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How to prepare a sales presentation for technology items?

How to prepare a sales presentation for technology items? When it comes to the technology sector, it is important to have a good advertising strategy that allows you to reach potential customers. Therefore, within your digital marketing plan, it is necessary to use effective tools such as PowerPoint. These presentations are an excellent option for presenting technological products or services. In fact, they play a fundamental role in carrying out the sales process.


You don’t have to worry if you don’t have experience creating presentations. Now, we will mention the most important elements in a presentation to showcase your technology items.


What should a PowerPoint sale presentation for technology items include?


BluCactus Blue - woman showing a powerpoint presentation for a businessToday, many companies are in the technology field. Due to fierce competition, each must implement a marketing plan that suits their needs. However, when you are deciding to create a sale presentation for  technological items, it is necessary to consider:


  • Consumer needs: When creating a presentation, the content must match the consumer’s needs.
  • Products or services: This section must be designed to solve the client’s needs and demands.
  • Clients and consumers: This phase is exclusively for convincing the client and letting them know that your technology items are the best on the market. 
  • Benefits of the proposal: What benefits do your technology articles have? This should be communicated to the customer to let them know that they can resolve their issues.


How to present a technological product?


BluCactus Blue - woman showing a powerpoint presentation for a businessA technological product can be presented in different ways. Many business owners present their products over the phone or through a sales slogan. However, when the objective is to create a presentation in PPT format for the technology sector, it can be presented in the following ways:


  • Email submission: Email is an excellent conversion tool for locating potential customers. So, you can create a presentation and send it through this channel to convince the target audience.
  • Sales presentation in front of a client: Your presentation can be shown to a client or potential investor at a meeting. In addition to having more time available, you will be able to use your PowerPoint presentation as support material for your proposal and convince the client.


What is the structure of a technology sales presentation?


BluCactus Blue - woman showing a powerpoint presentation for a businessWhen you structure a presentation in PPT format, the first thing to consider is that it cannot arise from improvisation. It requires a well-organized preliminary structure. It is the only way to guarantee the success of your presentation when presented to the client. So, your PowerPoint presentation for technology articles must have research about your potential client and the market in which they operate. Therefore, it is necessary to know the current position of said company and who the administrative representatives are.


What phases cannot be missing from your presentation?




This is the starting point, and whether you can sympathize with your clients or not depends on it. And, even if you want to sell a product or service, it is not advisable to start talking about it right away. It is best to start with a topic related to your market or the client’s needs. All through questions formulated by themselves to break with convention.


Value proposal


Once you have been able to empathize with the customer, you can explain to them the value of your products or services. Now, it is important to note that many business owners are only inclined to highlight the features of their products, and you cannot do the same. Instead of focusing on the characteristics, comment on the value the customer will obtain when purchasing any of your products or services.


Mention of a story or anecdote


BluCactus Blue - woman showing a powerpoint presentation for a businessUnlike data that is often forgotten, stories hook the potential customer. That is why you can adjust your products or services to a story about a particular event.


The objective is for the client to be able to recreate the narrative that you are telling.


Likewise, in this story, you must describe how to solve the customer’s problems through your product or service.


Also, you can add an anecdote related to your company or brand.


Sales arguments


In other words, the sales arguments for technology articles relate to the solutions your products can provide to certain problems. What benefits will the client obtain? Customers are looking to save time and money when they purchase a product. Therefore, your mission is to demonstrate that your technology items will provide a solution to all their problems and needs at a better price. And, through a better-looking product, unlike the competition.


Examples supported by evidence


BluCactus Blue - woman showing a powerpoint presentation for a businessYour sales arguments must be enhanced to achieve a sale. So, gaining the customer’s trust through examples that can guarantee the value proposition is important. In this way, you can compare your products or services against the competition. Likewise, you can make use of your customers’ reviews and testimonials, display statistics, and offer a trial period guarantee.


Add a call to action


In your PPT sales presentation for technological items, you must include a conclusion point. This is to cue the customer that you are waiting for their purchase. This would be the call to action. Yes, you are presenting your products, but the main objective is to sell. It is necessary to remind the customer. Why? Because the customer waits to be persuasively asked. The truth is that the call to action is a phase that helps to awaken the customer’s desire. Since, in general, 90% of them will be waiting for the next step.


What else do you need to create a successful technology article presentation?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Now that you know what to include in your presentation to sell technology items, who will be responsible for the creation? As a business owner, you can start developing your presentation yourself. However, it has been shown that the help of experts is necessary to achieve better results.


At BluCactus digital marketing agency in United Arab Emirates, we have a professional team to design and create presentations. Contact us right now about your business. And based on your needs, we can start creating an original persuasive presentation to differentiate you from your competition. Moreover, we can generate more sales for your technology items.


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