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The best tips to start your YouTuber career

The best tips to start your YouTuber career in the United Arab Emirates. Content creators are increasing every day, which is why many people begin to venture into the world of social media. Some do it as a form of entertainment, others to come out of their shells, and others to be part of their business image.


Regardless of your reason, if you are here, it’s you want to become an influencer in one of the most important platforms in the world. YouTube is the second most visited website everywhere, after the Google search engine. Here you can find an endless amount of content ranging from entertainment, music, tutorials, podcasts to exercise routines.


Working creating content for this platform can be a challenge, but without a doubt, you will be able to obtain great benefits, both personal and monetary. In the following blog, we will give you a basic and simple guide so that you can go from being a user who watches videos, to being the protagonist of your own account.


What audiovisual material do I need?


BluCactus - important informationBefore, you didn’t need to offer quality material to be successful. This, of course, has changed.


Today, users find more attractive a high-quality than a poor one.


Because of this, you must think about what you post and how, alongside what your topic will be.


If you’re just starting, and aren’t sure if this is your thing, you may not want to invest in these materials.


However, you still need to know what are the necessary tools for better video quality.


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataCamera:


It may seem logical, but the first thing you must do to create videos finds a good camera. In this case, most YouTubers choose reflex cameras.


However, most phones today have a good camera already and enough space. So, at least at the beginning, you can use it to record all your videos.


Now, if you want to buy a camera, you should buy one with a folding screen. This way, you’ll be able to see yourself when recording. In other words, it will allow you to understand how the framing will be and handle those details better.




BluCactus - important informationYour videos must be stable and not move.


For this, you must have a tool or some type of support for your camera. This is where the tripod comes in.


The size doesn’t matter, it can be a small one to place on your table or a large one with a stabilizer.


What’s important is that it must allow you to adjust the height of the image and offer good support.


However, if your camera is very heavy, try to look for a sturdy tripod.


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataSound:


If an image is good, but its sound quality is poor, the video won’t be successful.


That’s why you must keep a tool in mind to ensure that the audio in your video is sharp enough to ensure the quality of the audiovisual.


Try to avoid recording any sound, music, or voice with the internal microphone of the camera or with the microphone of your own cell phone.


Instead, use an external microphone or a recorder to avoid any kind of background noise that may occur.


How do I upload my videos to YouTube and make them a success?


BluCactus - important informationOnce you have your first videos edited and ready, it’s time to post them on YouTube. For this, you must first create your own account.


All you have to do is write your email or choose your Google account for it.


Once you have your account, you’ll find a camera icon with the word “Create” which you must click. Then, all you need to do is select or drag the file you want to post to process it.


Now, while your video uploads calmly, you must understand the aspects that will allow you to grow on this platform.




  • Title: Create an attractive enough but also the concise title for the audience you want to get attract.
  • Description: In here, you can add some paragraphs of what the video is about and who you are as an account. You can also summarize the content of the video and also leave your accounts and other contact channels.
  • Tags: use the hashtags that best suit your account and the content of the video.

Tips to become a successful YouTuber


Having a channel with many followers, and thousands of visits are what many aspire to achieve. However, this is only accomplished with hard work, talent, and some advice from veterans in the area. That’s why here we collect some of the best tips to grow your YouTube channel, enhance your videos and get the best out of what you have to say.


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataDefine the channel theme, tips to start YouTuber career


You may already have thousands of ideas ready to come out.


However, it’s best to select some topics adapted to your lifestyle and that you know.


Besides, you must offer interesting information to achieve a good position on this platform.


Make interesting videos with a clear theme, define your target audience and work to attract them with things they really like.


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataCollaboration with other YouTubers


Perhaps at the beginning, it will be more difficult for you to make contacts or join the community of those YouTubers already positioned.


However, a great way to grow on this platform is by working side by side with those who already have more experience than you in networks.


By collaborating with other YouTubers, your number of followers and visits is likely to increase. Because of this, you must have as allies accounts that have the same theme as yours or that their viewers are very similar to yours. It’s time to stop thinking that social media is your enemy and start to join work with more content creators.


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataInteraction with your followers, tips to start YouTuber career


You must have a good relationship with your viewers and followers.


For this, try to reply to their messages or comments.


Make them feel part of your creative process and the development of topics for future videos.


Don’t forget that they’re the ones who will see your content. That’s why you must offer them what they want to see.


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataPromotion on social media


Don’t forget to use social media as a growth strategy. The more active channels you have on social media, the better for your YouTube account. After all, you will acquire new followers from different spaces, helping you to position your channel much better.


Constancy, tips to start YouTuber career


To achieve real and honest growth on YouTube or any other social media platform. You must understand that it’s a slow but very satisfying process. Don’t rush it, don’t buy followers, and much less pay others to see your content. Little by little you will see your account grow and see how all your efforts were worthy, be patient.


BluCactus - important informationClosing your videos


When you finish your videos, don’t just say goodbye and leave your followers there. Make a call to action to get them excited to see more of your content, walk around your website, follow you on social media and interact with your account. You should find creative ways to invite them to follow up on your materials without being too intrusive, otherwise, you will create quite an adverse effect.


Be yourself, tips to start YouTuber career


Whether you’re new or experienced, if you have something unique to offer, it will reach your viewers almost at once. In other words, don’t copy other creators and try to be yourself. This way, you’ll capture the attention of other viewers or collaborators who you may inspire and make them contact you.


How to monetize your YouTube videos


BluCactus - tips to start YouTuber career - important dataThis is a tip for those who already have a little more time on YouTube and have good results in terms of their networks, statistics, and visits per video.


If you want to activate monetization in the videos, you must enter your account settings, and go to the button that says “earn income.”


Once the page opens before you, you must activate the option of the income-earning program in your account.


You can find it on a button with the same name. After all these steps, you can easily manage your videos, income, and the statistics obtained through it.


BluCactus - important informationAnd don’t forget … be patient!


We already mentioned that being a YouTuber is not an easy task.


It means creating content, recording it, taking time to edit, promoting it, replying to comments, keeping up with your community among thousands of other things.


But don’t despair on the way to being a YouTuber.


With patience, discipline, determination, and all the advice that we offered you in this blog, you will be one step closer to becoming a successful YouTuber.


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