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How to promote a Christmas items factory in Google Ads

How to promote a Christmas items factory in Google Ads. Now that Christmas is approaching, Christmas item factories must implement marketing strategies to increase sales. Google Ads is the best option to manage your campaign since, with good synchronization, you will be able to reach potential customers who usually search for products and services on the Internet.


The boost in your sales during these last few years could be a resounding success or failure. However, if you select this pay-per-click advertising option, you can be sure that you will achieve your objectives, surpassing the competition.


If you are interested in using Google Ads to promote Christmas goods factories, continue reading.


How to promote Christmas items in Google Ads?


As the owner of a Christmas items factory, it is important to consider certain points to make an effective advertising. First of all, you should take the necessary time to analyze the past Christmas season. This way, you will be able to know the objectives you want to achieve this year based on your customers and as a seller. Then, the focus will be on creating and optimizing Google Ads for Christmas campaigns. To do this, you should be guided by the following steps that we will mention below:


  • Customize the text that carries your advertisement


BluCactus - christmas decoration for businesses - Christmas items in Google AdsPersonalizing the text for your ads takes on great relevance when carrying out a Christmas marketing campaign. The idea is that you include messages alluding to the season. This way, your potential customers will know that your offers are current and indicate that you have the Christmas products they seek.


Because your Christmas items factory has greater demand in the last months of the year, you have to encourage as many customers as possible to make a purchase. To do this, mention the available promotions, and if possible, offer discounts and sales. These actions are a plus that will not go unnoticed during the Christmas holidays.


Now, to attract customers and encourage them to buy, you must use phrases like: “now,” “for a limited time,” “flash offer”, etc. This way, you will attract more clicks and the attention of users looking for quick answers.


  • Create a sense of urgency


BluCactus - christmas decoration for businessesOn your landing pages, you can use banners with limited discounts or offer the option to buy with free shipping. Countdown timers are also an excellent option to optimize landing pages. Actions like these reinforce the message to your visitors to encourage them to buy immediately. 


Christmas items factories should not wait for December to promote. Your advertising campaign should be structured in advance to perform the corresponding tests in Google Ads.


This way, you’ll be able to determine the appropriate copy for your ads and then align it with your promotional calendar. This is the best way to keep the order of your ad launches within the timeframe of your offers and promotions.


  • Set up your ad extensions


You have the opportunity to make the most of Google Ads advertising extensions for Christmas. The more you use them, the more visibility your ads will have. As a result, you will have a better chance of your ads attracting users’ attention to get more clicks. Call extensions, review extensions, and site links are essential for users to select your website to purchase Christmas items. As for search extensions, you should also use them to establish the physical location of your business if you have them.


In addition to buying Christmas items, people look for ideas to decorate their homes at Christmas. In this sense, you can use link extensions to your advantage on multiple sites to target people on different landing pages through your paid ads. So, apart from wanting to know your products, they will click on other pages.


  • Research the keywords you are going to use


BluCactus - christmas decoration for businessesCommonly, website owners who want to create an advertising campaign do not research the keywords they will bid on in their marketing strategy. However, it is a very relevant step that you should pay attention to every year to be aware of seasonal trends and searches.


For a precise keyword search, you can use different tools to help you identify the keywords that will be useful to give visibility to your factory and your products. Also, keep in mind the points of agreement since the more people you manage to attract at Christmas time, the closer you will be to meeting your objectives as a business owner.


Another point to take into account is that your brand and your products must stand out when customers browse to explore all their purchasing options. So, if you bid and all your products are displayed in the broader search results, you will remain visible to potential customers when they make their purchasing decision.


  • Automate your advertising


BluCactus - christmas decoration for businesses - Christmas items in Google AdsIn Google Ads, you cannot configure your ads and then forget about them. The key is to improve your campaigns as you observe which strategies work and which don’t. However, you can use this platform’s automation tools to schedule the start of your Christmas advertising campaign. Additionally, you will have the option to pause or resume your campaigns based on your marketing calendar.


Your Christmas Google Ads campaign is supposed to be created specifically for Christmas shopping. So, you can create a campaign that starts in November and ends a few days after Christmas.


Another point in favor of automating your ads is that you can pause campaigns that are not performing well and are only making you waste your budget. Relatedly, you can automatically stop your campaigns if they are lower than your conversion rates.


  • Take advantage of local inventory ads


Your local inventory ads must be optimized so that you can boost sales in your physical business. Dividing your ads by day is a good idea to spend your budget only when your store is operational. Considering that during the Christmas season, the number of buyers increases.


So, when you create or already have local inventory ads, set a budget for them. In this way, you will promote your products better on days when a greater influx of people is expected.


  • Boost your remarketing


BluCactus - christmas decoration for businesses - Christmas items in Google AdsThis type of campaign is usually very effective on platforms like Google Ads and is tailored to the Christmas shopping season. Preferably during November and December.


In these months, people look for different sites, compare them, and then consider whether to buy there or not. This is why it is important to show your ads while they browse other sites.


Since you will make them remember your products as the first purchase option.


  • Complement your shopping campaigns


If your products are also for sale physically, you can create shopping campaigns. They are incredible for your Christmas calendar. Since you can make all the information the customer needs to hear available to make their purchasing decision. As a result, you will get better-qualified clicks.


  • Add negative keywords


BluCactus - christmas decoration for businessesIn Google Ads, you can choose negative keywords. They are keywords that you are not interested in having a link to when a user searches for a product or service.


For example, if you have Christmas flowers for sale and people search for another product for sale but find your website, this would be an irrelevant visit because the user would abandon their search because they could not find what they were looking for.


As a result, there could be a poor performance of your campaigns in Google Ads.


  • Adjust your budget


You can increase your budget as you carry out marketing campaigns for your Christmas product factory. Also, reduce those offers that seem aggressive after the most active days at a commercial level. This way, your budget will not be exhausted after the Christmas season.


When do you plan to promote your Christmas items factory in Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Now that you know the steps to follow to create your campaign, you can do it with a small budget. However, you must also put the following points into practice:


  • Set clear goals
  • Carry out segmentation of your customers
  • Optimize your landing page
  • Create quality ads without much text
  • Measure your results


You can create a Google Ads campaign for Christmas item factories. However, the Christmas season is short-lived, and to obtain good results in the short term, the help of experts is necessary.


At BluCactus Arabic, we are a digital marketing agency in United Arab Emirates, and we know what strategies we should use to make your ads on Google successful. If you want to give visibility to your website to generate more sales, contact us right now for personalized attention.


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