push on Instagram isn’t the same as the one you push on LinkedIn and other platforms.


In other words, you need to customize your posts for each social media channel.


A content calendar lets you craft a custom message for each channel that suits your audience. 


For instance, you can share a snippet of your latest video on Instagram while posting the full video on YouTube and Facebook.


A social media content calendar helps to reduce everyday stress


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 5Life is busy and everyone is busy. You’re also probably busy and stressed already.


So you don’t want to worsen the stress by worrying about what and when to post on social media.


A content calendar will help you with content planning so you know what type of content to share each week or month. This way, you will never have to get stressed.


Improves efficiency and consistency


Efficiency and consistency are two of the most important aspects of content marketing.


You need to share educational, relevant, and entertaining content regularly with your target audience.


Having a content calendar helps you maintain a consistent message across multiple channels with a regular posting schedule.


Keep your content calendar updated regularly


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendarCreating a content calendar is one thing; you also need to update it day after day.


Besides, you should keep your content calendar as flexible as possible because, with social media marketing, not everything is set in a stone.


Sometimes you will need to change things along the way.


Your content calendar should allow you to do this without affecting other things.


Also, because you will be creating new types of content for different platforms, your calendar should match the type of content you’re sharing at all times as well.


Know where to look for timely and relevant content 


Blucactus - know where to look for timely and relevant contentNew trends are coming up on social media every time. You need to keep your target audience updated on every new thing that’s happening around your brand.


So you want to keep your eyes and ears open to know what’s trending, what content people are posting on their social media channels, which stories people are talking about, etc.


Staying on top of trending topics and stories can help you drive mountains of traffic to your online business.


Schedule your posts in advance 


Blucactus - schedule your posts in advanceYou probably have a lot of tasks to accomplish within a given period, right?


Scheduling your posts in advance can help to free up time so you can focus on other important tasks.


You will also save more time by grouping and schedule your posts beforehand.


Remember that posting too little or too much can hurt your social media marketing goals and objectives.


Scheduling your posts can help you avoid this because you will know the best time to post what content on what platforms.


To simplify post scheduling, you can use social media management tools like HootSuite or HubSpot.


Perhaps you’re wondering “what are the best social media management and planning tools?”


Here are just a few you can try and see which one works great for your business.


  • CoSchedule.
  • Buffer.
  • Hootsuite
  • IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • ContentCal.
  • SocialBee.
  • Edgar.
  • SharedCount


Over to You


Blucactus - Contact us

That’s how to organize your work with social media.


Remember that these are just a few of the social media strategies to help you organize your workflow.


It’s your time to execute your strategy by creating and filling your social media profiles, and following the strategies shared above.


Do you have any questions or concerns? Contact BluCactus Arabic!


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Good luck!


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