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What is Cartier’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Cartier’s marketing strategy? Cartier is a luxury brand that manufactures watches and other personalized products. The company was founded in France in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in a Parisian neighborhood called Montparnasse.


For a long time, the brand has implemented various marketing strategies. Nowadays, it uses a marketing mix made up of the 4Ps: product, price, place and promotion. Let’s take a closer look at the most critical elements of Cartier’s marketing strategy to understand how the company works.


What Is Cartier’s Target Audience?


Since Cartier is a luxury brand, its target audience consists of high-end customers who have lots of economic status and wealth.

The professionals at Cartier do a few things so the brand can retain the engagement and loyalty of its target audience. These include:

  • Monitoring social media and keywords so they know what their customers are searching for.
  • Carrying out competitive research to determine what has positioned their audience and how to respond to it.
  • Doing demographic research focused on their internal customer database for more precise targeting.


What Is Cartier’s Marketing Mix?


In order to fully answer the question, “What is Cartier’s marketing strategy?” we must first take a look at their marketing mix. It’s essential to their strategy for success. The following sections explain how it works.

Product Strategy


Cartier has a wide variety of products, although it has a strong domain in manufacturing luxury watches and jewelry. However, they also take on the task of creating custom products for the customers that make up their niche.


Cartier has differentiated itself from its competition by maintaining a high-end and first-class design. Everything they sell is of the highest quality. Among its variety, we can find chains, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc.

The brand has also made other products available. Their latest collections have been high-end, featuring Panthere, Tutti Frutti, and Cartier Diamonds items. It is worth noting that these collections have had a very significant impact on the company’s image. Therefore, they’ve offered the public totally exclusive designs.


As a part of its product strategy, the brand has classification in different categories. For example, they have watches for men and women and other articles that can be adjusted to the client’s needs.


Price Strategy


BluCactus - marketingIt is essential to mention that Cartier targets particular customers as part of their pricing strategy. Their mixed marketing strategy has remained focused on the wealthier class based on quality, products, and the competition’s offers.


In fact, marketing experts say that Cartier customers remain satisfied with the products, regardless of how high the price is. This is because the brand offers personalized products — and even if they are not personalized, the quality is still undisputed. 


Only quality materials are used to manufacture these products, so the brand itself ensures that its target audience is happy. Likewise, although this target audience is made up of people from high society, Cartier has gift vouchers to give people a price reduction when making their purchases.


Distribution Strategy


We can find Cartier products in various parts of the world. Their distribution strategy involves conducting a market survey to determine which areas are frequently visited by their target audience.


As we have already mentioned, this brand has a high-class audience and is based more on the brand than on the product itself. For this reason, Cartier has had points of sale in stylish locations that are closest to its customers such as Paris, New York and London.


However, the brand has also ensured that its customers can also purchase its products online.


Promotion Strategy


BluCactus - marketingCartier has become known for its company history and each of its products. Its promotional mixed marketing strategy is all about comprehensive Cartier marketing for the use of various communication channels.


Likewise, the company knows how to promote consumer publications through the press, using channels such as Vogue, Business Today and Femina, among others. The company is also responsible for monitoring television promotion to ensure they have quality Cartier advertising and reach their target audience.


Cartier also draws attention for its shows, displaying the new products that it is launching on the market. Lastly, they also use online marketing to reach more people.


Do You Want To Implement Cartier’s Marketing Strategy in Your Brand?


Cartier’s marketing strategy is based on mixed marketing that ensures that its target audience remains loyal to the brand. In addition to that, their marketing strategy ensures the brand maintains a good position.


If you have a luxury brand, you should have an action plan focused on your goals and segmentation.


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