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13 Mind-Blowing YouTube Books For Marketing And Business

13 Mind-Blowing YouTube Books For Marketing And Business in the United Arab Emirates. Looking to leverage YouTube for your business but struggling to start? Do you want to learn everything about YouTube marketing? If your answer to the above two questions is yes, then you have landed in the right place. 


In this blog post, we have covered 13 top YouTube marketing books that every business person should read.


1. YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer


Blucactus-1-YouTube-Secrets-The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Growing-Your-Following-and-Making-Money-as-a-Video-InfluencerAre you looking out for ways to grow your YouTube channel and make money online?


Do you want to become the ultimate YouTube influencer?


If yes, then this book is waiting for you.


The book is written by Sean Cannell and Benji Travis. Both of them are professional Youtubers and have witnessed massive success on YouTube.


In this book, the authors have unlocked all their secrets and tell you how to make a profitable YouTube channel.


In this book, you will also learn about new ways to get views and subscribers.


2. Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business


Blucactus-2-Ultimate-Guide-to-Youtube-for-BusinessNearly 62% of businesses are harnessing the power of YouTube for their advantage.


Hence, if you are looking forward to growing your business on YouTube, this book is for you.


It teaches you how you can use YouTube for your business and earn huge profits.


The book guides you on how to make engaging videos on YouTube and educate your customers. You will also learn about editing, planning, and sharing your videos.


The author has also listed down a few YouTube tools to make your task easier.


3. YouTube by George Pain


Blucactus-3-YouTube-George-Pain13 Mind-Blowing YouTube Books For Marketing And Business. Did you know?


75% of children aspire to become YouTubers.


YouTube has not only hit success with the children but also many other people of the world.


So, if you want to start a YouTube channel and earn money online, then buy this book.


The book gives you step-by-step instructions on how to start a YouTube channel and earn passive income. It tells you about the tools you need to start a video channel.


The best part about this book is that you will also learn about YouTube SEO.


The author also tells you the perfect ways to optimize your YouTube channel.


4. YouTube Channels For Dummies


Blucactus-4-YouTube-Channels-For-DummiesYouTube Channels For Dummies is a 400+ page book that will tell you every aspect of YouTube.


From creating a YouTube channel to monetizing your video content, this book covers everything.


But what makes this YouTube book so special?


The book is written by certified YouTube professionals Rob Ciampa and Theresa Moore. Hence, the advice mentioned in this book is of top class.


In this book, the authors have tried to answer all your doubts and queries regarding YouTube. So you can consider buying this book with no hesitation.


5. YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day


Blucactus-5-YouTube-and-Video-Marketing-An-Hour-a-DayYou can also use YouTube for marketing and promoting.


62% of businesses are already using YouTube for marketing and promotion.


So, if you are a business owner or marketer who is looking for marketing opportunities on YouTube, this guide is for you.


This guide teaches you everything about YouTube marketing. It guides you about video marketing strategy, content creation tips, channel optimization tips, and more.


The author also teaches how to optimize YouTube videos by doing effective SEO.


In chapter 10 of the book, you will find some case studies which are worth reading.


6. YouTube Strategies By Paul Colligan


Blucactus-6-YouTube-Strategies-By-Paul-ColliganAre you struggling to grow your YouTube channel?


If yes, then worry no more.


This book by Paul Colligan will help you grow your channel and earn money online.


Paul teaches you the correct way to optimize Youtube channels and videos. You can also implement his Youtube strategy on other social media platforms as well.


In this guide, he also teaches you how to rank your videos on the first page of Google.


Apart from this, Paul also gives a few tips and tricks regarding SEO for YouTube videos.


7. YouTube Marketing Power By Jason G. Miles


Blucactus-7-YouTube-Marketing-Power-By-Jason-G-MilesDo you want to generate leads and customers from YouTube?


Do you want to reach more audiences?


If yes, then read this YouTube marketing book by Jason G. Miles.


This book is unlike other YouTube books. This book is all about finding customers, launching products, and reaching more audiences through YouTube.


The author has done a great job by telling how companies fail at YouTube marketing.


He also gives tips on how to drive targeted traffic to your website from YouTube.


8. Make Your Own Amazing YouTube Videos By Brett Juilly


Blucactus-8-Make-Your-Own-Amazing-YouTube-Videos-By-Brett-JuillyThe most difficult part of creating content on YouTube is editing and making videos.


Editing is a place where most newbie Youtubers struggle.


So, if you are struggling to edit, create, and upload quality videos on YouTube, read this book by Brett Juilly.


This book teaches you about creating quality videos on YouTube. It tells you about the qualities that videos must have to attract the attention of the audience.


The book also talks about framing, lighting, and set dressing. You will also learn about how to play with background music, cut scenes, and more.


9. YouTube: The Top 100 Best Ways To Market & Make Money With YouTube


Blucactus-amazon bookYou can use this handy YouTube book in many ways.


You can use it to learn about promoting business, blog, website, or any other thing. You can also use it to learn how to earn money from YouTube.


The book covers the marketing aspect as well as the earning aspect of YouTube.


The author has listed down a few tips on how you can increase the sales of your business.


He also teaches you the best ways to interact and engage with your audience on YouTube.


You will also learn about various ways to make money on YouTube.




Blucactus-10-YouTube-EARN-MONEY-OUT-OF-YOUR-PASSIONIf you want to use YouTube only to earn money, then you must read this no-nonsense guide once. This guide will help you in earning $1000 per month from YouTube.


Yes, if you follow the guidelines mentioned in this book, no one can stop you from earning money through YouTube.


In this book, the author provides you with the entire roadmap on how to create and scale up a YouTube channel.


The author also talks about Google Adsense and teaches you how you can get your AdSense account approved. He has also covered other ways of earning money.


11. YouTube Channel Success By Ernie Braveboy


Blucactus-book-By-Erine-BraveboyThere are over 23 million YouTube channels.


This means YouTube has become a competitive place for newbie YouTubers as well as marketers.


So, if you want to stand apart from the competition and make your channel grow, read this YouTube book by Ernie Braveboy.


Ernie tells you how you can create a YouTube channel and cut down all the competition strategically.


He not only tells how to get a million followers and earn money but also how to influence people through YouTube.


12. Crushing YouTube by Joseph Hogue


Blucactus-12-book by-Joseph-HogueCrushing YouTube is another popular YouTube marketing book that is worth buying.


The book tells you how to select a profitable niche on YouTube and scale it up.


The author also guides you about basic channel settings and how to do a proper brand of your YouTube channel.


You will also learn about YouTube analytics and how to use it to grow your channel fast. There is also a checklist of important YouTube tools you can use to make money and edit videos.


In the last part of the book, you will learn about YouTube live streaming.


13. How To Make $100,000 Per Year Thanks To YouTube


Blucactus-amazon bookThis YouTube book is a one-stop destination that will help you in getting free traffic, sales, and conversions.


In this book, you will learn the secrets that experts and pro YouTubers use to grow their channels and make money.


In part 3 of this book, Youtube experts like Tory Adashun, John Michael, and many others have shared their success stories. They will tell you about SEO, making money on Youtube, and many more.


Conclusion of 13 Mind-Blowing YouTube Books For Marketing And Business:


Blucactus-contact-usWith billions of users visiting YouTube every day, it has turned into a 360-degree marketing channel for brands and businesses.


So, if you want to leverage YouTube for your business, then make sure that you read any of these 13 books on YouTube marketing and advertising. 


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