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What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? Mango’s Marketing Strategy aims for a a precise marketing blend. And has yielded positive results through effective strategies. Moreover, Mango’s enterprise strategies center around culture, price focus, and luxury. Therefore, these have played a significant role in its massive success.


In the United Arab Emirates, the fashion market is highly competitive. Therefore, numerous fashion brands’ efforts seek to gain greater revenue. So, can Mango’s marketing strategy suit your business needs?


Let’s explore more in depth and decide if you can consider Mango’s approach to implement it in your business.

History of Mango


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For starters, Mango was established by Turkish Jewish Immigrant brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic in 1984. However, Mango’s hearquarters are in Barcelona, Spain. But, retains its largest market in the country. And, Turkey ranks second.


Nevertheless, Mango is a luxury brand that provides a diverse range of products including clothing for men, women, and children. Along with this, the product line extends to accessories.  Glasses, hats, bags, scarves, and jewelry are some of them.


Aside from this, the company’s logo is recognized for its bolded and edgy lettering with white slants. Therefore, many can easily identify the logo around the globe.


Another detail worth noting is the founding brother’s progressive success. For instance, the company launched its first website all the way back in 1995, following this, its first online store was established in 2000.

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In fact, Mango originally catered to a female audience. But, this changed with the introduction of the Men’s line in 2008. Over time, the brand gained a significant momentum by collaborating with influential brand ambassadors such as: Kate Moss, Queen Leticia, and Zinedine Zidane.


Undoubtedly, these collaborations increased sales revenue and garnered international attention. In 2020, the company expanded its product range with a teen line. The company leveraged Tik-Tok, a social media platform to engage with a new audience. And even set up dedicated stages in its Barcelone stores to achieve this success.


In sum, with the help of celebrities and diligent efforts, Mango fulfilled its business needs to generare and sell millions of procucts globally.


Targeted Audience


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Furthermore, Mango’s primary target audience consists of young women between the ages of twenty to thirty-five. And they make up the largest demographic because young women are more likely to be interested in fashion trends.


Additionally, the second-largest segment of Mango’s target audience consists of young men within the same age range. Therefore, it is evident that the brand’s appeal and allure staged the way for its massive success with a global presence, and stores scattered over 100 countries.


Moreover, customers are drawn to Mango because they seek value. And, they want to embody a positive and lively image. Individuals are drawn to this refined and relaxed reputation that easily adapts to everyday life.


Mango’s Marketing Strategy


Mango’s Marketing Strategy has been the key to meet business goals in a fiercely competitive market. So let’s delve into how you can apply this across your product, pricing, advertising, and distribution strategies:


Mango’s Product Strategy 


BluCactus - fashion brand MangoOne important element to consider is that Mango products are of fine quality. Therefore, this generates attraction from the wealthy and middle classes of society. In its early days, the company engrossed itself in creating clothing and accessories for women, including bags and dresses. 


However, its expertise extended over time as fashion lines launched for men, children, and teens. For instance, there is the option to use the tailoring service for items such as suits, blazers, waistcoats, pants, and shirts. 


While most accessories like shoes, bags, and glasses are common among all age groups, there are some differences. For example, the children’s line has hair accessories, and the Men’s line has ties. 


Notably, scarves are not included within the teen line, which createas a distinction. Despite contrasting features that exists within various Mango brand lines, the brand promotes a refined outcome at all times.


This overview only scratches the surface of the diverse products offered by Mango. But the real appeal of Mango lies in its consistently launched collections. In essence, adapting to age groups, recognizing gender differences, and offering seasonal collections contribute to the prosperity of brands.


However, Mango takes it a step further. Especially in 2023, with collections ranging from capsule, office looks, Mom & Me, knitwear, total wear, and even party and events. For example, Mango’s ”The Knitwear Special” 2023 collection for Men’s is a prime example of how Mango leverages brand popularity by using current trends and effective marketing strategies.


Mango’s Price Strategy


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In terms of its pricing strategy, Mango adopts a well-executed approach tailored to its target customers. As mentioned earlier, Mango’s target audiences is the Middle and High Classes of society.


Indeed, this focus on demographics achieves diversity, providing individuals within said groups with access to quality clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. Therefore, wearing Mango becomes a symbol of refined taste.


For instance, Mango’s prices are higher than Zara’s prices. But, the brand stays true to its objective of offering clothing for every occasion. This versatility highlights the beauty and essence of Mango. Because Mango caters to various styles, from casual and sporty to everyday wear.


In sum, paired with the right marketing approach, Mango’s pricing strategy is recognized as a premium pricing strategy. You can do this too.


Mango’s Distribution Strategy


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Equally important, Mango is recognized as a steadily growing brand. The brand has stores over 1oo locations in different countries.


Although Mango has a huge presence in Spain and neighboring European countries, it also extended its reach all over the globe.


For instance, Mango broaded its international reach by opening additional stores in the North American market.


With locations in Oceania, Asia, and Africa, the company’s global expansion demostrates huge capability on an international scale.



BluCactus - fashion brand Mango - What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy

Moreover, Mango’s distribution is successfull because the brand carefully chooses locations with high traffic sales. Besides this, if a customer does not have access to a shopping center, the use of online resources creates flexibility. 


This is clear in online exclusive clothing collections and special events featuring free shipping. Furthermore, most sales come with a return policy of sixty days. All through in-store  returns or USPS shipping.


Another detail to keep in mind is Mango’s global shipping options. Which extends the opportunity to ship products to most countries worldwide. In sum, Mango showcases a great example of an effective distribution strategy.

Let Us Apply Mango’s Marketing Strategy for Your Business


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Mango’s Marketing Strategy leverages the allure of luxury and luxury brands to develop a marketing strategy for a target audience that values individuality above all. Moreover, the brand’s objective extends beyond creating clothing for fashion. Also, it is centered around ensuring customer satisfaction, understanding, and appreciation.


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