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What’s Louis Vuitton’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Louis Vuitton’s Marketing Strategy?


The professionals behind the luxury company Louis Vuitton take advantage of its reputation, costs and materials (among other factors) to reach their target audience. They follow a marketing strategy that allows them to perform in the luxury market. As such, of course, their audience is people with high purchasing power.


Because brands in this market aren’t compared to one another, Luis Vuitton doesn’t act to position itself as a brand. That’s why uncovering their marketing strategy is useful — by reading this, you’ll figure out how they do it, and you could even apply these tips to your own company. Read on to find out more.

What is the Audience of Louis Vuitton?


BluCactus - marketing strategyTo understand the objective of this brand’s actions, we must know a little about its audience. In general, the audience of this brand consists of people with money, especially women.


Women who buy from Louis Vuitton are careful about their purchases. Whether they’re buying a dress, a pair of shoes, or a luxury bag, they want the item to be exclusive. So, they don’t care about the price as long as they get to wear something that’s ultra-fancy — and, most importantly, uncommon.


However, middle-class people can also buy from Louis Vuitton. Their products appear in fashion magazines so lots of people can see them, gain interest, and want to buy them. Essentially, luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton can become impossible to ignore if one frequently reads fashion magazines. As a result, middle-class people can buy products from the most accessible categories of this luxury firm.


What Type of Marketing Does Louis Vuitton Use?


Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy is based on four essential points. They must be explained before we can examine Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy any further. They are:


Fashion Heritage 


Luis Vuitton was founded all the way back in 1845 — as such, they clearly have quite the heritage of fashion. They put that to excellent use as part of their marketing strategy by always focusing on it. For example, one way they present their heritage to customers is through the high price of their clothing and other products.


Exclusive Materials 


Instead of competing with one another over sales, luxury market brands such as Louis Vuitton do something different.  Haute couture brands like this one make use of exclusive materials — which become a great differentiator for each fashion item they sell.


In fact, Louis Vuitton has been characterized by offering unique items made from exclusive materials.


Now, they’re known for it.


BluCactus - marketing strategyHigh-End Consumers 


Many consumers today practically live online so they can do their shopping. Therefore, to reach these high-end consumers, Louis Vuitton has an online store for the sale of its products. Having an online presence ensures high-end consumers can access their favorite brand any time they want so they can see what’s new.


Expensive Patches


One marketing technique Louis Vuitton uses is that of expensive patches. This is a sales strategy that has been devised by luxury brands — it consists of adding patches to items to personalize them.


The goal of these patches is the improvement of consumers’ shopping experience. When a customer sees something with a patch on it, they’ll want to buy several items that also have patches.


What is Louis Vuitton’s Positioning Strategy?


BluCactus - marketing strategyToday, brand positioning is a topic that has given everyone a lot to talk about. Web positioning is very important, and all brands want to appear in the first search results when a person decides to make an online purchase.


Consequently, each of the luxury brands carries out the actions that they consider useful for their positioning. In the case of the Louis Vuitton firm, they’ve been guided by certain marketing strategies to stay in the first results.

The strategies are the following:


  • The Product. Louis Vuitton focuses on offering products that are valuable to mostly high-end consumers. That’s why their products are high quality — whether it’s a piece of clothing or an accessory, Louis Vitton pursues excellence for each and every one of its products.
  • The Distribution. Elegant distribution matters when it comes to Louis Vuitton. They own physical stores which are beautifully decorated so every customer has a relaxing time as they shop surrounded by gorgeous designs. Not only are they buying beautiful and luxurious items, but the store the items are in is just as high quality. It could make them feel delightful as they shop. This way, customers get a high-quality shopping experience in all aspects.
  • The Advertising. Communication and advertising are an essential part of Louis Vuitton’s strategy. That is why they hire professionals to create well-crafted ads where viewers can see the brand’s collaboration with celebrities and other people in the world of fashion culture.
  • The Internet. This brand takes good care of its website and its content which caters to its specific audience. The website maintains a very easy-to-use interface so that users have a pleasant experience when processing a purchase.
  • The Connection. Target consumers’ opinions about luxury brands are essential for the brand’s survival and popularity — and Louis Vuitton knows that very well. So much so that they were one of the first brands that used social networks to maintain a better connection with its target audience.

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