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How to set up Google My Business for golf courses?

How to set up Google My Business for golf courses? Every business that exists in the digital age needs a strong online presence. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a Google My Business page for your golf course to boost your business’ visibility.


This tool is more important than you can imagine. Creating a Google My Business page will allow potential clients to find your golf course easily. Not only is it a useful element for SEO and your overall marketing plan, but it also aids users in locating golf businesses near them, in turn, giving you an opportunity to stand out from the competition.  


If you still don’t know how to set up Google My Business for golf courses, in this article, we will guide you step-by-step. So, let’s get started.


Why should you use Google My Business for golf courses?


BluCactus - woman using laptop in a golf campSetting up Google My Business for your golf course may seem complex, but it really isn’t. Within any successful golf marketing strategy, Google My Business is indispensable for reaching the target audience. 


You may be wondering why, and this is all due to one fact; most people searching for a product or service turn to Google, and golf clubs are no exception. In fact, by keeping your page updated and providing valuable information about your golf business, you can make this process much easier and lucrative. Moreover, if you leverage Google My Business, users can easily find you, even through other components such as Google Maps.


Now, as mentioned, one of the most interesting features of Google My Business is that it allows you to provide basic information to users looking for golf clubs near their location. Among this information, we can highlight:


  • Location
  • Business name
  • Photographs
  • Schedule


Besides, you can even add reviews of your golf business. So, if a golfer decides that they want to golf and searches for the closest course only to find your business, they will be able to see other users’ opinions of your golf course. Additionally, they will be able to get the scoop on the services available, whether the golf club is open, and the cost of a round of golf. Information like this is of great help in attracting the attention of the target audience.


How does Google My Business work for golf courses?


For starters, you can actually configure Google My Business for your golf course yourself, as it is a simple task. However, considering that you must constantly change the added information, it’s not a bad idea to leave the configuration in the hands of experts.


Now, let’s see the steps to follow to configure Google My Business for the golf industry:


Set up your Google account


BluCactus - man using laptop in a golf campThis is the first and most crucial step. The account you will use to configure Google My Business will be linked to your Google account. However, your golf club should have its own Google account set up. It is best to use a company email and incorporate all your business data before you set up your Google My Business for the best results.


Incorporate the name of your golf club


Begin the set-up process with this essential information: include the name of your golf club at the top of the page. Before finishing the configuration, ensure that the name has been written correctly. Don’t overlook proper punctuation and capitalization.


Set your location information


BluCactus - man using laptop in a golf camp - Google My Business for golf coursesDuring the set-up process, you must provide your location information, including your address and country.


It is important to add this information accurately.


This is the best way to ensure that Google Maps will provide correct directions to people who want to find your location.


Likewise, you will have a box at your disposal to verify the deliveries of products or services.



Set up business information


When setting up business information, Google My Business can learn what type of products or services you offer. This way, if a user is searching for information related to the golf industry, this tool will provide information about your business. To ensure accuracy, you must select the “Golf course” option from the list.


Verify the information provided


BluCactus - man using laptop in a golf camp - Google My Business for golf coursesBefore submitting the information you provided to the system, verify that the information you’ve provided is accurate. Verifying the approval of this information is important. After you do this, the system will prompt you to approve certain declarations. This step will allow you to add information or photos that convey what you want Google to do for your business. By taking these steps, you can ensure users will find you in search results and on Google Maps.


Provide additional business data


Business information is one of the most critical steps in setting up Google My Business for a golf business. The good news is that creating an account is completely free, and there are many elements you can configure, such as.


  • A brief description of your business
  • Your business hours
  • List of all the services you offer


What does Google My Business provide for golf courses?


BluCactus - man using laptop in a golf camp - Google My Business for golf coursesGoogle My Business for golf clubs, features an easy-to-use panel, which allows you to access a lot of essential information. In fact, the sidebar will provide you with certain tabs for navigating various options. 


Furthermore, you will discover a large number of reviews and photographs shared by both you and other users. But, that’s not even all. You will also see every statistic in an orderly manner, including who has viewed your information and how frequently they have done so.


These actions will not only ensure your success, they will also provide valuable assistance when making decisions for your golf club marketing plan. Moreover, you will be provided with a section for Google Ads. While it’s not mandatory to include Google Ads in your marketing plan to access Google My Business, a paid advertising service of this caliber can become handy, especially for greater visibility.


Do you want to set up Google My Business for your golf course?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510There are many advantages of leveraging Google My Business for golf clubs. In addition to being a free service, Google My Business will allow you to manage your company profile and incorporate valuable information about your business. This way, your target audience will find your business easily on both Google search and Google Maps. 


At BluCactus digital marketing agency based in United Arab Emirates, we work with marketing experts. If you want to outdo the competition, we can assist you in creating a solid and effective marketing plan to increase the number of customers at your golf course. Contact us right now for more information.


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