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What is Holzweiler’s marketing strategy?

Holzweiler’s Marketing Strategy: A Blend of Sustainability and Scandinavian Minimalism.


Who is Holzweiler?

Holzweiler, a Norway-based fashion brand, is most noted for its adherence to the principles of sustainability within a framework of minimalism. Launched in 2012 in an attempt to manufacture high-quality scarves, the company rose to fame by expanding from a single model of clothing into multiple pieces of fashionable and innovative clothing products.


How Does Holzweiler Stand Out in the Fashion Industry?

BluCactus - Holzweiler fashion brand + woman wearing capThe Norwegian Holzweiler perfectly represents an alternative approach, merging sustainability with Scandinavian minimalism. The fashion house emphasizes the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. Its design philosophy adheres to Scandinavian clean lines and understated elegance, embodying the ideal of slow and sustainable fashion consumption. Therefore, Holzweiler targets consumers who are both environmentally and aesthetically minded.


  • Sustainability: Utilizes eco-friendly materials and responsible production methods.
  • Minimalist Design: Emphasizes Scandinavian aesthetics with clean, practical, and elegant features.
  • Timeless Fashion: Promotes longevity and versatility in design to encourage sustainable consumption.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Prioritizes organic cotton, recycled materials, and other sustainable options.
  • Ethical Production: Ensures fair labor practices and reduced carbon emissions per product.
  • Niche Market Appeal: Attracts a specific market segment that values style and environmental responsibility.


What is Holzweiler’s Approach to Brand Storytelling?


Holzweiler’s brand storytelling intricately weaves together elements that project the brand’s core values, heritage, and dedication to sustainability, which resonates deeply with its audience. Rather than just using narrative as a base, Holzweiler effectively employs its story as a powerful tool to establish a meaningful connection with consumers. This strategy fosters a loyal customer base that understands and supports the brand’s ethos.


How Does Holzweiler Merge Fashion with Technology and Design in Collaborations?


BluCactus - Holzweiler's marketingThe collaboration between Holzweiler and Sony Europe exemplifies the fusion of fashion with technology and design.


Initiated with the AW21 “Coded Ambience” collection, this partnership melds natural themes with technological advancements, enhancing Holzweiler’s digital presence and reimagining retail, particularly in their Oslobukta flagship in Oslo.


This amalgamation of Sony’s technological and design expertise with Holzweiler’s creative vision, complemented by Snohetta’s architectural innovation, fosters an immersive brand experience, transcending the traditional in-store approach.


The key highlights of Holzweiler’s collaboration with Sony Europe include:


  • Innovative Partnership: Join Sony Europe to elevate fashion campaigns with advanced digital content.
  • Thematic Launch: Introducing the AW21 collection “Coded Ambience,” which embodies the blend of nature, technology, and human ingenuity.
  • Architectural Highlight: Featuring “The Twist,” a structure in Jevnaker’s forests symbolizes this integration.
  • Retail Revolution: Holzweiler is redefining the in-store experience with its upcoming store in Oslo, heralding a new phase in fashion retail.
  • Collaborative Effort: The collaboration is a joint venture among Sony’s tech and design teams, Holzweiler’s creative unit, and the architectural brilliance of Snohetta.
  • Experience Beyond Shopping: Crafting a unique customer journey through fashion, technology, and innovative architecture.


How is Holzweiler Advancing Sustainability and Enhancing Customer Transparency?


BluCactus - Holzweiler fashion brand + woman wearing capIn 2022, Holzweiler sharpened its focus on enhancing its sustainable and eco-conscious presence in the fashion industry and elevating the visibility of its sustainability efforts among its customers. The brand’s latest campaign highlights its dedication to sharing detailed insights into its green initiatives, inviting customers to participate in its transformative journey in fashion. 


Stylistically, Holzweiler has evolved while retaining its iconic minimalist aesthetic. Adopting a calligraphic typeface for display signifies a strategic update, giving the marketing materials a confident and fashionable edge, boosting visual appeal, and accentuating the brand’s premium image.


Holzweiler’s Imagery and Marketing Strategy


  • Nature-Product Synergy: Holzweiler expertly merges product images with Norwegian natural landscapes, underscoring its commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Informative Visuals: Marketing visuals provide detailed information on fabric composition and certifications, promoting transparency and aiding product recognition.
  • Immersion: Alongside fabric details, visuals include close-up shots with text explanations, offering an educational glimpse into the quality and craftsmanship of the products.
  • Elegance in Motion: Clothing is often showcased in motion on models or independently, creating a dynamic presentation that highlights the brand’s sophistication and quality.


How Does Holzweiler Blend Sustainability with Retail Innovation?


BluCactus - Holzweiler's marketingHolzweiler exemplifies a novel integration of sustainability with retail innovation through strategic store design and collaborations. The Chengdu Holzweiler outlet, crafted by Snohetta, showcases environmental consciousness with locally sourced ecological materials and sustainable, flexible fixtures for future reuse. 


This design approach reduces the environmental footprint and introduces adaptability in the retail setup.


Furthermore, the partnership with Sequoia Capital China represents an innovative strategy. It merges physical retail with digital expansion to enhance market impact while maintaining sustainable practices.


Key Strategies in Holzweiler’s Sustainable Retail Innovation


  • Sustainable Store Design: Emphasizes the use of environmentally friendly, locally sourced materials and flexible installations to enhance sustainability.
  • Innovative Partnerships: Collaboration with Sequoia Capital China boosts Holzweiler’s market presence and e-commerce expansion.
  • Digital and Physical Synergy: Integrates Tmall’s online platform with physical stores to maximize brand impact.
  • Adaptive Reuse: Develops retail spaces that can be easily modified, promoting material reuse and adaptability to changing shopping trends.
  • Environmental Integration: Designs store interiors that mimic natural elements, aligning with the brand’s commitment to ecological values.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In conclusion, Holzweiler’s marketing strategy proves the value of combining sustainability with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. By implementing unique partnerships, dedicating itself to sustainable materials, and taking a storytelling approach that resonates with consumers, Holzweiler has emerged as a leader in the industry. The brand not only targets a specialized market but also sets a precedent for the future of sustainable fashion.


Is your brand ready to take its marketing narrative down the route of responsible sustainability and meaningful innovation? Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our marketing solutions can turn your brand story into a message of environmental accountability conveyed through simple elegance. Let us help to devise a strategic plan that does more than just strike a tune with your followers – pave the way for a sustainable fashion future today. Get in touch now!

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What is Salvatore Ferragamo’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Salvatore Ferragamo’s Marketing Strategy? Salvatore Ferragamo was established as a shoe label by a young shoe fanatic, Salvatore Ferragamo, in 1927. Ferragamo later became known as the “Shoemaker to the Stars,” which has added significantly to its prestige. The Italian luxury label is world-renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, groundbreaking design, and rich heritage. Additionally, the brand has stayed true to the spirit of innovation that its founder instilled in his work while also embracing the traditional style.


Ferragamo is currently present in more than 90 countries, and its marketing strategy strikes an excellent balance between tradition and modernity to meet the wants and needs of a diverse client base interested in pursuing new luxury and modern trends.


What Is the Importance of a Strong Marketing Strategy in the Luxury Market?


BluCactus - Marketing Strategy in the Luxury Market - fashion show and models - Salvatore Ferragamo's MarketingLuxury is about more than selling a product; it’s about creating unique and desirable experiences. For luxury to reach its aim, solid marketing plans and campaigns are pivotal. Good marketing turns products into lifestyle symbols, telling stories that match and lead the audience’s dreams and values. 


Furthermore, reputation is also critical for success in the luxury market. This reputation must shine through each touchpoint, implying high standards and limited accessibility.


For instance, using traditional and cutting-edge channels of contact establishes a brand experience that is both classic and contemporary, one that weaves the brand into the user journey and your aspirational narrative.


How Does Salvatore Ferragamo Engage with Digital Marketing and E-commerce?


BluCactus - woman modeling at a runway fashion showThe blend of digital marketing and e-commerce provides Ferragamo a unique opportunity. The brand excels in storytelling, offering its customers fashionable products and a way of living oriented towards its target audience.


Social media marketing and influencers’ partnerships help Ferragamo engage with a younger, tech-savvy audience.


At the same time, Ferragamo’s e-commerce operates perfectly, attracting the brand’s primary target audience with high-resolution product photos and detailed descriptions.


Now, let’s explore Ferragamo’s digital marketing strategies further:


Ferragamo’s digital marketing strategies


BluCactus - Marketing Strategy in the Luxury Market - fashion show and models - Salvatore Ferragamo's Marketing

Salvatore Ferragamo has long been devoted to leveraging digital marketing to adjust to the shifting landscape of the luxury consumer. The brand adopted a digital-first strategy, focusing on omnichannel marketing, social media, and digital storytelling to create a unified experience tailored to every platform. 


Moreover, the Italian luxury house has expanded its reach by hiring influencers like Susie Lau and rebranding iconic bags to target a younger demographic.


Besides, by using immersive technology, such as augmented reality, the brand offers comfort and a unique shopping experience, along with stating one of the brand’s key goals: ‘’Ferragamo dedicates itself to digital change and the preservation of luxury.’’


Ferragamo’s Approach to E-commerce and Omnichannel Sale


BluCactus - woman modeling at a runway fashion showSalvatore Ferragamo’s approach to e-commerce and omnichannel sale exemplifies its understanding of the luxury consumer’s evolving shopping behaviors. Recognizing the synergy between digital presence and physical boutiques, Ferragamo has woven a seamless fabric of cross-channel connectivity, allowing consumers to transition effortlessly between online browsing and in-store experiences. Below are some examples of what makes Ferragamo’s strategy mix truly unique:


  • Traditional online shopping platforms transform to mimic the in-store experience of luxury premises.
  • AR and VR for a more explored brand experience online.
  • Online-in-store services like click-and-collect, online booking, and virtual styling merge digital with brick-and-mortar.
  • Personalization is conducted through online interaction driven by customers’ data.
  • Social media is utilized to increase online activity, encouraging an approach of quality storytelling of traditional heritage and modern presentation.


Social Media and Influencer Marketing in Ferragamo’s Strategy


BluCactus - Marketing Strategy in the Luxury Market - fashion show and modelsAs mentioned earlier, Salvatore Ferragamo leverages social media and influencer marketing both to promote its name and prestige and to reach broader audiences, particularly young people. The brand leverages social proof and fashion-focused networks through a small group of influencers, describing its products as aspirational and available. 


To evoke these emotional aspirations among customers, Salvatore Ferragamo integrates an intricately designed narrative, highlighting its luxurious legacy and expert craftsmanship. And this is how:


  • Brand ambassadors and influencers share real experiences about products they enjoy.
  • The brand creates social media campaigns highlighting luxury, elegance, and innovation.
  • Through a diverse catalog of influencers, the brand easily reaches different target markets.
  • Ferragamo provides special and early social media previews and launches to drive online and in-store traffic.
  • User-generated social media content encourages community engagement and sustainability.
  • Ferragamo uses dedicated hashtags to promote new collections and facilitate brand discussions.


Evidently, by integrating social media and influencer marketing into the broader strategy, Salvatore Ferragamo creates a dialogue with consumers, diversifying customer experience and brand awareness in the highly competitive luxury product market.


How Does Salvatore Ferragamo Approach Advertising and Branding?


Salvatore Ferragamo blends tradition and contemporary sophistication in its advertising and branding, reflecting its status as an Italian luxury brand. This fusion symbolizes the brand’s commitment to maintaining its rich heritage while evolving to meet modern aesthetic standards and consumer preferences. 


While reflecting the brand’s heritage, its advertising promotes products based on the emotional storytelling principles of time. For instance, it intentionally provides how the product is manufactured from top to bottom with visuals highlighting features, such as the manufacturing process’s qualitative and cinematically artistic features.


So, here are the key points of Ferragamo’s branding strategy:BluCactus - woman modeling at a runway fashion show - Salvatore Ferragamo's Marketing


  • A combination of classical elegance and novelty in various areas.
  • Invoking nostalgia and authenticity through associating the brand with Italy and the founder’s background.
  • A visual storyline of the high-quality materials and craftsmanship of Ferragamo’s lines.
  • Influencer marketing targets younger generations through strategies like seasonal advertising and product promotion. It showcases the brand’s novelties within its history and positioning. 
  • Environmentally friendly fashion practices contribute to presenting the brand’s clothing as ethical.


Insights into the brand’s advertising campaigns and their thematic messages


Ferragamo’s advertising campaigns appear as spontaneous creations, using narrative and aesthetic works of art and feelings that illustrate the expression of emotion and the art of storytelling in their approach. This reveals the brand’s Florentine story and highlights its strengths through colorful, movie-like displays. Ferragamo’s only aim is igniting the flames of persistent reverence for the legacy.


  • Narrative Storytelling: Combines the brand’s storied heritage with the current vision.
  • Elegance and Heritage: Focuses on the brand’s classic elegance and fine craftsmanship.
  • Emotional Connection: This strategy tries to establish a psychological connection with all factors of the brand’s image and introduce a deeply rooted emotional link with the consumer’s ego image.
  • Integration in Modern Lifestyle: Places the campaign in the present context and communicates relevance to luxury fashion.
  • Visual: Relies on memorable, high-quality visuals with a cinematic effect to evoke desired feelings.
  • Multichannel Engagement: Engages consumers on an omnichannel basis.


Balance Between Traditional Luxury Branding and Modern Marketing Techniques


BluCactus - Marketing Strategy in the Luxury Market - fashion show and modelsSalvatore Ferragamo abides by a rich tradition of artisan labor and successfully mixes it with modern marketing. By going digital but still preserving the touch of a luxurious fashion house, Ferragamo stays relevant for its patrons and their younger social equivalents, thus proving the evolutionary philosophy in action.


Delving Deeper into Salvatore Ferragamo’s Marketing Strategy, we notice a couple of important things, including:


  • Salvatore Ferragamo blends its historic craftsmanship with modern marketing strategies, targeting both traditionalists and modernists.
  • One strategy involves digital storytelling and experiential marketing to represent the brand’s traditional approach and modern relevance.
  • Integrates sustainability to lure environmentally conscious customers.
  • It offers limited edition collections and collaborates with contemporary artists and designers to increase consumer appeal.
  • Constant changes to the brand’s marketing approach to attract fresh demographics while ensuring a timeless charm.


Importance of Maintaining Brand Identity in all Marketing Efforts


BluCactus - woman modeling at a runway fashion show - Salvatore Ferragamo's MarketingConsistent brand identity is important for businesses, as it is the root of fostering a strong bond with customers. A harmonious brand identity is the key to recognizing, memorizing, trusting, and staying loyal to a brand. A business’s brand identity provides customers with a psychologically distinct reason to choose one over the other. It transmits messages of values and promises. Thus, brand identity strengthens the emotional connection and the perceived worth of a product or service.


The list of benefits of consistency in branding includes the following:


  • Brand recognition and market position achievement are successfully facilitated.
  • The brand ensures customer trust and loyalty.
  • The company’s uniqueness and value significantly enhance the emotional connection with the target audience.
  • Premium pricing for the products or services is supported.
  • Integrated marketing communications (IMC) are essential for achieving a cohesive brand identity.
  • Keeps the brand’s positioning up-to-date and relevant.




Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Heritage and innovation are at the core of Salvatore Ferragamo’s marketing strategy, marrying bespoke shoes, fashion, and digital technology. The brand maintains connections globally through social media and influencer collaborations, ensuring its tradition resonates while engaging new audiences. Ferragamo is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle, a statement, and a reflection of sustainability and digital sophistication. 


Connect with us for bespoke marketing solutions to transform your brand similarly. At BluCactus, your success is our success.

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How to highlight your brand and online clothing store?

Today at BluCactus, we want to talk about how to highlight your brand and online clothing store. Or in a few words, we want to talk about the positioning of a brand. This is very significant in the digital age to lead your brand to success. Positioning is the place that a brand has in the minds of its consumers. Did you know that? 


However, it is a concept that may sound very simple, which is why many believe that it is an easy task, but it is not. Today, we put together a guide to help you highlight your brand and online clothing store. In this way, we guide you to help you position your fashion brand in the online market. Are you ready? If so, keep reading and find out how to highlight your brand and online clothing store. Let’s get started!


How do you introduce a new brand of clothing?


BluCactus - online clothing storeBefore thinking about how to highlight your brand and online clothing store, you first need to know how to introduce your new clothing brand.


To do this, you must define the target, write a business plan, research the market, and calculate the numbers.


Also, you need suppliers and manufacturers for your clothing line and determine your prices.


Once all that is done, you can start your brand, and later you can think about how to position it.


How to position a clothing brand?


BluCactus - online clothing storeAll brands want to position themselves positively and exclusively in the minds of potential customers. That is why you must consider the psychological aspect when thinking about the positioning strategies of your business. But how do you highlight your brand and online clothing store? With the following tips, you can achieve it!


  1. First, you must define your target audience. Why? Because you know whom you want to communicate with and that you know who your ideal client is. To be able to define your target audience, you must dedicate the necessary time to know your audience and ensure that your brand message reaches them. It is a task that requires time and patience, especially if you want to highlight your brand and online clothing store.
  2. The second step is to define the type of positioning. Because yes, not all positions work the same. If your business has a competitive advantage that significantly differentiates it from other brands, don’t hesitate and define the strategy based on that differential that makes it unique. If you believe that the difference is the price of your products, you can highlight the positioning from that place. That way, you can highlight your brand and online clothing store.
  3. The third and last step is to define the positioning in a word. It must be a word. Why? Because it is difficult to focus in the digital age. In addition, the audience has shorter and shorter attention spans. The idea is to summarize the essence of your brand in a sentence and then turn it into a word.


How would you describe your clothing brand?


One of the keys to highlighting your brand and online clothing store is knowing how to use the right words to describe the products of your brand and online store. Here, at BluCactus, we know that writing a good description within your online store is easy. That’s why we tell you the five keys you need to describe them!




BluCactus - online clothing storeThe first step to describing your brand and highlighting your brand and online clothing store is to choose the most appropriate product name. Why? Because the name of the product is your presentation title. There are two strategies to define a good name that is part of a product description.


If your online store offers products belonging to a category that can be easily found in other stores, give your products a unique name that identifies them. It should be something suggestive and attention-getting, but at the same time, correctly and honestly describe the essence of the product.


This strategy will allow you to create a brand and differentiate yourself from the competition. However, you can use a more descriptive product name if your product is unique.




BluCactus - online clothing storeDescribing your product with keywords is essential to highlight your brand and online clothing store.


A concise product description is another persuasive element.


Do not write it to highlight what you or your company may consider most important about the product.


Instead, describe what will convince the user to buy or scroll down and continue reading and learning about the product.





BluCactus - online clothing storeProduct description is not the only important thing.


If you want to highlight your brand and online clothing store, you must follow a good structure in your product descriptions.


Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that, since it is a product description, it is not necessary to follow a structure when writing.




Because any text, no matter how small, must have a structure.




BluCactus - online clothing storeA good trick to improve the search engine presence of your product is to use the product name three times in the description.


That way, you will be able to highlight your brand and online clothing store with the description of your products.


However, do not force their appearance.


You must naturally use the product name in the text. 






BluCactus - online clothing store - highlight your brandThe last persuasive element to highlight your brand and online clothing store when describing your products is to avoid duplicate content.


If you have several identical or very similar products —it is common in clothing stores, with garments of different sizes and colors—, sometimes it is to describe them differently.


However, you should avoid using the same words in more than one description.




How can I promote my clothing brand?


BluCactus - online clothing store - highlight your brandOffline and online worlds require efforts to attract the right people and close sales. In both worlds persuasion is permanent. How to highlight your brand and online clothing store? Promoting your clothing brand! And to achieve good positioning, you need to invest in advertising, and SEO, you need to create stunning sales displays, offer discounts, use social networks, and hold events.


How to highlight your brand and online clothing store? Many think that this is an easy task, but it is not. You need to define your target audience and the type of positioning in one word. With our guide to highlight your brand and online clothing store, you can lead your clothing store to success. You just have to contact us. See you in the next blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly  newsletter!

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Greenwashing in fashion marketing and how its practice affects brands

Greenwashing in fashion marketing and how its practice affects brands. The care and preservation of the environment has become very important in the United Arab Emirates and many other countries worldwide. Therefore, awareness about climate change and good practices in favor of improving ecological conditions are increasing, a cause many companies join in.


The role of the human being in society is broad. And, includes environmental and ecological responsibility, to which we have given special attention in recent years.


But companies, brands, and industries do not escape this area. And rightly so, given the activities that they carry out. In most cases, highly polluting actions occur. Therefore, everyone is seeking a way to reduce consumption rates that affect the environment and health considerably. So now, they opt for much more responsible and sustainable options for the environment and society.


This search has resulted in brand strategies to spread to consumers the values ​​and social responsibility of the organization. However, in the attempt to give an eco-friendly image that arises from the trend and consumer pressures, they often make the mistake of communicating environmental practices that they don’t put into practice or that are not entirely correct.


This activity is called “Greenwashing.” It is related to non-existent ecological or pro-environment practices by a company to show itself to the public as a sustainable brand that works with non-polluting processes when they are not.


Greenwashing is a marketing strategy a monarch company applies to show itself to the public as a responsible organization committed to the environment.


What is Greenwashing?


BluCactus - What is Greenwashing?But let’s define more concretely what Greenwashing is.


The word greenwashing is a derivation of whitewashing (money laundering) but with a green connotation to link it with the environment. This term, which is nothing new, emerged in the 1980s. When the environmentalist Jay Westerveld reported that hotels promoted the reuse of towels to avoid washing them daily. And thus, save water and contribute to the environment. This was just a marketing strategy. Since, in reality, they still needed to fulfill the health policies.


Greenwashing is a marketing strategy companies, industries, and brands apply to give an image of responsibility toward the environment. Greenwashing also works to let people know that the processes they maintain in that place seek to preserve the ecosystem. And, avoid environmental damage and pollutants for the planet and society when in reality, none is true.


This strategy represents a deception for the public. Because nothing exposed and disseminated is real. It is only a way to sell an image and align with social, business, and environmental responsibility practices they must perform.


Currently, greenwashing is perceived as a bad marketing practice that misinforms and misleads the consumer by showing an image based on non-existent ecological practices that do not have a positive impact on the planet.


Ways of applying Greenwashing


There are various ways in which someone can implement Greenwashing strategies. So we will tell you about them, so you understand how it works.


Green MarketingBluCactus - What is Greenwashing?


It is the strategy through which it seeks to convey to the public an image of the company’s commitment to the environment through green graphic elements. It is simple for the public to connect the company with sound environmental practices and in favor of caring for the planet. Consequently, environmentally responsible when they are not.


Highlight ecological practices the company doesn’t follow, such as recycling, and non-polluting processes, among others, to give an image that works respecting the environment.


Meeting legal requirements


By law, companies must comply with specific parameters to contribute to the preservation of the environment. However, this does not make them ecological. Even if they want to make it appear that they are.


Modifying the name of products


You may add phrases to containers or labels alluding to caring for the planet, such as eco-friendly, bio, natural, green, or organic.


Using ambiguous words


An example is when they say a product or garment is recyclable when we are curious if this will be true.


Adding eco images


Allusive logos and images are directly related to nature, ecology, the environment, etc. This means that, when seen, the product is associated with this practice.


The same applies to seals that lead one to think that it is a product certified as sustainable or ecological when it does not even have the certification issued by an official body.


BluCactus - What is Greenwashing?Offering products as sustainable


Many brands market products as if they were 100% sustainable, with only a tiny part of the materials meeting this distinction.


Likewise, some companies promote themselves as pro-environmental manufacturers with processes that care for the environment, not complying with this premise.


Using technical terms to confuse


Using technical language that a person often needs help understanding causes the wrong impression regarding the processes carried out in a company. Due to this, there may be confusion and false belief that a brand’s practices are sustainable because of this type of language.


Goal of Greenwashing


The purpose of this practice, which is familiar even more so in recent years, is to improve the image of a company or brand in the eyes of consumers and the general public. All to make them seem like an industry whose manufacturing or confection is attached to the strictest ecological and environmental standards and is 100% sustainable.


All this is based on misleading advertising, also seeking to increase sales and income, thanks to the greenwashing strategy. And this makes the population believe that the company’s policies are based on respect and good practices in pro of the environment.


Greenwashing in fashion


BluCactus - fashion marketing for your brand In fast fashion, disrespect for the environment is the norm. Since this method of making clothes quickly to issue collections constantly is very common. And it is said that the fashion industry represents one of the most polluting items in the world.


Given this, many brands sincerity by including the words conscious, organic, and sustainable, among other similar words on their labels and advertising. To show that they are committed to protecting the planet. And that their practices and raw materials are far from abuse and environmental pollution.


Another aspect in which the Greenwashing strategy is present is when a company states that it works for sustainability through its words, statements, or communications. However, in reality, they only comply with the minimum parameters demanded. And their productions are on a large scale that affects the planet and contributes, on the contrary, to climate change.


Consequences of Greenwashing in the fashion industry


BluCactus - fashion marketing for your brand As we have said, Greenwashing is a marketing strategy with deceptive and non-transparent purposes. It seeks to create a false image of a company or brand concerning its environmental behavior. Since it wants to make people believe they meet high standards in sustainable activities.


This affects the fashion industry to the extent that there needs to be more straightforward and precise  precise information about the processes and raw materials used to manufacture clothing. If a brand makes itself look ecological, it will likely attract many people to consume that product, increasing sales and production to meet demand, thus increasing pollution.


Visibility and opportunity are also reduced for the brands that comply with these guidelines. And that has been a reliable and sustainable alternative before these fast fashion brands. They are undermine the efforts to create fashion from awareness and respect for the environment.


By applying a Greenwashing strategy, on the one hand, the consumer is deceived. On the other hand, the contamination of rivers and streams, high pressure on the use of land and water, the dumping of waste, and the precarious conditions of work of farmers and industrial workers are promoted.


How to recognize if a company practices Greenwashing?


Lack of evidence

BluCactus - fashion marketing for your brand


There is the omission of data, or the information they provide must be verifiable about whether or not a product is made under sustainability standards and is environmentally friendly.


Use of false labels


All to show that the products have approval and guarantee they were made under sustainability.


Omission of all information


The products are marketed as if they were 100% ecological. And aspects or materials that are not and cause an impact on the environment are hidden.




Echo that the company carries out positive or adequate environmental practices when they don’t. On the contrary, the activities are far from environmental preservation or considered illegal. So they give the wrong impression.


How to avoid Greenwashing?


BluCactus - fashion marketing for your brand Companies have in their hands the responsibility to provide truthful information that allows verifying its authenticity. To confirm that they adhere to correct environmental and ecological practices. And above all, make sure they show themselves as a transparent company sincere with their activities.


Combating Greenwashing will depend on the company and the measures it takes, for which it is also necessary:


  • Ensure that what is manifested and shown through slogans, among others, is genuine information and can be verified.
  • Avoid introducing words like eco, green, and natural.
  • Do not allude or insinuate that the products benefit the environment.
  • Both the values ​​of the company and its culture must go hand in hand.
  • Show transparency through its communication media with information that demonstrates environmental commitment.


To avoid dishonest practices in your brand or company, go to the professionals at BluCactus. They will provide the best tools and help you grow your brand transparently and effectively. Contact us!


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5 things you should know about fashion marketing - Banner

5 things you should know about fashion marketing

5 things you should know about fashion marketing. To start talking about fashion marketing, we must define what fashion is. In short, it is a use, mode, or custom that is in trend for some time, or in a particular country. However, apart from being a habit, it is a lifestyle. Fashion is also establishing an image. It is innovation, creativity, art, and elegance. So, fashion marketing is the one that is in charge of seeing everything related to the product, price, place, promotion, positioning, and people who influence the brand. To start working with a fashion brand, you must consider the 5 things you should know about fashion marketing. That is why today, at BluCactus, we will talk about the most significant points of fashion marketing. That way, you can lead your fashion business on the right track. Are you ready? Here we go!


What do you know about fashion marketing?


BluCactus - fashion marketingHowever, before knowing the 5 things you should know about fashion marketing, it is necessary to increase your knowledge about what fashion marketing is.


Fashion marketing deals with advertising clothing and accessories to a specific target. But what is the most significant aspect of fashion marketing? Identify the target.


Another aspect of fashion marketing is deciding how products will be displayed in stores. It is when you need to cut with creativity and ingenuity. It also includes being aware of trends and eyeing the right impact with advertising.


5 things you should know about fashion marketing


Now is the time to learn what you should know about fashion marketing. Then we will learn about other significant aspects of fashion marketing so that you can steer your brand on the right path. Take note of the following characteristics that you need to know about fashion marketing!




BluCactus - fashion marketingWe started this list of things you should know about fashion marketing by mentioning the importance of understanding the brand.


The first thing we have to do when thinking about fashion marketing is to know the brand, the history, and what it aims for and see what we can do so that it arouses emotions in the client.


In addition, it is essential to know what the brand attributes are, to identify the differential advantages, to position the brand, generate experience (it can be with scents, it is used a lot in fashion marketing), and to transmit values.






BluCactus - fashion marketingStudying and understanding the market also stands out among the things you should know about fashion marketing.


Several existing techniques and methods should be considered when researching the market.


Nevertheless, we must also analyze them and evaluate which alternative will favor the achievement of the brand’s objectives to a greater extent.


Some techniques typically used are surveys, interviews, observation, market tests, focus groups, and surveys.




BluCactus - fashion marketingStorytelling is also significant in fashion marketing. For that reason, it is part of the things you should know about fashion marketing. To elevate your brand, reach your customers, and get sales, you have to work on storytelling.


There is nothing that connects more with another person than knowing their history, their failures, and their successes.


Therefore, your product must tell a story with which customers can feel represented.


It is vital to understand human behavior: how we buy and why we buy. Marketing is often a matter of perception, of emotions. It must convey trust and credibility.




BluCactus - fashion marketingDefining goals and objectives is super important before taking action. Consequently, it is part of these things you should know about fashion marketing.


Goals must be specific, long or short, time-bound, realistic, and measurable. In addition, we must seek to differentiate our brand and see what we can do to stand out in a market as overloaded and competitive as fashion.


What does that mean? Differentiating yourself from the competition means doing things differently. It also involves understanding the soul of the product or service we sell. We must first understand customer problems and build on them to achieve that. That way, you can make your brand different and unique.




Understanding how market demand works is essential in mocha marketing. This point is significant among the things you should know about fashion marketing. In fashion marketing, there must be constant construction, research, and search for orientation between supply and demand. Thus, it will be possible to establish the needs and demands of customers, obtain a position in the market and match supply to demand.


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What is the goal of fashion marketing?


BluCactus - chanel the brandFashion marketing wants to allow brands to grow in the market and improve their sales.


Additionally, fashion marketing has several advantages. It helps brands to improve their visibility in the market. For this, many brands develop digital marketing strategies.


That way, they can improve reach and brand recognition. It also improves brand traffic on the web. They achieve this by keeping the audience attentive to the content.


Furthermore, fashion marketing improves the brand’s communication with the public. It allows the creation of loyalty relationships between the brand and customers. 


Is it hard to be a fashion marketer?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Being a fashion marketer is not an easy task. But it is not impossible either. The Fashion Marketer has the difficult task of connecting the brand with the customers. To do this, you must know the philosophy of the first and the needs and tastes of the second. The search for that connection has to be the thread that moves the fashion marketing strategy.


So, if you want to become the best Fashion Marketer, you have to design the brand strategy, carry out market research, and develop a communication strategy. Also, you have to encourage connection from all types of devices, create marketing strategies, formulate an environment for the local store, and organize events. Being a fashion marketer means having great responsibility and working hard.


The 5 things you should know about fashion marketing are essential if you want to lead your fashion brand to success. Especially if your goal is to be a fashion marketer, you need to consider many details and tasks for effective fashion marketing. Do you have a fashion brand and don’t know how to do fashion marketing? Contact us and BluCactus will direct your fashion brand to success.


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What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? - Banner

What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? After declaring bankruptcy in 2019, Forever 21’s marketing strategy changed. This was done in order to save the company. And luckily, it worked. Their new marketing strategy consists of a renewed focus on cross-border e-commerce in the form of localized online stores. That’s right, Forever 21 moved away from “physical” retail and created other alternatives to stay in the market. Without a doubt, Forever 21 is an example of renewal and improvement. So what is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? Today, at BluCactus, we will tell you more details about the marketing strategy of this fashion brand.


How does Forever 21’s marketing strategy work?


BluCactus - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? The marketing strategy of Forever 21 is based on a more personalized, cross-border online offering that supports more than 95 currencies, and more than 150 local and alternative payment methods in 21 languages. It also offers a wide variety of shipping methods.


To engage their already digitally savvy customers, retailers need to invest in creating a unique online experience that speaks directly to the shopper. This is what the brand is currently aiming for.


Additionally, with the continued increase in demand from international shoppers, Forever 21 recognizes that an advanced global online shopping experience is a significant part of its future growth.


What is Forever 21’s target audience?


BluCactus - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?Forever 21’s target audience is young people. Forever 21 sells clothing for young women, including accessories, swimwear, lingerie, bags, and shoes. These garments are based on the trends that are worn in Asia and the United States. Their prices are very affordable, especially in North America.


However, although at first, it was a fashion firm focused on a youthful audience, including adolescents, little by little, it has opened up to new clients, especially after the creation of new brands within Forever 21, such as XXI Forever, ForLove21, Forever21+, Love21, Forever 21 Girls, 21men.


Each one focuses on different audiences, from the youngest to the most mature, also some only women and others only men.


What is Forever 21’s pricing strategy?


BluCactus - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? Within its marketing strategy, it also highlights its pricing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about prices when we talk about the marketing strategy of Forever 21.


The brand reduced the cost by hiring cheap labor and applying an economical design. As always in the Fast Fashion industry, many workers in Forever 21 stores are high school workers. They are paid a minimum wage. Likewise, Forever 21 moves its production to Asia to pay workers less. Plus, you don’t spend much on hiring designers.


For that reason, the brand has faced many lawsuits. They have also faced lawsuits for copyright. Specifically, for stealing the work of designers like Anna Sui and Trovata. Thanks to that, customers can buy products at low prices at Forever 21. The brand reduces its cost by applying cheap labor and cheap design.


Who is Forever 21’s biggest competitor?


All brands have big competitors. And all brands take that into account when thinking about their marketing strategy. Among Forever 21’s competitors, H&M stands out. For that reason, Forever 21’s biggest competitor is H&M. Both brands offer affordable prices and the latest styles to customers. When H&M offers a lower price to customers, Forever 21 takes some steps to win customers over. For example, lower the price further and offer some deals.


Is Forever 21 owned by H&M?


No. Forever 21 is owned by Authentic Brands Group, Simon Property Group, and Brookfield Properties. However, Forever 21’s new co-owner, Authentic Brands Group, has appointed former H&M executive Daniel Kulle as the new chief executive. Kulle recently worked as a strategic adviser to former H&M Group CEO Karl-Johan Persson.


Why is Forever 21 not sustainable?


BluCactus - sportswear fashion brandForever 21 is not a sustainable clothing brand because it is a part of a fast fashion brand. Fast fashion is cheap and quickly digested. It has a short shelf life and generates garbage. Young people are aware that this fast fashion contributes to destroying the place in which they live and where they hope the rest of the generations can continue living.


They know that this type of fashion continues to drive a workforce into substandard and unhealthy working conditions and that textile waste significantly boosts greenhouse gasses through water and air pollution. However, in recent years and after the crisis, the brand has also started to use sustainable materials in its clothing range to promote the Sustainable Fashion Movement. Although it is not yet in its entirety, little by little, the brand seems to want to become sustainable. The marketing strategy of Forever 21 also includes those significant changes.


Do you have a fashion brand and want to give it visibility? Here at BluCactus, we can do it. Contact us to lead your brand to success with necessary and adequate digital marketing.


Is Forever 21 a fast fashion brand?


That’s right, Forever 21 is a fast fashion brand. The change in thinking and the turn towards more eco-friendly fashion that comes hand in hand with the new generations don’t forgive brands that don’t join in caring for the planet. So many people start to dismiss Forever 21 as a fashion option because it’s part of fast fashion.


Where does Forever 21 make their clothes?


BluCactus - sportswear fashion brand60% of the brand’s total clothing is made in China. The brand is one of the favorites for women to buy clothes.


Forever 21 manufactures apparel using several materials, including rayon, cotton, nylon, polyester, viscose, and acrylic. In this way, Forever 21 develops its clothing.


For greater comfort and breathability, they combine viscose and polyester with these materials.


The brand also uses spandex material to add elasticity to its clothing.


Why are all the Forever 21 stores closing?


Due to the bankruptcy crisis in 2019, Forever 21 closed many of its stores. The bankruptcy, which occurred in September 2019, was the result of years of poor decisions and a fundamental lack of understanding. Caused, not only by the change that retail was going through but also by its conventions. We must emphasize that in the marketing strategy of Forever 21, the brand has left Canada and Europe and is entering into Asia and Latin America.


In what area do you think Forever 21 failed to comply?


BluCactus - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?Although it is difficult to admit, a large company in fashion or any field can fail due to mismanagement.


That was the case with Forever 21, which in 2019 had to declare bankruptcy. But where did the brand go wrong? Mainly, it failed because it did not consider the sustainability of its business.


In addition, Forever 21 also didn’t thoroughly analyze market trends and competitor strategies. It also forgot about consumer expectations.


As a result, it was unable to adapt and innovate. Although, with its new marketing strategy, it has managed to make a comeback.


Does Forever 21 have TikTok?


Yes, you can get Forever 21 on TikTok as @forever21. In the marketing strategy of Forever 21, the brand shares its latest collections and more on this social platform. It is a perfect channel to stay connected with their updates.


Why did Forever 21 fail in China?


Forever 21’s failure in China was largely due to its slow approach to expansion and digital marketing strategy. That made it less visible to younger consumers. Yet, with its new marketing strategy, the brand is gradually recovering in the Asian country as well.


What is the age range for Forever 21?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Forever 21 employees are between the ages of 20-30. For this reason, 40% of the brand’s employees are between that age range. In addition, the Forever 21 target audience is also in that age range. It is a youth target.


What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? After filing for bankruptcy, Forever 21 completely changed its marketing strategy. Now the company takes consumer preferences into account and considers digital marketing as a priority.


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5 fashion brands with a youth target audience

5 fashion brands with a youth target audience. Like any fashion lover, young people interested in dressing well focus their attention on brands that offer clothing and accessories that suit their style. For this reason, young people are an important target for many brands. There are even fashion brands whose target focuses solely and exclusively on young people. Among young people, one of the keys is to wear wide clothes and to bet on garments in neutral colors such as white, black, and gray. If you are part of them and are interested in fashion brands that offer clothing for young people, today at BluCactus, we are talking about 5 fashion brands with a youth target audience. Are you ready? Let’s see!


5 fashion brands that focus on a youth audience


Young people today are increasingly interested in fashion. For that reason, many fashion brands focus their target on them. These brands have achieved success because their designs are in line with current trends and their prices are more affordable. In addition, there are fewer periods between collections, which allows them to innovate and adapt to what young people are looking for. Know with us 5 fashion brands with a youth target audience!


  1. NIKE


BluCactus - Nike logo fashion brandWe start this list of fashion brands with a youth target audience with Nike. Nike is part of this list because it has managed a strategy to adapt to both times and tastes. Their marketing strategies are based on a clear and polished image, the combination with high-tech ‘gadgets’, and the understanding of the importance of social networks.


Thus, Nike is also the most followed fashion brand on Instagram, which allows the company to have contact with the customer database. Also, it makes sense that Nike would be above more traditional fashion labels.


Why? Because leggings are making a comeback as real pants, the popularity of sportswear is growing, and sales of denim clothing are declining. So, in Nike, unconventional colors, lines, and architectural cuts are imposed on the garments and a fresh, youthful, and urban style.


  1. FOREVER 21


BluCactus - forever 21 store fashion brandThe second brand on this list of fashion brands with a youth target audience is Forever 21. Why? Because the Forever 21 catalogs are focused on a young audience. However, there are clothes that you can wear without any problem beyond this age, such as shirts, dresses, pants, etc. In addition, several firms or lines within the brand are focused on older audiences.


But where it has a more loyal audience is in the more youthful lines, with teenagers and pre-adolescents wearing its clothes. In the youth collections, shorts, colors, heels, or tops are the main proposals in their catalogs. Although always with the spirit of American fashion, which overflows everywhere.


As it is a firm created in California, the garments have a lot of summer, sun, and surf air. The ideas we get of the “California Girl” are included in their proposals. But their style in European countries has been changing to suit the fashion of these countries.





BluCactus - fashion brandPacSun is also part of this list of fashion brands with a youth target audience.


PacSun (Pacific Sunwear of California) is an American retail clothing brand.


The company sells clothing. But also swimwear, footwear, and accessories designed for teens and young adults.


It is one of the favorites among young people for the fresh and youthful style of its clothes.






BluCactus - lululemon fashion brandWe continue with the fashion brands with a youth target audience! And it’s an opportunity to talk about Lululemon. It is a company dedicated to the retail trade of sportswear, especially for the practice of yoga.


However, Lululemon has even led users of the brand to wear the garments in spaces other than sports venues. For example, within the framework of the “athleisure” movement. It corresponds to a fashion trend in which garments that allow you to exercise and go out are imposed.


This trend also contemplates the design of garments inspired by sports activities but using unconventional materials for physical activity, such as silk, leather, and accessories. If you are a youngster who loves athleisure fashion, Lululemon is the ideal choice.


  1. H&M


BluCactus - H&M fashion brandAnd finally, among the fashion brands with a youth target audience, we have H&M.


Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) is a Swedish multinational clothing retail company.


It is known for its fast logistics handling of fashionable clothing for men, women, teens, and children. H&M currently exists in 43 countries.


If you want to boost your brand, here at BluCactus, we help you do it. Contact us to bring your brand to success.


What is the target market for a clothing brand?


BluCactus - fashion brands with a youth targetThe target consists of the group of consumers whose characteristics, desires, and needs are more suited to the products and services offered by a specific brand.


It is also called a niche market or potential customer. When there is a clothing store, online or physical, the products they offer are focused on a specific audience.


For example, clothing for women, men, adolescents, children, and babies. Even clothing for a certain age range, style, etc. Fashion brands with a youth target audience have young people as their target audience. Their clothes are more in line with the outfits that they can wear. Even so, fashion brands can target different markets, depending on their goals, preferences, and other factors.


How do you find the target audience for fashion?


BluCactus - fashion brands with a youth targetIn the fashion industry, defining the target is based on several processes.


The brand should start by researching the audience, what characteristics define them, their preferences, etc.


Then you must analyze social networks, study the competition, evaluate, and specify the product offered.


In addition, banner ads should also be tested with that target audience.



What age group buys fast fashion?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510The public that consumes fast fashion the most are women, followed by young people. For this reason, many fast fashion brands, such as Forever 21, target young people. Nonetheless, with all the social and environmental problems generated by fast fashion, many young people are aware of this and give up on these brands. For this reason, many brands are beginning to adopt sustainable fashion.


The 5 fashion brands with a youth target audience are ideal for those young people who seek to dress well and in style. These brands know that focusing on one of the largest and most demanding target audiences is an opportunity for success. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of our updates. See you in a future BluCactus blog!


The opportunity to take your brand to success is with us. If you want to create a good marketing strategy for your brand, we can put you in contact with the BluCactus team.

What is Lululemon's Marketing Strategy? - Banner

What is Lululemon’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Lululemon’s marketing Strategy? Today at BluCactus United Arab Emirates, we will talk about the marketing strategy of a fashion brand that has done a great job of building a strong community on several platforms. Lululemon is an athletic clothing brand. It is also a Canadian technical athletics company for running, yoga, workout apparel and accessories. But, what is Lululemon’s marketing strategy? Stay with us to learn more about this brand that makes a difference among many other brands in the same category. Are you ready? Let’s see!


What Strategy Does Lululemon Use?


BluCactus - influencer marketing strategy - LululemonWhat is Lululemon’s marketing strategy? The brand has an influencer marketing strategy. Lululemon regularly collaborates with local yoga, wellness and fitness instructors to represent its brand. The brand creates a space where people can build community by using a section of its stores to host meditation, yoga and fitness classes. The brand is very innovative and takes customer feedback seriously. Because of that, their clothing line is carefully designed to allow their clients to feel comfortable while working out.


Customers are a valuable part of Lululemon’s marketing strategy. Therefore, the brand knows that customers can be valuable content creators when they are satisfied with their products. Since social media occupies a significant place in marketing, user-generated content is likely to be more trustworthy than branded content. Lululemon’s #TheSweatLife was an example of how a brand can inspire consumers to build their network. Consumers used it as a way to share their achievements and fitness goals on Instagram.


What is Lululemon’s Advertising Strategy?


BluCactus USA - Lululemon fashion brandTo answer the question “What is Lululemon’s marketing strategy?”, we must examine their advertising strategy first. A key component of Lululemon’s advertising strategy is that the professionals of the brand are very considerate of their community.

From that, we can see that the company’s vision for the Lululemon store was to help people get gear they could sweat in comfortably. The owners didn’t just want to create a brand. They wanted to create a community hub — a safe space where people could discuss and learn the physical aspects of fitness, mindfulness and health. Subsequently, Lululemon built genuine relationships with the people who visited its stores to understand what they were passionate about.


With its marketing strategy, Lululemon demonstrates that one of the best ways to build community is to host events in collaboration with local leaders. Lululemon hosts an ambassador program where the brand builds a broad and valuable network online and offline. That way, the brand promotes its clothing while helping its customers achieve their fitness goals. Lululemon also sponsors real-life events like the Sweat Life Festival which has helped further strengthen the brand’s bond with its customers.


At BluCactus, we can bring your brand to success! Simply get in touch with us so we can create a marketing strategy for your brand.


What Are the Key Elements of Lululemon’s Strategy?


BluCactus USA - Lululemon fashion brandWhen we consider the main components of Lululemon’s marketing strategy, we can see they are simple — and highly effective.

In principle, the commercial strategy of the brand is based on promoting its products as pillars of an active and healthy lifestyle. It was a successful strategy for Lululemon. Why?

Because the company can put a higher price on its products. People even wear the company’s products as fashion clothes and not just for fitness purposes. For example, in the athleisure style, Lululemon also has an advantage. Lovers of this style add Lululemon clothes and combine them with others that are not related to the fitness world, creating incredible outfits.


Thanks to that, Lululemon sells its products through a network of stores that it owns and operates online and offline. As of December 6, 2018, the company operates 426 stores in the United States. They also have stories in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and Singapore. Lululemon believes that its stores help the company connect with customers and seek product feedback while also promoting its brand. Therefore, the main key in Lululemon’s marketing strategy is the community. It has worked very well for them because they are one of the most popular brands for their target audience.


What is Lululemon’s Target Market?


BluCactus USA - Lululemon fashion brandWe cannot talk about Lululemon’s marketing strategy without also talking about the target audience of the brand. Lululemon’s customers include people in their teens and early thirties. Since it sells sportswear, the clothes are perfect for anyone who leads a fitness-focused life.


However, the brand is also ideal for those who wear an athleisure style. Lululemon’s target audience is mostly yoga or fitness enthusiasts who value work-life balance. They are also typically high-net-worth individuals who are willing to pay high prices for Lululemon products.


It is also important to mention that Lululemon’s market size is the largest in the US. Still, the brand is sold all over the world.


Who Are Lululemon’s Competitors?


BluCactus USA - Lululemon marketing StrategyWhen examining Lululemon’s marketing strategy, it is important to draw attention to its main competitors. Lululemon isn’t the only company selling sportswear,Everything you need to create your own sportswear brand and more! after all, and they compete with big brands. However, Lululemon remains a favorite thanks to its new, high-quality clothing.

Lululemon faces increasing competition in the sportswear industry from retail giants Nike (NKE), Adidas (ADDYY), and Under Armour (UA).

Additionally, investors should be aware that the company faces several risks such as finicky consumer tastes and a business model that is heavily reliant on vendors.



Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510


Do You Want To Implement Lululemon’s Marketing Strategy In Your Brand?

Perhaps the most essential part of Lululemon’s marketing strategy is that they value the community surrounding them. Lululemon engages with its clientele in different ways and takes their opinions and recommendations into account. Doing this strengthens the brand in the moment and also in the long term.

Now that you know all about Lululemon’s marketing strategy, perhaps you can get inspired and use some of its techniques and innovations to uplift your own brand.

In order to do that, though, you first need a good marketing strategy. Well, look no further! Contact BluCactus, and, with our help, you’ll be able to give your brand the visibility it deserves.

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How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? - Banner

How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work?

How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? So far, here at BluCactus United Arab Emirates, we have reviewed the marketing strategy of major fashion brands. However, until now, we had not considered the marketing of sustainable fashion brands. How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? If you’re asking yourself that question, we’ve already told you that you should stay with us. The reason? Today we will tell you how the marketing strategies of these brands are applied, which are gaining more visibility and importance every day. Are you ready? Let’s see!


How do you promote sustainability in fashion?


BluCactus - sustainable fashion brandsHow does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? More and more companies are joining efforts to promote actions that help the environment. That, of course, also requires sustainable marketing. But what is sustainable marketing? It is a type of marketing that promotes environmentally and socially responsible products. It wants to improve the quality of life by promoting products, services, and ideas that do not harm the environment. 


However, it also means educating consumers, encouraging them to make informed decisions when buying a product, and reflecting on whether they need it. That is not always easy. It is maybe the hardest part of sustainable marketing. Yet with a good strategy, it is possible. Also, sustainable marketing is important now more than ever. Why? Because global consumers prefer to buy products and services from companies that have a purpose that reflects their values and beliefs.


What is sustainability in marketing strategy?


BluCactus - marketing strategy for fashion businessHow do you promote sustainability in fashion? Fashion companies and fast fashion brands have been promoting fast-changing trends that encourage consumers to buy more. They have done so for ages. However, they are also now facing a shift towards more sustainable practices. Sustainability strategies include what and when companies choose to promote to their customers. Even so, this often also means rethinking and changing influencer relationships and marketing strategies.


The focus of sustainable marketing is on sharing. It is about educating and sharing knowledge with consumers. For this reason, transparency plays a fundamental role. If a brand can’t be transparent about its sustainable positioning, it can quickly become problematic. Although it may not seem like it, buzzwords like ‘green’, ‘ethical’, and ‘ecological’ easily confuse consumers. They also slow down the progress of sustainability within fashion in general. Being sustainable as a business or even as an individual is a journey. No brand is perfect, and for that reason, transparency matters.


What are the five common strategies for sustainability marketing?


How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? With certain strategies, brands can implement sustainable marketing communication in multiple ways. Not all companies have to make the same changes or adjustments, since not all have the same products or services for sale. In any case, the following would be the five sustainable marketing strategies:




BluCactus - sustainable fashion brandsNot all consumers have assumed the same commitment to the planet. If a brand begins a process of renewal and respect for the environment, it will be necessary to stimulate that interest or that value in its customers. It means you have to issue communications that encourage awareness and help people participate in this process.




A brand has to involve its employees in this movement before adopting a green and sustainable attitude. It also has to make the work environment less polluting. It implies encouraging sustainable actions from within the company itself. You can achieve this by implementing a recycling system or energy-saving policies.




One way to make the commitment visible is through concrete actions that not only involve the firm itself. The most appropriate thing is to choose the one that has the greatest relationship with the sector in which you are moving towards.




BluCactus - marketing strategy for fashion businessWhen a brand decides to start a renewal process and bet on sustainable marketing, the first thing to do is explain it to its customers. Why? Because it is a way of valuing the action that is beginning to be carried out. However, it is also a way of explaining possible changes that may occur.




International and competent organizations have to endorse the measures taken by the company to remain sustainable and ecological. You have to carefully observe the regulations and start applying them in the work process to get those labels for the products or services.


The time to lead your brand to success is now. You can contact us if you need to implement a functional marketing strategy for your brand. Do it now!


How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work?


The marketing of a sustainable fashion brand seeks to boost and meet the financial projections of an organization. Nevertheless, it also seeks to promote sustainability practices. For this reason, a brand that wants to transmit sustainable values must consider three factors: honesty, transparency, and reality.


Who is the target market for sustainable fashion?


BluCactus - sustainable fashion brandsHow does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? It also has a specific target.


Mostly, it is a female audience between 25 and 45 years old. They usually have a medium-high economic level or horizon of consumption.


Additionally, they are digital natives, users of social networks, consumers of ecological products, and travelers.


They have ecological sensitivity, sustainable awareness, a feeling of social responsibility, and are online buyers.


How can marketing promote sustainability?


BluCactus - marketing strategy for fashion businessHow does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work?


By promoting sustainability. But how do they do it?


The essence of sustainable marketing is to position your brand as an active figure in a social or environmental issue.


It can humanize your message as a brand and offer an additional reason for potential customers to choose your brand over the competition.


What is a sustainable branding strategy?


BluCactus - sustainable fashion brandsIn general terms, branding considers the brand level depending on the degree of collective opinion and perception that is held in the market.


But, it also takes into account the economic support and the efficiency in the communication of the brand.


Sustainable branding is strategic positioning that seeks to manage the brand through in-depth knowledge of ecosystems.


It achieves this by seeking the balance of three pillars with a view to social responsibility: society, economy, and environment.


Why do you need a sustainable marketing strategy?


BluCactus - marketing strategy for fashion businessIn a rapidly developing and changing business ecosystem, it is necessary to take a proactive approach based on adaptation and anticipation.


One way to deal with this situation is to analyze the marketing strategy and adapt it to sustainable marketing.


Perhaps at this time, not all companies are ready for it. But they will all have to face the sustainability movement sooner or later.


Why? Because as the company begins to highlight its real efforts to be sustainable, the recognition of its brand, the acquisition of customers, and investors will increase.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510How does the marketing strategy of sustainable fashion brands work? The objective of sustainable marketing is to improve the quality of life by promoting services and ideas that don’t harm the environment.


For this reason, the marketing of a sustainable fashion brand seeks to promote and meet the financial projections of an organization according to the values of sustainable fashion. Do not forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive notifications of our updates.


With BluCactus, you can lead your brand to success! Contact us and boost your brand with a good marketing strategy we design for you.

What is Moschino's marketing strategy? - Banner

What is Moschino’s marketing strategy?

What is Moschino’s marketing strategy? We continue to discover the marketing strategies of fashion brands. In this opportunity, we will talk about Moschino, an Italian fashion house that manufactures fashion clothes for women, men, and children. And also fragrances, decorative items, cosmetics, and jewelry. Moschino and his brand became famous for their innovative and colorful designs, their critiques of the fashion industry, and their social awareness campaigns in the 1990s. But, what is Moschino’s marketing strategy? Maybe it’s centered on eccentricity? Stay on BluCactus to know more about it. Let’s get started!


How does Moschino’s marketing strategy work?


BluCactus USA - luxury fashion brandWhat is Moschino’s marketing strategy? Moschino’s marketing strategy analyzes the brand with the marketing framework covering product, price, place, and promotion. When it comes to Moschino, there isn’t just one marketing strategy implemented.


There are several marketing strategies, such as product innovation, pricing approach, and promotion planning, among many others. These business strategies are based on Moschino’s marketing mix. In this way, they help the brand to be successful in the market. In addition, their marketing strategy helps them position themselves competitively in the market. It also helps them achieve their business goals and objectives.


As for promotion, most of Moschino’s promotion includes print media and online promotion. They specifically aim to appear in interesting magazines like Vogue and W magazine. However, there are also many online magazines and blogs through which they promote themselves. Like the products the brand sells, its ads are particularly colorful and have quirky images. That’s an eye-catching item that strays from the boring catalogs of luxury products. Thus, this completes Moschino’s marketing mix. They make a noticeable difference in the market thanks to that.


What is Moschino’s target market?


BluCactus USA - luxury fashion brandWhat is Moschino’s marketing strategy? As we have mentioned before, in other blogs, its target audience must be considered when we talk about a brand’s marketing strategy.


The combination of bright colors, patterns, and materials is evident in the children’s line and the men’s and women’s collections. For this reason, Moschino’s target is young people and adults with medium-high purchasing power.


The brand is luxury, so its prices are high. 


The brand captures the attention of both young people and adults for its daring to be different, for adding a touch of carefree color and joy to life, and for continuing to reinvent itself year after year.


BluCactus USA - luxury fashion brandIn addition, the innovation that characterized its birth is still very evident in all the collections that are committed to the quality of patterns and materials to conquer fashion lovers everywhere.


In its commitment to digitization, the brand places the improvement of its customers’ experience at the center of its strategy. By staying true to its essence, Moschino is one of the most acclaimed and creative brands of all, with a marketing strategy that keeps them among the favorites.


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What kind of brand is Moschino?


BluCactus USA - luxury fashion brandMoschino is a clothing brand. However, thanks to its brand identity and marketing strategy, it stands out in the market as one of the most eccentric and colorful clothing brands. Why? Because Moschino fashion presentations, events, performances, and memorable events have always been characterized by their theatricality. Since its inception, the brand made tremendously imaginative seasonal presentations, radically changing the way fashion shows are conceived. Also, its clothing design has always reflected a sense of humor and a strong sense of social justice through iconic words and patterns such as bricks and mortar, exotic opera characters, or cowboy stereotypes.


Throughout the 1990s, the brand used a plethora of accessories to make statements and visual puns. In its store windows, it displayed mannequins wearing straight jackets with the text “For Fashion Victims Only”. In the window, a regal figure, wearing a crown made of dried macaroni illustrated its mistrust of authority. In another window, models appeared posing between open and suspended scissors, making scraps of glamorous materials.


Who are Moschino’s competitors?


BluCactus USA - luxury fashion brand - Moschino marketing strategyMoschino’s main competition is other Italian brands with the same distribution channel, the same target, and the same range of products.


So several brands on the market are competing for the same group of customers.


However, its main competitors are Armani Exchange, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana.


They are all luxury brands that involve a lot of creativity and a bit of eccentricity in their designs.


What is Moschino culture?


BluCactus USA - luxury fashion brand - Moschino marketing strategyThe Moschino culture began in 1983. Franco Moschino founded the brand that year. That year he presented the first women’s collection, and that was the beginning of an expansion that gives an idea of what the 80s were for the history of Italian fashion. Although Moschino’s voice was dissenting from the system, his commitment was decisive in making it more responsible.


Rather than invent a new style, he combined existing elements in unexpected ways. His expertly cut, classic styles, peppered with whimsical details, were already evident in the early days of his company, Moschino S.n.c., which became Moon Shadow S.r.l. in 1983.


Polka dots and stripes, harlequin and fruit prints, the heart and the peace symbol, quilted bags, and golden circle earrings continue to be the icons of this brand. They are characteristic Moschino prints, also those that allow the Moschino culture to exist.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510What is Moschino’s marketing strategy? Moschino’s marketing strategy focuses on and prioritizes the study of the product, place, price, and promotion. This technique allows you to position yourself and stand out from many other brands. In addition, its creative and eccentric elements and patterns make it a different brand from others.


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