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Social Media Tips for Small Business

Social Media Tips for Small Business in the United Arab Emirates. Just a decade ago, people believed that social media was only for fun. Now, social media has proved to be a digital marketing powerhouse. It can reach anyone in the world in a moment. So, you need to learn how you can use it. 


Introduction about Social Media


Social Media:


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataThe name itself describes what it is all about. They’re the platforms we use to connect with others. The range of audiences can have any age limits, belong to any domain, or hold their personal choices. There are always many social media options. So, mold it to be the most powerful communication tool for social engagement.


However, before you choose your social media platforms, it is very important to understand your goals. Make sure to select the appropriate one to get the best results.


There are many social media platforms out there. Also, a new social media platform is popping up every other month.


Every medium has its unique objectives and user base. Before engaging your business on social media platforms, do your homework. First, learn how well your page can help advertise and promote your business. I am listing down some common social media platforms.


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataFacebook


Facebook’s goal is for friends and communities to connect and interact.


It comprises various methods like groups, pages, events, etc.


It has a unique advertising system to promote both internal and external websites.



BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataTwitter


Twitter is limited to 140 characters.


However, it is a more open blogging platform.


It brings more users because here, individuals can follow profiles without approval.


Even the use of the hashtag (#) attracts more audiences.


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataInstagram


Instagram is a photo-sharing app that works with other social media platforms.


If your business website is visually oriented, then sharing photos on Instagram can work wonders for your brand.




LinkedInBluCactus - Social Media Tips - important data


LinkedIn is a professional media platform.


It is beneficial for job seekers, experienced professionals.


It is a networking and communication tool for companies for branding, posting jobs.



BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataTumblr


Tumblr provides a method to publish added social media features such as replying, re-blogging, or liking a user’s posts.


Its users are between 14 and 20 years old.


You have the choice to use a domain or a subdomain with Tumblr to make a full website or a part of it.



BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataPinterest


Pinterest is also a visual media platform, sharing the content providing the user accounts along with the branded pages.


It focuses mostly on DIY projects, content based on fashion, food, etc.






Why is Social Media Important? Social Media Tips for Small Business


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataThese tips can make a big difference for your brand. Here are the main advantages that would help you to rank the highest among your competitors. 


Show the World Who You Are


With social media, you connect to the world with a single click. Also, your pages become a center for clients to discover more about your business. So, social media give a chance to legitimatize your image and your business’s brand. Social media allows you to show your aptitude in many ways. For example, the capacity to compose staff profiles, share posts, and produce content helping to guide principle, brand voice, etc.


Besides, you can use social media to stand out from your co-competitors. You are telling clients that your brand is unique. However, you still need to follow some trends. That helps your audience see that you’re up to date. 


Select Your Target Market


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important data

With concerns to the significance of social media, there are many purposes.


It’s on you to decide how you need to use it.  Is your business trying to grow, or is there a particular crowd that would add a benefit from finding out about your services? It is tough to examine who you are attempting to reach with your messages. With social media, you get the chance to reach your crowd!


Social media allows you to contact individuals anywhere in the world. First, you need to understand the needs and wants of your audience. Then, you can customize the message so that it has a bigger effect. Besides, social media has the upside that there’s low risk but high reward. Also, social media allows you to control the messages you share with the world.


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataDiversifies Your Content


Work towards expanding your associations by assessing the best social media tips and tricks to share your messages. In fact, you can reach thousands of people with social media.


Thus, your next customer may be one of them.


Also, social media offers an assortment of choices while assessing which channel is best for you. Having decent variety in your social media content is an important method to connect with your audience.


BluCactus - important dataSets SMART Goals


So, at this point, you already know what you need. Now, it’s time to get to work. First, set a schedule for your social media campaign. Then, make some SMART objectives. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.


However, every plan is adaptable. Building a brand personality on social media can require significant investment. Thus, you need to know every option you have.


Because of this, you have to choose your objectives carefully. Also, be aware that they may change as you start communicating and learning what works best.


BluCactus - important dataEffectively Track Campaign Results


Another big advantage of social media is data.


In fact, you can analyze data to learn what’s working best.


However, remember that though social media can be involved with data, a part of your content will at present require day-by-day development. 



How to Do Social Media?


BluCactus - important dataYour moves towards social media would require a well-designed strategy. If not all, at least try to abide by some important social media marketing tips mentioned below.


Draft a Plan


Plans are important for every project. They help define what steps to take.


A plan can help your strategy become more effective.


BluCactus - important dataSet Goals and Objectives


Use the SMART rules as discussed above to fetch the defining goals.


Audit the Competitors


How are your rivals utilizing social media? The idea is not to copy them.


However, analyzing their strategy can help set expectations. Serious research can help understand what’s working and what’s not for different organizations.


BluCactus - important dataSet New Accounts for Small Businesses


Have you seen which social media are best for your small businesses? Then, it’s time to set up the accounts. Ensure all that you post should match the common business objectives and target market.


Frame a Social Media Calendar


A social media schedule helps post the correct content at the perfect time. So, begin with the 80-20 guideline. To illustrate, use 80% of your content to advise, teach, or engage your crowd. Use the other 20% to advance your image or sell your items.


BluCactus - important dataMotivate Yourself and Get Started


You have taken a summary of what your rivals are doing on the web.


But, what about the unexpected competitors? Take motivation from successful firms in all domains.


Where would you be able to discover certain examples of their victories?


Social media works perfectly to analyze the market.


Also, a good idea is to ask your audience what it wants to see. Besides, it improves their engagement. 


Target the Best Platform


BluCactus - important dataAmong all the available social media platforms, consider the one that suits your target market and audience. You shouldn’t just guess or pick at random.


For example, if you want to target a young audience, you should be on Snapchat or Instagram. However, statistics show that 84% of recent college grads remain engaged on Facebook. 


You need to make sure you’re doing it right. So, you have to direct some research of your own. This will help you understand how your particular crowd invests their time online. 


eMarketer found that more brands use Facebook for fetching clients, yet Instagram for social trade.


BluCactus - important dataExpand Your Target Group


Create audience personas to research the market successfully. You need to understand your crowd.


Social media is perfect to target that specific audience once you know it.


Likewise, you can use social media to drive new customers to your nearby business.


For instance, Hootsuite geo-search streams can help you. They observe and react to neighborhood discussions about your business and create bonding with other nearby organizations in your locality.


BluCactus - important dataGive a Visual Effect


This rule applies to every social media platform. Try to center around visuals as much as you can. Most social media managers use visual content to engage audiences. It can take the form of pictures, GIFs, memes, or videos. The use of visual content in your social media posts is convenient. Just make sure the visuals are relevant to the content of both the post and your crowd.


Quality vs. Quantity


Concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Provide your audience with the added value to receive the benefits of your work. Share quality content that takes helps your audience.


Respond to the Social Media Conversations and Monitor the Feedbacks


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataYou need to communicate with your audience. Otherwise, they’ll think you don’t care about them. Furthermore, that negatively affects your business. Approximately 80% of all clients anticipate that organizations should respond within 24 hours.


Reboot Your Performance


As you execute your social methodology, it is crucial to monitor what works and what doesn’t.


You would then be able to tweak your endeavors and improve results. The size of your business doesn’t matter. Analytic tools can assist you in connecting your audience, find new potential customers, and extend awareness to your image.




BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataSocial media is always evolving.


New trends come up all the time. So, making marketers need to keep up.


Whether you have a big social media following or are simply starting, use these social media marketing tips to boost your business.


They can help set you in front of your competitors and add value to your business.


Author Bio for this guest post:


Darshit Vaghela is a digital marketing executive, designer, and blogger. He is associated with the Digital Agency called Baya digital. He writes for many websites on various topics.  Not only that, but he loves to read, write and travel.


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