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What is H&M’s marketing strategy?

What is H&M’s marketing strategy? Like other international brands, H&M relies on effective marketing campaigns to maintain good positioning, and to attract the attention of potential customers.


H&M’s journey started back in 1947, when Erling Persson opened  an exclusive clothing store for women called Hennes in the Swedish city of Vasteras. And 20 years later, he opened a hunter shop known as Mauritz Widforss. And created H&M, which means “Hennes & Mauritz.”


The truth is that, like other renowned chain clothing stores such as Zara, this store carries out a series of very interesting marketing tactics. And today, we will unveil it all in this blog post.

How does H&M attract customers?

H&M Marketing Strategy


Clothing stores have one goal, and that is to make sure no one leaves without making a purchase. This is a clear goal of the H&M brand. And the secret of its popularity is based on the marketing strategy that we will mention below:


What does H&M’s location of mannequins mean?


BluCactus - What is H&M’s marketing strategy?Right at the entrance of H&M stores, you can find a display of several mannequins dressed in the most high quality clothing the brand offers. Which creates a strong contrast to the items you can find on coat rocks or counters. So, why is that?


The place where they display the mannequins is considered ”The hot zone.” Because it helps the store sell its best products quickly. Similarly, they serve as a guide for the consumer. They don´t have to walk through the entire store to find the blouse or pants they want. They can find the pieces easily. ”The hot zone” helps guide the customers to the quality, high-price products instead of letting them take the lead and search items that are more affordable. 


What is H&M’s store design? 


Marketing is focused on providing a pleasant experience to the consumer. Therefore, H&M has adopted a very interesting strategy with this in mind. The goal of a store is not just to be a place to shop. The most important thing is to add value to the buyer.


So for an effective strategy, H&M stores´ interior design was created by the brand’s architecture department. With this detailed design, you can appreciate every detail. The lighting bulbs, the shelves, and even the stairs have a special touch.


The goal is to make the shopping experience comfortable for the  consumer and entice them to return. Furthermore, the impeccable interior design encourages buyers to take selfies and share them through social networks. Thus, helping the brand create hype around certain items, and boost sales in an instant.


What is H&M’s advertising strategy?

H&M’s design team

BluCactus - What is H&M’s marketing strategy?Compared to other fashion stores, H&M has a dedicated design team that is responsible for creating patterns. Thus, avoiding ready-made models. And this feature brings exclusivity.


This becomes a great advantage for buyers who don’t like to follow mainstream trends like everybody else. Additionally, to craft unique designs and come up with exclusive H&M collections, the brand carefully considers current trends to ensure they resonate with the modern styles.


In fact, H&M annually holds a competition to reward designers that are working for the brand. All to appreciate their talent and motivate to keep spirits high.


Also, they reward the winner of this competition with a significant sum of money.

H&M’s target audience


BluCactus - What is H&M’s marketing strategy?H&M has a solid target audience they focus on, and most of its customers belong to the millennial generation. Which means H&M’s target audience is women under the age of 35. So, the company’s advertising focuses on this specific target market. Through ads advocation for rational consumption and environmental awareness, the brand strives make a positive impact in the fast-fashion industry.


Similarly, they advocate for feminism through advertisements. They also emphasize inclusivity through advocating for plus sizes, celebrities, ordinary people, and people with disabilities.

It’s also important to note that in the photographs published on social networks for H&M campaigns, the brand strives to keep unconventional features such as stretch marks or scars that the models have. And this approach helps H&M attract a new audience and also create loyalty among the brand’s customers.


Once a year, H&M collaborates with renowned designers of the fashion industry


This has been an H&M sales strategy, as cross-brand collaborations have the power to work effectively. The brand has been carrying out this practice since 2004. Together with Karl Lagerfeld, they created a capsule collection in 2004, which sold out in less than 25 minutes.


From there on, collaborations became a part of H&M’s marketing strategy. And to this day, H&M still creates fascinating collections in collaboration with Versace, Roberto Cavalli, and many more. Earlier in 2023, H&M collaborated with Mugler to create a collection that made headlines. And more recently, H&M created a collection that launched on November 9, 2023 in collaboration with Rabanne. With lots of fur, sequin, and metallic details, and a blend of different fabrics such as mesh, wool, and lace, the collection was another successful hit. Take a look at H&M’s brand new launch:


BluCactus - What is H&M’s marketing strategy?H&M collaborates with celebrities for more influence 


The H&M company has also extended their collaborations to celebrities. Both for publicity and to present their best items at the Met Gala. Also, numerous celebrities appeared on different red carpets wearing exclusive H&M garments. A prime example of this is Winona Ryder, who was at the Oscars wearing a black dress from H&M. So that’s where the brand’s motto comes from: “Our clothes are no worse than luxury brands. They allow you to look like your idol.”


H&M practices sustainable marketing


H&M actively strives to focus on strategies that highlight eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. This is the reason why they are committed to crafting their clothing pieces from organic cotton, cultivated without the use of insecticides or other chemicals. For example, the “Conscious” collection is exclusively made from organic materials.


H&M believes that natural resources are abundant, and its possible to give a second life to used clothing.


H&M online store helps boost sales


Millions of people use the Internet to purchase products and services. This means that a brand that doesn´t have an online presence will hardly have visibility. H&M’s strategic plan also consists of displaying its products online.


Moreover, H&M’s official site is updated every Thursday at 8 am.


And to please their customers, they also offer the option of “free shipping.”



H&M – Winter ”The party edit” holiday collection 2023


This collection is a clear example of H&M’s good marketing plan. Since it’s almost Christmas and New Years is coming up, H&M launched a collection to celebrate the holidays. The collection consists of party dresses, party accessories, going out outfits, lingerie, and makeup. 

Take a look at H&M’s holiday collection shoot that features black & white shots, and fun candid moments that create a visually satisfying ad.

By watching this commercial, you can see how big fashion companies make good use of marketing through communication channels.



H&M Strategy Video / H&M Holiday


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