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21 ways to generate more traffic to your website

21 ways to generate more traffic to your website. When it comes to creating a business, gaining a web presence is vital. No matter if it’s a page to sell, or promote a product or personal blog, traffic is something you must always have in mind. So, if you want to be in the top positions of the best search engines, you must find ways to generate more traffic. Otherwise, people won’t even find you, thus leaving your business or brand in the shadows.


On the other hand, your website’s traffic and its number of visitors are also important for your business growth. Because of this, you must have some kind of strategy to attract new visitors to your content. Next, we’ll show you 21 ways to generate more traffic to your website. We hope that with this guide, you can achieve all your digital goals.


1. Optimize your website for searches


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationIf you want to generate more traffic for your website, you must first focus on its keywords.


For this, you must find those that are the most relevant to your market or target audience. After this, you must try to include all of them within your content.


Start by selecting one or two keywords. Don’t forget that these must reflect or relate to your website’s topic as they will be the main keywords.


Then, use SEO tools to find those other keywords that best suit your content. What’s great about it, is that these keywords are updated from time to time. Besides, they also have a search volume of less than 10,000 monthly searches. As a result, all of this will allow you to seem more specialized and knowledgeable.


2. Experiment with new content.


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationThe best way to generate more traffic and increase your visits is by creating new and exciting content.


It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Today, there’s a lot of information on the internet, which means that it’s very hard to be original.


Because of this, we recommend spending some time reviewing outdated content and start updating it.


This way, you will be able to always offer the best material to your users. You can also do this on your own website. By doing this, your content will always remain fresh and at the forefront of the latest news. 


3. Add your website to search engines


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationAmong some of the tools that some SEO applications have is getting search engines like Google to index and crawl your website.


Tools like Google Search Console will help you increase the chances of appearing more frequently in your audience’s searches.


This is also possible for other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.





4. Build your backlinks


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationMuch of your website traffic can benefit from this.


Backlinks are external links that link to your online page from other portals that your audience visits.


This is an excellent strategy to attract new people to it because it tells Google that you’re reliable and relevant for them.


Create links with the webmasters of other sites and try to collaborate on their web pages with your content.


Also, use your audience’s most relevant keywords as an anchor to attract them to your online site.


5. Pay attention to what your competition is doing


BluCactus - important informationStay alert about the things your competition is doing and find out which strategies they’re using to generate more traffic.


Businesses similar to yours or blogs that handle the same topics are your point of reference on how to get things done.


However, this doesn’t mean that you should copy all their content.


When paying attention to what they do, take into account their most popular posts and the topics that your audience prefers to see.


Take this as inspiration and adapt it to your business.


6. Optimize long-tail keywords


BluCactus - important informationOne of the best ways to generate more traffic for your website is with the use of long-tail keywords.


These are much more specific keywords that have a lower search volume, and therefore, less competition.


These types of keywords will help you get into the top positions of search engines for different niches.


As a result, you will get much more organic traffic.




7. Add new products and content to your website frequently


BluCactus - important informationOne of the crucial factors for search engines to consider you important is the frequency and novelty of your posts.


Ideally, you should set up your updated website with new content at least once a week to be considered one of the best portals in your sector.


This works as an excellent SEO strategy because you will get new visitors, and then they will return to browse your site for new materials.


Because of this, you must become the expert in your area and inform your followers constantly.


8. Offer exclusive content within your website


BluCactus - important informationExclusivity is an important element both for followers and for your own growth.


Use strategies that generate a need or fear of missing out on your valuable and exclusive content to attract them to your website.


For this, you can start a workshop, share PDF with limited followers, organize free seminars or courses.


This allows your readers to return to your website several times and expect new materials of the same type.



9. Create questionnaires with the option to share the results


BluCactus - important informationThis has been a strategy to generate more traffic as old as time.


Today, most brands use it within social media to grab the attention of these kinds of users.


Create a fun quiz for your followers and encourage them to share their results.


This way, other people will see them and visit your website to also take it.


Besides, this tactic allows you to collect information and data that you can use in the future as email marketing campaigns or paid advertising.


10. Start a podcast


BluCactus - important informationPodcasts are one of the best new ways to make fun and dynamic content for your followers.


These are often ideal for those audiences who are looking for short versions of written content or want new materials on the same topic.


Starting a podcast is a perfect idea because it allows you to make your brand known, cultivate a good public relationship with your clients by offering them valuable materials on topics relevant to them, and optimize your SEO strategies to appear among the top positions in Google searches for keywords.



11. Organize contests and giveaways


BluCactus - important informationEveryone loves free stuff and gifts.


That’s why running a campaign focused on giving away some of your products or services as part of your SEO strategy greatly increases your website traffic.


Our best recommendation for this is to start doing this from your social media.


After this, you can then redirect those interested to your website to fill out a form.


A tactic as simple as this can give incredible results.


12. Apply video marketing on YouTube


BluCactus - important informationPaid advertising offers endless possibilities for all businesses to promote their content, products, and services.


That’s why if you want to carry out this type of advertising, you must do it on platforms that have great customer potential.


YouTube is the second most visited website in the world after Google’s search engine.


Besides, this platform’s Ads offer a great opportunity to promote your website and increase its traffic.


You just have to make a short, but attractive video and this will help you attract the audience that best your site’s topic. 


13. Participate as a guest in other blogs


BluCactus - important informationThis is similar to the backlink strategy but in this case, you will have some specifications from the page managers.


You can create blogs or articles to grab the attention of this website’s followers to direct them to your own page.


Posts like these must be very well-thought-out.


Take a few minutes before writing the article and check the website’s social media.


Find out content that gets the most interaction and create a topic based on it.


14. Boost your website traffic on your social media


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationIn a world where social media has become our most common form of communication, it makes sense to implement a marketing strategy to boost yourself.


Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are ideal for finding new markets of people who found your content attractive.


You can create marketing tactics in social media organically.


For example, by sharing your product pages or blogs on your site.


Or, on the other hand, in a paid way by investing in ads to attract the attention of customers who may want to learn more about you.


15. Try Instagram marketing in stories


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationInstagram is one of the platforms with the largest audience after Facebook and YouTube.


Its users have to spend a lot of time on this platform, which can be a great advantage for you as a company.


An element to highlight from this platform is its Stories feature.


These are short images or videos that only last 24 hours. Many active users from this platform use this feature to generate content and to see that of others.


If you promote your business or any of your products in the Stories format, you will have a good chance that some people will be interested in what you have to say and visit your website.


16. Create an account on LinkedIn


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationThis is a platform focused on professionals and creating links between companies.


So, if your business’s target audience is more formal, this is your platform. With it, you’ll be able to easily get new clients to do B2B or business-to-business transactions.


Besides, this platform is perfect to share articles and news about your website.


This is because it allows you to redirect your followers from the app to your feed or article.


However, before you join this platform, you must first study and analyze your readers’ behavior. After all, this platform doesn’t suit all types of audiences. 


17. Use social media buttons to share your content


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationThis is a very important factor that many entrepreneurs don’t apply to their content.


The best thing to do to attract traffic to your website is to add buttons within your content.


This way, your visitors will be able to share it on social media.


Thus, don’t forget to use them to advertise your website and generate more traffic. 


Allow your followers to share your content on their personal accounts. This will make their own followers see your content, click on it and come to your website to see what you offer.


18. Use email marketing


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationEmail marketing is one of the most used strategies to generate more traffic to websites. However, for it to be effective, you must first collect the data of users.


This way, you will be able to subscribe them to a newsletter where they will get your newest content and information.


As a result, they will always be up to date with all your website’s useful products.


In these emails, you must offer exclusive content or discounts for those customers subscribed to your newsletter.


This will offer you a much broader list of users and higher traffic since each material will reach them directly.


19. Take advantage of Twitter marketing


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationMany forget that this platform is also an option to advertise their brands and generate more traffic.


After all, it’s perfect to share and spread your website’s content and product pages.


Twitter is also a great place to experiment when it comes to marketing.


What’s important here is to use the correct hashtags.


With them, you’ll be able to grab the attention of new people, even those who don’t follow you yet. You can also tag the people who contributed to the article as it will give you a greater reach of users.


20. Use Pinterest for your blog


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationIf your goal is to generate more traffic on your personal or business blog, Pinterest is for you. This platform is one of the best to get new readers to your website.


This is because it allows you to share attractive images to grab their attention.


In this sense, it also adapts itself to the user’s likes and interests.


Thus, if you post content focused on a specific theme, these users will easily find you. In short, you won’t have to break out from the great amount of content that exists today on the internet.


To really take advantage of this platform, we recommend posting at least once a day. This way its algorithms will take you into account and show you to its users. What’s important here is to offer the best visual material to really grab the attention of people. As a result, they will grow curious and want to visit your website to know more about you.


21. Try influencer marketing


BluCactus - ways to generate more traffic - Important InformationInfluencers are those people with a great number of followers within social media. Most of them focus or a part of a certain community with the same interests. For example, some focus on beauty products, lifestyle, or even food. Because of this, if you have an e-commerce or you sell products, including them in your strategy to generate more traffic is the best you can do.


You can get influencers to talk about your brand on social media.


For example, they can work with you to showcase your products or services. On the other hand, you can also send them your products so they can review them. 


However, you can also create your own content and mention them within it to then share it. This is perfect because influencers love free advertising and are very likely to share your website article. 


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