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What’s Hermes’ marketing strategy?

What’s Hermes’ marketing strategy? Hermes is a company focused on the creation of luxury goods. Despite being one of the most important brands in the world, they use marketing to reinforce their business plan. For this reason, today we want to show you how this brand creates its marketing strategies. You’ll see how they focus on specific elements to continue offering exclusivity and maintain high income.


To start, we’ll talk about the key to Hermes’ success, their loyalty to their history. In fact, their iconic status is due to the combination resulting from their heritage and craftsmanship. In turn, they don’t take lightly the creation of all their articles. Thus, keeping up their high standards of professionalism and quality.


What is Hermès’s marketing strategy?


Founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, this brand started as a harness workshop in Paris. However, over time, the demand for its products increased, as it met the needs of different generations.


The truth is that today this brand has many stores scattered around the world. So, to keep its position and provide exclusivity to its target audience, they resort to certain marketing strategies.


In fact, to form an effective marketing strategy, the Hermes brand has taken into account the following elements:


BluCactus - What's Hermes' marketing strategy?Values 


The value proposition is one of the most common practices in marketing.


After all, it’s the only way for the customer to have a clear idea of ​​a certain company.


As a result, Hermès has maintained a philosophy based on values ​​such as heritage, quality, and refinement.


This is one of the reasons why this company doesn’t pay attention to mass production and has avoided manufacturing lines.


BluCactus - What's Hermes' marketing strategy?Exclusiveness 


The majority of Hermès products are made in their workshops in France. And each of them is made entirely by hand by a craftsman, making the product quality superb for the use of craftsmanship.


Besides, the uniqueness of its products is another of the brand’s most striking characteristics. Just to give you an example, the brand’s farms in Brazil are the ones in charge of its silk scarves.


Exclusivity for this brand is very important. After all, their main objective hasn’t been to belong to the mass market. Instead, their focus is on offering “ultra-premium luxury”. This way, only certain people can buy their products.


BluCactus - What's Hermes' marketing strategy?Patience 


Patience is one of the principles that have been added to the Hermès brand strategy. Why? Because customers cannot walk in and out of a store with a Birkin bag. To do this, it’s necessary to place an order, be put on a waiting list, and then wait a couple of months for the bag to be ready.


The brand doesn’t follow the laws dictated by the market. However, they still generate an excess of demand. This is because to supply the wait for luxury handbags there are other products that people can quickly buy. Such is the case of wallets and belts.


BluCactus - What's Hermes' marketing strategy?Internet 


The initiative taken by the Hermès brand through the internet has been very interesting. Based on their strategy, an exclusive menswear website called “Le Manifeste d’Hermès” was launched.


The purpose of this website was to act as a man’s style guide.


As you can expect, it became a success hailed as a revolution in the electronic market by GQ magazine.




Innovation has been another element included in Hermès’ marketing strategy. In fact, it has helped the brand grow by increasing its influence in the ultra-luxury sector. “Petit H”. Hermès “Petit H” is a clear example of this. After all, it’s a project that aims to promote luxury recycling. In other words, its goal is to recycle the raw materials left as remains of each piece of clothing.




The concept of collaboration is part of this brand. In short, it’s a strategy that consists of inviting artists selected by the artistic directors of Hermès. The goal is to design iconic products under the brand. These products include accessories such as kerchiefs and scarves.


Besides, it’s important to note that they often carry out collaborations.


The Hermès brand and its communication strategy


As you have read, many elements are part of Hermès’ marketing strategy. However, communication has been one of its most outstanding elements. Similarly, to strengthen communication, it has used content marketing for its promotional campaigns launched by social media.


These marketing campaigns are very attractive because they have clear objectives. On the other hand, they have the characteristic of focusing on their principles of inheritance and exclusivity. In other words, they don’t want to sell their products directly.


In the same way, this brand invests a lot of money to show its collections from different seasons through television, print media, and online. That’s why videos have been the perfect tool to showcase their products.


During the pandemic, this brand was one of the few that was able to take advantage of its online channel. This is because they kept offering a luxurious experience. But how? You may be asking. Simple, they displayed their products and gave the opportunity to easily buy them. As a result, the company was able to see that the digital sector wouldn’t harm its value as a brand. Instead, it was able to create a real platform to reinforce its position among the most exclusive consumers.


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