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What is Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marketing strategy?

What is Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marketing strategy? Jean-Paul Gaultier is a fashion designer who owns his own clothing and perfume brand. This is a luxury brand, and, like others, it uses a marketing strategy. In fact, Gaultier’s marketing mix has become relevant recently because it has managed to make 100% effective campaigns for its products.


Therefore, in this post, we will explain how Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marketing works with a great example.


Who is Jean-Paul Gaultier?


BluCactus - What is Jean-Paul Gaultier's marketing strategy?Jean-Paul Gaultier has become one of the most influential designers in the fashion industry.


After decades dedicated to catwalks creating a legacy for himself, in 2020, he started in a new direction.


The French creator, from the beginning, achieved many successes for his brand by betting on creative freedom and by continuing to be part of current fashion.


Also, as a connoisseur of fashion, he created an excellent communication team to implement an effective marketing mix strategy.


Who is Jean-Paul Gaultier’s target audience?


BluCactus - What is Jean-Paul Gaultier's marketing strategy?Typically, luxury brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier build a loyal following.


This is because the people who buy from brands like these tend to seek status, and they do not mind paying a high price to acquire products with the best look.


Consequently, Gaultier’s target market is made up of men and women who can pay a high price for a garment, or a perfume.


To receive the “exclusivity” of owning luxury products.


Jean-Paul Gaultier’s digital marketing strategy


BluCactus - What is Jean-Paul Gaultier's marketing strategy?Setting aside Gaultier’s traditional advertising strategy, the brand also uses a digital marketing strategy.


It has maintained digital communication for many years, and to manage this strategy, it has worked together with different marketing agencies.


Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Instagram account has more than 3.5 million followers.


On other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it also maintains a strong connection with its users.


Jean-Paul Gaultier’s advertising strategy


Jean-Paul Gaultier’s advertising has captured the creativity of the brand to promote its products. If we review the history of the brand, in 1990, the fashion designer marketed his first perfume known as “Classique.”


The bottle is well-known, as it is in the shape of a woman’s body dressed in a corset. Designed to please the male audience, it came out on the market, but a few years later, its male counterpart, “The Male” came out as well.


To promote both perfumes, there were many commercials where both were featured, even though they came out six months apart. In conclusion, a brand that has a carefully crafted advertising strategy will achieve success.


Example of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marketing mix


BluCactus - What is Jean-Paul Gaultier's marketing strategy?The Jean-Paul Gaultier brand is guided by a marketing mix, which is the term that describes the use of four main elements of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. In fact, if we analyze Gaultier’s use of mixed marketing, we can see all the advantages it has generated. It has managed to keep several of its perfumes on the market as number 1.


This has been the case with the previously discussed perfume, “Le Mâle,” which led the market for many years, until the powerful arrival of the One Million scent by Paco Rabanne.


Let’s see how the marketing mix has worked for this brand through a very clear example:


Product Analysis


BluCactus - What is Jean-Paul Gaultier's marketing strategy?On this occasion, we will take the perfume “Le Mâle” as a reference to explain Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marketing operation.


As we can see, this perfume has turned out to be very attractive and very original due to its packaging, which is classified as avant-garde. The perfume comes packed in a tin, which the French fashion designer chose purposely to differentiate himself from the competition.


Canned products are often seen as inferior. However, with the power and influence of the brand, a canned container was made into something luxurious. 


Another important aspect is the shape of the perfume bottle, which represents the bust of a sailor. This has become the brand’s emblem, and therefore, it has been a remarkably consistent luxury product.


Price Analysis


The pricing for this product is based on a skimming policy. That is, a policy wherein a manufacturer sets a high price when the product first comes out and then gradually lowers it. Therefore, the price is a point that reinforces the image of luxury that the brand usually gives.


Communication Analysis


Gaultier preferred to carry out a media campaign on TV to promote this perfume. However, it is essential to add that the brand also used non-media communication such as SIL and special offers for Father’s Day and Christmas.


Distribution Analysis


Jean-Paul Gaultier used short distribution channels for the campaign for this perfume and other products. In other words, the process goes through the Jean-Paul Gaultier specialized brand consumers for selective distribution. 


However, the brand also uses a commercial website to sell directly to the consumer to increase its financial margin.


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Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marketing strategy is very effective. Luxury brands are unique, and they’re always seeking to differentiate themselves from the rest. Therefore, they are busy creating products that provide originality and exclusivity.


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