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What is Skechers’ Marketing Strategy?

What is Skechers’ Marketing Strategy?


When talking about the sports footwear industry, the fact that this market is led by brands such as Nike and Adidas cannot go unnoticed. However, Skechers’ marketing strategy has been strengthened and appears more profitable for investors.


We can´t deny that the mentioned brands are in direct competition with Skechers. Nike exceeds 28 billion dollars in terms of its brand value. And Adidas is not far behind with approximately 14 billion dollars.


However, Skechers has a great advantage: they know how to engage the consumer’s taste. The professionals at Skechers do that through their marketing strategy. Read on to discover how they do it.


Who is the Target Audience for Skechers?


BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?Since the inception of this brand, its target audience has been well-defined. Skechers was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg after the sale of La Gear, a shoe brand that he had also created.


Skechers’ brand is so well-defined because they clearly understand that people need footwear that allows them to walk comfortably — something that they can go to work in, walk in, and even play sports in. While multiple use cases are important, for Skechers comfort is key.


This attention to comfort makes Skechers stand out in comparison to other footwear brands.


The target audience is made up of men, women and children. Women purchase products from this brand the most. The age range of Skechers’ target audience is 20 to 60 year olds who enjoy going to the gym.


Skechers’ Market Positioning


Skechers lives in a very competitive market and is explicitly led by Nike and Adidas. However, it is essential to note that, although the brand has a wide variety of products, there has been some talk about its footwear — and that when someone buys a model, they do so for comfort.


Although Skechers doesn´t have many physical stores worldwide, this brand has considerable success in its sales in the US. Much of this success is because the brand’s consumers appreciate and enjoy that the shoes are quality while also being affordable.


The brand has a commercial network with more than 900 points of sale spread over more than 168 countries. Skechers is the third-largest footwear group worldwide.


Skechers’ Marketing Strategy


This brand has achieved a lot of success, and Skechers’ marketing has had a lot to do with it.


Similarly, this brand has been well-accepted and well-received by its target audience.


That reception is due to the following elements:


  • It has maintained a good relationship between quality and price.
  • It offers comfort in each pair of shoes.
  • It has sports footwear for women.



Strengthening Your Marketing Strategy


One of the most essential elements of Skechers’ strategy has been its collaboration with celebrities. These celebrities have played the role of brand ambassadors through campaigns. This element is very important because it encourages its fans to buy their sports shoes.


Skechers Marketing Mix


Skechers’ marketing strategy follows a marketing mix model. Its application is carried out as follows:


  • Products


The brand has focused on providing solutions to its customers to offer a quality product.


They have developed a design, name, and product with unique characteristics to differentiate themselves in the competitive market. Similarly, Skechers has products for sale that are divided into five categories, which makes them separate product lines while still getting sold under the brand name.


Because of the variety of products and their highly differentiated characteristics, the customer has the opportunity to choose what is most convenient for them.


  • Prices


BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?Skechers’ pricing strategy is focused on evaluating the value of its products to meet the needs of its target audience.


Its strategy is based on competition as well as the fact that the data of its competition, such as Nike or Adidas, is public. They can use that data to consider and potentially adjust the costs of their products. Prices for most of their products are usually low.


  • Distribution

Skechers uses two marketing channels for the sale of its products. The first is their website, through which they can sell items directly to their customers. The second is through its physical stores or by wholesalers who distribute the products to retailers.


  • Promotion


BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?In recent years, Skechers has maintained a strong presence on social media such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, all of which have large reach. Skechers’ use of social media helps them advertise online at a low cost.


In a few cases, Skechers has even put ads on television.  Both social media and television are very advantageous for promotion because they have a great reach and attract a broad audience.


Skechers’ marketing mix has been of great support in keeping its potential clients aware of its new proposals.


Do You Want To Implement Skechers’ Marketing Strategy In Your Brand?


BluCactus - graphic designSkechers has managed to position itself high in the market using the marketing strategy covered in this blog. Now that you know about it, perhaps you can get inspired and use some of their techniques and innovations to uplift your own brand.


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