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Web Design Solutions for Rehabilitation Centers

Web design solutions for rehabilitation centers. Did you know that you can reach your target audience for your rehabilitation center by optimizing your web design? Well,  now you know. There are several ways to optimize your web design, including brand consistency, improving mobile responsiveness, and effective calls to action. 


Your website’s design is the first impression that potential clients have of your business. That is why, in this article, we will give you some tips that you can put into practice to improve your rehabilitation centers’ website and get a greater number of leads. So, let’s get started.


How to Design a Lucrative Website for Rehabilitation Centers?


BluCactus - doctor at rehab center using tabletA poorly designed website can be worse than you can imagine, driving away visitors and resulting in priceless losses. On the other hand, an optimized web design for rehabilitation centers will be a valuable strategy to attract more visitors and convert them into potential clients.


As long as you have a good web design, you can effectively guide your visitors to take valuable action, making them want to contact your facilities to get on the path to recovery.


Now, having a website that is functional and aesthetically pleasing is not an easy task. To do this, you must craft a structured strategy by adding key components such as:


Clear navigation


Let’s look at website navigation as the road map that guides users to the information they are looking for. For this, your rehabilitation centers must provide ease, helping individuals find service options, treatments, admission details, and contact information. By providing clear and intuitive navigation, you can ensure users will move through the web pages effortlessly. This will increase the likelihood of them completing the contact form or making a call.


As for the menu components, they need to be descriptive so that the user knows what they will find once they click on them. A structure must also be organized into concise categories and subcategories to make navigating the website easy. To do this, you can use universally understood indicators such as signs and arrows. Icons are also very useful to indicate that there are expandable menus on your website. The goal here is to give the user a seamless journey to increase engagement, followed by conversions.


Responsive design


BluCactus - doctor at rehab center using tabletThe current digital landscape highlights the increasing number of people accessing websites from their mobile devices. This is why a responsive design is essential.


When beginning their search, an individual who needs treatment for addiction is likely to do so from a tablet or smartphone. With a good responsive design, you can make your website look good on both large desktop monitors and small mobile screens.


However, a responsive design is not just about making your website look good; it is beyond that. For your website to be functional and provide a friendly user-experience, relevant information must be accessible regardless of screen proportions. Likewise, navigation should be simple to improve usability and prevent potential clients from leaving your website out of disappointment.


Brand consistency


BluCactus - doctor at rehab center using tabletThe brand is not only a logo or a slogan; it also represents the mission and values ​​of your rehabilitation center. When visitors land on your website, they should immediately know what makes your rehab center unique for people in need of recovery from addiction. Reinforcing your brand message by creating a strong coherence between colors, fonts, and image styles you will use on your website is crucial.


A good alignment of visual and textual elements with your brand significantly helps create an attractive user experience. Coherence is essential, especially in creating a web design for rehabilitation centers. You must build trust to have an impact on individuals looking for help. Therefore, being indifferent and having an inconsistent brand is out of the equation at all times, as it could cause confusion. Ideally, the elements of your website should maintain congruence to increase its aesthetic appeal and credibility.


Calls to action


Calls to action help users take actions relevant to your rehab clinic. To do this, it is important to use imperative language, intending an order or demand, followed by an implicit benefit that users can obtain in exchange for their click. Words like “free download,” “get a complimentary consultation,” or “consult an expert” guide the user about the type of information they will find on the landing page.


Keep in mind that call-to-actions must be visible and easy to access. Likewise, they should boast a visually-appealing design. 


Good quality images


BluCactus - doctor at rehab center using tablet - Web DesignVisual content is often an instant emotional touchpoint when a user visits your rehabilitation center’s website. Therefore, quality and well-structured images can convey empathy and credibility. Don’t forget that credibility is crucial for those looking for a life-changing medical service or treatment.


Therefore, instead of using generic stock photos, select images that genuinely represent the facility and staff. Authenticity always resonates with people and visual content should go hand in hand with your text content. Seeing a real place where they can receive proper treatment for their addictions and heal can create a more complete image of what individuals who are in need will find by choosing your rehabilitation center.


Color psychology


Color psychology has a lot of power in web design for rehabilitation centers to produce concrete emotional responses. Research shows that color could influence our behavior, mood, and even our feelings. 


So, it is preferable to use calming colors such as green and blue when it comes to a topic as delicate as addiction recovery. Both are frequently used in the health sector to convey comfort and peace.


However, color psychology is not just about selecting a color with a certain psychological effect. The color you will choose should tie into your rehabilitation centers’s image, mission, and values. Therefore, it is essential to select a color palette that reflects the objectives of your clinic, ensuring a harmonious balance and crafting a coherent user experience. For instance, you can use color psychology strategically for call-to-action, or to guide users in making decisions.


Hire a web design expert


BluCactus - doctor at rehab center using tablet - Web Design

Only an expert in web design for rehabilitation centers will have the necessary professionalism to create a functional platform aligned with your specific objectives. Furthermore, only an expert can implement the best SEO practices to generate greater conversions and leads.


Additionally, hiring an expert will ensure you stay current with the latest web design trends and employ advanced techniques essential for optimizing your website’s performance.


In fact, leveraging the experience of a professional in web design and marketing can be the most important step you could take to make your online presence successful.


Do you need quality web design for rehabilitation centers?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510At BluCactus, we can help you. We are an expert digital marketing agency based in United Arab Emirates. If web design is not your specialty, our team of experts can craft a quality web design and leverage digital marketing services in your favor, increasing your rehabilitation center’s visibility and reaching potential customers.


Contact us right now for more information. Don’t forget to let us know what you liked most about our post.


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Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites in the World

Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites in the World. Online shopping is trendy in the world. Despite having its origin in the United States, it has now spread to practically the entire planet, being a common practice from day to day.


Previously, online shopping was limited to a specific type of merchandise. However, today, buying a pack of napkins from industrial equipment is possible. Thanks to the fact that businesses, brands, and stores have realized the advantages of having a presence on the web to sell and thus expand the business and increase sales.


It is no longer possible to imagine the shopping market without referring to the online modality, which has become as common as buying bread in our usual bakery. The world of face-to-face shopping certainly still has many followers. But online shopping has reached another level of demand, especially in the wake of the pandemic.


For this reason, we want to make, on this occasion, a list in which we will talk about which are the most visited and used websites in the world to buy in 2022.


Meet the 11 Most Popular Shopping Websites in 2022:




One of the advantages of the online shopping giant is that it offers a portal for each country where it has a presence, thus covering a large market.


This sector of purchases through websites is considered the strongest competition. They have acquired vast experience in this field thanks to their trajectory and lifetime.


Another of the great advantages they have introduced is their Prime service. It includes products on offers, fast and free deliveries, and a streaming channel with exclusive series and movies.


Additionally, Amazon represents a secure website, so your data protection is ensured here. Making it even more attractive when choosing the place to purchase on the web.


Amazon continues to work to improve and grow as a shopping website, which will continue to position it as the favorite in this area for much longer.




Founded on July 2nd, 1962, Walmart has a presence with its almost 11,000 physical stores. They operate under 65 brands in 28 countries and its website in 11 countries. The Walmart brand operates as such in the United States and Puerto Rico, in Canada and Mexico under Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club. Additionally, the Walmart brand operates in the United Kingdom as Asda, in Japan as Seiyu, in Chile under the Lider brand, in Argentina as Changomás, and in India under Best Price.


In addition, it also has a presence in Central America, operating in Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, and China.


They are characterized by their offers and low costs of products. Furthermore, they offer the same products as the physical store in the online modality. So, it is possible to make the purchase online and only pick-up in the store for greater comfort.




This website allows people to sell their products.


Notably, it is a highly varied site in terms of categories, and you can find both new and used products.


Moreover, finding collectibles such as unique rarities on the market is possible.


When you are looking for something special, check eBay first, you will surely find it.




Alibaba Group is a Chinese private consortium engaged in e-commerce, B2B sales, retail sales, and between consumers.


It is currently one of the most popular and demanded shopping websites.


And it is possible to buy in large quantities, which is why entrepreneurs and resellers widely use it.


Their payment methods are convenient and varied. And they offer a wide range of products that even include options in ​​agriculture and chemicals.




This is another site that had its origin operating exclusively in the United States and now works distributing to the whole world.


This site is also one of the most visited, famous, and preferred by users.


Since it offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices.


That makes it an extremely attractive place for the public.


BluCactus - Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites WorldBest Buy


Despite offering many product options.


Best Buy is characterized by its excellent prices in the technology department.


Besides its discounts and offers, as well as having, as its name indicates, the best price among various products.


So, getting the best proposal will not be an impossible mission.


BluCactus - Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites WorldFlipkart


This Indian website started out very small but has grown rapidly and can even be compared to Amazon.


It has become very popular, and today many people use it and buy from it.


The Asian public is the one that is most in demand and has managed to raise a large amount of money in its history.


BluCactus - Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites WorldTienda


Tienda is a great place to buy what you want, even at the low price of one dollar. They have an auction section where you only have to offer the best price to take the product.




Its strength is the availability of offers and discounts, so purchasing a product at less than half the original price and group discounts is possible. Buying here has never been so attractive.




This specialist furniture site is the king in its category due to its variety and prices. Day after day, there are countless visits and transactions that it receives in web traffic. It is one of the best-known portals in the world and undoubtedly the most demanded when decorating your home.




They have a business model based on dropshipping. The site is an intermediary between the buyer and the product seller, just as Amazon works. It is owned by Alibaba Group and offers products for international buyers, so its platform is available for foreign buyers.


It allows the resale of products and, like Alibaba, is ideal for business people and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the many Chinese suppliers available to them. The trick is to locate trusted suppliers in your niche and optimize delivery times.




Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As shown by today’s society, more and more consumers are going online and buying more and more through websites. The trend is to buy online more than going to a physical store, which, although they do not lose their charm, doing it digitally saves time. The next time you want to buy a product, recheck this list, prepare to buy calmly, and enjoy the process.


For your online business to reach considerable levels of income and visibility, please do not wait any longer and contact us.


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Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse, what their functions are and how they work - Banner

Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse, what their functions are and how they work

Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse, what their functions are and how they work. With the boom that the Metaverse has had in the world, more and more brands and companies have decided to venture into this coveted digital medium. They aim to offer unique experiences and products to their customers and other users who create a life in the Metaverse.


For some time now, brands active in virtual reality have seen the need to implement digital marketing strategies for their launch campaigns and promotions.


Marketing agencies are also getting used to adapting campaigns already established for traditional platforms (social media, email marketing, websites, etc.) to the Metaverse.


Until now, this formula has worked well. The same agencies in charge of conventional advertising have also dared to work in the Metaverse. However, there are already marketing agencies dedicated exclusively to the Metaverse and others that have made a strategy solely for this world among their services.


Role of advertising in the Metaverse


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualWe believe that campaigns aimed at promoting a product or service and the participation of brands within the Metaverse have very similar objectives.


One impacts the other. This means that brands that want to make life in the Metaverse will place their products here. They promote through advertising, using various existing strategies as well as the different virtual technologies that reality offers.


Therefore, the role of advertising is relevant whenever a brand wants to achieve an objective on a greater scale.


It is marketing strategies that will determine the success and positioning of its products.


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualHowever, it is necessary to emphasize that how brands are presented in the Metaverse must be very different from conventional media. The Metaverse seeks to be participatory, collaborative, and offer a variety of experiences without being intrusive.


If users perceive the Metaverse as a purely commercial medium, impregnated with annoying advertising that frequently interrupts, they will simply become disenchanted with the platform and avoid entering it as much as possible.


For this reason, the methods of advertising in the Metaverse are not the same as those used in an online game or social media. Based on this need, some marketing agencies have decided to specialize or focus parts of their efforts.


Marketing agencies focused on the Metaverse and their functions


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualMarketing agencies will now focus part of their services, time, efforts, and personnel solely on the Metaverse. They will help each brand they work with offer new experiences and diverge from the advertising we are used to.


People in the Metaverse, immersed in an alternate world, can spend hours in total disconnect from reality. Therefore, agencies will be tasked with helping brands establish a non-intrusive presence. Instead, advertising techniques will function as a support or alternative to promote the activities carried out there.


Traditional advertising practice will be left behind in the Metaverse. Agencies that will dedicate themselves exclusively to the Metaverse must be clear about their approaches and should avoid treating the Metaverse as a traditional advertising space.


Metaverse dual system


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualThere is talk of a gaming Metaverse as well as a decentralized one.


When it comes to gaming, brands and advertising have coexisted practically since its inception. Users accept it. However, in the second, priority will be given to the user and ensuring that their participation in the Metaverse is as satisfactory as possible. This will encourage agencies, brands, and users to be creative and earn profits based on their efforts. Users will be rewarded by brands for their achievements in this world.


Experts predict that, for the moment, the Metaverse will maintain a hybrid system where both options coexist. More long-term results will determine if there is a preferred way for brands to have a successful presence.


Advertising options available to brands in the Metaverse


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualAdvertising in the Metaverse allows brands to get noticed and earn profits through virtual purchases that users make.


In addition, it generates experiences within this reality.


To do this, a marketing agency will focus and advise on the following products or strategies:




Non-fungible tokens are encrypted digital assets, not capable of being exchanged under typical conditions. NFTs can be represented by anything from a rendered piece of art, a tweet, or anything else. They are commonly traded in virtual realities.


BluCactus - Virtual marketingTrademarks in virtual mode


To suit life, many brands have modified their products and services to adapt their use to this digital world.


We can find clothing, accessories, music, events, and more that is uniquely digital and can only be consumed in the Metaverse.


From this type of product, brands receive income. In some cases, even higher than what they could earn from traditional products that we commonly know.


BluCactus - Virtual marketingOut-of-home advertising


This type of advertising includes billboards that we see on the street, cars, public transport, benches, etc.


It is also possible to find this type of advertising.


On some platforms, we can find real estate developments.


The presence of streets and vehicles, among other elements typical of a city, is also ordinary and necessary. This is the ideal environment to place this type of advertising without being invasive.


Future of advertising in the Metaverse


For the next few months, and moving into2023, advertising could focus primarily on these assumptions:


BluCactus - Virtual marketingVirtual shops


As we mentioned before, when it comes to the products available within the Metaverse, brands, and designers, among others, are dedicated to designing, making, and creating products solely marketed in this world. This implies a profit for both the brand and for the medium through which they are being shown.




On social media platforms and in other digital media, we can keep track of interactions, visits, calls, queries, and any other activity that allows us to see if the desired results are being achieved from the digital marketing strategies we use.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Being able to do this in the Metaverse is one of the priorities of marketing agencies. The dilemma they face surrounds how to achieve this with a complete vision and finished videos.


As the Metaverse continues to grow, the interest of brands and companies will also increase. Advertising will have a prominent space in the Metaverse.


To this extent, agencies will play a crucial role. The success of campaigns incorporated into this enticing virtual reality will depend on these digital marketing agencies.


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11 Tips for Making a Responsive Web Design - Banner

11 Tips for Making a Responsive Web Design

11 tips for making a responsive web design. To begin, it’s helpful to clarify that the term responsive means adaptable. By linking it with web design, we know that a responsive design is an adaptable design. But what does this really mean? Well, responsive web designs adapt to all sizes and device options to offer a better browsing experience to users of a particular site or page.


What is responsive web design really about?


A responsive web design is one that is structured to adapt to different types and sizes of screens. And, consequently, to the various devices we use to access a web page


When a web design is responsive, the system automatically detects it. It adapts the site’s elements – such as images, the menu, and typography – to the size of the screen you’re browsing on. 


It is important not to confuse responsive web design with mobile web versions. The first is a website that adapts to any size. In contrast, the second refers to an arrangement created exclusively for phones. So, we would be talking about two different and independent sites.


Therefore, we advise using a responsive web design over an additional mobile web version so that you only focus on maintaining and improving a single site rather than two. Sites with a responsive web design will work perfectly on any device of any size if it has the necessary elements.


Importance of having a responsive web design


We tend to access the Internet primarily through mobile devices, like cell phones, tablets, or other handheld devices. Consequently, the display of the sites we access should be optimized and, above all, fast. 


Imagine being in a hurry looking for information or requesting a service and the site doesn’t load.


Or the font is so small that you have to zoom in on the screen to read it. Undoubtedly, it would be very cumbersome.


To facilitate navigation, websites need to be responsive and offer a better user experience. 


Advantages of a responsive website


  • You use a unique URL, which provides better positioning in search rankings
  • The website design will be implemented equally for all devices so there’s no need to make a new one for mobile versions
  • You save time and money in terms of maintenance. While it is true that maintaining a responsive website is not cheap, the investment is small compared to maintaining more than one site at a time.
  • The design can be displayed on all browsers and devices regardless of the model.
  • You can avoid duplicating content. 
  • For digital marketing purposes, a responsive web design makes it easier to share content, helping it go viral faster.
  • Responsive web designs increase traffic to your site. This provides a satisfactory experience to the client and consequently improves SEO positioning.
  • It increases the good reputation of your company or brand. A responsive website is capable of showing all the benefits of your branding and creating engagement for future purchases and increased sales.

Elements of a responsive website


There are certain factors to consider when making a responsive website work properly. Offering that experience that will make a user not hesitate to enter from wherever they are and through any computer or device. Some of these factors are the following


Images and Videos


They must have the appropriate resolution and size to adapt to any screen size without losing their quality in the eyes of the observer.


Loading time


One of the most important factors is the time it takes for a site to load. This can generate great satisfaction if it is fast. Or frustrating if, on the contrary, all the elements are displayed slowly, which can cause dropouts.


Effects and tabs


There are some aspects of web browsing that can only be experienced through a desktop computer, and not on a cell phone. For example, the mouse is for the exclusive use of desktop computers, while on devices such as phones and tablets, everything is tactile, either with a pencil or a finger. For this reason, you should try to incorporate links and effects. They can be used from whichever device you use and can offer us the information we require without problems.


Format size


In the case of mobile phones, the best format for browsing is vertical. While on a desktop computer, the common layout is horizontal. That is why both must be incorporated to respond to all needs.




This point is critical since a legible font, even in its mobile version where you do not need to zoom in to read it, will improve the Internet user’s experience.


11 tips on creating a responsive website


There are a few necessary steps to take to make your website responsive and successful. For example:


Taking a mobile-first approach


A mobile-first approach consists of a web design and layout trend that prioritizes accessibility for mobile devices, all from the design of a website for tablets and cell phones. This structure will later adapt to desktop computers and not the other way around as it was usually used.


Migrating from desktop to mobile


Suppose, in your case, you already have a website designed and created for a desktop computer, as usually happens. In that case, you need to make the changes to convert it to a suitable version for mobiles. You can do this through the implementation of a website builder that offers you the ability to recreate the already established design without the need for programming. Or you can use CMS plugins, which are currently already designed to be responsive.


Implementing a responsive theme


It is a good decision to make the theme responsive from the beginning, especially if you do not have vast experience in web design. Selecting a responsive theme will ensure that it will automatically adapt to any device.


For this, you can resort to specialized sites that have a theme market. Another detail to keep in mind is that if your site is already up and running, we recommend making a backup before making the change.


BluCactus - ResponsiveSaying no to the use of Flash


Flash is an inactive program no longer supported by its creator, yet most leading browsers support it. So, if you use Flash, you will probably cause many headaches to those who visit your site because they won´t be able to access it correctly. Avoid using Flash and say yes to friendly navigation.


Optimizing speed


We have already mentioned this aspect, but it’s important enough to mention it again. A fast site, in addition to facilitating navigation, simply attracts more customers and users while generating a positive experience. So, discard everything that slows downloading time, such as inactive plugins and unnecessary widgets, among others. Additionally, choose a web host and server quality that will provide high performance to your website.


Taking care of the appearance


We have been talking about what a responsive website should have and the elements it should contain to work optimally. However, its appearance is also significant. The appearance of a site is its face and letter of introduction to the world. Therefore, it’s important not to neglect it. 


BluCactus - Responsive



Compatibility refers to whether your responsive website design is compatible with mobile devices and whether it does what it was created for. To measure this, Google has a mobile device compatibility test tool. By entering your URL, you can obtain a detailed analysis and verify if it is suitable for mobile versions.


Using the accelerated mobile pages option


Accelerated mobile pages, or AMP, is a framework dedicated to accelerating the loading process of a website in its mobile versions through data compression to a number much smaller than that of an ordinary page for much faster loading processes.


Using Media Queries


Media queries are the syntax used when wanting to modify a website or application based on a specific device.


This is a critical process because it makes it possible for the site to adapt to any device and screen size. So, it´s necessary to verify that the queries are configured for all existing screen sizes and not for the more frequent ones.


BluCactus - Responsive

Going for a standard typeface


There are endless options available on the market for fonts and pages to download and use. But, in the case of websites, not opting for a beautiful and elegant script font is the smart thing to do.


The best thing you can do is use standard fonts that are legible even on small screens.


Regarding the size of the font, the ideal is 16-pixels, which can be seen clearly without the need to zoom.


Optimal Images


The use of good quality images, but of adequate size, is the best combination for responsive websites. Remember that the objective is to be able to view everything from the screen of your phone, so large images will not load with the speed that they deserve.


But you should still avoid reducing their size too much, thus losing quality


Blucactus-contact-us-4 - Ken SchreckSeveral programs can help optimize images, but this process must be applied before uploading them to the website.


Technology, digital media, and the world of marketing are dynamic and constantly changing. So, if you are part of this world, you must be at the forefront of the field so that your brand or company does not fall behind.


To stay ahead of the curve, it is necessary to adapt to emerging advances and novelties so that your website is always one step ahead of the others.


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Tips for having a good website design for golf courses - Banner

Tips for having a good website design for golf courses

Tips for having a good website design for golf courses. In recent years, there has been a notable change in website design. Now, users can enjoy both the aesthetics and functionality companies provide on their portals.


Fascinating, isn’t it?


In the case of golf, club owners must focus on capturing the attention of sports fans. However, the challenge is in carrying out this objective online. So, we will mention some design tips that you can use on your website to differentiate it from the competition successfully.


What should be taken into account for a good web design for golf courses?


The fact that we find ourselves in a very competitive digital environment cannot go unnoticed. Therefore, differentiating your golf business from others is essential for its growth. And to reach potential clients. So, since the design of your website is a resource that you can use to your advantage, let’s look at the best elements you could include on the pages:


  • Schedules, prices and services


BluCactus - tips for websites - golf image on laptopThese are important data when designing your website for golf courses. Add prices for departure times and whether there is the option to book online or by phone.


Also, highlight if you have offers available and offer each service with its own images and an overview.


Your business’s web pages must function as an instrument of online visibility. To inform with certainty about the products and services available.


Remember that the more attentive you are to adding relevant content, the faster and more effective your service will be for customers.


  • Golf-related information


BluCactus - two men using smartphonesDon’t use your website exclusively to talk about the services offered at your golf course; instead, take advantage of your online interaction.


With so much existing information related to golf, it is an excellent resource to generate interest in amateurs and experienced golfers alike.


Therefore, your content can encompass extensive research that must be accompanied by images and a good title to attract more traffic. Depending on how you share golf-related news, it can go viral on social media.


  • Instructional Videos


Instructional videos are a great option to reach the largest number of information recipients. Of course, it is convenient that the best professionals make the videos since you must offer the best content to your target audience.


Likewise, tournaments, current news and videos can appear in the feed. All as the user scrolls down.


  • Professional golf course scores


BluCactus - tips for websites - golf image on laptop - good website designAll golf fans want to stay up to date with the scores of the professional golf circuits. So, it is not bad that you add a variety of statistics to your website. As well as information about the best players and tournaments in the world.


For more interaction, these types of ratings can be placed on the home page. Thus, it will be the first thing that users see when visiting the site for the first time.


Of course, keeping this data up to date as you go is essential. As well as the scheduled dates for the next tournaments. The objective is that the design of your website, in addition to making your business known, generates the greatest number of clicks.


  • Personal stories


On your website, in addition to telling stories about your brand, you can add moving stories that captivate your audience. Therefore, on the home page, you can add a link to stories that show various perspectives. And the persistent passion of people related to golf.


BluCactus - tips for websites - golf image on laptop - good website design

Based on these website design tips for golf courses, the objective is to emphasize the human value to attract the reader and make them more interested in the content of the pages.


  • Library full of golf-related data


Many golf club owners have considered this tip to maintain their online positioning. An online library containing golf-related topics requires regular updates. Things related to golf courses, championships or other information about this sport.


A home page with this type of data can attract a large number of readers who can quickly become a potential customer. Being updated with relevant golf news and information allows the user to choose to read aspects of the game that interest them.


  • Online store promotion


BluCactus - tips for websites - golf image on laptop - good website designAs a golf course owner, one of your main purposes may also be to reach more users through your online store. So, any equipment that can improve the customer’s game should be available in your store and at a competitive price.


So, instead of selling users items they’re not looking for, help them find the ideal equipment to meet their needs.


Optimize your website with keywords and other necessary elements. All so that your online store can improve its positioning in search engines like Google. To do this, invest in an SEO strategy that helps you surpass the competition.


Do you need a good website design for your golf course?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510What tips to improve the website design for golf courses did you like the most? Truth be told, they are all effective when it comes to increasing your traffic, generating greater visibility, and reaching potential customers.


However, a good design for your website requires a marketing plan, and at BluCactus we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in the United Arab Emirates. And our SEO specialists and designers can guide you in building your golf course website. Contact us now to talk about your business and all the strategies we can implement for safe online expansion.


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13 inspiration sources for your website - Banner

13 inspiration sources for your website

13 inspiration sources for your website. We have already discussed the importance of having good quality web design. If a site doesn’t have enough visual appeal to generate immediate engagement upon entering, users may abandon it for a competitor’s site.


In addition to the design, the site must also be functional, and it must respond to the needs and tastes of those who visit it.


We know that designing a website is not an easy task. You may have a thousand ideas in mind and want to incorporate all of them, but if you don´t know where to start, you can make mistakes.


To avoid failure at all costs and, on the contrary, guarantee the success of your website, follow our tips to create an attractive website design. In addition, we’ve also included 13 sites that provide design ideas and templates to follow.


What should you consider when designing a website?


Give relevance to the mobile version of your site


Nowadays, most people access the Internet through their cell phones. Thanks to the world’s increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, it’s become a necessity to have everything we need right on hand. Therefore, everything from answering a simple message or requesting a taxi service or food at work has become a task that needs to be resolved quickly and easily, which we can achieve with our devices.


That the selected theme is responsive


Due to the increasing rate of mobile Internet users, websites must focus on offering a mobile version, one that adapts to any screen size and provides a good customer experience.


BluCactus - sourcesGoogle´s help


Another advantage of prioritizing the mobile version is that Google positions mobile-friendly sites higher in rankings, thanks to increased traffic from mobile usersThis means that your site will be among the first results returned by the server at the time of a search.


Single page layout


To facilitate navigation and interaction on the site in its mobile version on smaller devices, it’s recommended to limit the design to a single page. By doing so, you can optimize scrolling and the customer experience.


Choose a simple and organized design


A simple design is not synonymous with a dull or unattractive one. With simplicity, there is speed. So, if your site has fewer details to distract users, it will be easier for them to locate what they’re looking for. Additionally, simpler sites run better in the mobile versions.


BluCactus - sourcesLook for legibility


A website with legible typography will make it possible for Internet users to locate what they are looking for quickly and easily. In addition, using an attractive font consistent with the rest of the design captures the user’s attention. Legible fonts also prevent visual fatigue caused by a small or difficult to read typeface. 


Another way to achieve this legibility is by establishing a typographical hierarchy. Mainly this consists of organizing the content or text by the relevance of each section and classifying them as the following:


Titles: these indicate the overall topic your post covers. Titles must have an adequate size and be visible, legible, and perceptible immediately. 

Subtitles: in a subtitle, the title’s content is developed a little. Subtitles are usually a smaller font size than titles. 

Paragraph: paragraphs develop the idea proposed in the title. They must also be written in a legible font and be smaller than the subtitle.


Ease of navigation


Another important detail that you should always try to incorporate is the ease of navigation. When a user enters a site and doesn’t find precisely what they’re looking for, they can easily become frustrated and leave the site. If your site it easy to navigate, users will be more likely to remain on the site, thus increasing overall visits to your site and, consequently, increasing your Google ranking. 


Design harmony


Another vital factor to consider is the harmony of your web design. Essentially, does the design of the website match your brand? Your web design should be consistent in color palette, elements, and specific fonts that are applied to any area in which the brand has a presence.


Additionally, a site should be harmonious in the sense that none of the design elements clash. There should be synchronicity and a relation between the site as a whole and each of its elements. For example, a single section of the site shouldn’t have different colors and graphic elements than the ones on the main page. 


Having this coherence in terms of design is synonymous with professionalism. And this, in turn, reflects the quality of the site and suggests security to the client.


13 sources of inspiration for your website


Sometimes we need a little inspiration to create something extraordinary. So, check out these 13 sites when designing your website and create a product that stands out from the rest.




This site has it all for free!


Zyro hosts many templates designed to be used on websites that are ideal to start with if you´re a beginner. They provide both modern and elegant options that will give your site a striking, professional look.


You only have to select the template of your choice and start editing according to your taste, style, and of course, your brand.


Advantages of Zyro:

It has a variety of themes to select from.

Their designs are responsive. That is, they adapt to various devices and their sizes.

In addition to web design, it offers the option of creating a logo if you require it.



SiteInspire offers a relatively wide and diverse gallery of web designs. They carry everything from children’s designs to much more formal options. This makes it easy to ensure that you find a design perfectly suited to your tastes. 


Advantages of SiteInspire:

It offers very easy navigation.

It has search filters to make it easy to locate designs.

They offer registration to keep updated with all their new designs and they have a membership option to get first-hand news.

They have a creator’s directory, where you can keep track of other people’s work that you like the most.




Awwwards is a complete site, offering many elegant designs and new content every day. Deciding which design to choose is the biggest problem you’ll face with this site. Its engine covers multiple categories, such as colors, labels, and technologies, among others.


A detail that makes it very reliable is that Awwwards is also dedicated to rewarding sites with good design, appearance, and development.


Advantages of Awwwards:

Web design experts endorse its catalog of designs. At the same time, the websites that use their designs are rated based on their use, content, and creativity.

If the search filter is very broad, you can narrow it according to specific requirements.

It has an informative blog section, which allows you to stay updated about trends in web design.



Pinterest is undoubtedly a good reference site to find inspiration. Its search field is quite broad, and you can find whatever you need, from color palettes, elements, backgrounds, and anything else you require.


However, while you can find a lot of quality material and excellent resolution, you’re also likely to come across low-quality elements that are not very professional.


Advantages of Pinterest:

It is an intuitive site; as you click on an image, it will immediately show you many more related to the initial search.

The pins or images that are part of the feed are presented vertically for better and greater visibility on the outside.

It offers you the creation of boards to save everything you like and attract attention in a classified way. You can even follow other people who upload content.

It allows you to insert several keywords in your search engine for more precision.

It has a premium option if you can afford to purchase paid content.




BluCactus - sourcesThis site is very similar to Pinterest, except that Designspiration focuses only on design topics.


Like Pinterest, it allows you to browse through the feed and save what interests you.


The difference is that it presents many elements in a horizontal format, so the display is not as friendly.


Advantages of Designspiration:

It is a site dedicated to design. So, the search will focus on what you need without diverting to other types of content like sewing, confectionery making, or others.




BluCactus - sourcesBehance is a social media platform for creatives and artists in which they share their work. You can access it to find material that inspires you when creating your site.


Advantages of Behance

Even without being a designer or dedicating yourself to any activity in the creative field, you can still use the app to follow and explore the work of others.

You can generate mood boards with the content you consider helpful.

Your search field is detailed and more specific than other sites, allowing you to find items by color, time period, and even country.




BluCactus - sourcesAnother place considered one of the best to find inspiration for creating your site is 99designs.


It allows you to search among designers and their work and even connect with them.


Advantages of 99designs

If you want the best of the best, 99designs allows you to search by designer and portfolio. And if you find what you like, you can contact the creator to personally design your website.




BWG (Best Website Gallery) has been active since 2008 and hosts many designs and elements to inspire others.


In addition to offering design options, it also has elements for web development.


It’s worth mentioning that the site’s design itself is not the best, but the content you will find is beneficial and valuable.


Benefits of BWG:

It has a very exclusive search field so that you can filter the criteria by frameworks and websites oriented explicitly to website design.


The Best Designs


If you are looking for simplicity and ease in searching, this site is the one for you because it allows you to explore and get elements for your site without as much blustering as other pages.


Advantages of The Best Designs

As we already mentioned, it is a very easy-to-use site. It has a section called “Design of the day,” which means that they have new content frequently and offer the possibility of contacting designers directly.




CSSnectar is a platform that contains the design of other websites, classifying them into three categories: coding, innovation, and creativity. Users can vote for each site according to its most outstanding feature.


Therefore, you will have access to the designs that users consider the best designs and make use of them.


Advantages of CSSnectar

The user vote score for each design is visible.

Its search filter is wide, allowing segmentation by colors, country, category, etc.

The websites that converge there are of high quality, and it has a group of experts who oversee each project.

They keep their subscribers up to date with news and information about what’s new.


Template Monster


Template Monster offers a paid and a free section. It has content with thousands of templates for websites with plugins and graphics that you can access.


They have a section with the latest topics so you don’t miss anything, as well as support chat and technical support.


Advantages of Template Monster


It’s intended for people who are not designers, so handling it is very easy and accessible.

Its inventory is huge. Therefore, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

It offers template demos to give you an idea of ​​how it would work on your site.

Like others, it also has a search filter that allows you to be very specific.


Best Website Gallery


This site has more than 200 websites so that you can explore and navigate between them through its filtered system, placing it among the best options to get inspiration.


Advantages of Best Website Gallery

It offers high-quality preview screenshots, so you don’t have to log into the site if you don´t want to.

They are identified in detail and classified by theme or category.

It also contains online design and development resources.


BluCactus - sourcesGoodUI


GoodUI is not just a page to find designs.


It also gives you resources to optimize your website.


Advantages of GoodUI:

It has a section of totally free ideas to implement in web design.

It has a reasonably complete blog that shows you the work and tests carried out by brands such as Netflix, for example.

They offer a paid version with great benefits.

They have an extension called BetterUI, in which when you sign up, the team is responsible for reviewing your website to improve it.


BluCactus - graphic designWith these tips and sources of inspiration.


We are sure that you are more than ready to start website design in the right way and ally yourself with experts in the field.


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7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web page - Banner

7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web page

7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web page. In an increasingly digitized environment, standing out and having the greatest possible visibility is a battle that most people want to win.


For a business, the existence of a web page becomes a requirement. Since it´s a means to access information about the company, product or service they offer, and information to contact it. All in a way that should be easy, fast, and safe.


For this reason, the first thing that Internet users encounter when entering our website is our cover letter. And we know that a good first impression is crucial. Because it is possible to have second chances, but if we succeed from the outset, we will have gained ground.


So, a good design, in addition to other elements, will speak highly of our page. And of what the company or business transmits to those who visit us. But to achieve this success, we must avoid making certain mistakes when designing and creating the web. And thus make our place popular.


7 mistakes when designing web pages


  • Slow Web Page


You should ask yourself a question: what do you do when you find yourself on a slow page? If your answer was “go out and stop waiting,” then you will know that it is the same thing that your clients or those who visit you will do. And, of course, none of this is positive.


A long wait and an excessive delay in loading elements, content, search engines, etc., will simply result in the abandonment of the web page. And that the person resorts to another.


This slowness may be caused by a lack of server resources, very long source code, very heavy or uncompressed images. Along with the presence of large videos and indiscriminate use of plugins, among others.


Another detail to take into account is the design as such. We can have an excellent design that visually enchants and hooks everyone who enters. Still, the excess of scripts, and images, among others, make it very slow. And a nice photo will not be enough for the client to stay and continue browsing.


Therefore, check these details mentioned here if you find yourself in this situation. And make the necessary changes to offer a fast loading page and make the visit and navigation satisfactory.


  • Not adaptable to mobile versions


BluCactus - 7 mistakes you should not make when designing a web pageCurrently, the use of mobile phones or smartphones is practically a necessity. Not only because of the fact of being in communication with other people. But because even from our devices today, we can carry out our work functions.


The evolution of telephones and their use has made them essential for our daily lives. And, of course, with a good data plan, we can do everything we need. All without being at home or the office and with a desktop computer.


Thus, you will know how annoying it is to be on the street and enter a website from your phone and that it does not load completely. Or it has tabs that are covered at the edges and don´t work on the mobile.


This is known as a web page that is not responsive. Since the mobile version was not introduced in its creation and design, which will bring these types of problems mentioned.


And how does it affect you? In the first point described, just as we leave a web page that is slow to load, we will also leave a page that does not load or does not allow us to advance properly on our cell phone. We will always opt to do nothing or change sites.


Another detail to consider is that the great master of internet search engines, Google, has a penchant for those pages optimized for mobile versions. So, if yours does not have that feature, it will affect the positioning in the search engine results.


Also, consider that the bulk of internet traffic is carried out through mobile devices. Therefore, do not hesitate to optimize your page for its smartphone version.


  • Design Deficiencies


We have reached an important point: the design has been part of that cover letter covering the entire web page. And its success largely depends on it.


Many options allow you to make your own page design based on pre-established templates. Which although they can get you out of trouble and serve you for the essentials, they will not be something exclusive. And that can give an unwanted image to those who enter for not looking professional or reflecting the company’s spirit.


But let’s go to the case where your page was not created from a standard template. Instead, you have a design based on your needs. However, they have bad color combinations and poorly readable typography. At first glance, it looks overloaded or is not well defined, also diverting the Internet user’s attention.


For this reason, you must start based on the mission and vision of your company. What you want to transmit and how you want to be perceived through your page. Remember that one of the objectives must reflect the professionalism and security that customers want to get from the business or brand and, of course, from you.


If you have a branding for your brand, then do not hesitate to include it. As long as the colors are suitable for a web version. For example, if you apply a dark background and choose a light font, the reading of the content will be highly cumbersome. It may cause visual fatigue, which will result in the abandonment of the section or the page in general.


A good design should not be underestimated. Because it is a fundamental piece of your page’s success from the first click on the link.


  • Unintuitive Content


A web page with unintuitive content is one where what we are looking for cannot be easily located.


This can be due to a poor structure of the page, complicated menus, excess tabs everywhere, and sub-pages. Among other things that complicate the task of finding the information we need.


It does not happen to you that, on a specific page, you need to go to the documents section, and you can only access it through an external link that the search gave you since when you enter the page, it is not possible to get there. We refer to this type of situation when we say that a page is not very intuitive.


And, of course, it is another reason why your page is unattractive to the user. In the future, they won´t visit it since they do not feel that they can get helpful information from it. Or that they cannot resolve what is necessary through it. Remember that simplicity is the key to good navigation.


  • Lack of content update


If your page will host valuable content such as a blog, news section, or provide relevant information about what you offer, it must be kept up to date.


Imagine entering a page, and your last entry or update is from 2010, for example. It would not really be useful, and immediately the reliability of the rest of the information that may be there would be in doubt because of this detail. Likewise, it happens when we insert external links to news or videos that are no longer available in their place of origin since the person will not be able to view them.


Another case is also the fact of managing prices within the page. Since if you have a shopping section where you display your products, they must have the updated cost and the option in other currencies, if applicable. Otherwise, you would be slowing down and harming this process by limiting the income for that part.


So, in this same order of ideas, we can mention that worthless content will also affect your page.


Suppose we find material that is repeated or copied from other sites. Or with unverified facts that we know are not true or accurate, as well as misspellings. In that case, it will quickly take the user out of the site and reduce visibility and positioning.


If you also have a high content of images with very little or no text that gives meaning to what is shown, it is also perceived as low-quality content. A good balance between both elements (text and image) will even help you with Google’s positioning in the search engine. So, check this detail too.


The world is ever-changing and dynamic, as well as information, and that´s why updating our site is crucial and essential.


  • Links not working


Also known as damaged or broken links related to the previous point. Where we talked about keeping the page updated.


You may have entered a page many times, and when you click on an internal link, it is not available. Or it throws an error because we are facing a damaged link.


And it goes without saying that it is another reason for whoever is using it to divert interest and leave the page quickly. Especially if the broken link was to be able to make a purchase or complete some procedure.


Avoid losing customers and reducing visits to your site by keeping the links on your page up to date. And always without errors that prevent effective navigation. If you are experiencing this problem, turn to a professional preferably and make the relevant updates.


  • Not taking into account legal aspects


Not because it is the last aspect to mention, it implies that it is less important, on the contrary. Legal responsibility is something to keep in mind when creating a web page.


Mishandling of elements such as Cookies, Tracking-Tools, and Social Network Plugins. Or the absence of a full Legal Notice or any detail that implies the violation of data protection leads to incurring in serious crimes. Since these are no longer minor offenses.


Likewise, using licensed or protected material, such as images, videos, sounds, and songs, without the corresponding authorization can lead to endless legal headaches. Believe us. It will be very expensive too.


Therefore, consider all these legal aspects and details from the beginning to cover your own and your page’s backs. And to not receive an unpleasant surprise in the future.


Incurring in errors, either one of these mentioned here or others, is not a sin. But not taking the appropriate corrective measures on time is. Remember that the permanence of these details will not add positively to your business but quite the opposite. It can be a way to reduce your site’s visibility and company in general.


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The 13 most cutting-edge websites today - Banner

The 13 most cutting-edge websites today

The 13 most cutting-edge websites today. Web page design is constantly innovating and updating. When designing and creating a site and taking care of the aesthetics with which it will be presented to the public and all visitors, important aspects must be considered. Things such as loading speed and having a good cache system. As well as optimizing the images so that they are loaded quickly and in good resolution.


Therefore, web optimization is essential before giving way to design details, which are no less relevant at all. Still, a page that works in excellent condition, with an innovative and attractive design, ensures killer success.


Let’s first talk about the trends in web design for this 2022. And what we can expect from each one when implementing them.


Trends in web design 2022


BluCactus - websitesProgress Bars


We know that waiting is desperate. And to prevent the user from abandoning the page or the process that may be carried out, one option is to add a bar that shows the loading progress. And although it will not speed up the loading, it can make the waiting time less tedious and impatient.


Split Screen


It is a dynamic option for Internet users. Upon entering, the screen is presented divided into two. There each part shows an option to select depending on the site’s services.


In this way, selecting the desired option starts the navigation and, consequently, the interaction within the site.




This is about grouping content or options on a web page. That way, when you select an alternative such as products, this tab takes you to the categories. And that category tab leads you to the specific products.


It is not an innovation since it is common to find web pages with the content presented in this way.


Still, it has evolved to be incorporated more attractively with a significant visual impact.


Colors in gradients and with grain


This design trend has been with us for some time. And it continues to give good results since it offers beautiful and modern aesthetics and visual results when applied.


This year, they are still in trend with the incorporation of the grain. This is nothing more than a degraded texture that gives it a very natural look.


The grain effect can be applied either to the entire page or just to some sections.


Without a doubt, it is an option that you should try if you want to give your page a new look in a striking way.


BluCactus - websitesLarge Typography


The selection of typography for a website has become an art.


There is currently an infinity of options to choose from. And the success of a page may very well depend on this. Since the one we are going to use must be, first of all, legible and easy to read.


Today a trend that is being very successful is that of giant fonts, where the words or phrases are presented in a large size on the page. And that they are not only visible in an obvious way. But it is precisely the dimension that will give that avant-garde touch to the design in general.


Custom Cursor


It may not be an essential element to modify on your page. However, you should consider the options.


Everything aims to have a totally attractive site for the Internet user. And why not make the experience much more dynamic and give them the option to customize the cursor. From the size, shape, and color of the pointer with which we navigate. They could be modified or even adapted to the image or purpose of your company.


Rest assured that they will remember it, making a difference between you and other places.


BluCactus - websitesDark Mode


It’s not just about taking care of your eyes and avoiding the fatigue caused by spending a lot of time in front of the screen.


Since the launch of dark mode for some applications and operating systems, there has been no going back.


From this, themes and designs have been created exclusively for this type of navigation. Becoming even more attractive than in the conventional mode. They can also highlight the content of the page.


We know that black represents elegance and prestige. So, if you intend to convey these values, moving to the dark side of your website can be an excellent option. And on top of everything, contribute to battery savings in the case of mobile applications.


Blucactus-Flexibility-for-Consumers-23D elements


The use of 3D resources continues to be a trend. Thanks to the resource banks that exist, their popularity and access to them facilitate their use. This type of graphics, illustrations, or animations will give your site a much more modern look. Which will make it more attractive to the user.


Just try to hire a professional in this matter if you include it in your design.


A single page


Another modality to implement is single-page sites, where the content is organized compactly, replacing in-depth navigation with scrolling.


The 13 most innovative websites




For this page, different aesthetics have been mixed. The color, the white background, and the typography in dark tones make it stand out attractively. All of them helping the published content attract attention.


Giphy, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


The king of gifs knows how to group its categories and get you hooked. So, you can find the material you want or perhaps need. As well as giving you the option of creating your own gifs, whether for personal or business use.




It has a simple and elegant web page design, offering various navigation options within the site. To satisfy all doubts and needs.


The Beast is Back


Christopher Lee is a graphic designer and illustrator who shows his portfolio through this page in a very easy way to navigate and explore.


Its main attraction is that Lee has worked with brands such as Adobe and Hasbro. So, the color and the careful and striking designs are part of the content exhibited there.


Without a doubt, entering this website is fun and addictive if you are a toy lover.


BluCactus - websitesThe Everywhereist, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


This site is a travel blog that uses very careful branding and an option to navigate off the page. Making it pretty easy to use. The lack of distracting elements makes exploring the page seamless and the possibility of knowing thoroughly what they offer.


Robby Leonardi


This is another website that serves as a portfolio for Robby Leonardi. He shows his work as an animator and website developer on his page in video game format for Internet users. In addition to having excellent branding, which makes this a beautiful and exciting place.


Made by Field


This site is committed to high-quality static images, which are moved through a sweep to bring dynamism to the page. As movement is a crucial element to achieve this effect, and avoid incorporating the heavy videos that sometimes produce a delay when loading the page.


Marshall, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


The well-known brand of amplifiers coveted by musicians shows its site mixing lifestyle images related to music. With the latter being the protagonist.


Ivy Chen


Here we meet another illustrator whose designs are used to create fabrics. And with these make clothes and other special garments.


She combines her sketches with photos that you can slide on her site, which gives the page dynamism. All without creating a continuous movement as if it were a video so that the site is friendly and adaptable to any format and device.


Atlantic Records


Another famous music site is Atlantic Records, which combines both current and classic designs for its website. Applying a white background and colors.


Cerveceria de Colima, The 13 most cutting-edge websites today


They have a vertical format, and in it, they combine photographs and videos to give dynamism to the page. And thus, present their products originally and attractively.




This site takes you from one place to another. It is called the intuitive method, in which when you are viewing an article, the same page recommends others of the same type so that you continue to be hooked on the portal.


Genial Gurú


It is a page of curiosities committed to a light background, combining it with a design of vertical blocks that will also make you spend hours browsing it.


If you plan to create a web page, we hope that all this material will help you start off on the right foot and quickly grasp what works and gives success in this digital medium.


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Understanding Core Web Vitals and Their Impact on Your Marketing Strategy - Banner

Understanding Core Web Vitals and Their Impact on Your Marketing Strategy

Understanding Core Web Vitals and Their Impact on Your Marketing Strategy. Panda, Bert, and many other Google algorithm updates have always emphasized user experience. Each update brought a major change with it.


Be it eliminating keyword stuffing, flagging spammy or irrelevant links, introducing page speed as a ranking factor, and mobile-first indexing, Google has always favored a better user experience. Core Web Vitals — the latest in the line of updates are also Google’s push in that direction.


Core Web Vitals are core elements that help enhance the page experience for web users. And any business that values its brand, visibility, and user experience must pay attention to these metrics and how they impact its marketing strategy


Before we get into that, let’s properly understand the concept of core web vitals.


Understanding the Core Web Vitals / What are Core Web Vitals?


As we mentioned, Google always advocates for user experience while ranking high-quality content that matches users’ intent. The whole process of ranking relevant pages at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) is semantic. It factors in mobile-friendliness, interactivity, visual stability, page speed, and a lot of other ranking signals.


Since measuring the quality of on-page experience involves many facets, Core Web Vitals include three of the primary facets: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) for loading experience, First Input Delay (FID) for interactivity, and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for visual stability. 


Some other search signals for page experience include:




Let’s understand more about each of the Core Web Vitals:


1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)


Blucactus-Understanding-the-Core-Web-Vitals-2Historically, measuring the loading performance of web pages was a challenge. Also, the metrics available were either complex, often wrong, or not good and accurate to measure the perceived load time. That’s why Google has come up with simpler metrics this time, which measures the time taken by the largest content of the page to render.


The size of element reported for LCP must be visible within the user’s viewport and must not extend or get clipped outside of it. Elements considered for LCP measurement include <img>, <image> element inside <svg>, <video> elements (poster image), and others. Additional elements, such as <svg> and <video> may get introduced in the future.


To offer users a great experience, LCP must take place within the first 2.5 secs from the first instance of loading.



Google also recommends webmasters to ensure they are hitting the set target for most users. A good threshold to measure is the 75th percentile of page load, segmented across mobile and desktops.


2. First Input Delay


Blucactus-Understanding-the-Core-Web-Vitals-2Making a first good impression is important when meeting new people. Similarly, giving a first good impression to your users on the web is necessary to make them loyal to your website. However, it’s crucially difficult to measure what kind of impression a web page makes on users.


One way to go about measuring the impression is how fast a page loads and paints the pixels on the screen. However, the responsiveness of the page is also equally important when users try to interact with those pixels. First Input Delay is what helps Google measure the interactivity and responsiveness of the web page.


It is a measure of time from the first interaction of the user to the point when the browser actually starts processing the event in response. A good FID score recommended by Google for web pages to maintain is under 100 milliseconds.


Also, it’s recommended to keep a good threshold to ensure you’re hitting the target for most users by measuring the 75th percentile.


3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)


Blucactus-Understanding-the-Core-Web-Vitals-2CLS is more to do with how stable the page’s content is. On certain occasions, we may have encountered content that changes or moves without any warning. Due to the asynchronous loading of resources in the background, such unexpected and annoying movements take place that can cause real damage.


Layout shifts are more problematic in the real world when users make interactions with your web pages. The CLS metric addresses this issue. It is a measure of the layout shift score of major bursts in every unexpected shift. It occurs when a visible element changes its position from one rendered frame to another.


Previously, CLS measured all the individual layout shift scores that took place in the entire life span. Now, the CLS has evolved to ignore the minor layout shifts.


For a good user experience, webmasters should strive to have a CLS score of 0.1 or less. Similar to other vitals, a good threshold measure is of the 75th percentile of page load.


Importance of Core Web Vitals


Blucactus-Understanding-the-Core-Web-Vitals-5Since their introduction, Core Web Vitals have become important metrics for webmasters to swear by. First introduced back in May 2020, Google has already started rolling out Core Web Vitals as page ranking signals in Feb 2022. It’s due to complete by the end of March 2022. 


After the implementation, Google aims to take the experience of their users a notch above. What this means is websites that fail to apply best page experience practices would rank lower than the ones that do apply.


Web designers, digital marketers, and SEOs must focus on LCP, FID, and CLS for page experience optimization. Website owners must work with professional SEO firms and even web development companies to find ways to optimize these metrics because of the magnitude of the effect they’ll have on the site rankings.


How Core Web Vitals Impact Your Marketing Strategy?


1. Rethink Your Google Optimization


Blucactus-How-Core-Web-Vitals-Impact-Your-Marketing-StrategyAfter the inclusion of the Core Web Vitals as the ranking factors, Google search optimization may see a dramatic impact on rankings. Brands may experience a shift in their Google rankings in the coming months after the rollout is complete.


Another thing to note here is Core Web Vitals are ranking factors but not the quality factors as stated by Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller. Still, in a way, you have to rethink your Google search optimization strategy.


You still need to keep the emphasis on producing quality content along with optimizing web pages to offer the best page experience to visitors. It’ll help them stay back for a while and even visit frequently to get the same experience.


2. Impact on Your Web Page Experience


Blucactus-How-Do-You-Apply-a-Schema-Markup-To-Your-Website-4Since Google wants to offer the best user experience to its searchers, Core Web Vitals have become the tools to facilitate the same. It’s a must for websites to optimize for these metrics to be in the good books of Google and attain or maintain the high SERP ranks.


This means web designers may need tools to stress on improving the LCP, FID, CLS, and other related page experience optimization metrics.


Even after Google implements the Core Web Vitals on the whole web, these metrics will continue to evolve. And website owners need to continually optimize these metrics to sustain web page experience and SERP rankings.


3. Impact on Your Mobile Experience


Blucactus - Create a mobile friendly websiteThe mobile share of organic search engine visits in the United States has constantly been around 60% from Q3 2019 to Q4 of 2021. This hints at users being more likely to make a search from their handheld devices rather than a laptop or desktop computer, especially for local searches.


As per the latest Google updates, Core Web Vitals have already been rolled out for mobile searches between June and August 2021 to offer a mobile-friendly experience.


While Core Web Vitals are rolling out for desktops, the mobile experience is a long-standing part of Google’s effort to reinforce mobile search. Google even announced mobile-first indexing to rank the whole web, which means mobile-optimized websites have a higher chance of ranking.


4. Impact on SEO & Digital Marketing


Blucactus-Why-is-SEO-important-5The website design plays a vital role in improving the Core Web Vitals and SEO performance. If designers miss the mark, your website may suffer from SEO loss.


Since Core Web Vitals take large content, its interactivity, and visual stability into account, the impact on users’ overall page experience may hurt SEO performance.


Search engine optimization is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy.


It’s a way to bring in fresh visitors, get more leads, and convert interested users — everything at a fraction of the cost. Drop-in SEO ranks can put havoc on your marketing strategy.


Final Words


Blucactus- Ken Schreck - contact-usAfter the implementation of Core Web Vitals for desktops, search rankings are sure to get re-organized.


Thus, webmasters who want to be in the good books of Google need to take care of the page speed for largest content, page interactivity, and visual stability. Doing so will help you get rewarded from Google by ranking your website high on SERP.


Webmasters may find this a bit overwhelming at times as page experience update forces them to put effort into optimizing for additional changes apart from search optimization. To avoid the last-minute rush, it’s recommended that you start measuring and improving the Core Web Vitals early on.


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Author’s bio for this guest post:


Hazel Raoult is a freelance marketing writer and works with PRmention. She has 6+ years of experience in writing about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, and all things SaaS. Hazel loves to split her time between writing, editing, and hanging out with her family.


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Here's how to attract clients to your fashion website - Banner

Here’s how to attract clients to your fashion website

Here’s how to attract clients to your fashion website. We already know that December is over. However, that doesn’t mean that the buying season is over. Actually, it isn’t something that ends easily. Because of this, I can only tell you that you can attract customers to your business. The fact that there is a month that is a boom, doesn’t mean that you will stop selling. Especially when it comes to online stores. After all, more and more customers are choosing this type of purchase to have a good offer and a good price. Besides, it’s a very feasible business and the ideal is that you join and position yourself with your competition. Only then will you attract the right people through persuasion.


What words to say to serve a customer?


BluCactus - attract clientsIn this sense, for your fashion web business to be successful you must: always offer a quality product, for this reason, you must study the needs of your target audience, in addition to ensuring that it is in demand and drawing the attention of customers so that they come closer to you If you fail at this point, you can achieve the opposite effect of what you want.


Another important point is that if you do not sell quality or attract attention, you will not position yourself, nor will you make yourself known and today, at BluCactus, we want to share some tricks to attract customers to your online fashion store.


Take note.


  • Think of the number 9. You have to think of this number as an attraction factor. Based on offers, sales, or special promotions, the important thing is that whatever you do ends in number 9. For this reason, sometimes we see too many offers like $19.99 and not $20 because nine has a psychological effect on people who manage to capture the attention of the unconscious and the reason is that these products are cheaper.
  • Personalize your clothes. This idea is always the one that will attract the most attention to customers. You can put your name (of the store) on the shirts, the logo, a special image that makes it different, all of that will attract attention. So, if you want to attract and you want to be creative, you can offer: name stamps, logos, or anything. Another option is to adapt the clothes to the client’s body, and this is a service that will not only help you stand out from the rest, but they will prefer you because you will help the clothes they choose to fit them much better and fit the silhouette.
  • BluCactus - attract clientsMeet with your potential customers. This point is very important because first of all, you must do an investigation through all the communication media that you handle and you must use all the resources to attract those potential clients and the only way to achieve it is to describe the profile of your clients, a list of people as a database to help you analyze it and do a survey to find out what they buy in those stores.
  • Make promotions. You can do product promotions and make sales on a single garment or everything the customer wants to see. This does not mean that you are going to promote all your merchandise, but everything new or something that is too attractive for the client to make you known.
  • Have a payment facility. If your business does not have good e-commerce, unfortunately, you will not be able to attract and retain customers. The entire purchase process must be friendly and easy so that everything is effective. Another important point is that you must make the section system possible, above all make you sell more expensive, but that the thing is of quality.

How to improve customer service in a clothing store?


The world of fashion always evolves and becomes a very tough competition to crack. Therefore, to improve customer service you must take into account these tips that we bring to you.


  • Optimize your web page. Just as the design of the physical store is fundamental for a good sale, so is attracting customers with a good web design and optimization.
  • Maintain a presence on social media. And it’s not just about Instagram and Facebook, but also that your website has web monitoring that helps you position yourself, such as shopping and blogs. We at BluCactus help you to position your online store and we help you keep it up to date within the main search engines so that you come out first.


How to do marketing to attract customers to the online store?


BluCactus - attract clientsYou should already know that when you open an online clothing store, it isn’t just about some pretty photos to put on the Internet, on the contrary.


It goes beyond that. It’s about executing actions linked to a marketing strategy to grab customers’ attention and results in increased sales.


In addition to some points that I mentioned above, you must take these steps into account.


This way, you will get more customers to come to your online clothing store. Read on to learn more


  • Discounts on items that are in high demand. If you notice that a specific item is in high demand, you could dial it down a bit. This way, you can generate more sales and attract more customers.
  • Design some eye-catching 2×1 packages. It isn’t a lie that we love 2 for 1 promotion. Therefore, you can choose products that complement each other to make a package.
  • Make a blog. And this must be the most important point of all, especially for us, since it is what we specialize in. A blog is a benefit that will help you spread additional information about your products. Besides, it’s what will help users discover what exactly your clothing store offers. Here you should write content linked to relevant and valuable information for users.


At BluCactus we are happy to be able to help you and attract customers to your fashion website.


For this, we’ll use the tools that we previously mentioned.


What’s important is that whatever you do, you must keep in mind that even if your main objective is to sell, the fact of connecting with the client is an extremely important step to take into account to go further.


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